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Found 1 result

  1. Alright... here I am in the middle of my second whole30. I finished the first one with no probs at all, but as I didn't feel like reaping all the benefits, I thought it might be great to just go on with it. A bit about my history: Last year around this time I was at my total happy weight of about 56 to 57 kgs with about 20% bodyfat. I was exercising a lot, but feeling great, and without knowing I was eating kind of paleo-ish but very one-sided and pretty low-fat. Beginning of this year I slowly started to gain a bit of weight in-spite of an unchanged training regimen. Looked into nutrition a bit more and started to find out about paleo lifestyle and eating (Marks Daily Apple, Robb Wolff and so on). Started to eat paleo/primal and with more fat, less carbs. Still kept gaining though. Very slowly, but gaining. On top of that, I broke my foot in July and couldn't exercise in any way for more than six weeks. Cut down my daily intake as I was afraid of not even fitting into my most forgiving clothes anymore. Eating was very clean, no major slips, paleo everyday. Still, I came out of the cast and had gained 5 kgs, so at 5'4'' I was at 60.5 kgs with 25% then. Now, I am in recovery, but have started exercising a while back already (everything I can do... walk to and from work, am allowed to use the elliptical, so do that 3x week, a spinning session now and then, some pilates, stretching, some resistance training if poss). Despite all my efforts though and sticking to the whole30 program for so long now, I do not feel totally energized and my clothes are still sooo tight! I don't care about the scale, haven't weighed myself during this time, but the fit is still miserable and I can't wear my former favorite pieces! Sleep-wise I am totally fine, most days 8 hours and wake up before my alarm. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have a food and exercise log on myfitnesspal to keep track of my nutrients & macros. Here's the link: I would appreciate any hints towards my exercise regimen and food. I would just love to feel so energetic and happy in my body and see some positive change! Thanks in advance!