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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, getting ready to start my first whole30 tomorrow! Today at Trader Joe's I noticed two types of coconut oil: virgin and triple filter. Does anyone know what the difference is between them? I've never used coconut oil before, and I'm having trouble finding a clear answer online.
  2. Hello! My name is Maria i did the whole 30 for 45 days and last week I decided to stop... Since pe my husband and I have gone through so many diets and restrictions, whole 30 was also killing us bec the pressure was to high and he would not take it anymore, he just wants to have a normal life now and so it became such a pressure for us that I decided it was about time and that we already had enough and had given enough time to the whole 30 and seen the results and the non results and it was enough. The major gains I felt where no more cravings or hunger, improved a lot my mood, feel me again! This was a huge one! I feel more balanced and centered and calm and less angry and less mood swings if at all, or maybe no mood swings. I no longer crave any kind of foods or feel desperate, so it was all huge emotional an behavioral changes... Although my weight went up a LOT and my clothes do not fit anymore. Ive been taking the "crap" out of my diet for a couple months after my last fitness competition (process that really harmed my body and mind) which might be the reason why I didn't get "all the benefits" that other people get. Anyways, the day I stoped, I first did a hormone test which I got the result today. Now im Freakin out and didn't know what to eat REALLY! Bec my exams have never ever ever (not even when I competed in fitness) been bad or out of range, and now, after the whole 30... My hormones and my LDL is SUPER high and I'm really disappointed and worried to be honest. Ive also read several things about coconut oil and fatty foods which where the main sources of fat I used in my whole 30, since nuts bloated me and I used them little... Ive read it's really harmful for cholesterol And I also used a lot of olives and ate a lot of red meat bec I don't like chicken and I'm allergic to egg... And where I live fish is not really tasty so I ate meat and salmon mostly, and sometimes duck. Anyways, please I'd really appreciate feed back on why am I getting this results and what to do about them and also; is coconut oil really good? Or does it increase LDL? Thank you in advance! I I attach the exams here for you guys also to see! In this link Maria Viquez0001.pdf?dl=0
  3. jhwordsmith

    Coconut oil is bad for us?

    Hi everybody, I did a Whole30 in May 2016 and I loved it so much I've pretty much kept up with all the good habits - especially staying away from gluten, sugar, beans, dairy and alcohol. I will only occasionally have something from those groups - and only if it is really going to make me happy (using the chart about how to choose to eat a food). I'm just seeing this article in the New York Times and am surprised to see that coconut oil gets such a low health rating from nutritionists: This is surprising to me as I still cook with coconut oil and even slip it into my coffee in the morning (blended with coconut milk - as a homemade creamer). I know in Whole30 it is one of our cooking fats. So should I be worried? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Julie
  4. There are two different things in my grocery store labeled "Coconut Oil". One is a solid and one is a liquid. Is the solid one the same as "Coconut Cream"?
  5. Jeanni Hall

    Wow - Simply DELICIOUS sweet potatoes

    So, last night, I got home late and was heating up the pre-made food i'd prepped for dinner this week. I had a sweet potato, but i ran out of ghee the other night and i just haven't had the time to make more. It's been a busy week. So... i was trying to decide how to incorporate a fat into my meal and thought... well... let me just try this. I grabbed my coconut oil from the fridge, carved out a thumb sized piece of it, and tucked it into my hot sweet potato. I figured if it was gross, i'd just eat it anyway and consider it a lesson learned. OH. MY. GOD. I thought sweet potatoes with ghee were amazing. BUT WOWWWWW! The slight coconut flavor and the sweet potato flavor mixed together to become something absolutely HEAVENLY. I had to stop myself from going and getting another sweet potato just so i could eat more of it. If you haven't tried it... do. WOW. Just thought I'd share.
  6. In comparing my coconut oil brand to my dad's, we noticed that his is unrefined and has a distinct coconut smell whereas mine is refined and smells like nothing. Is there a reason to cook with one over the other? Nutritionally speaking, is there a significant difference? Thanks!
  7. My husband and I are about to officially start our Whole 30 and I was wondering if adding ghee and coconut oil IN ADDITION to a protein+fat breakfast would end up being too much fat? I usually have an omellete made up of 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, a chicken sausage with 13g of fat, shredded zucchini, diced bell peppers, and 1/8 avocado (I have to eat low fodmap, hence the small amount of avocado). I cook the omellete in about 1 tsp of ghee. Sometimes I'll drizzle a small amount of buffalo sauce (from the whole 30 book) over the omellete. So would adding ghee and/or coconut oil to my coffee end up being too much fat? If not, how much would you suggest that I add if It accompanied a meal of this size?
  8. As the weather cools been craving a warm drink to relax before bed and wind down. I used to use milk but is a no go, my teas have not arrived, have not been able to make any bone broth yet, and warm water just not appealing. Came up with this and was surprised at the taste 1 large spoonful Coconut Oil 2 spoonful unsweetened 100% cocoa hot water out of the kettle Coconut milk to to add a bit of thickness. ( I have a 20 oz mug so is why I didn't give measurements on liquids) stir vigorously. I'd like other's opinion of it.
  9. Has anyone here used organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil topically specifically for acne treatment? Modifying my diet has dramatically improved my complexion, but I am still struggling with embarrassing "flare ups" that appear cyclical. After some Google detective work, my birth control (progestin based IUD, Mirena) may be a contributing factor. I'm looking into having it removed and switched back to a low-dose combination pill. I'm conflicted, as I really enjoy not having my period or having to remember to take a pill every day, but this acne really is awful. It's worse than when I was a teenager for crying out loud! The usual washes and creams with benzoyl peroxide I have relied on for years have suddenly made matters worse so I'm looking for a natural, low maintenance remedy. I currently use baby shampoo twice daily to wash my face or remove makeup, but I'm considering an alternative for that even as it dries out my face too much. I've heard good things about coconut oil, but I've also read that it can make acne worse!? So I would really appreciate it if anyone out there could offer some clarity and share their personal experiences... Also, I did search the board for some answers before posting, but if I missed something, feel free to send me in the right direction. Thank you in advance!
  10. Apologies if this has been covered - I searched but couldn't find a definitive response (maybe just end-of-the-work-day scatterbrain!). I know coconut oil has magical health benefits and all. The problem: I really, really hate the taste of virgin coconut oil. (Coconut anything, really. I have a perfectly good jar of coconut butter that I can't bring myself to eat.) It's fine if I use it to, say, saute onions for chili - all the other ingredients cover it up - but cooking eggs or putting it in my coffee is not okay, and even pan frying in it I can taste it. Someone here (don't remember who, not a mod) told me to get refined coconut oil and you can't taste it, and the extra processing is fine. I have a jar of LouAna's in my cabinet right now and that's a-OK - no coconut taste. I thought all was well till I started reading that refined coconut oil is actually not great at all and you need the virgin to get any of the health benefits. So, is that the case? When people are spouting the benefits of coconut oil, does it have to be unrefined/virgin coconut oil? If refined coconut oil is not so great for you, is ghee my best (only?) other option for pan frying and that kind of thing? I tried eggs with ghee during my W30 and the butter taste was too strong - I much preferred them scrambled with olive oil. Apparently I am very picky when it comes to my fats!
  11. CFDubbs

    Fat: a Love Story

    Dear Fat, I remember the 90s. I remember Susan Powter and the fat-free craze. I remember Snackwells. I remember dry toast, plain baked potatoes, and screaming at my mom for cooking onions in a tablespoon of olive oil. I remember fat-free yogurt, pretzels, cheese (what?), ice cream. I remember thinking Red Vines were a health food because they were fat free. I know you remember it too. Thank god those days are over. Fat, I'm sorry you had to spend any time in exile. I'm on day 11 of my first Whole30, and before today I used to hide my love for mayo like a dirty little secret. Folks, today I'm coming out of the closet. Fat, I am in love with you. I love you in all your glorious forms (except partially hydrogenated and massively processed; also, sorry canola, but we're through; butter, see you in 20 days, if you're lucky). I am obsessed with Melissa Joulwan's mayo. I dream about my homemade, nutty-smelling, definition-of-savory ghee. I could eat an avocado with a spoon, and do. A dollop of pesto in my morning omelette delights me like nothing else. Sweet potatoes, diced and roasted in coconut oil, rock my world. Sunshine sauce is my jam ("jam" like "rad thing I love," but I suppose "jam" like "jelly" too). Fat, how did I live without you for so long? Talk about insanity. As far as I'm concerned, you make the world go round, make life worth living, and may be the key to world peace. Well, maybe not. But you get my point. Fat, I'll never hide my love for you again. See you soon. Sincerely, Caroline
  12. missmatie

    Coconut oil vs ghee

    I'm 4 days into my whole 30 and it's going well. I had previously replaced most cooking fat in my daily cooking with coconut oil but picked up some ghee because it was on the list of 'ok to eat.' I'm curious about whether it is a healthier choice to continue to primarily use coconut oil or if the added/different flavor of ghee is an ok swap? I also picked up some avocado oil and love the light flavor. Would it work in mayonnaise? Thanks so much!
  13. So day 21 is here, and I have to say I feel pretty darn good. Except for the greasy after-taste half of the time after meals. I was a low-fat eater, probably to an extreme, and I can't get used to feeling or tasing it now after sauteing vegetables or in ground meat. Ghee isn't as bad as coconut or macadamia nut oil seem to be, but since dairy definitely seems to make me worse I've cut that too. So I can wet saute everything and just cook non-stick, but then how do I get the fat I'm supposed to get? Yeah, tried nuts that that was a bad scene since I can never stop at just a handful! Open to any and all suggestions!