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Found 4 results

  1. Ouisie

    Whole30 Round 2 Log

    It's New Years Eve and hubby and I are up in the Ozarks on our annual 2-week getaway. This is when we review the last year and talk about changes for the coming year. We hike a lot, eat bigger meals than normal and, of course, drink! One of my goals for this next year is to clean up my eating. Not that I am out of control, but I can feel the joints aching and my hidden allergies are coming back. I did the Whole30 in 2017 and felt great. The feeling of control is great plus the affects of clean eating can be felt. Then, life took hold and I went back to eating what was convenient. This time I have a better handle on what it takes to be successful with the W30 and .... continue or recover with the clean eating afterwards. Here is my approach and my goals for the Whole30 Round 2 (recommit, get-your-act-together) process: - Start date is Jan. 14th : We get back from the mountains on Wed. Jan.9th. I will use the next 4 days to prepare my kitchen, do my meal planning, do my shopping, and get back to Meal Prep Sunday. - 5000+ steps a day : I know this may not sound like much but on a consistent daily basis I want to start here. There are days when I get in over 10,000 but I don't want to put that heavy goal in place to get my re-commitment started. - Week1 goal : get back in gear with the program, record daily log - Week2 goal : get back to the gym, even if only for 30 min. activity - Week3 goal : increase daily step goal - Week4 goal : try on a few clothes to see if they fit better (I expect the 'gassy' gut to be gone and a few pounds as well) - End date is Feb. 12th : I will step on the scales to see how my weight has done over the 30 days. There were 3 things I was anxious to reintroduce on my last Whole30 - creamer in my coffee, crackers and chips, and wine (and sweets). This time around I want to stick with black coffee and start to enjoy the homemade baked sweet potato slivers. I will deal with the sweet tooth and the wine reintroduction challenge later as I travel this journey. More coming, Linda
  2. I'm in the mood to cook today but I was wonder if it's ok to use have sauces on the challenge since our ancestors didn't....if so what's your fav. recipe? Or can you recommend any compliant brands on this challenge? Thanks!
  3. I am on Day 7. On Day 6, Friday night, we had a cocktail party to attend. I really wanted to go as there were some good friends there and possibly some new friends, which is always nice. But I was concerned, of course. To prepare, I ate dinner just before going so I wouldn't be actually hungry. That was a good move. And I was prepared to just drink water. After greeting and being greeted, we all moved toward the bar set up in the back yard. Soda, wine, and booze. I found one lone bottle of Indian tonic water. Okay. Water. Perfect. Poured it, added lemon, took a sip. Not sure. Took one more, quizzically, but wasn't sure if the sweetness was the lemon or what. Checked the bottle. Sugar. I had no idea there was such as a thing as sweetened tonic water. My sips were miniscule. This week I've learned that my first bites of something I didn't make myself or buy myself need to be like testing for the king himself -- just little tiny bits to let my tastebuds tell me what I need to know. Went to the kitchen and poured tap water. The table had the usual array of snacks at parties in India and a few nods to the Americans tastes of the host and guests: samosas (nope), little hamburgers (maybe, if I take off the buns), dips (too unclear), watermelon (okay), raw veg (okay), paneer (nope), various deep fried pasty covered things (nope, nope, and nope), and an appetizer sized quiche thing (nope. So, table assessed, and loaded with tap water with lemon, I visit, chat, and nibble on carrots. Tried the hamburger sans bun only to realize I had a mouth full of potato (it was some Indian kind of "hamburger" thingie). Spat it out without swallowing, delicately, in the kitchen, where no one could see me. Barely avoided that one. went back to carrot and cucumber snacking. Probably should have just NOT snacked. Probably should have just relied on my very own water bottle, which I carry with me everywhere in part because of safe drinking water issues in India, and in part because of Whole 30, as I like to have flavors all day, so I carry flavored water (ginger, mint, lemon grass -- more or less weak, iced cold tea). So it was a success, but for the two very tiny tester sips of the tonic water. But what a MINE FIELD! OMG. Ironically, the host was our doctor and his wife. And all I could eat drink was veg sticks and tap water :-)
  4. bi0nicw0man

    Whole 7 Challenge

    Starting Monday, August 26th I'm going to tackle just one week of whole food living. We are away for a family reunion camping trip this weekend where most of my food is at the mercy of others (and let's face it, I'm not going camping without s'mores) so I think it's the perfect last hurrah before setting out for a one week challenge to myself. At the end of 7 days I will reassess, and who knows...maybe I'll make it a Whole 14, or a Whole 30! Anyone else like to tackle things in smaller bursts? One week challenge anyone?