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Found 7 results

  1. Hello!

    Hello! This is my second Whole 30 and the first time ever using the forum! I'm on Day 6! I'm looking for some Canadian Whole30ers? I'm in Grande Prairie, Alberta! I'm looking for inspiration and maybe somebody who knows how to find good food and where! Hope everybody's doing great!
  2. Hello! My boyfriend and I are on day 3 of the Whole30. We are looking for some snacks we can buy as well as snacks we can make on our own when we have more time. We live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and most of the recommended brands in the book are not available here. Does anyone know of any snacks we can get here? So far we've found 2 types of Larabars available at Walmart. Thank you!!!
  3. So I am from Canada and I saw on the coconut secret website that the coconut aminos in Canada are labelled as "soy free seasoning sauce" to be in compliance with the CIFA regulations and that they are not raw as they must be pasteurized to remain stable during shipping. I noticed on the bottle I got that the ingredients list differs slightly from the American version: Canadian version: Organic coconut tree sap, sea salt American version: Organic coconut tree sap aged and blended with sun dried, mineral rich sea salt I know this may seem silly and very picky, but my question is, is this still the same product? And is it still compliant if it is not raw? I am only on day three of my first (technically second; this is a restart having accidentally eaten sulfites on day 20 of my previous) whole30 and I have vowed to remain as compliant as possible. Thank you so much for any advice/help!
  4. Hi all, Any fellow Torontonians in this forum who are (or have) taking on the Whole30 journey? I'd love some suggestions for dining out in Toronto (compliant restaurants, awesome meal hacks you've discovered, etc.) So far I've heard about Chipotle, and Bareburgers. Thank you!
  5. Hey all! This is my first Whole30 (woohoo!) - I'm on Day 3 (so many days left!). I'm from Montréal, Canada and I've found it extremely frustrating that many of the Whole30 approved foods only ship within the U.S. I can't seem to find any bacon that isn't cured with sugar or any sausages. Anyone else have any luck? On another note, how is everyone doing? Nadine
  6. I live in Canada and the closest Whole Foods to me is a couple hours away. I know in America Whole Foods + Trader Joe's are AMAZING (I stock up when I'm there), but I'm wondering if anyone has any favourites that they purchase at a Canadian WF? I'm going next week and really want to know what to look for! For example.. A compliant hot dog would be awesome since we don't have the pleasure of getting Applegates up here! Thanks!
  7. Starting Monday March 10, 2014

    I'm officially committing to starting on Monday March 10… who's with me?