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Found 8 results

  1. Freakin Carrageenan SMH

    sigh. I don't even effin LIKE turkey. In fact, I wanted the pre-made salmon salad to put on top of my greens but the organic mayo it was made with had CANOLA in it. I thought I was being intentional. I was proud of myself for not compromising on the canola even though it's "ok occasionally" when dining out. I told myself, you're in a grocery store, you have other options. Welp--I bought some Applegate deli meat. I saw the carrageenan description but it was followed by "seaweed" so I figured "plants. it's fine." SMH I should have pulled out google for the ELEVENTH time during that grocery trip. I didn't know any better, until I read on another whole30 blog today that carrageenan was a no no. fuuuugggmyliiiife! If I'm gonna go off plan I'm gonna willfully nose dive into some prosecco, not accidentally eat some lame azz turkey slices! By day's end the package was gone. It was less than half a pound. What say ye, O Whole30 community? Am I sentenced to a re-start??
  2. doTERRA's carrageenan claims

    I have been using doTERRA for about 6 months and have enjoyed some benefit from their products. I had to stop using their On Guard soft gels and beadlets as well as the Omega soft gels once I started the Whole 30 due to the fact they have carrageenan in them. My friend sent this link to me to demonstrate to me that I should not be worried. I am skeptical but would love for someone with relevant knowledge to sound off on this notion that there is a type of carrageenan that is not a concern since it is "not absorbed by the intestinal tract." Thank you!
  3. I bought this whole chicken, it stated 100% natural. I planned on cooking it for dinner and had it defrosting. As I turned the package over to defrost the other side, my eyes caught the ingredients portion. It read...contains 2% or less carrageenan!!! I didn't expect to have to read labels on raw meat packages too! Sounds dumb I guess but I am grateful I saw it before I consumed any of it! I absolutely cannot afford to purchase grassfed beef, free roaming organic chickens, cage-free eggs, and organic veggies. I'm doing the best I can with what I can afford. I will read labels and do what I can where I can. I just don't have the financial means to do this to the T. Especially not for a family of 6! Totally bummed but trying!!!
  4. Should I make a special effort to avoid carrageenan during dairy re-intro, or allow it since it's so ubiquitous in milk/cream products? From what I found in trying to search for his question, carrageenan doesn't tend to cause reactions, it's just best avoided?
  5. Ok, so I'm on Day 28 and have done great! I am about to travel for the next few weeks and I want to stay as close to Whole30 as I can, allowing for a few treats local to where I am traveling (Montreal). My boyfriend who is from there insists that I have to try Poutine, which is french fries with gravy and cheese curds... sounds kinda gross to me but people love it there! Anyway, I was looking at Whole Foods the other day at the Applegate Farms deli meat for something that would be easy to eat on the go and travel with, and it all had "less that 2% carrageenan from seaweed." I know this is out for the Whole30, but how can something from seaweed be so harmful? And is this carrageenan different from the ones listed on Almond and Coconut Milk cartons? And is "less than 2%" going to have really harmful effects? It is so irritating after learning this much about food that almost everything you look at has some kind of harmful preservative! Also, I'm trying out some homemade turkey jerky today to take with me... really excited!
  6. Just discovered Applegate meats and I thought they were compliant but after combing the forum, I'm not so sure. They contain carrageenan (from seaweed). Is that allowed?
  7. So I started Paleo30 September 21 and have been doing great....So I thought! I had bought coconut milk and almond milk because it was on the approved list - so really my first time ever buying either and I bought a gallon of each. Today I read about guar gum - in coconut milk, and carrageenan in Almond milk both ingredients NOT on the approved list. I didn't drink it every day, but I have 10 days left and - well - I am not sure. Should this mean a restart? Eating healthy is never a waste of time - but I really thought I was doing this right - and I would like a glass of wine on day 31 Thoughts?
  8. Last night I made a full batch of chocolate chili (recipe from Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan). The recipe calls for 14 ounces of beef broth. My wife purchased some Vegetable Stock over the weekend because it was the only one she could find without any sugar or wheat products. I figured it would be a good sub for the beef broth and tossed used it for my chili. To my horror (maybe a little dramatic) I read the ingredients list while the chili was simmering and hidden in between all the veggies was carrageenan. Now I have a full batch of chili made with this non-compliant broth. Tossing it would be extremely painful as it is full of 2lbs grassfed beef and other wonderful healthy ingredients. On top of that we have a 6 pack of Imagine brand beef stock coming in a day or so.. wish I waited. If I decide to go ahead and eat this batch am I ruining my Whole30? Will the amount of carrageenan in 14 ounces of stock be enough to set me back? What would you do?