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Found 6 results

  1. New here...I will start on December 1st. I will start no sugar today because mentally, I am just ready. I have been a sugar addict for years and I have recently discovered that I am definitely sensitive to milk products. I tried Paleo a few years ago, as prescribed by my doctor, but I just didn't keep up on it, especially after I had met my soon to be ex-husband. He never wanted me to be healthy (he definitely wasn't) and It was so hard to fight for that. I have decided that now being in a safe place, I am going to break free from not just the bondage he and sugar had me under, but to finally take control and stop making excuses. I am ready to slay the sugar dragon and move forward. A friend of mine did the Whole30 for 100 days and has made it a lifestyle to help her kiddos and they did it as a family and saw drastic changes. I'm ready to make the drastic change for my body. I'm nearly 300 pounds, biggest I've ever been and I use to be healthy and an athlete, till college and a back injury. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have goals and dreams and my body isn't going to be the result of those things unanswered. I'm ready to do this!
  2. Alison_jane

    Hysterectomy + Whole30

    Hello ladies :-) I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy next week, to treat chronic, debilitating period and ovulation pain. I'm curious to know if anyone has avoided a hysterectomy by following a Whole30/paleo diet? I'm 37, have well and truly finished having kids after my 3, and have a window of time whilst I'm not working, which makes this an ideal time for surgery. However, there's a nagging question in the back of my mind regarding the potential to treat these issues with a While30 diet change. I don't plan on changing my mind about surgery, but I'd still appreciate hearing about other ladies' experiences.
  3. I'm on Day 23 of my Whole30 and things are going well. I have seen changes in three areas so far. First, I have more energy than I've had in ages! It lasts all day and improves my life in so many ways (I get more done, I feel better about my life because I'm more productive, I feel less overwhelmed, my more positive mood leads to having more fun, I have the energy to make dinner!) Second, I don't have any achy spots or all over body aches from the fibro. I got my period about a week ago and did have some fibro pain for a couple of days. The contrast was distinct. Third, I've lost a little weight. My clothes fit better. I wish it were more but I'll stick with the plan hope it continues. The other goal I had for the Whole30 was to improve my exercise recovery. Specifically, whenever I exercise my muscles get sore and tight very easily. It's fine line between doing enough to gain a benefit and not doing too much. When I cross that line, it can take days for the soreness to go away. My whole body hurts at times. I can live with a sore muscle or two, the other issue though is that I'm hypermobile and the tight muscles become a problem because they pull my bones out of alignment (in my SI joint or my thoracic vertebrae for example). So far the Whole30 has not improved these symptoms. My question is might I still see improvement in these symptoms in the last week? Or in another few weeks of Whole30? Should I think about eliminating additional foods from the auto immune protocol? Any suggestions about which ones to start with? Should I delay the reintroduction phase or go ahead? Are there other members out there with fibromyalgia doing the Whole30 currently/recently? What's your experience been like?
  4. gothope77

    Continued success on day 65!

    I'm 54 years young. I posted my success story on here when I finished the Whole 30. But then I decided I needed to do a Whole 60 and am now on day 65 and going strong. A brief recap….after the first week, a chronic ache/pain that I've had for at least 2 years in my right shoulder was gone and is still gone! This was the biggest surprise…I never expected that to happen. I've also had night sweats and insomnia off and on (more on than off,) for at least 5 or more years, and that has reduced to almost nonexistent (and I'm weaning myself off estrogen now because of doing so well;) I've also dealt with nearly constant constipation for longer than I can remember and that too, is 98% better. (I still need to drink more water.) I was the proverbial carb addict, craving surgery foods and have no "stop" button when eating them. And I was a confirmed "veggie hater." I no longer crave sweets….I don't crave much of anything anymore! And I've learned to like veggies and have tried a few new ones. And fruit is like the sweetest dessert. Truly a miracle! I lost 13.5# the first 30 days and have since lost a total of 19.5# and over 20 inches! (from 161 to 141.5#.) I honestly never felt hungry and am still amazed by the amount and kinds of foods I can eat and still lose weight, and all without having to count a single calorie or point! I have been fat-phobic and avoided red meat, bacon, black olives, etc. for most of my adult life! Then I tried to exercise my weight off, which didn't work. I love the way I feel on most days, and never feeling guilty about my food choices. I never got that "tiger blood" so many people talk about or burst of energy, but my energy levels are so much more steady, and I don't have that afternoon slump I always had before Whole 30. It is a lot of work, especially for someone who doesn't love to cook and who ate out nearly every day in one way or another. I feel like I'm kind of getting in the groove of cooking now but at first I felt like all I did was cook and clean up continuously. But it's worth it. I want to tell everyone I know about this program! If you do it you will never regret it! I'm giving God all the glory but I also am grateful to the Whole 30 and the authors of It Starts With Food. I'm still counting days but this is now a lifestyle change for me. Never going back!
  5. I’m a 52 year old woman who was born with several congenital birth defects, including a severely deformed left hand and a right foot that has required many extensive surgeries over my lifetime just so I could keep walking. In addition to the chronic pain that I have from orthopedic deformities in my foot I’ve also developed peripheral neuropathy that causes nerve pain in all my extremities. Add two other neurological and a few other unrelated conditions that I have and it’s easy to see why I was very interested in finding out how I could get control of my eating habits in the hope of decreasing the inflammation in my body. Amazingly it took getting to a crisis point on many fronts, including being in too much pain to work for the first time since I was 16 years old (which now has me on the verge of becoming homeless and losing my health insurance) and needing to use a walker for anything longer than the shortest of distances, to finally decide to try a program like Whole 30. I started the program on May 20th. After reading about low energy concerns and sugar cravings I expected to feel awful for the first few days, but actually I had the exact opposite response. I felt great! My energy level was off the chart and the sluggish feeing that I usually got from daily, mindless junk food eating was gone. Now let me be clear; my energy levels were high but all of the chronic pain that I suffer was still present. In fact it was a little worse those first days because I was more active than usual because I had more energy. What I didn’t anticipate was that I usually used certain junk foods to distract myself when my pain levels became unbearable, so by day four I gave in to my anger and depression over my pain and ate a small amount of a favorite ice cream. (I even rationalized my foolishness by limiting the amount to a single scoop and eating it with a ton of fresh berries.) My bad choice wasn’t because I missed the sugar or because I missed that junk food in general, it was because I needed comforting for the ugliness of the pain and hadn’t been able to find another source of comfort that week. The thought that eating that scoop, or messing up the first week of my 30 days for silly reason, would bring me comfort was completely irrational. It did, however, offer an opportunity for self-reflection. Equipped with that knowledge I restarted the program on May 25th. I’m seeking support through this forum in the hope of making better choices and getting all the way through the 30 days this time. I look forward to hearing the wisdom of the experienced people on these threads.
  6. My hubby, two kids and I are about to start our first Whole30 in about a week. I have had chronic, daily migraines (24/7) for many, many years. My current treatment plan, which I will need to stick with for a year before I can determine if it will be effective or not, includes a wide range of meds (which are constantly being tweaked), Botulinum A injections every three months into various muscle groups of my head and neck, steroid injections every few weeks into various muscles and nerves in my head and neck, and steroid nerve blocks every few weeks to months into the space next to my spinal cord in my neck. (Btw, I've seen every kind of doctor/practitioner you can imagine, and tried *every* kind of treatment you can think of, so I'm not looking for treatment suggestions.) My question is whether the regular steroid use, in particular, will interfere with the hormonal aspect of the Whole30? Will all the meds I'm taking (including heavy duty narcotics) render the Whole30 useless as far as healing my gut? I'm feeling very stuck between a rock and a hard place.....I need to do the Whole30, heal my gut, slay the sugar dragon and discover any food intolerances.....but I have no choice but to stay with this current pain management regimen, either. Any thoughts as to how the steroids and other meds might affect my results would be appreciated. Thanks!