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Found 4 results

  1. foodcow

    Indian Whole30 Recipes

    Hi guys, I am on my first whole30 here in india. It's difficult to get good whole30 approved food outside so i have to cook at lot. I have created some whole30 approved Indian meals and i thought of sharing it with you guys.Hope you enjoy it. Baked Tandoori chicken with Mushroom in Spinach Sauce Alu Tikki Taco with Salsa and Mint Chutney Pork Stir Fry with Sweet Potato fries Ginger-Coriander Basa with spicy baby potatoes Mutton Kheema with cauliflower Pulav hope you guys enjoy it Regards foodcow
  2. Definitely the key to Whole30 or Paleo lifestyle is cooking in bulk. Less cooking more playtime Share your bulk recipes here One to start it off is my Cauliflorwer Rice with Bolognese sauce
  3. careergirlwhole30

    Honest SWYPO Question

    So I just finished my Whole30 yesterday (yahoo!), and I have an honest SWYPO question which I know has been discussed a million times, but I really want to understand the answer to it. From everything I've read banana pancakes (banana + egg) are considered SWYPO and therefore not whole30 because it's considered different from eating an egg and a banana separately, bring up a different psychological response, and are not following the spirit of whole30. On the other hand, zoodles and cauli-rice are encouraged--now here is what I don't get. When I eat zoodles, they remind me of pasta-I put pasta sauce on them, add some meatballs, and it's a meal very similar to what I would eat pre-whole30. This same meal is even in a whole30 blog post labeled comfort food ( My question here is, doesn't eating zoodles in zoodle form promote a different psychological response than sautéed zucchini circles? Isn't it trying to replace a food that you (most likely) previously ate too much of before whole30 and had a psychological connection to (i.e. comfort food)? I have the same feeling about cauli-rice--no one, and I mean no one, eats as much cauliflower as they do when they use it as cauli-rice for a curry, burrito bowl, etc. Lots of people love white rice, and they are replacing it with this substitute. My point is that just like banana pancakes neither zoodles nor cauli-rice taste like what they are replacing (pasta and rice), but most people are eating them as a replacement for what they used to eat and because they crave that comfort food of pasta and red sauce or curry and white rice. Even more confusing is that pure wraps ( were declared not whole30. I feel like that is the most similar thing to zoodles/cauli-rice so it super confused me. Pure wraps were simply coconut, just like cauli-rice is cauliflower and zoodles are just zucchini-why are they a no-no and zoodles/cauli-rice is not? So my question is why are banana pancakes and pure wraps different and considered SWYPO when zoodles and cauli-rice are not? I know this is a hot topic, so please know that I'm asking because I truly want to understand--I may disagree with the reasoning, and that's fine-I don't make the rules, but I do want to understand them.
  4. I completed the Whole30 in October, and I have generally stuck to a less strict version of it since then. I've been trying a lot of paleo recipes, and I've noticed a lot of them call for cauliflower rice. The problem is that I hate cauliflower. I thought it would taste better if I cooked with other flavors, such as in a "fried rice" recipe (blended in food processor, cooked in fish sauce, coconut aminos, and bacon). It doesn't. I just can't hide that yucky overpowering taste no matter how I cook it or what I cook it in. Are there alternatives to cauliflower rice? What other veggies can I blend up in the food processor to get that rice-like consistency? I thought about using broccoli (I love broccoli), but I'm not sure it would have the same consistency. It seems that cauliflower rice is considered a "paleo staple," so the fact that it's one of a the very few foods I dislike really limits my options.