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Found 60 results

  1. Hi Folks, I've seen this commented elsewhere but wanted to dedicate a post to the Bullet Proof Coffee bonanza ( I'd love to know: 1) Have any of you tried it? Naturally on the Whole30 we would only used clarified butter/ghee. 2) Can we make this Whole30 legal by considering the ghee in the coffee to be our Meal 1 serving of fat? Then just eat protein and veggies to complete the meal? Thanks!
  2. I am having a debate with someone over "coffee on your Whole30," specifically around limiting your intake to 2 cups a day and to drink it before noon (for a host of reasons, but first things that come to my mind is cortisol, appetite suppressant, and sleep disruption). Is this a Whole30 RULE or RECOMMENDATION ? We both read the Whole9 "Coffee Manifesto," but we are hung up on semantics - recommendation vs. rule. While it says recommendation, I do think it is strong enough in nature (and with valid rationale) that it is actually a rule (does that make sense?). Otherwise, you would not have the experience a Whole30 is intended to give.
  3. Does Coffee cause an inflammatory response? It seems to be an irritant for all things GI, I don't see how it's different here if it causes problems for the intestines. If it causes an inflammatory response, why is it Whole30-approved? If coffee is a diuretic, and therefore anti-inflammatory, would the lack of coffee (i.e. as a withdrawal) create an inflammatory response in the body?
  4. So I'm on my first time doing whole30, and only on day 3. So far so good! My only "problem" is trying to figure out how to get caffeine in my system. The last three days I've had coffee with nutpods creamer and I just really don't like it. The first two days I wasn't able to drink enough of my coffee and ended up getting a caffeine headache. Today I choked it down just so I could get the caffeine I needed in my system. Now I know that I shouldn't *need* caffeine and headaches are a sign of withdrawals and that's bad and all... I'm aware of that. But now is really not the time for me to cut caffeine. I'm not looking for that. I'm here looking for advice on how to either a.) make my coffee tolerable, or b.) a whole30 compliant drink/food that will get me the same caffeine as I was getting from my coffee, that also tastes decent. I'm considering the following: 1.) Going to the local coffee shop and getting a nice quality coffee in hopes that I can drink it black 2.) trying coconut milk with cinnamon or a vanilla bean 3.) Switching to green tea with lemon, though I'm not sure it'll have enough caffeine? When I looked on PInterest, there were all of these recipes for Whole30 compliant coffee creamers, but when I looked on the website here, it looks like Whole30 actually doesn't like those coffee creamers and considers them SWYPO. Am I right on that? Thanks! -DJT
  5. ErinSavas


    I have a question regarding coffee. Does the process of roasting effect weather the coffee is compliant? My coffee just says Venna Roasted but I know some out there say things like; robust chocolate and maple flavor; so would that mean they were roasted with those items then making it a non-compliant coffee?
  6. I had 2 lots of coconut cream already in the cupboard which I planned to use, however looking at the ingredients I can't tell if they are compliant or not: 1) Water, Coconut Extract (78%), Emulsifier: Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids; Stabiliser: Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose 2) Coconut Extract (68%), Water, Stabilisers (Guar Gum, Carboxymethylcellulose) Emulsifier (Polysorbate 60), Antioxidant (Sodium Metabisulphite) My husband has gone cold turkey from coffee with milk and sugar to none and has been experiencing headaches - caffein withdrawal is expected I'm sure but we've only just started and if we're going to see it through I need to find something he can drink! He's not a fan of herbal teas and this is a much bigger change for him than me so I think it's only fair to try and make it as 'normal' as possible for him.
  7. Hello there is a new coffee “supplement” floating around out there called Revital U coffee. A friend wanted to give me a sample to try but before I did obviously I needed to know what’s all in it! I have been researching ingredients to make sure it’s compliant, has anyone used or researched this product?? It seems most ingredients are compliant - but I may be missing something... Thank you in advance.
  8. I had really bad pain with my whole body being incredibly sore on day 5-15 of this round and I introduced Magnesium supplement which helped. I am back to the Magnesium which is helping a little but not as much as before. I was feeling incredible until mid-day today and plan to complete the Whole60 because I do not feel like my first Whole30 was long enough to get the full effect. Has anyone else had joint/muscle pain when introducing coffee or espresso? Or suggestions? I have been having 2 shots + 3-4 onces of Light Coconut Milk. I have been keeping hydrated to make up for the espresso dehydration. Will be removing espresso for this weekend to test. I do have lower back, hip, & knees issues and been in and out of Physical Therapy since I was 15 yrs old (I am 32). All are flaring up right now. I have hip problems a mass of scar tissue (has shrinked a good amount during this W30) and have had Sciatica. My hip has been drastically better for the last 2.5 weeks but flaring really bad today. I have lost 18 lbs (175 lbs, 5' 8") which should help my joints. Been spending time on the treadmill and stretching in a sauna about 4 times a week. The espresso overall has me feeling drastically better overall and did not hurt until mid-day today after 3 days of espresso. I am used to being sore in my joints but this is different. Thank you!
  9. Hi team, I've just started my Whole30 today! And I'm looking to find a compliant coconut milk to put in coffee, there are tins of it at the supermarket but they seem more for just the cooking I was looking at ones that are made for drinking, like almond and soy milks. BUT, I get really thrown by some of the ingredients...are the ones I've copied in below compliant? Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut cream (min. 8%), inulin, mineral (calcium, phosphate), emulsifier (471), vegetable gum (407, 418), natural flavours, sea salt. If not, does anyone know of a good one you can get in NZ? I had already decided to not worry about coffee while I'm doing this, but figured if I can find a good milk I could give it a try. Thanks!! Leah.
  10. Hi, I have been drinking coffee from 'The skinny caffe' and the ingredients list is as follows: Roasted coffee, coconut milk powder, un roasted ground green coffee, acai berry, goji berry, juniper berrry, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones powder and L Carnitine. I am starting whole30 today so I wanted to know if I can continue or should switch to instant? Many thanks
  11. Can I have nespresso pods? The only topic I found on this was from 2013 and I can't find any other clear answers specific reasoning is the flavored nespresso pods like the vanilla flavored ones. I imagine they're just coffee....but?
  12. I have been a heavy coffee drinker for many years. I used to have tons of cream and sugar, but for the last year I have been drinking my coffee black with just a packet of stevia. I didn't mind switching to black coffee for 30 days but I have noticed lately that if I drink more than half a cup, it feels like my stomach is full of acid! I thought maybe I needed a better quality coffee, but after some research it looks like coffee isn't actually all that acidic but it causes our stomachs to produce gastric acid, which is what I am probably feeling. I don't mind giving up the coffee, but the last few times I tried doing that I ended up with crippling caffeine headaches. I mean to the point where I am experiencing poor vision, light and sound sensitivity, and other severe withdrawal symptoms. My question is: what can I use to help me get away from coffee without experiencing the severe debilitating symptoms? I tried drinking teas but every time I go more than 24 hours without actual coffee, the headaches start. Morgan
  13. Hello, I really want to make my own coffee creamer. I know it is preferred to drink our coffee black, but I just prefer to add something extra to my coffee to make it a little fancier. Does anyone have any good recipes? I tried just plain unsweetened coconut milk but that didn't do much for me. I've also heard that "Nutpods" are compliant, but some of the ingredients make me skeptical. Are these ingredients okay? Purified water, coconut cream, almonds, natural flavors, acacia gum, sunflower lecithin, dipotassium phosphate, gellan gum, sea salt.
  14. Katyn1973

    Start Date 2.1.18

    And the first bump has been hit. Coffee!! Got up this morning having slipped a disc in my back over Christmas and it being my first day back at work - went to make a coffee and straight away went for the milk!!!!!!!! Noooooooooo. If one more person offers me a coffee in work I might cry. I don't like it black either. Has anyone tried the coconut oil/milk or ghee??
  15. This may seem like a small victory, but for someone who has always hated black coffee, this is a huge game changer! I drank coffee for the caffeine and had to drown out the flavor with cream and sugar. I have been using coconut, almond, or cashew milk in my first cup and then switching to tea. It's Day 19 and I am finally able to enjoy black coffee! I am so excited to finish my Whole30 and nix the added sugar and cream!
  16. amandakristine

    Banana milk?

    Hi! I was wondering if adding Mooala Banana milk is compliant to add to coffee. Ingredients: Water, Organic Banana Puree, Organic Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter, Sea Salt, Organic Cinnamon, Gellan Gum. Thank you!
  17. Best #whole30 trick I learned: Warm ~1/4 c coconut milk in mug. Add ~1 tsp unsweetened cocoa (optional) and ~1/4 c of hot coffee. Blend with wand mixer (or in blender), then fill w/more coffee til you get the flavor you like. MAGICAL frothy goodness. And it is a whole different drink than just coffee and coconut milk stirred together. EDITED TO ADD: 4+ years later, this is still how I drink my coffee. I never went back to dairy.
  18. I've seen they the Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk is now compliant, but what about their creamers?
  19. I'm at day 18 and I'm trying to get to day 38. I'm really close to going off the rails by, of all things, my morning coffee/tea. I REALLY enjoy the morning delicious, hot beverage. Coconut milk/cream still leaves my beverage too bitter. When I'm waking up and really wanting something pleasurable my defenses are down and I'm getting dangerously close to throwing in the towel over this one obstacle. Can anyone give me any ideas (other than suck it up, and only because I don't think that will work here. Everywhere else, yes. on this topic, no.) Please help with your thoughts and experiences.
  20. One more question, I have given up coffee, and while I have noticed some good results I am so exhausted. I think this may be because I have had to eliminate nightshades, as well as several other kinds of veggies, and my carbs are very low. Could low carbs be accounting for my exhaustion? Would you recommend adding sweet potatoes in? Thanks!
  21. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    Lumpy coffee with coconut milk?

    I tried my first coffee without milk/cream this morning in preparation for beginning my first Whole 30 in two days. As suggested on these forums, I added coconut milk, which I shook well before pouring into the coffee. The taste was strongly coffee (I'm used to a milder flavor with the addition of cream and sweetener), which was surprisingly palatable and nice. But the consistency was slightly oily with floaters, which didn't taste bad, and seemed to disperse when I swirled the mug before taking a swig. Is this your experience, too? Did the coconut milk curdle, or is this normal since it tends to separate even in the can or storage container? Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone, Going to Vegas during reintroduction. Staying W30 compliant, however, after trying to reintroduce some things and feeling generally icky. I'm going to pack my complaint snacks and know how to eat out. But I need my coffee. I do coconut oil/coconut cream from Trader Joe's/cinnamon/100% cacao with my immersion blender each morning and afternoon. How do I do this on the road? Or something similar? Any of you had experience with replicating your homemade coffee while out of town? Thanks!
  23. Hi all, I am on day # 4 of my very first round and I have been drinking my cup of coffee with 1/2 cup of coconut milk (with breakfast) every day. I have ALWAYS had morning nasal drip (one of the things I am hoping to get rid of!) but now I notice that right after my coffee I am having short sneezing fits.... Could coffee be one of my sensitivities? - should I experiment with elimination or wait until I complete my first round of w30?
  24. nursleshunt

    making my own creamer

    I am conflicted regarding making your own stuff. In the book, it mentions not making pancakes, even if you are using compliant foods but its okay to make your own mayonnaise, ranch, etc. So it is against the rules to make your own creamer using coconut milk with added stuff like dates, cinnamon, or vanilla bean or does that fall under the same thing as making your own dressings?
  25. Today is Day 1 of our Whole 30 (husband, me, and our 3 kids, age 3/5/7). Obviously, my first question is about coffee. Our normal coffee routine is this: grind beans fresh every morning, make coffee in the chemex, then blend in the vitamix with coconut oil and a dash of maple syrup. I know that the maple syrup isn't compliant, but the rest is. Is it okay to go ahead with it? (Minus the syrup). The coconut oil emulsifies and makes it latte-like... but it's not really SWYPO if it's my everyday norm, right? I've been drinking it that way for a couple of years.