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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all! I'm on day 14 of my first Whole 30. In general, things have been great! I feel so much better eating a clean diet and I'm really happy I did this. There is only one problem.... I can't seem to kick my carbohydrate addiction. Now, I know it's recommended to eat starchy vegetables. The thing is, I'm already doing that and it isn't helping. It's to the point that when a craving hits (for things like bread, pasta, honey nut cheerios, oatmeal...) nothing I do to try and distract myself works. I know I am not hungry, as I always feel good and satisfied after my meals. I know I feel good, it's just my brain won't stop WANTING the carbs. I almost feel borderline depressed during a craving. I do a modified Crossfit program 5-6 days a week, and while I don't think it's realistic for me to eat completely Whole 30 forever (I plan on sustaining it 80/20), I did want my Whole 30 to help me better resist carbs so I can incorporate more clean foods that would benefit my workouts. Most people on here struggle with sugar cravings, but since I wasn't a big sugar eater before I haven't had that issue. I am struggling more so I think because I was raised in an off-the-boat Italian family where I was eating carbs very often as a child. Now as an adult, prior to Whole 30 I was on a pretty healthy diet in my opinion and only ate carbs maybe 3x per week. Nothing excessive. So why do I want them so badly now!? Someone tell me how to get through this.
  2. I was able to go the Whole 30 without intentionally adding any off plan foods, so I am very proud of myself. I later figured out that some of the food I had eaten contained trace amounts of off plan foods (white wine in the dijon mustard, sugar in pickled vinegar at the sushi restaurant, soy oil in my salmon patties) but I think the amounts were so small that I don't worry about them. In any event, I'd like to post here about my reintro since I don't think the ISWF goes into as much detail as I'd like about this segment of the program. I originally began the program to figure out what was causing me daily headaches. I removed nuts from my diet in addition to the Whole 30 list due to allergies that run in my family. My other issues are disordered eating - I have always had trouble with a "sugar dragon" & binging on sweets. I had wanted my skin to be a little clearer, although it wasn't bad to begin with. I had hoped to lose some weight. After the Whole 30 I did lose some weight and inches but not as much as I had hoped. Also, my fruit consumption had been way above the 1-2 servings as suggested & realized that at least this point I can't control myself. So in this next phase I have decided to count carbs & calories based on the keto calculator as I reintroduce things, testing grains and gluten only after I am at a happy weight. I have also decided to split up dairy into 3 testing days: 1 for whey protein, 1 for casein protein, 1 for lactose. I have also decided to test soy separately from other legumes.