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Found 12 results

  1. tuzmusic

    Cashews - natural sugars?

    Newbie here! I just bought whole cashews at whole foods. The ingredients list just says "cashews", and this is Whole Foods so I very much trust that. But the nutritional facts says Sugars: 2g. Am I right in assuming these are naturally occurring sugars and that these are okay? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I have always been a grazer and as such I tend to have smaller main meals with grazing stops in between. Before W30 I would generally graze on berries (like a handful at 11am sort of thing). But other times I would dig into a bag of crisps or maybe a slice of toast. I'm on Day 7 of W30 and I've noticed that I am grazing on nuts (almonds and cashews). So I am eating about two small handfuls per day, split between around 11am, 4pm and 8pm. Sometimes I have berries too. Is this behaviour ok on W30? I'm not eating them during cravings, I am generally hungry and I consider them part of my main meals, just eaten a little later/earlier! If I should be cutting them out then I will try. But I'm worried about not getting enough fuel otherwise. Thanks! K x
  3. I bought a tub of unsalted cashews at Costco and have been eating them for about a week. This evening I casually turned the tub around while eating a few and saw that the ingredients list includes cashews and PEANUT OIL. What the hell? Who checks the ingredients list on plain cashews?! I am on Day 17 and doing really great. Do I have to start over now??
  4. Hello my fellow W30-ers! It's seems a bit late in the W30 process (Day 23 woot!!) to come to this realization, but I think I've finally conquered my off & on bloat, particularly in the evening, as well as decreased my need for an afternoon snack of nuts... * Adding just a bit of extra fat at lunch: 1/2 an avocado (in addition, to a healthy dousing of olive oil on top of my salad), lasted me 4 - 5 hours until dinner!!! Today, I had no need to munch on hazelnuts or cashews in between!!! After dinner, I was full but not feeling uber bloated!! **The INCREASE of good fat at a meal, results in a DECREASED need for snacks!** This is CLEARLY stated in ISWF, as well as listed in several posts on this forum, but until I experienced persistent bloat & experimented w/my food, it didn't sink in!!! Oh, silly me!!! But, anyway, I'm still happy to report my 'discovery'!
  5. WyS


    I'm not sure where to post this, but I just finished my first Whole 30 and I was feeling pretty good, except that I was having a few annoying GI/skin issues. I ignored the problems, as overall I was feeling energetic. Then I gave my 1 year old some cashew butter (he had had it before) and he had a full blown allergic reaction with face swelling and hives. We had him tested and he is, in fact, allergic to cashews. This led me to do some reading about cashews and allergies and what I found out was pretty surprising. For instance, cashews are right behind peanuts in allergy potential and contain several irritant compounds, that if not processed out completely can cause some serious reactions even in those without a true "allergy". Cashews are members of the same family as poison ivy, oak and sumac. After reading further I realized that my lingering GI issues and a rather embarrassing dematitis (rash) are consistent with a sensitivity to cashews. So my question for you the creators and forum is, if we are trying to eliminate all causes of inflammation, even potential causes, why is the cashew allowed and even encouraged in the Whole30? I ended up not eliminating inflammation from my body, but as a person who was pretty healthy with no GI issues (just needed to eliminate that nasty sugar habit), I actually ended up inducing a good amount of inflammation into my body. Directly counter to the intended goal of the program. To say I am disappointed after 30 days of eating clean would be an understatement. Here's the information I found:
  6. alauritson

    Cashews with Peanut Oil

    We're allowed to have Cashews, but I haven't found any that don't also include some type of oil in the ingredient list. Thoughts? Example from Essential Everyday brand of Cashews: Ingredient List: Cashews, Vegetable Oil (Peanut, Cotton Seed, Soybean and/or Sunflower Seed), Sea Salt. Example from Costco brand of Cashews: Ingredient List: Cashews, Peanut Oil, Sea Salt. Does this make the Cashews not allowed?
  7. trace1

    Ah Nuts!

    I'm not completely new to this and I have read the book but would like some clarification please! I get a little confused on the nut section. Under Best Eating fats it includes…. cashews and macadamia nuts while under the The Occasional it lists almonds, pecans, brazils,etc. Does this mean that cashews and macadamia are superior over almonds? I understand that one should not consume an entire bowl of any of these but I get a little confused on the Best, Occasional and Limit section in the nut category!! Help!!! Thanks in advance!
  8. I am always hungry. I am not sure if my portions are correct or not, but I cant stop snacking in between meals. Probably a dozen handful of cashews a day. I just finished day 4. I am 5'11 263 lb male. Am i doing this wrong?
  9. Hi All, I had an interesting allergic reaction this week (the last week of my first whole 30), and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. A few days ago, I ate some raw cashews (not very many, probably less than a cupped palm, and my hands are not large), and I noticed I was feeling oddly, but not alarmingly, itchy in a few spots as I was heading to bed that night. I didn't think much of it because I've been eating cashew butter from time to time during this whole 30 (it's compliant, just dry roasted cashews and a little bit of salt). So I wake up the next day and notice that I have hives on the underside of both of my arms. They weren't itchy and were not numerous enough to concern me so I tucked some benadryl in my purse just in case and headed off to work. It turned into a very long work day (14 hours) and when I got home I was feeling pretty crappy and was not thrilled to learn that I now had copious hives on my legs as well. I sat down and thought about the food that I had eaten the day before, and frankly the week before, and the only thing out of the ordinary that hadn't been prominent during my whole 30 was the raw cashews. I'm assuming I'm not the first person to discover an allergy during a whole 30, but I did find it interesting that I seem to be able to eat them when they are cooked. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  10. I'm on day 12 of my first Whole30, and doing really well. But yesterday and today I noticed some snacking creeping back in, and it's on cashews, almonds, and coconut flakes (unsweetened). I'm not talking about large quantities- just a pinch here and there, but as you know it adds up. And I'm not liking the recurrence of the grazing that I thought I'd kicked. Should I just quick nuts for the remainder of my Whole30?
  11. Folks, I bought this big tub of cashews and realized that they have peanut oil (that's what 3 hours roaming Costco will do to your focus). I realize this is a long shot but since most of the recipes I want with cashews call to soak them for hours, any way that lots of soaking in water can negate the peanut oil? Maybe rinse with vinegar before the soak? Obviously I don't understand the complexities of nut production
  12. So... here's the thing; sometimes I'm noticing that I might need to supplement the amount of fats that I'm getting in a meal (I may have cooked with olive oil, but not enough, seemingly, etc.). I came up with a quick and satisfying solution that I'm using now, that has helped me out, and I'm hoping that it's acceptable and compliant. Understand, it's not in addition to a full meal, it's part of the meal. I've made it a point to walk away from my plate as soon as I feel satisfied... and to never overeat. With that disclaimer, I present the following few ingredients that have given me a satisfying and (as far as my measuring go) very solid and fair combination of fats and fruit. Grab a small pan (or pot), and pour in about 1/8 of a can of coconut milk. Take 2 strawberries, and slice them super thin, and throw them on the milk. Take 4 raspberries and throw them in the milk as well. Crush up 4 or 5 cashews, and throw them in... you guessed it, the coconut milk. Warm this up on the stove until it takes it's first boil, kill the heat and eat. Please sound off if there's anything wrong with this approach to supplement fats (and get a little soothing deliciousness as well). I'm thinking I'm in the clear, but if not, I'd love to know. Keep it up!