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Found 49 results

  1. Greetings, All! My life was coconut-heavy before this past January. My first Whole-30 attempt was swimming in coconut, and I couldn't figure out why I was still experiencing lethargy and several other symptoms at seemingly random times yet I felt awesome most of the time; I did not make the coconut connection. Fast forward to this August and I'm revisiting old recipe favorites and new finds- often involving coconut cream ... does anyone have ideas of how else I might achieve a creamy texture in soups and casseroles? I had thought about blending avocado, but then wondered if the longevity of the dish would then be affected? Thanks in advance, Brooke
  2. Are this milk compliant?

    Hey lovely people, so I love lattes and I usually go to this coffee shop that I love and asked them what alternative choices for regular milk they have and they said "almond and coconut" so I asked them if they could show me the boxes they came in to check in for the ingredients ( they were super nice and agreed immediately) so this is what they serve: Are they compliant or nah? The ingredients are in spanish so I really don't know.. it looks compliant to me but I also I was thinking it was to good to be true that my favorite coffee shop had compliant coconut or almond milk.. so what do you guys think?
  3. frozen coconut meat - uses?

    Day 3 here, it's going well as far as ingredients but haven't hit a real rhythm with food prep and cooking yet. I'm trying to figure out how to use my initial grocery store purchases, including a 16 oz package of frozen raw coconut meat? Bought it on impulse and not sure how best to prepare it. All insights welcome - thanks!
  4. Hey All, I am getting ready to start a Whole 30, but still in the planning/getting past upcoming events stage. And I was wondering what do people do with the leftover coconut water when making their own coconut cream from coconut milk (as outlined on page 178 of The Whole 30 book)? Thanks,
  5. First time user of coconut aminos. Just purchased yesterday. When I went to open bottle it almost popped due to foaming, which has settled down somewhat. Normally I would discard this but while looking for a substitute to use in recipe I am making, I saw that this product "ferments". Is this safe to use or would you considered spoiled.
  6. Random Day 5 Musings and Updates

    I'm a rideshare driver. Yesterday as I rode along with a bag of carrots riding shot gun, a passenger got in with a chocolate frosted yellow cupcake. The old school kind. The kind that looks like it was frosted with a knife by a loving grandma, not piped out of a bag by a hipster. He tried to tell me carrots were just as good as cupcakes. I tried not to slap him. I thought I was doing fine with the carb cravings until I found myself waxing poetic about that dang cupcake to my next passenger. I went on for about a minute, which doesn't sound like a long time but... Forgive me for jumping from cupcakes to constipation but OMG the constipation! Wasn't expecting that. I went from eating a pescatarian diet that leaned more towards heavy on the carb and dairy vegetarianism of late to doing this Whole30 thing. Well I guess my body isn't used to processing so much animal protein. I'm doing fish and egg. And more of it than usual since I can't have beans and falafel and love any more. Anyway, yoga twists, tons of water, kombucha, and coconut water (don't even start with me about only being able to drink coconut water if I'm running a marathon or some chizz. I HAVE A SITUATION HERE! And it's 100% coconut water. No sugar. No added juices. It's FINE.) seem to be doing the trick. The troops have lined up at the border and we're seeing multiple small scale evacuations today. I remain confident. So how's by you on this fine day?
  7. Hey fellow whole30ers! I am reaching out because I can't seem to figure out a good solution to this issue I've come across: how to avoid grainy coconut milk (canned), or how to "fix" it - if that's possible. Sometimes I get cans that are GREAT! and the consistency is like cream. Other times it's hard to even use because it's soooo grainy and separated, even after vigorous stirring. I typically use small amounts of coconut milk in my coffee, so it's definitely noticeable when it's grainy. I have heard that typically the coconut milk that is not in cans is non-compliant. Anyone have suggestions? Gratefully, Diana @paleoheythere on instagram
  8. Looking to buy unsweetened organic coconut to make coconut milk. Looking at offerings from "Let's Do Organic", Bob's Red Mill and Now Foods. Wanting to know if anyone has any recommendations or has used any of these before.
  9. So Delicious Coconut Creamer

    Hello All, I am on day 3 of the plan for the first time. Life is going just fine, but I have a question about my So Delicious Coconut Creamer. It doesn't have carrageenan, soy, or gum, but it does have "cane sugar". What do y'all think? Is this okay for me to have in my coffee in the morning. If it isn't I'll have to start over - aaaaggghhhh! Thank you
  10. Sub for Coconut milk?!

    I hate coconut SO much LOL. Is there anything I can sub in recipes for coconut milk for sauces & soups?
  11. I'm starting Whole30 in January and picked up some of "Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Coconut Beverage, Original, Unsweetened", can we have this on Whole30? The ingredients are listed below. I know that some of the gums are compliant but am unsure about some of the other ingredients. Thanks! I also purchased some of their organic canned coconut milk because I know that is compliant. Trying to prepare for January! Ingredients: Organic Coconut Base (water, organic coconut cream), Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Xantham Gum, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D2, L-Seleniumethionine (Selenium), Zinc Oxide, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12
  12. So I did my whole30 about a year ago. I felt great and had so many nonscale victories. But one thing that was happening to me at the same time was severe abdominal pain, concentrated on the left side mostly but sometimes the right side, and it was always worse during the morning. And, sorry TMI, but was also having BM issues - diarrhea off and on. I was using coconut milk/cream in my coffee, and almost every day eating the chia pudding recipe with chia seeds, mashed banana, and coconut milk. So fast forward to one year later and I bought a pack of nutpods on Amazon and am trying them for the first time. So this morning I notice that pain is back! Eureka! I was sort of suspicious last year of the coconut milk causing the issues, but brushed it off. But now I am convinced. I googled it and apparently some people have issues tolerating it...fructose malabsorption maybe, or something else. I'm just glad I know now and can avoid it. I have never noticed a problem when I've used it in curries, soups, etc., so that's good. It's probably just the fact that it's such a heavy amount all at once! I just wanted to share in case anyone else has had these issues!
  13. First time poster, day 3 of 1st Whole 30, 1st can of chilled coconut milk. Is there a wax layer on the top of the milk between lid and product? When we opened the can to extract the congealed cream there were definitely 3 very different layers: On top, about 1/2" thick, a very hard substance that we don't think has any flavor but feels like chewing wax. Middle, about 2" thick, coconut cream Bottom, about 2" thick, coconut water What is the top layer? Is it an even harder cream that we should be blending in with the cream? I'm laughing already at my naivety.
  14. Sticky Coconut Oil

    Every time I go to make eggs and use coconut oil to grease the pan, my eggs stick to the bottom like GLUE. This happens whether its baking them in a frittata in the oven or scrambling them on the stove top. I'm not sure if I'd have the same result if cooking another food, like vegetables, as I usually use olive oil or ghee for those. I know this is a quick fix and I can just switch to ghee to avoid the problem, but I really like the way coconut oil tastes with eggs and was wondering if anyone else has this problem?! Is it just me?
  15. Coconut Aminos?

    Hello! Are coconut aminos ok to add to stir frys etc? It seems awfully sweet to be compliant. I wasn't sure! Thanks In Advance!
  16. Hi, Is anyone else perplexed by the coconut milk and flake serving size guidelines? I have no idea how to consume 1/4-1/2 a can of coconut milk AND a handful of coconut flakes at every meal! And I love coconut. I just don't know what to do with it. I've been putting coconut milk in my coffee--about a spoon full or so. And I could probably snack on coconut flakes, but I have been doing pretty good at not snacking so far (day 5). Thanks for any clarification and ideas! chelsea
  17. Coconut Vinegar

    I came across this stuff at the grocery store the other day. The ingredients are 100% coconut water. What type of things can you use this for? Has anyone had it? What does it taste like? It did have little bits of coconut husk floating in it. I didn't buy it but if it's good then I may go back and pick it up
  18. Greetings! My Husband and I are starting our 2 Whole30 today. Our first one was close to a year and a half ago. We both certainly slid farther and farther away from clean eating! I have been looking forward to this for a while. Here are my main concerns. (To bad I didn't journal last time so I could see what I did or didn't do) Coconut - cauliflower - portion size My husband does not like coconut in any form. I love it but I want to cook for both of us. So many of the recipes that I want to make call for some form of coconut . Any suggestions on a good replacement? He loves meat and potatoes but doesn't like cauliflower. He will eat squash but it gets old for him quickly I know I need to get our portion sizes back to normal for the proteins. Side note: Sugar is my biggest issue. I am planning on not adding it back in. I just don't seem to be able to moderate with sugar. Sugar is not an issue with my Husband. I am open for suggestion and comments. Thank you, Lorrie
  19. Hello - just tried coconut cream in my coffee and it is so good I feel like I am cheating! Anyone have any ideas on this one? I am on Day 4 of my first Whole30. Laura Lee *(*
  20. I understand the rule about "No Sugar or Sweeteners" with the exception being a little pure fruit juice, it's logical. Coconut sugar metabolizes slower in the system and since we are allowed coconut "everything else" I was wondering if it a small bit in a marinade would be acceptable. I will abide by the rules, 7 days in with my hubby and we are loving it.
  21. My local shop sells 100% coconut water and it's really cheap! I could drink this by the litre but I'm not because I'm worried that it's just fattening or something - old food thoughts and associations are hard to shift. It comes in 300ml bottles - how much is ok to drink in a day?
  22. I'm starting Whole30 next week with my husband and two kids. My husband has a severe allergy to tree nuts and coconut. It seems like both of those things are staples in the Whole30 program. I know the book says to just avoid allergens in the program, but it seems like coconut and coconut milk are used so frequently, I'm not sure how to plan without it. Is there another alternative, besides almond or cashew milk (he's also allergic to those), especially for my two kids, which are a toddler and preschooler, and are very accustomed to drinking cow's milk? If we aren't eating nuts for fiber and healthy fats, what are some other good options in that category too?
  23. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst for you, how bad is "monkey salad"... i know that a lot of forum people have been very scathing but banana, macadamia butter and coconut flakes just hit the spot!!! I am on day 24 of my first whole 30 and doing okay. I would probably be regarded as being at goal weight (I have not weighed myself so I don't know) and I am ramping up my running after an injury. I started the whole 30 to crack my 15 cup a day addiction to coffee and skim milk and a pretty savage junk food tooth. I have not really had a problem with giving up any of the forbidden foods except the coffee and skim milk... and I am still learning to enjoy drinking it black... not 15 cups a day though. Is "monkey salad" SWYPO?
  24. What is the appropriate amount of coconut milk in terms of cup size to put in black coffee? Also, do we boil the coconut milk with the black coffee? Thank you!
  25. Coconut flour

    I know baked goods are out but I have a few recipes that call for coconut flour as a binding agentime salmon patties and mini meatloaves