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Found 11 results

  1. Boiling Crab Cajun Seasoning

    I've always been curious as to whether the Rajun Cajun is compliant or not. In case anyone else was dying to know, I found the allergen page! As 'dairy' is not one of the lists they check off, I'm not sure if there is zero butter in the Cajun sauce but in any case there is soy lechtin and soybean oil, both of which are not allowed. Posting this as a FYI if anyone else was curious! I think I am going to bring a mason jar of my own sauce and just order a pound of shrimp with no sauce tho.... =9 is that too much? idk.
  2. I am taking a supplement called glutathione (an antioxidant) to help with some deficiencies and low energy levels discovered in the past month - is this Whole30 compliant? It says it contains phospholipids derived from soy (which I know is not compliant) but since it is in a unique form I thought I would check.
  3. Can I Have Sweet Potato Fries?

    Hey there I"m going out for dinner and will order a chicken salad. Can I also eat sweet potato fries?! I'm worried about what oil they fry it in! Thanks
  4. The pro-biotic I have been taking for the past few years (Hyperbiotics Pro-15) "may contain trace amounts of the milk protein casein from the fermentation process." What are your thoughts on this? I can has?
  5. Trader Joe's SunButter?

    Hello, I am starting Whole30 in a week and am trying to do as much research as I can, but the one thing I couldn't find out was if it is ok to have Sun Butter? I saw on someones youtube channel who was on their week one of Whole30 and they added sun butter and apples to a few meals. Was wonderinf if this is ok? I have included photos and nutritional info below! Thanks!
  6. Pickles??

    I've got an odd craving for pickles today but I noticed the ones I have in my refrigerator (bought way before whole 30) have high fructose corn syrup so they are obviously out of the question. Are there any whole 30 compliant pickle brands?
  7. I did all of my grocery shopping yesterday but have not yet prepped my dinner. I'm planning on making baked chicken breast with trader joes garlic spaghetti sauce on the side (whole 30 compliant) and veggies. I was thinking of seasoning the chicken with their 21 seasonings salute, and I couldn't find online if it was compliant so I bought it and thought I'd check here before using! Thanks for any feed back! Side note for future reference; are all seasonings okay if there is no sugar listed in the ingridients?
  8. Can I have Tucupi and tapioca?

    Hi, I'm sure this will be a dificult one, but I researched and didn't find a answer. I'm from Belém a city located in the Amazon Forest area and we have some very specific ingredients that I'd like to know if is alowed in whole 30. Both are from cassava, one you probably know and it's tapioca flour, we put the flour in a hot pan and this get together and this turn into a disk like that could seems like a flexible taco shell (just trying put in words here), we call this tapioca and we eat with all kind of ingredients, chiken, butter, fruits, coconut... Here we can buy tapioca direct from small producers, all natural. The other ingredient is tucupi, a yellow (pretty and delicious) liquid extracted from bitter cassava and used as a sauce, a soup or a broth in the regional cuisine in my city, As tapioca we can buy tucupi direct from producer, nothing added. We have others ingredients extracted from cassava: Farinha de tapioca (like pearls of tapioca) and Goma de tapioca (tapioca flour diluted in water, the gummy transparent liquid in the photo), but they come all from the tapioca flour. I added some photos to help. Can I have these cassava products? Thank you so much!
  9. Favorite coconut milk?

    Hey there guys! I just wanted to post to see what your favorite coconut brands to use were and why. I've tried some pretty gnarly ones and some that are okay, though my favorite one so far is also the most expensive so I'm looking for alternatives. Here's a link to my top choice: Cha-cha-cha-check it out.
  10. Julian Bakery Coconut Paleo Bread Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda. I haven't been eating bread for years now, so this won't "tempt" me back to normal bread. I'm sensitive to gluten, and at this point it's easy for me to choose not to eat gluten. They keep emailing me, is the thing, or else I wouldn't even be thinking about it.
  11. Jocalat Bars

    Can I have Jocalat bars? No sweeteners -- like a normal larabar but with cacao powder & unsweetened chocolate. I'm thinking these are technically compliant but psychologically dicey.