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Found 2 results

  1. My husband and I are doing Whole30 for the second time, upon his request (because his pants were getting snug) and my agreement (because It was time to detox my/our diet and cleanse my body). My major concerns at this juncture: 1. My skin-- Around Days 4-7, the skin on my face was itchy and dry in certain places, under my nose, around my mouth, neck. This typically a week before my period begins, so I know its hormone-related. And two weeks later it's the same, it's not improving, like it did the last time. 2. My stomach-- has been upset every few days, and I can't narrow it down to anything specific. I'm hungry, I eat, but I'm not satisfied. My body is telling me I'm missing something (technically I'm missing a lot of things!), but I'm still sticking to the plan, and I sometimes I just go hungry. 3. Canker sores--Another indicator that my body is missing something,( and the plan isn't quite working for me) is that I currently have 3 canker sores in my mouth. I normally get canker sores every couple months or so, typically this happens due to diet and stress, or I accidentally bite the inside of my mouth. 4. I'm tired-- I usually get 6-7 hours of sleep. Today I had to take a 20-min nap in my car, I was so sleepy. I am not getting the "burst of energy" "everyone" talks about. But I'm still participating in normal activities. I even play tennis once or twice a week and walk my dog every other day. Some theories about everything above. I welcome others to respond to my theories and share your own: I"m not eating enough raw veggies-- I personally prefer cooked veggies, and I've made all sorts of recipes from the three whole30 books that I have. I don't prefer salads, and I eat fresh veggies with guacamole. The skin on my face is still reactive because I'm still detoxing. (22 days later?!) The rest-- I don't know. Any help and comments you can provide are welcome! Many thanks! Lyn Nstill
  2. 1. I have a very dry mouth usually only night and a sip of water doesn't help much. I don't take any mess and I usually drink enough water during the day (some days maybe a cup or so less). I don't take any meds; it's because I breathe through my mouth when I'm sleeping. My dry mouth spray has xylitol, eek! Which I just discovered and has set me back 4 days. Any suggestions for a replacement during the night when water doesn't help? Sometimes my mouth is all stuck together and it's hard to open it literally. 2. I have had chronic canker sores for years and only treatment that has helped is DGL Ultra (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) taken at the first sign. Usually they go away. It has lots of no-nos (sugar alcohols, starches). I have 3 sores now but no treatment. They are painful and the anathestic gels also have non-compliant ingredients. No one know what causes them; I hope doing Whole30 will help. Does anyone have any compliant treatments for canker sores? i await your reply with "baited breath"