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Found 1 result

  1. discoveringmyultimate

    ME/CFS & PCOS - AIP?

    Back Story: I'm 26 and I have had Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and PCOS for 14 years. Recently, I've also had chronic headaches and high blood pressure. I have absolutely no desire to spend time and money going to the doctor or taking medications with side effects. I would like to get off the blood pressure medications and birth control (for PCOS) I'm currently taking and I really want to see a difference with my headaches (unaffected by medication and, sometimes, so bad all I want to do is cry). I did a whole30, which turned into a whole45. I lost a little weight and was told my skin looked clearer, but unfortunately didn't see any other benefits (no energy increase, didn't sleep well, pain didn't go away, etc.). After reintroduction (after a fashion) and quickly gaining some weight back due to too much dairy, I am now eating fairly strict paleo. Question: Somehow I did not realize until yesterday that PCOS may be considered an autoimmune condition (and according to Practical Paleo, ME/CFS and other chronic inflammatory conditions may also be helped by AIP)! Should I do another W30, but on AIP? To be honest, the W45 was horribly difficult for me physically. I found it very draining on my limited energy stores and very emotionally draining to be putting so much effort in without seeing results. I also LOVE tomatoes, peppers, nuts, seed-based spices, etc. and used them a great deal during my W45. I believe I could eat eggs without an issue - I've been eating lots of them without any adverse effects, plus I don't have any of the symptoms of an egg allergy. However, maybe I missed the reason eggs are not allowed. If all of you wonderful experts think I should eliminate eggs, I will try for as long as I can. Basically, the thought of doing an AIP W30 is incredibly daunting. I am willing to consider just about anything to improve my health and energy levels, but wanted to ask for some expert advice! Is it a good idea for me to try and do AIP? Is there any point in doing a shorter version - i.e. a 7 or 10 day AIP - to get a sense of which items (eggs vs nightshades vs nuts vs seeds) I might be sensitive to? If I don't do any kind of AIP right now, do you have any other suggestions for my diet?