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Found 88 results

  1. Banana milk?

    Hi! I was wondering if adding Mooala Banana milk is compliant to add to coffee. Ingredients: Water, Organic Banana Puree, Organic Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter, Sea Salt, Organic Cinnamon, Gellan Gum. Thank you!
  2. This may seem like a small victory, but for someone who has always hated black coffee, this is a huge game changer! I drank coffee for the caffeine and had to drown out the flavor with cream and sugar. I have been using coconut, almond, or cashew milk in my first cup and then switching to tea. It's Day 19 and I am finally able to enjoy black coffee! I am so excited to finish my Whole30 and nix the added sugar and cream!
  3. Natural flavored k cups?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a natural flavored k-cup? I know making your own coffee with cinnamon or vanilla is best, but looking for other recommendations!
  4. I got SO excited when I saw an Instagram post from Trader Joes releasing a vegan, organic Cold Brew made with nut milk & sweetened with dates. I was even more excited when I found them fully stocked on my trip to my local Trader Joe's, however after reading the ingredients list, I saw "Cultured Dextrose (for Freshness)". After a little research, it seems as if the cultured dextrose is a fermented food product used to preserve the ingredients in the nut milk from growing bacteria. However, it has the word 'dextrose' (aka SUGAR) in it... Is this like a kombucha situation or just a no-no as a whole?
  5. I am on day 9 and have to pull a work overnight which means I worked a full day but yet need to work from 11 pm to 5 am this evening. What can I have to stay awake? Napping would be great but my child has a school program this evening so at best, I may can swing an hour before 11. I eliminated coffee bc I have UC. Is it the a restart if I drink it this evening? I drink it black pre whole 30 and only eliminated coffee bc of the section on auto immune diseases. I am still in the tired phase so poor planning on my whole 30 journey.
  6. Hello! I've been on W30 since April 17 and so far so good. I've been passively reading these forums and thought it was time to contribute. Here is an easier way to make your homemade almond milk with NO straining! 3 tbs compliant almond butter 1 cup of water Put ingredients in blender and mix until combined. That's it. Add optional cinnamon or other w30 compliant flavorings. You can strain it if you like but it's not necessary. I store mine in a regular mason jar. You will need to shake it up before each use as it will separate in the fridge. This is a great recipe if your using it with your coffee. It lasts me about a week While I enjoy a good black cold brew, this was a nice way to shake things up.
  7. Hi everyone, I've read in It Starts With Food that coffee may be bad for your GI track and it suppresses your appetite, so it's better not to have it when your stomach is empty. Is this harmful effects on the GI track the same with all the teas with caffeine, like oolong / green tea, etc? Between the meals or when I haven't eaten anything yet, I like drinking a blend of oolong, jasmine and green tea as I find the taste very mild and this tea gives me a somehow soothing energy. But of course I wouldn't want the benefits if the harm is bigger, when I have this with an empty stomach. What do you think? And thanks in advance everyone, wishing you all the best in your journeys!
  8. Pre-wo meal help needed!

    Hello all you lovely Whole 30ers, I completed a Whole 30 last summer and absolutely loved the program. I am prepping for a second round and I have three questions about the pre-workout meal. I am aware of the recommendations on the meal template for a pre-wo meal. "...include a small amount of protein (1/2 a meal size or smaller), and (optionally) a small amount of fat (1/2 a meal size or smaller). Do not add fruit or carb-dense veggies to your pre-workout snack. It specifically says if you train first thing in the morning, something is better than nothing." 1. Does a handful of whole 30 approved nuts and/or seeds or a couple of spoonfuls of nut butter work as a pre-workout meal? I am allergic to the protein in eggs so eggs or any item made with eggs are not an option for me. I have done small portions of chicken with avocado or something similar, but it is hard for me to stomach when I am not hungry (especially if I am training in the morning). 2. Sometimes I work out twice in one day; two mile run with the dogs in the morning before work and then weights, rock climbing or other cross training in the afternoon. Should be eating a pre-workout snack twice in one day? 3. According to the Whole 30 book, coffee should be drunk with a meal as it is an appetite suppressant, but does it have to be with a full meal? Or can coffee be drunk with a pre-workout snack? Thanks in advance! Candice
  9. Flavored coffees

    I have a box full of flavored coffees for my Keurig, are they allowed ?
  10. I've seen they the Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk is now compliant, but what about their creamers?
  11. I like my coffee to taste like ice cream, so when I started Whole 30 I didn't even attempt to keep it. Headaches, sadness, and jealousy (son and hubby doing just fine with drinking it black) ensued. After a few days, my daughter brought some compliant almond milk and said try it!! So I realize it's about 1/3 almond milk, 2/3 coffee, but I can totally drink this! Maybe being off sugar for a even that short of time makes me okay without it? Idk, but my hangover/headache is gone, and I feel so excited!!!
  12. Hi there! I did a quick search and wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for, so please forgive me if I happened to overlook the answer I'm looking for. So, I am currently on day 12 of my first Whole30 and have been feeling great up until today. I was fine until lunch time. I ate lunch (some chicken, an avocado, grape tomatoes, a cucumber and half of a Ruby Red grapefruit) and was left feeling a bit under-satiated (though my plate was rather full), but I decided to not eat anymore as I wasn't TOO terribly hungry. I started having this feeling in my stomach, which I thought at first was hunger, so I ended up eating a Cashew Cookie Larabar. Fastforward to the end of my work day, and not only am I tired already but my gut does not sound or feel well. It sounds like it is brewing something crazy in there. Now, I had something similar about 5-6 months ago and the doctor explained she thought it sounded like I was in the beginning stages of forming a stomach ulcer. I was under a LOT of stress, working 60 hour weeks and not getting enough exercise or eating well enough. However, I am (to my knowledge) consuming only compliant foods and beverages, exercising 5 days a week and actually under ZERO stress at the moment as I am in between projects at work. What gives? Luckily I already made a new patient appointment with my new Doctor a month ago for this next week, but was hoping I could gain some sort of insight until then. I will say, ever since my ulcer scare last year, I toned it down on the coffee for quite some time and only drank tea. (Full disclosure: I am a huge tea drinker, possibly to a fault, I have about 12 selections of tea in my desk drawer alone; mostly caffeine free, however).) I don't know why, but I've upped my intake recently; I've drank almost a full carafe of coffee (shade grown organic from Trader Joe's) a day. I plan to cut it out and pray that this gurgling stomach calms down, as I have NO idea what else it could be. Other than sweet potatoes, what are some good options for me to consume to help calm my belly? I also read that consuming too many proteins is hard on digestion; maybe my stomach isn't used to so much protein? Any help is welcome and much appreciated. Thanks in advance!! If it is at all helpful, the following has been my menu for this full week: Pre 6 AM workout: handful of cashews and a cup of coffee Breakfast: pesto and veggie frittata, apple and sage pork sausage (I made these with good Pork from Whole Foods, but can't remember the specifics) and purple sweet potato Around 10 AM: More coffee Lunch: Turmeric Greek marinated chicken; either on a bed of greens with Tessemae's lemon dressing or with an avocado, cherry tomatoes and cucumber Dinner: Pot Roast with Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots (made with compliant Beef Broth); HOWEVER, I couldn't stomach this tonight so instead all I have been able to convince myself to eat is a hard boiled egg and a handful of Macadamia nuts. I drink lots of water, a GT kombucha every day or every other day (I had the guava one today), and about 3 cups of herbal tea/day.
  13. So Delicious Coconut Creamer

    Hello All, I am on day 3 of the plan for the first time. Life is going just fine, but I have a question about my So Delicious Coconut Creamer. It doesn't have carrageenan, soy, or gum, but it does have "cane sugar". What do y'all think? Is this okay for me to have in my coffee in the morning. If it isn't I'll have to start over - aaaaggghhhh! Thank you
  14. Coffee with ghee butter

    I drink about 2-3 cups of organic coffee. Is it okay if I use 1tbs of ghee in my coffee?
  15. Espresso with "notes of caramel"

    Yesterday I ran to a coffee shop and ordered a shot of espresso. I never add anything in it but saw AFTER I drank it that the description said it was "brewed with cherries with notes of caramel". I tried to find something in past forums but didn't see anything... Did I just make a Whole30 oopsie?
  16. I'm at day 18 and I'm trying to get to day 38. I'm really close to going off the rails by, of all things, my morning coffee/tea. I REALLY enjoy the morning delicious, hot beverage. Coconut milk/cream still leaves my beverage too bitter. When I'm waking up and really wanting something pleasurable my defenses are down and I'm getting dangerously close to throwing in the towel over this one obstacle. Can anyone give me any ideas (other than suck it up, and only because I don't think that will work here. Everywhere else, yes. on this topic, no.) Please help with your thoughts and experiences.
  17. So I'm currently on day 11 of my second whole30 - definitely feeling the tiger blood and so cleansed. But today, an emotion hit me straight in the face that I've been suppressing since my first whole30: I really miss coffee! A LOT! And I'm not talking about my black coffee, because I've learned to love that, too - but I'm talking about the sugary off-plan white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. To the point where it's making me SAD. To explain, I moved to Lansing, MI 2 years ago, originally by myself. When I wasn't working in the ER (AKA the dark cave with no windows), I loved to be outside at a coffee shop around people, reading my book with my cinnamon dolce latte. Since my husband and I got married, heading off to read at a local coffee shop by myself is the most soothing and enjoyable "me" time - especially in the summer. I'm sadly realizing that one of my favorite parts about these moments is the sugar-bomb treat I had when I got there. I really struggled with food (and fancy-drink latte!) cravings when I did my first whole30. Thankfully, one of the lasting skills I have because of W30 is the ability to stifle a craving in 30 seconds flat. (Thanks, Melissa!) I do not believe my desire for a latte at the coffee shop is a craving; I feel my brain has associated cozy cute coffee shop with my inner sugar dragon, and it's ruining what I thought to be one of my favorite hobbies. I currently drink black coffee or tea (and I've just recently invested in the yummy NutPods) but it's just not cutting it. Help? Help me find freedom from the latte when I'm off my whole30. Thank you in advance!!
  18. One more question, I have given up coffee, and while I have noticed some good results I am so exhausted. I think this may be because I have had to eliminate nightshades, as well as several other kinds of veggies, and my carbs are very low. Could low carbs be accounting for my exhaustion? Would you recommend adding sweet potatoes in? Thanks!
  19. Started May 20th

    This is wonderful! I'm happy to be doing whole30. Glad I happened upon it! I don't have much cravings, really. Just happy to be feeling better. I had been dragging and had lots of bloating, before. So the trade off seems like a no-brainer. Already notice better digestion, a little more energy, and I enjoy the food. Been having some very negative reactions to coffee (sleep problems, jitters, very itchy skin...). So I am switching to tea. So I'm tired and have headaches. But I expect that to get better. Melissa's article about quitting coffee helped. Tea has less caffeine than coffee, so I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Wish everyone the best!
  20. Lumpy coffee with coconut milk?

    I tried my first coffee without milk/cream this morning in preparation for beginning my first Whole 30 in two days. As suggested on these forums, I added coconut milk, which I shook well before pouring into the coffee. The taste was strongly coffee (I'm used to a milder flavor with the addition of cream and sweetener), which was surprisingly palatable and nice. But the consistency was slightly oily with floaters, which didn't taste bad, and seemed to disperse when I swirled the mug before taking a swig. Is this your experience, too? Did the coconut milk curdle, or is this normal since it tends to separate even in the can or storage container? Thanks!
  21. Ok, so I know SUGAR is a no go. I know this and this is my 4th whole30, but I had a bit of a "slip" during the current one. I went to grab a coffee and the coffee was already sweetened, it was a small cup 2-3 ounces at most of light, watered down, sugar sweetened coffee. Thing is, I drank it, and it didn't even register to me at that moment. I swear. Not until now, like 1-2 days later, it hit me like a truck as I was thinking about drinking coffee today. I usually make my own coffee and buy local and organic to avoid any of these mishaps but sometimes shit happens. I am trying not to be too hard on myself as I usually am. All my other whole30's have been successful, one of them helped me lose 30 lbs. as I stuck to the program for 90 days and did intense crossfit. I haven't messed up in any other way and I am cooking 90% of my food. Honestly, what I really want to know (although I am pretty sure I know the answer) does that void my whole30? Should I stop and restart it?
  22. Hi everyone, Going to Vegas during reintroduction. Staying W30 compliant, however, after trying to reintroduce some things and feeling generally icky. I'm going to pack my complaint snacks and know how to eat out. But I need my coffee. I do coconut oil/coconut cream from Trader Joe's/cinnamon/100% cacao with my immersion blender each morning and afternoon. How do I do this on the road? Or something similar? Any of you had experience with replicating your homemade coffee while out of town? Thanks!
  23. making my own creamer

    I am conflicted regarding making your own stuff. In the book, it mentions not making pancakes, even if you are using compliant foods but its okay to make your own mayonnaise, ranch, etc. So it is against the rules to make your own creamer using coconut milk with added stuff like dates, cinnamon, or vanilla bean or does that fall under the same thing as making your own dressings?
  24. Hi all, I am on day # 4 of my very first round and I have been drinking my cup of coffee with 1/2 cup of coconut milk (with breakfast) every day. I have ALWAYS had morning nasal drip (one of the things I am hoping to get rid of!) but now I notice that right after my coffee I am having short sneezing fits.... Could coffee be one of my sensitivities? - should I experiment with elimination or wait until I complete my first round of w30?
  25. I could use some help troubleshooting my breakfast. I am finding that I'm hungry about 2 1/2 - 3 hours after breakfast. I am fine after lunch, I can go a good 4-5 hours before dinner....but breakfast I'm missing something. Today I had: 1 Chicken Sausage Link (Whole30 compliant) 2 Cups of Zucchini and Yellow Squash Small amount of Ghee to cook with, like 1 tsp Coffee - One 16oz cup 1/4 C of Coconut Milk in my coffee 1 Tbsp MCT Oil in my coffee Question #!: I started MCT Oil vs. Coconut Oil since it's says it isn't stored as fat but turns right into energy (who knows if that's true). But, is that enough fat?? I'm not sure if I should add an egg or add 1/4 avocado (or some other fat). I was starving by lunch, I felt 'hangry' and had a headache, so something tells me I'm not getting enough. I can't add fruit because it triggers my sugar dragon, but I can add fat, protein or more veggies. Any suggestions would be welcome! Question #2: And, is MCT Oil really worth it or is it better to eat my fat rather than drink MCT oil in my coffee? Thanks!