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Found 10 results

  1. I'm in the mood to cook today but I was wonder if it's ok to use have sauces on the challenge since our ancestors didn't....if so what's your fav. recipe? Or can you recommend any compliant brands on this challenge? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I'm on day 27 and I'm disheartened by my Whole 30 program. I've had no (or very little change) & I've followed the program properly. I've been vegetarian for approx. 30 years maintaining good health, fitness level and never experiencing anaemia or Vit B deficiency as I'm very conscious of food combining. I don't have any physical health diseases. The only problems I have experienced these last couple years are fluctuating energy levels, lower back pain, dark circles under eyes, and emotional dysregulation due to horrific relationship breakup, high stress jobs & study pressure. I'm in my final year studies of Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) and have to complete 300 hours of clinical placement this year. I believe in walking the talk and have been my own guinea pig testing the knowledge I learn on myself so I can explain treatments, nutrition, herbs, supplements etc to my future clients. I decided to complete the whole 30 after reading testimonials and reading 'It start's with food'. I thought it maybe a program I suggest to clients and was interested to see the results in myself. I started the program to do the strict vegetarian version, no soy, legumes etc but then had to add eggs as I felt I wasn't getting enough protein. After some initial nausea I thought I was going ok, my back pain had decreased and my menstruation had come & gone without the usual symptoms but my lack of energy had not improved. Week 2 I was feeling emotionally better & not being affected by external stressors/triggers as much. (But I put this down to the 30 day meditation challenge I was combining with the whole 30). Week 3 despite absolutely hating eating flesh I added fish every second day due to ongoing fatigue and feeling I wasn't getting enough protein. This last week has been the hardest struggle to stay on the Whole 30 as my energy has dropped to an all time low despite sticking to the program, adding more proteins. I've struggle to exercise other than walking the dogs every day for an hour and feel I have had muscle wastage. Previously I knew I had a intolerance to wheat as after eating it 2-3 days I would get GIT symptoms. Now I get GIT after every meal, which I thought was supposed to decrease on Whole 30 program. (Although this could be linked to eating on the run, eating to fast etc) To be honest I'm looking forward to finishing and returning to my prior eating habits. There has been some positives I will take from this; learnt how to make my own mayonnaise, linked to back pain to inflammation and not a structural problem, come up with creative recipes with limited ingredients. My next 30 day challenge will be to eat mindfully. Not eating on the run, standing up, driving, working, studying, talking etc and seeing if this influence my GIT symptoms (mostly bloating after meals) in anyway. Is anyone else disheartened at the end of their Whole 30 or are you all feeling wonderful?
  3. Just putting it out there....I began my second Whole30 on 3/27. I did my first about a year ago and managed to lose 15 pounds even though I did not work out a lot. I was living in busy, crowded Bergen County, NJ and working for a luxury store in a very large mall...retail hours suck! So this go around, I live on a farm (still NJ but NWNJ) where we raise grass-fed cows and sheep, pastured pigs, pastured egg-laying hens and grow all of our fruits and vegetables organically. Sounds like it should be easier, right? Wellllll.....this time I work at a Creamery....we make 30 different types of artisanal cheese, yogurt, butter and gelato. I. Am. A. Cheesemonger. I sell our delightful products to the masses daily. The struggle is real people. Between living on one farm and working on another....I am pretty active. I don't stop moving until about 2 1/2 hours before bed. The challenge is to do every physical task mindfully....I make it a point to move with purpose. If I have to pick things up...I "squat" them up. If I am going up the steps(and I do A LOT)...I "lunge" up the steps. When I cut the cheese(heh heh...CUT THE CHEESE...yep, that joke never gets old) I do calf raises while doing so. And so on. And so on. And so, while there are aspects of this Whole 30 that will make things easier...there are very different obstacles this time around. I'm tightening up the laces on my sneakers....eyes on the prize.
  4. Today is the first day of my fourth Whole30. I wish I could say that, after each previous round, my eating habits were pretty good, but I'd be lying. Every time, it's like I'm starting over at the same weight (this time, it's 245.75). I'm hoping that this time, some of the habits stick a little better. The bonus is that this time around, my wife is at least trying to do it with me, though she has a half marathon in 13 days that's going to require carbs (and dairy), which are not part of the program. I hope everyone who's on this journey is having an easy time of it. I'll post stuff as I go along. Yay!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm starting my first 'Official' Whole30 today, September 1, 2014. I've always been a big proponent of 'Be The Experiment' and I've dabbled in many different things including bits and pieces of the Whole30 over the past year or so since I first read the book, "It Starts With Food". I realize that dabbling doesn't do much. Success in anything requires another word: COMMITMENT. What makes it so easy for me to make a commitment to this particular program is the commitment everyone here has already made. It seems that pretty much EVERYTHING is covered here. Personally, I feel I've got the personal determination and self-discipline to pull this off fairly easily. I mean, 30 days eating good food with the goal of feeling better in the end... how HARD can that be? Well, as it turns out, it's a very good thing there is a Day 0 to this program. While I'm already 'All In', my wife needed some explanation. You see, a couple of times a week she brings home 'treats'; leftover goodies from luncheons at her office. And she's the type who takes it personally if we don't all share in her bounty - she's a really giving, generous person at heart. So that was my BIGGEST challenge during the week prior to my official Day 1. I think I've got all the feathers unruffled with my wife and she now promises to give me full support by not expecting me to eat the 'treats' that are not compliant with my guidelines. If this is the hardest thing I've got to overcome, I've got it licked! All the best from Toronto, Russ
  6. I am on Day 7. On Day 6, Friday night, we had a cocktail party to attend. I really wanted to go as there were some good friends there and possibly some new friends, which is always nice. But I was concerned, of course. To prepare, I ate dinner just before going so I wouldn't be actually hungry. That was a good move. And I was prepared to just drink water. After greeting and being greeted, we all moved toward the bar set up in the back yard. Soda, wine, and booze. I found one lone bottle of Indian tonic water. Okay. Water. Perfect. Poured it, added lemon, took a sip. Not sure. Took one more, quizzically, but wasn't sure if the sweetness was the lemon or what. Checked the bottle. Sugar. I had no idea there was such as a thing as sweetened tonic water. My sips were miniscule. This week I've learned that my first bites of something I didn't make myself or buy myself need to be like testing for the king himself -- just little tiny bits to let my tastebuds tell me what I need to know. Went to the kitchen and poured tap water. The table had the usual array of snacks at parties in India and a few nods to the Americans tastes of the host and guests: samosas (nope), little hamburgers (maybe, if I take off the buns), dips (too unclear), watermelon (okay), raw veg (okay), paneer (nope), various deep fried pasty covered things (nope, nope, and nope), and an appetizer sized quiche thing (nope. So, table assessed, and loaded with tap water with lemon, I visit, chat, and nibble on carrots. Tried the hamburger sans bun only to realize I had a mouth full of potato (it was some Indian kind of "hamburger" thingie). Spat it out without swallowing, delicately, in the kitchen, where no one could see me. Barely avoided that one. went back to carrot and cucumber snacking. Probably should have just NOT snacked. Probably should have just relied on my very own water bottle, which I carry with me everywhere in part because of safe drinking water issues in India, and in part because of Whole 30, as I like to have flavors all day, so I carry flavored water (ginger, mint, lemon grass -- more or less weak, iced cold tea). So it was a success, but for the two very tiny tester sips of the tonic water. But what a MINE FIELD! OMG. Ironically, the host was our doctor and his wife. And all I could eat drink was veg sticks and tap water :-)
  7. bi0nicw0man

    Whole 7 Challenge

    Starting Monday, August 26th I'm going to tackle just one week of whole food living. We are away for a family reunion camping trip this weekend where most of my food is at the mercy of others (and let's face it, I'm not going camping without s'mores) so I think it's the perfect last hurrah before setting out for a one week challenge to myself. At the end of 7 days I will reassess, and who knows...maybe I'll make it a Whole 14, or a Whole 30! Anyone else like to tackle things in smaller bursts? One week challenge anyone?
  8. I am so exicted to challenge without sugars and grains. I love whole grains....I hardly accpet it! :-) Wish me the best luck. I will post my first day and daily about my feeling- struggle, hungry, frustarted, happy, sad and blah blah blah blah.... Now I cook for my meal planning this week. Yummy!!1
  9. ORBren

    ORBren 1st Whole30

    Here I go... Book to arrive Monday, but I have scoured the web site and read lots of other books so I feel prepared to be successful. I need this because the older I get the more aches and pains and gut issues with foods arise. I need the accountability of a challenge and look forward to a community of folks who think like I do about food. I plan to really notice and appreciate the ways I feel better during the next 30 days as inspiration & motivation - because I am the poster girl for knowledge not equalling action/ behavior. I currently keep a thankfulness journal and plan to use that to capture the good stuff related to Whole30. No excuses...grass fed beef - check, fresh & fermented veggies - check, olive &coconut oil - check, water - check. Let the new habit forming begin.
  10. thequietvoice152

    Conquered my Whole 30

    I wrote all about my experience and my results on my blog, Paleo Shenanigans!! Here's a link: http://paleoshenanig...hole-30-day-31/