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Found 6 results

  1. Free bones from the butcher??

    Has anyone ever asked your supermarket butcher for beef or chicken bones to make homemade bone broth? I wonder if they would give them to customers for free? Or even for a reasonable price? I can find chicken broth that is compliant, but I'm having a hard time finding compliant beef broth that also doesn't have yeast (moderator Tom said some companies use yeast to hide msg from consumers). I'm finishing day 14 and feeling great! Still so much to learn though....
  2. Grocery bills are something that seems to come up fairly often on the forums, especially when folks are trying to build a Whole30 pantry from scratch, so my husband and I decided that, with our current Whole30, we'd see how low we could go on the weekly shopping. And just to add to the fun, we're assuming that at the start of the Whole30, we've got nothing in our pantry, fridge, or freezer except salt and pepper. No coconut aminos, no exotic spices, no broth or stock, no nothing unless we buy it and/or make it ourselves during these 30 days. Now obviously, I really do have a lot of these things in my pantry so we have a special "get out of jail" basket in the pantry to separate out what we've "purchased" and can use for the challenge and what's still off limits. Jump to the weekly write-ups: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Grocery List A couple of things to keep in mind when reading through this stuff: -My goal was not to have an absolutely, positively rock-bottom budget. We're not eating the same protein every single meal just because that was the cheapest option at the market. We're still trying for variety both for nutrition AND our own sanity. -I live in a suburb of north Dallas which means I have pretty decent options for where to shop and can hit a different store each week depending on who has the best deals. I realize that not everyone lives in an area where this is possible. I also realize that cost of living in my area is about 85% of the national median meaning that we're on the cheaper side of average. To help even the odds, I'm going to avoid running to every market in town to get the cheapest deal on everything on my list. -We do have a Thrive Market membership, but for folks who are really watching their money and/or who don't have an established track record of paleo-style eating, this probably isn't an expense that folks feel is worth it. Outside of this challenge, I go through enough Epic Bars (about a box per month) that their discounted price makes up for my membership cost. (We do buy other stuff, but the Epic Bars were, admittedly, a big motivating factor.) For purposes of this challenge, I'm not making use of Thrive. If we do eat the Epic Bars (or anything else I normally get from Thrive) they'll be listed at whatever they currently cost is at our Sprouts. -I WILL however make use of our Costco membership. The husband and I debated on this one given the cost-factor of membership, but given the option of sharing the cost of membership with a roommate, family member, etc., or being able to tag along with someone to use their membership, I feel it's a fair inclusion. -We have a weekly dinner date with another couple who are close friends of ours who are pescatarian. Sometimes we contribute the protein for the meal, sometimes a side, sometimes everything, and sometimes nothing. It varies from week to week and our contributions are also going to skew the budget a little since we'll be cooking for four adults instead of two on those nights.
  3. I'm having trouble divining which fish oils (not cod liver oil) are thought to be "clean". I cannot find a cost-effective one that has no suspicious ingredients and also specifically states, "no soy". Soybean oil is quite prevalent as a filler. I cannot afford the brand recommended by the site. Does anyone know for sure whether Nordic Naturals or Carlson's are "clean"? At the very least, I want something free of corn, soy, and gluten, as those are the major ingredients I suspect I may be sensitive to. Also dairy and eggs, but I dont think those are usually an issue with fish oil. I'm kinda tired of going through the ingredients and allergen info (if any) on label after label. I wondered if someone else had already researched this and had some leads.
  4. Whole 30 on a TIGHT Budget

    I am on a pretty tight budget. What are the most cost friendly things you recommend to use as staples during the Whole 30? Thanks!
  5. To Dallas and Melissa, and to all you folks out there who like olives, Since you recommended a heaping handful of olives in your book as a source of healthy fats, I would like to point out the following... ;-) I love olives, and I cannot seem to find a source for reasonably-priced organic olives packaged in an inert container! I called Whole Foods, and was able to verify that even their store-brand 365 (non-organic) olives are packed in cans with a BPA-based liner. They do offer organic olives in glass, but the price quickly reminds you why they are sometimes called Whole Paycheck. I don't want to feed BPA to my growing children, since it has been found to have harmful effects even in the PPB (parts per billion)! Does anyone out there know the secret to finding good olives on the cheap? Perhaps bulk olives from a farm in California, but shipping glass jars would probably be expensive too! Perhaps growing a tree? But that won't work in my climate, and I'm not THAT patient... :-)
  6. So I want to do this Whole30 diet and see how it affects me. The problem is I hate cooking complicated things. I am a fairly monotonous eater, so I just want 5-10 things I can eat by themselves, and that are easy and quick to prepare. I am 16 and mostly do Crossfit workouts 5 days a week excluding weekends, so if that helps or will change what I should be eating in any way please let me know or give advice. Thanks.