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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, its day 4 and things are going great for the adults in the house. For myself, no headaches, no fatigue and no need to kill all things. Not even craving issues yaa! My hubby is doing well and being really supportive too. Even though he is struggling with the food, my darling son is being very supportive of me. The issue, as I mentioned, is food. Here is his history. Born with GERDS he couldn't have solids until he was 10 months old. His pediatrician basically told us get whatever we could into him because he was always in the 5-10% weight range for his age and height. He is a picky eater, so that involved ALOT of PBJ and sweet stuff (honeynut cheerios... pancakes... muffins.. desserts). His go to veggies are limited to carrots, broccoli (steamed with soy sauce) and destringed celery. His one and only LIKEd fruit is an apple.. sweet ones only like Fuju or Gala. He will tolerate grapes and bananas.. but GAGS even thinking about anything he doesn't like and makes himself throw up due to stressing about it. He is also a grazer, eating what I can only describe as "kid hand" sized portions every 2 hours or so. I have seen toddlers eat more at one sitting than my kiddo (this includes dessert btw.. he usually is happy with a couple bites or a small cookie). He is now 8 and his weight has finally begun to creep up. He was actually up to 20% yaa! I am concerned that with his limited likes.. and his reaction to food ( I KNOW its mental) that he will loose weight on this program if I don't introduce fake outs. I really don't want to though =/ He is trying super hard to be compliant too. Has anyone else gone through this with a picky low weight grazer? Any suggestions on TASTY compliant food that will get him to eat more?