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Found 22 results

  2. countrygirl

    High Cholesterol!!!

    It's been a while since I've been on the forum and I've been doing great, or so I though, with sticking to the whole30. For me, I am taking this as a lifestyle change, not just something I'm doing for 30 days, because I really think that this is the best way to eat. However, I had blood work done two weeks ago and found out that I have high cholesterol! I was shocked because I have eaten healthy my whole life, lots of lean meats and vegetables, small amounts of oatmeal and rice, but all whole foods, and I have been sticking to the whole30 guidlines for the most part for the last 4 months. This was the first time I've ever had my cholesterol tested, but now I'm worried that all of the fatty meats, eggs, and clarified butter I've been enjoying are negatively affceting my health. I have been eating all organic, grassfed/free range beef and chicken, no shell fish, occasional tuna, and whole free range eggs. I don't eat any bacon or sausage, even the "compliant" ones. There is no way for me to know if my cholesterol was high before switching to whole30, but I can't help but wonder if it has caused this. I am really worried because my level is so high that the doctor mentioned medication, but I'm only 20! I still want to stick to the whole 30, because it makes me feel better and all of the reading makes sense to me, but I am really worried about the cholesterol. I went ahead and switched to extra lean beef, chicken breast, more fish, and replaced some of my whole eggs with whites. I added in more avocados and a little almond butter to replace the fats. I know it is discouraged while on whole30, but I have been making green smoothies in the morning with loads of green vegetables and just a half of a small green banana so that I can squeeze in some extra veggies, since they are hard for me to eat in the morning. I am also adding psylium husks to my smoothies, which I know is also discouraged, but I've heard/read about it lowering cholesterol. Has anyone else experienced hightened cholesterol after starting whole30? Any advice on lowering cholesterol while sticking to whole30? I should add that my HDL cholestoral was on the higher side at least, but I am still very concerned about the total. I have exercised with weights since I was old enough to do so and I have always been very active and I do plenty of cardiovascular activity. I have always eaten very well, so this diagnoses is really shocking. Any help/advise is appreciated.
  3. I just finished the Whole30 with my 19 year old daughter, and we were very strict about sticking to all the guidelines. We also increased our exercise. My normal diet before Whole30 was fairly low in sugar, high in processed carbs, low in veggies, I rarely ate eggs, and drank a couple glasses of wine a day. So, yeah, not great. My last check up a couple weeks before I started Whole30 had these numbers: glucose 101 cholesterol 285 triglycerides 170 HDL 55 LDL 196 Ratio 3.56 weight 141 So my goals for Whole30 were to improve my glucose and cholesterol numbers and lose weight. My numbers on the day I ended the Whole30 (blood work done at Any Lab Now) were: glucose 87 - yay, yay! cholesterol 307 - whoa, yikes triglycerides 130 - my ins. agent sister says this is the only number insurance adjusters care about HDL 49 - crap, this is the first time in decades it's been below 50. I think it's from losing the wine. My exercise actually increased. LDL 232 - now I'm wondering if the lab screwed up my results Ratio 4.73 - these results made me literally start crying weight 136 - thought I'd lose more weight too Dang, you guys. My doctor told me in May to make an appointment with a cardiologist. I *really* don't want to be put on statins and I was so hoping to see good results after the Whole30, and was definitely shocked to see them go the other way (though I'm super happy about the glucose and triglyceride numbers). I know other people have posted about their cholesterol going up in this forum before, but from what I can see mine are the only ones that started high and went even higher. I'm pretty disappointed and I'm about to throw the baby out with the bath water, but first I'd love to hear what you all have to say. My thoughts are this: I ate eggs 17/30 days, and I normally might eat only a couple eggs a month. My red meat intake didn't really increase, and I didn't eat a lot of shellfish. I'm thinking what I might do is add a glass of red wine and a bowl of oatmeal a day to my diet and keep everything else Whole30 compliant. I've heard eating oatmeal can lower LDL's in as little as 4 weeks. Then I'll make an appointment with my cardiologist and have them retest. Or should I see a functional medicine practioner? I'm really worried about this high cholesterol now and am not sure how much longer I should experiment before I move to "traditional" medicine. I'd really like to know what this community's take is on all this. I did read the troubleshooting chapter in the Whole30 book and didn't really find anything helpful or applicable to my situation. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hello, I just finished my Whole30. I did blood work before and after. My LDL cholesterol shot up from 82 to 142! That is a huge leap in the wrong direction. What happened? What caused this? My other numbers stayed similar: LDL 82 to 142 HDL 68 to 75 Triglycerides 47 to 47 Fasting Glucose 83 to 85 (I thought this would've gone down) Total Cholesterol 159 to 226 Total Chol/HDL Ratio 2.3 to 3.0 Note about my Whole30 experience: I ate and felt healthy before Whole30 and decided to give it a try just to see what happened. To my disappointment, I never felt much different during Whole30. I saw few results, except losing 5 lbs. I feel frustrated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Chanelle

    Cholesterol Got Worse

    I am a 26-year-old 5'5" female. After completing the Whole30 and continuing for 6 months, I lost 20 pounds and I'm now 130lbs. BUT my cholesterol got worse. My main fat for breakfast is macadamia nuts, lunch it is cold EVOO, and dinner it is coconut oil/ghee. Should I consider swapping coconut oil for avocado oil for cooking? In September 2016, my Total Cholesterol was 244, LDL was 150, HDL 85, Triglycerides 46.Here are my updated numbers 4/11/17:Total Cholesterol: 253LDL-C: 164HDL-C: 68Triglycerides: 57Non-HDL-C: 185Apo B: 133LDL-P: 1671Small LDL-P: 538HDL-P: 36.8Lp(a)P: 207
  6. Hi!! I'm really new to the forum thing, so I hope I'm doing this right. I tried the Whole30 after Easter 2017 & didn't succeed. Summer activities were too tempting. I'm wanting to try again and just got some news that's making me even more motivated. I suffer from gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying - have dietary restrictions) and just found out I have high cholesterol and high glucose. I'm hoping if I stick to the Whole30, it will put me on the right path to lowering those levels and being in a healthy range again (along with exercise). Has anyone else suffered from any of this and had any positive results?? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hi...loving my whole30! Question about saturated fat: so, i understand the bad info we've received over the years about cholesterol and fat in food; however, what about saturated fat...when i talk to my family about this, i often get an earful about how bad fat (mostly saturated fat) is for all of us. Is this true? What about someone who has been told they have high cholesterol or a heart condition, or blocked arteries...should THEY avoid fat? I'm confused. thanks
  8. Hello! My name is Maria i did the whole 30 for 45 days and last week I decided to stop... Since pe my husband and I have gone through so many diets and restrictions, whole 30 was also killing us bec the pressure was to high and he would not take it anymore, he just wants to have a normal life now and so it became such a pressure for us that I decided it was about time and that we already had enough and had given enough time to the whole 30 and seen the results and the non results and it was enough. The major gains I felt where no more cravings or hunger, improved a lot my mood, feel me again! This was a huge one! I feel more balanced and centered and calm and less angry and less mood swings if at all, or maybe no mood swings. I no longer crave any kind of foods or feel desperate, so it was all huge emotional an behavioral changes... Although my weight went up a LOT and my clothes do not fit anymore. Ive been taking the "crap" out of my diet for a couple months after my last fitness competition (process that really harmed my body and mind) which might be the reason why I didn't get "all the benefits" that other people get. Anyways, the day I stoped, I first did a hormone test which I got the result today. Now im Freakin out and didn't know what to eat REALLY! Bec my exams have never ever ever (not even when I competed in fitness) been bad or out of range, and now, after the whole 30... My hormones and my LDL is SUPER high and I'm really disappointed and worried to be honest. Ive also read several things about coconut oil and fatty foods which where the main sources of fat I used in my whole 30, since nuts bloated me and I used them little... Ive read it's really harmful for cholesterol And I also used a lot of olives and ate a lot of red meat bec I don't like chicken and I'm allergic to egg... And where I live fish is not really tasty so I ate meat and salmon mostly, and sometimes duck. Anyways, please I'd really appreciate feed back on why am I getting this results and what to do about them and also; is coconut oil really good? Or does it increase LDL? Thank you in advance! I I attach the exams here for you guys also to see! In this link Maria Viquez0001.pdf?dl=0
  9. Hi all, I've completed 2 whole 30's in the last 5 months (my last whole 30 lasted closer to 60 days) and have been keeping relatively on track between whole 30's - except for a few conscious treats on holiday. Today I had a health assessment, and the overall result is that I'm very healthy (I imagine mostly thanks to the whole 30's I've been doing) and there are no concerns. However, one result was outside the normal range, and I would like to find out more about this. My triglycerides level was 3.6 mmol/L, and I'm told that less than or equal to 2 is normal. All my other bloods came back 'good' or 'excellent' including my cholesterol - you can see the full results below. I have the following questions and wonder if anyone can help me answer them: What contributes to a high triglyceride level (in complete isolation, as all my other results were normal)? There was a small section on this in 'It starts with food' but I'd like to find out more. How can I lower my triglyceride level? What have I been doing wrong to reach such a high triglyceride level? Should I be worried about this? (I am worried, even though I know that I probably shouldn't be). My full blood results are: HbA1C - 29 mmol/mol Haemoglobin - 141 g/L Total cholesterol - 4.67 mmol/L LDL cholesterol - 2.94 mmol/L HDL cholesterol - 1.3 mmol/L Total/HDL ratio - 3.6 Ratio Triglycerides - 3.6 mmol/L Thanks, in advance, for any help you can give. Haani10
  10. Welp...I've had a real hard time being okay with eating dinner for breakfast. I know it's good for you, and food is food...but it's a mental thing. I'm on day 8 and have been eating eggs (probably between 2-4) everyday for the last 8 days. Is this concerning? What about cholesterol? Any ideas on breakfast foods that wouldn't remind me too much of lunch or dinner? Heeelllpp!
  11. Hey everyone. I have just started my first Whole30 diet and my husband is really keen to do one. He is applying elements of it at the minute to get to terms with what it involves etc. This is my question though - what does Whole30 and type 1 diabetes look like? For example how slowly do you go initially? What do you do about hypos? How supportive were doctors? He was put on statins at a crazy young age (due to family history, not high cholesterol!) and wants to stop them also after years of use. Have others done this and how have you found that transition? We are in the UK/Ireland where Whole30 isn't known very well so will likely be perceived as hippies finding nonsense on the internet when we bring this idea to the consultant next month! Some personal experiences would be great to boost our confidence that this is possible! Thanks! Ashleigh
  12. Primarily I stick to the whole 30 eating plan with the exception of four days a month where I am at work (It's complicated... but I do my best) Anyhow...recently I went to go get some blood test done. I last had my cholesterol tested in 2008 and it all came back "fine". But as of this month... My "good" cholesterol is high. 80 my "bad" cholesterol is high. 254 my total cholesterol is high. 254 and my testosterone level was 0.13 (normally should range 4-50 mg). I run ultra marathons, work out at the gym, and i backpack for a living. I'm a single healthy childless 30 year old woman, I don't get it! I should be in my prime, right? What. The. Heck. I had a feeling my testosterone was off. ie. no sex drive unless I was asleep the week before my period (it peaks then between the hours of 4-8am) That was a big clue. the doctor knows I am on birth control (which I will be switching to another soon) They are suggesting I try a what they have described as "controversial" testosterone cream (5mg testosterone per 1ml per day) ff. Should I have told the endocrinologist about my diet? Does anyone else have this issue? I've done a little internet sleuthing and looked for foods that naturally help boost testosterone. I have added them to my diet (the whole 30 friendly ones anyways). Any suggestions or ideas?
  13. It's been a while since I did whole 30, last January/February to be exact. Actually I did a Whole 60. Since that time I have been on and off the wagon of staying compliant to down right falling into the trenches. I have been traveling for work a lot since June and super huge stress levels to add to routine exercise has also suffered and I am feeling/seeing the effects.. I am planning to jump back on the wagon full force and get myself feeling better again but I recently had my annual health screening and I wanted to see what people thought... I am curious, when eating Paleo should put much weight in the cholesterol "normal" ranges?? The nurse practitioner told me I need to eat less meat and more whole grains (yes, the medical community is still hanging onto that notion) According to the doctor, my numbers are good.. but are they?? I would like to hear what Paleo professionals think. Female- 37 165 lbs(about 20-30 lbs heavier than I should be) Fasting glucose 79 (should be below 85.. I personally would like to see this lower.. is that reasonable? Total Cholesterol 173 HDL- 56 (range is apparently 40-59) LDL 108 (this is the bad stuff and it's supposed be less than 100 but not greater than 129 before the MD starts talking about meds which I won't do) Triglycerides- 48- (should be less than 150) Cholesterol to HDL ratio is 3.0- this is within the low risk range of 2.2 to 5.0) Thanks for any feedback.
  14. Hi there, I just wanted to have a bit of a vent and hopefully get some advice at the same time! I am 28 and have had high cholesterol readings for the last 6 years. Total cholesterol hovering around the 6.4 mark (I'm in Australia and my research shows that we read cholesterol differently to the US??). In 2012 I really cracked down on what I was eating, and increased my exercise even more and a few months ago I started eating Paleo. I had my check up the other day and the results came back at 7.3! The biggest increase since I have been having it checked. I should add it is hereditary from my mothers family and so with that in mind, along with my age and my healthy lifestyle, my Doctor freaked out (and me in the process!) and I have been put on Statin drugs for 3 months at which point I have another blood test and we will re-evaluate. A few people have since told me to cut out coconut oil all together amongst other things. What I would love to know from you wise souls is if there is anything in the Whole30 (which is basically how I live everyday, with the odd Paleo muffin or similar, thrown in on a weekend) that I should avoid to help decrease this genetic cholesterol issue! Many thanks in advance!!
  15. I have been eating Paleo now since April of 2012 when I did my first Whole 30. After finishing the Whole 30 I now eat Paleo about 80% of the time. When I don't it is typically a piece of bread or beer (3-4 per week). I eat VERY little sugar on a weekly basis, often near zero, no legumes, grains or dairy. I had blood work done right before starting my first Whole 30 and again within the past week. In that time my LDL and HDL have jumped pretty significantly. The fact that both jumped seemed odd to my Dr and I am going back in tomorrow so he can run a different cholesterol test. I am Male, 40 years old, 6' 170lbs and workout (crossfit) 2-4 times per week. Here are my lab results pre and post paleo Test Feb/12 Nov/13 Cholesterol 169 234 HDL 48 81 Total LDL 103 138 Triglycerides 89 75 Glucose 90 99 My question is: should I be concerned about the increase in the LDL? Does the increase in HDL counterbalance the LDL? If there is reason for concern with this increase what should I look into doing to the my LDL back in line? I would like to be educated on the topic a little more when I talk with my Doctor. I think he is a little skeptical of Paleo. I and not a biology or scientific guy, I have read It Starts with Food and grasp the large concepts but not the gory details. Thanks for the help!!
  16. I completed my whole30 during the month of August. I extended my re-introduction period because I wanted to be free of any symptoms before re-introducing a new food group. I have only deviated from Whole30 for the purposes of reintroducing certain groups back. Yesterday I went in for a routine check up and today I was called back with the news that my cholesterol is high. I'm in shock! I started this journey just to see if my skin would clear up. I have been dealing some unexplained skin rashes. Test Results 2012 2013 Hdl Cholesterol 61 59 Ldl Cholesterol 96 151 Total Cholesterol 170 225 Triglycerides 67 77 I'm so disappointed. My good cholesterol went down, bad cholesterol went up. I don't understand. What could have caused a 55 mg increase in my LDL and 10 mg increase in triglycerides? During the last few days of whole30 I felt more energy, less muscle soreness, I dropped some weight, my skin improved. I thought my doctor's visit was going to return awesome health statistics. I have noticed that since I started my re-introduction period I'm reacting to certain foods. All of a sudden I'm having allergic reactions to nuts. Which I had with no problem during Whole30. Could just be coincidence. Just the other night I began to feel my throat swelling after having a chicken stir fry that I cooked myself. Just chicken, bell peppers, shredded carrots, onion, garlic, and a hot pepper cooked in olive oil. I'm baffled! Has anyone else had a similar experience? Did it eventually go away? I've never had any allergic reactions to any food. I'm still waiting on the results of my nut allergy tests. My doctors recommendation was to add a fish oil supplement. I'm due for a follow up in three months. I was told that if my numbers don't improve the next step would be medication. The last thing I want is to be on cholesterol medication. I'm only 27! I'm 5'2'' and weigh 116.5 lbs. Worst of all, these unexpected health consequences has me craving cookies!! I had gotten to the point where I no longer craved a sugary snack on day 31. I'm afraid I'm on the verge of going completely off track and binge eating baked goods. My brain is telling me "your health numbers were better before anyways." I'm now certain I have a sugar problem that is much more worse than I had previously thought.
  17. This concern is not so much Whole30 related as it is Paleo related. I am just on day 4 of Whole30 and feeling great! I have been eating paleo 98% of the time for about a year now. I exercise/workout almost daily and I don't have an excessive amount of weight to lose. My cholesterol has always been around 215. Since I have been eating Paleo, it has jumped to 286! (I just had blood work done a week ago) My HDL is good, my triglycerides are good but the LDL is not. This really worries me as I feel better than I ever have, my weight is stable (no more yo-yoing) and I'm looking forward to the other benefits from the Whole30. I haven't talked to the Dr. yet about the results but I'm so afraid he is going to try to make me eat differently and/or take meds. Am I doing something wrong? This forum is such a great resource. I really appreciated all of the support that I get from here! Thanks!
  18. Snownsunlover


    I finished my first Whole30 a couple weeks ago, prior to that I was eating Primally with a dessert or glass of wine on occasion. I went for my annual physical and lab work was ordered. I was actually looking forward to the results, but instead I am totally freaked out. FBS - 87 Total Cholesterol - 413 TRIG - 60 HDL - 99 VLDL - 12 LDL - 302 Last time I had the values checked, about 3 years ago, they were normal, HDL was about 60, TRIG 40, LDL 101 and TC about 160 (estimated from what I remember). I have to get these rechecked next week. I'm also going to request TSH, LDL particle size testing, and Vitamin D. My parents have been taking statins for as long as I remember, but they eat standard American diet. Any advice? Should I continue with the Paleo diet?
  19. bonnynancy

    Raising HDL

    Any suggestions for foods to help raise HDL? I know eggs, avocado, and I have heard cocoa has the effect also. Other ideas? Husband is Type-2 diabetic. His doctor insists he needs to keep his cholesterol down, so prescribes Lipitor. Lipitor destroys his HDL, so doctor prescribes Niaspan. Niaspan RAISES HIS BLOOD SUGAR, so doctor prescribes Metformin. And now he wants to increase the dosage of the Niaspan, right when my husband's blood sugar has elevated past a controlled level. Ugh. ENOUGH of this! I want the meds gone, starting with the Niaspan. So again, any suggestions for raising HDL through good dietary choices? Thanks so much!
  20. I finished my first whole 30 on Oct. 10, and have continued eating compliant excepting some wine and occasional dairy. Previously I ate a "Standard American" type diet with plenty of sweets and occasional fast food, however I have never been overweight. I had my yearly physical last week and just got the lipid panel - my cholesterol, which had been borderline high in years past, is now rather drastically increased. My doctor is recommending I see a nutritionist, and go on a "strict diet" (as yet unspecified), and then get retested. This is interesting as my diet has been (in my mind) so much better. I have been eating no added sugars (which was a vice), no pre-processed foods (aside from items like coconut oil), and only grass fed/organic/wild caught meats, fish, and veggies. I don't eat especially much carb wise - I don't like sweet potatoes, my go to veggies are spinach (at least once a day), cauliflower, broccoli, lettuces, peppers. Fruits are are apples and bananas - 1 per day at most. I may eat on the higher side of healthy fats - I eat 1/2-1 avocado per day, and every meal is cooked with ghee or olive oil. Interestingly my blood test shows ketones as +2 so I guess I'm burning fat. I'm going to ask for a VAP test to better define the LDL (which is almost double), but curious if anyone has other thoughts. Thanks in advance. Here are the current and last year results. The rations of total/hdl and trig/hdl are good based on what I've read, however the numbers are high - I'm not sure how to interperet overall. Triglycerides Cholesterol LDL HDL 6/8/11 86 254 140 97 10/24/12 123 378 266 87
  21. I went through my Whole 30 about 7-8 weeks and then went through the reincorporation phase and decided to keep dairy (limited), but to otherwise eat Whole 30. Over the past 5 weeks I played with my carbs a bit so that my total percentages was something like 55% fat, 35% protein, 10% carbs. I recently decided to get a total blood work up done, just to check things out. While everything else was fantastic, my lipid panel was a mixed bag. Triglycerides: 64 Cholesterol: 266 HDL: 74 LDL: 179 VLDL: 12.8 LDL/HDL ratio: 2.4 My MD told me that my LDL was about 79 pts high and my total cholesterol was about 66 points high, as well. I know there is a lot of literature about specific parts of LDL (small dense LDL vs. regular LDL) and this test didn't differentiate. I wondering what I need to tweak (if anything) in my diet. Relevant Bio: I'm a 29 yo, male ultrarunner. About 150 pounds (usually) and 6 feet tall. Here's a sample of my diet (normal day). Breakfast: - 4-5 slices, free range, vegetarian fed bacon - 4-5 pastured eggs, scrambled in bacon grease - (sometimes with) "bullet proof" Green Tea (with 1 tsp MCT oil and 3-4 tbsp grass-fed butter) [sometimes I just go with the "bullet proof" Green Tea by itself.] Lunch: - 1/2 pound grass-fed beef, grilled in grass-fed butter (or coconut oil) - 1-2 cups of broccoli sautéd in with the meat - (sometimes with) 2 tbsp of organic sour cream Dinner: - baked sweet potato with 2 tbsp grass-fed butter - (sometimes with) 2-3 slices of free-range, vegetarian fed bacon - 1 grilled chicken breast, cooked in grass-fed butter (sometimes another 1/2 pound of grass-fed beef) There you have it; my day in food. Anything jump out? I was thinking that I could stand to reel things in a bit on the fats (even though they are good fats) and eat more of a variety of veggies. Maybe cut back a bit on the beef? Not sure about that last one. I want to trust the research and the system, but it's a different story when you are looking at your own blood test. Massive heart attacks run in my family—due to diet. Granted my diet and my father's are not the same, but it's still a sobering factor. Any help? Thanks! Mike
  22. I've been working through some health stuff for about 4 years now. I've already heavily adjusted my eating habits, but after reading this book I do see a few more things to adjust. To summarias- adrenal fatique, cholesterol so low it was barely on the chart, I was having random phases of intense constent thirst (testing without concern of diabeties), I had a very serious infection in my gut we discovered, leaky gut and am apparently highly allergic to eggs (who knew- that was a staple in my diet). I have phases of depression and anxiety. For the longest time I was working towards a vegan lifestyle, but my new doctor has insisted that I need to eat the meat. I can eat it ok, but I get the yuck factor when handeling it. I use to eat a lot of eggs, that was my main protein besides beans. I'm having a hard time sourcing duck eggs. I apparently need to get my cholesterol up, is eating meat enough? The root cause of my issues started in childhood, a lot of bad carbs- cheesy caserols and white bread, ceral, ect. I was also sickly as a kid and I estimated that I was on antibiotics roughly 60 times in my life before I learned the affects of that. This whole process has been a bit over wheelming, any practical sugestions are greatly appreciated. The tips on lunch ideas in another thread were awesome. I'm making further dietry adjustments now, but the increasing cholestrol issue has me a bit confused. Thanks,