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Found 10 results

  1. Amb_Bomer

    Daiya Cheese

    So, I'm on day 5 of round 2. I've done really well both times without cheese. I'm not super missing it even still, almost 3 months later. And in between round 1 and 2 I could count the number of times I had cheese. But I do have a question. Could Daiya dairy free cheese products be considered compliant? I was thinking some "cheddar" would be nice on my sweet potato nachos. I think technically they would be compliant but maybe not in the full spirit of Whole 30.
  2. dobrusky

    cheese please?

    Hello, i am a newbie and was wondering if there any type of cheese that would be okay to eat like hard cheese? Are there any alternatives for cheese lovers like me where i can remain compliant? My apologies if cheese has already been discussed as i don't want to re-hash a discussion. Any links or help would be appreciated as i plan to be complaint in the W30 plan like many here have. Thank you
  3. I have begun my Whole30 today - well, yesterday with a slip-up - in an effort to feel better emotionally and physically. I work in a cheese shop where over 300 different types of cheeses sit; gourmet deli salads, sandwiches, and soups await sampling, delicious cakes tantalize the tastebuds simply by looking at them, and gourmet pasta and candy items await purchase...yet I am confident I won't slip up! I'm not worried about my weight at all (BMI is 19), I just want to not eat as much sugar and feel better about what I eat as I am young (22) and don't want to waste away my young years uncomfortably. Just wanted to introduce myself, and feel as if I am now a part of a new community!
  4. So I am on day 19 and have been doing amazing. I got a Fit Bit the night before starting and it is amazing to see the decline in 2 weeks of my resting heart rate. I think I lost a few pounds but starting day 22, I feel like my pants were tighter. But that is okay, because I didn't go into Whole 30 to lose weight as my only goal and know weight should come off at a lower pace. My husband, who is not doing a Whole30, has kind of joined in. He likes the food I make for the week (he works from home and loves this concept), while I pack a breakfast and lunch. I have tons of support at work from 2 people who have done a Whole30 and one who still eats Paleo. I share this knowledge with him and it makes sense. And I LOVE cooking and love all the recipes out there. I went through a very minor headache around Day 5, have been able to get off the black cohash (perimenopause-hot flashes), and I miss wine here and there but not a big deal. I had a hard time cutting back on fruit because in the summer, I eat a lot of seasonal fruit. But now, I don't eat that much. I seriously do not plan to change this way of eating after next Monday. I'm reading "It starts with food" everyday as well as articles from here and other paleo sites. I do look at this as a way of life. I can certainly see the psychological effects food has and changing how you eat is not just about the physical cravings, but also the emotional. I have corrected my husband if asked, it's not that I can't eat something, it is because I just don't eat certain things. So why am I posting in a problem section you may ask? I forgot my food to take to work on Friday. I went to our cafeteria, ordered a 3 egg omelete, cooked in olive oil (the best he could do), with spinach, mushroom, onion, and tomato. I orderd a half of an avocado. Right when I was done, I noticed something that was stringy. It's been bugging me all weekend that there was some cheese in that omelete that may have spilled over from the bin he grabbed the veggies from. So would this qualify as a reset? This is more of a competitive thing with me. I want to be able to say I did a Whole 30! I celebrated my anniversary this past weekend and didn't have a drop of wine. I have my inlaws coming into town this Thursday and we plan on a 5 hour road trip to his brother's house this weekend. That is not even stressing me out! This small amount of cheese is though. And veggies. Anything that has seeds is technically a fruit. Cucumbers, eggplant, bell peppers, avocados, squash, etc. When you say to limit fruits overall, does it include these too? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  5. Just putting it out there....I began my second Whole30 on 3/27. I did my first about a year ago and managed to lose 15 pounds even though I did not work out a lot. I was living in busy, crowded Bergen County, NJ and working for a luxury store in a very large mall...retail hours suck! So this go around, I live on a farm (still NJ but NWNJ) where we raise grass-fed cows and sheep, pastured pigs, pastured egg-laying hens and grow all of our fruits and vegetables organically. Sounds like it should be easier, right? Wellllll.....this time I work at a Creamery....we make 30 different types of artisanal cheese, yogurt, butter and gelato. I. Am. A. Cheesemonger. I sell our delightful products to the masses daily. The struggle is real people. Between living on one farm and working on another....I am pretty active. I don't stop moving until about 2 1/2 hours before bed. The challenge is to do every physical task mindfully....I make it a point to move with purpose. If I have to pick things up...I "squat" them up. If I am going up the steps(and I do A LOT)...I "lunge" up the steps. When I cut the cheese(heh heh...CUT THE CHEESE...yep, that joke never gets old) I do calf raises while doing so. And so on. And so on. And so, while there are aspects of this Whole 30 that will make things easier...there are very different obstacles this time around. I'm tightening up the laces on my sneakers....eyes on the prize.
  6. Boolz

    Omelette advice

    I'm new to Whole 30, just starting day 3 and just hit my first food "problem": My go-to breakfast is an omelette, usually just spinach, onion, egg and cheese. Sometimes spiced up with salsa, sometimes different veggies, but otherwise just those ingredient. I thought it'd be no big deal to leave out the cheese, but wow! I could barely choke it down without gagging. I don't use much cheese, but obviously it was adding/masking something I counted on. It's weird, because I do other veggie dishes and other egg dishes without cheese with no problem. Any ideas for something to add to give it a cheese factor? I think it's the taste more than the texture that is the problem. I knew dairy would be the thing I missed most, but really it's just this one dish - I'm not really missing the lattes etc at all. Veggie omelette is otherwise such a good breakfast - I don't want to have to gag it down.
  7. Hi everyone. I am on Day 29 of my first Whole30. It's been a great experience and I plan on keeping up with this way of eating. I must admit, however, that I have been thinking about a crusty piece of fresh baguette with a hunk of cheese for several days now. Is this normal? Has anyone else experience this? Part of me feels deviant for having such thoughts after almost 30 days of clean eating.
  8. Today was day 31, and therefore Day 1 of reintroduction. Whole milk in my coffee at breakfast... a few hours later super gurgly tummy and had to run to the bathroom. Had a late lunch (ground turkey, onions, riced cauliflower, hot sauce, cumin, evoo and evco) and sprinkled some shredded cheese on top. I was acutely aware of the cheese taste, and I don't even know if I liked it that much. Now about 3 hours later, I'm pretty tired (although that could be because I couldn't fall asleep last night til about 12:30) and my tummy just does not feel light and happy. It feels all rumbly. :-( Who knew that dairy would affect me this much! My first instinct is to feel sad, but that's quickly erased with a feeling of FREEDOM!!!! :-) Now that I know how it makes me feel, I may not be so quick to eat it! A little apprehensive about trying some yogurt at dinner and frankly I'm not even very hungry, so may not eat dinner. May try to do another dairy reintro after corn, legumes and non gluten grains, but next one try yogurt, kefir and maybe goat cheese. is it normal to do two different dairy reintros?
  9. Okay, so today I'm reintroducing dairy while eating my otherwise totally compliant meals. For breakfast, I'm having a Greek yogurt. For lunch, I'm having a bit of cheddar cheese. For dinner, I'm having a tiny bit of ice cream (basically I took my reintroduction plan for dairy straight from ISWF). So I'm having this Greek yogurt, and the only ingredient is Cultured Grade A Nonfat milk. I've been eating it for about fifteen minutes (It's thick, I'm not used to the texture anymore, and plain Greek yogurt has always tasted like sour cream to me so it's taking forever to get through this) and I got a minor headache. Do you think it's possible the headache is from the dairy? Or could it be from something else? Would that affect come on so quickly? And how long do you think it would take for my stomach to feel wonky? And would I react to different dairy products in different ways? Like say I can't eat yogurt but I can have some cheeses. Is that possible? Because to be honest I don't particularly care about having yogurt and ice cream, but there are several recipes I would like to try that have mozzarella, cheddar, or feta cheese, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed here. Thanks in advance for any input!
  10. InkblotJo

    Cream Cheese!

    So, I just tried this recipe and it's delightful. It was quick, easy, and pretty much foolproof.