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Found 28 results

  1. I have been rocking a cold for a couple days and I have been wanting to heal myself through Whole30 approved ways, and my friend told me about Olive leaf extract and Collidal Silver. Are these Whole30 approved and would you recommend the tinctures or the pill-caps?
  2. robble75

    Elderberry syrup

    I woke up on day 3 with what feels like the start of a cold. Can I take my usual Gaia Elderberry syrup? I would normally take another supplement called Gaia Quick Defense which has elderberry extract in it as well as Echinacea. Any feedback would be great!
  3. I am on day 14 and I am cold. I started feeling cold around day 10. Here's some thoughts on this situation A) I have never really been cold before...I'm have always been more likely to be hot all the time than to be cold, B ) I know I am not supposed to weigh myself through the process but on Day 10 curiosity got the best of me and I am/was down 6.4lbs is that enough weight loss to lose body heat? C) I live in SD and I realize that it has been VERY cold lately but I have had to layer more than I even have before. Yesterday I bought cuddle duds and wool blend socks. The classroom I work in says it's 72degrees, I am wearing cuddle dud leggings, jeans, a cami, cuddle dud shirt, a long sleeved shirt, wool blend socks and Bear Paw boots and I am still quite cold. Anyone else experiencing (or has experienced) body temperature dysregulation? I mean if this is what being a smaller weight means than I will try to learn to adjust but I am curious if this is typical or if I am unique! Haha!
  4. So I am on day 30 (yay!) but I think I have bronchitis after a bad cold last week. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty achey and blegh coughing all day and night, getting not very much sleep. Would it be better to wait to do reintroductions when I am over this bug and can really watch how my body is feeling without the added side effects of my cold and whatever medicine I am taking? Right now I am taking a steroid (prednisone) and something to help get rid of mucus.
  5. I'm on day 26. My husband and I have been diligent in all things Whole30 (even during Halloween and so many gatherings). On Day 2 on I got a head cold but limited myself to tea, rest and some meds that contained no added sugar (super hard!). On Day 11, I came down with the classic flu but, again, avoided non-compliant meds. Now I'm in my last few days and I've had some sinus congestion/allergies for the last 3 days. I'm worried that my reintroduction will be meaningless because I don't know what my healthy body feels like over these 30 days. Should I just end it?
  6. Its day 4 of my first whole 30 and I've come down with an awful cold. Sore throat, fever, coughing, chills, you name it. I tried making my usual chicken noodle soup recipe, sans noodles. It was okay. Whats everyones favorite whole 30 comfort food to eat when they're sick?
  7. Hi, All Logically, my immune system should be humming perfectly on Whole30 (Day 18 now). But both my teenager and I caught a wicked bug that's been going around. I'm confused because I haven't been sick in about 5 years (been Primal for 4). As soon as I start Whole30 I get wholloped - what's going on? Bad luck? Super bad bug strain? Or does my immune system take a dip during Whole30 before it gets better (just like the rest of the body needs to adjust to the new diet)? Thoughts? Thanks! Amy
  8. Corabella

    The Whole30 Cold?

    In the beginning, I read several posts from people struggling with cold/flu during their W30 experience. Now I am on Day 3 of an insanely sore throat...just when I'm supposed to be hitting Tiger Blood. Any approved remedies welcome. I'm drowning in herbal tea and warm water with lemon.
  9. Under doctors orders I went dairy/ gluten free which led to me feeling amazing which led me to whole30. About 2 weeks ago, I got a cold which has now morphed into Bronchitis and I feel like garbage. Why when I feel like garbage do I want to put garbage into my body!? I am not on a 30 day right now but have been eating a Paleo diet. The last 4 days I have lost desire:energy to get in the kitchen and take care of my food prep and myself. I've beeen sucking on cough drops that contain sugar and have been consuming honey. Being Insulin Resistant this was a very poor choice on my part as now the insatiable hunger is back. I want All.The.bread and I just ate 2 pancakes so I could take my antibiotics WHAT????? (thanks for not putting them away DH) what the heck did I just do!? HAS anyone experienced a terrible/cold or flu? What do you take? What home remedies do you use that are sugar/honey free? I believe that introducing the sugar from the cough drops started a downward spiral. Time to reset ASAP.
  10. RuthieZ


    I am on day 8 and have a horrible sinus infection and bronchitis. I just feel terrible and am so bummed out. I talked to a number of friends who did Whole30 and they got sick the first week too. I don't understand why that would be since I'm eating so healthy. Any insight/encouragement would be helpful! I'm nervous I'm going to have this cold the whole time
  11. britgirl


    Hey all some advice please - today is day 14 I think and last night came down with swollen glands, temp, the shivers running nose etc. Really felt v unwell. My family have been passing round a killer cold so I do think it's that more than W30 reaction. So have cancelled work (never do that!!) and am in bed with hot water bottle. Ive forced down a tuna pattie and a red pepper but REALLY don't want to eat. Can it forget it today? I usually just have hot apple juice when I feel like this and sooooooo don't wanna cook. Miss the apple juice! And had a high dose vit c tablet last night and this am see it's full of sweeteners . What do we do about medication? Have I blown it? Going back to sleep now but all help appreciated
  12. Go figure, I have a cold. It was pretty bad yesterday (day 2) and I kept waking up in the middle of the night to cough my heart out. My whole life I usually get a cold in the springtime, but this one is especially hard because I cannot just go and cook up a can of Chicken Noodle Soup. Today's email let me know that it is common to get sick in the first week, but that does not make life any easier. Does anyone have any advice during this time? What kind of cold remedies worked for you (Whole 30 approved)? Thank you!
  13. I started my Whole30 on Feb 1st and have been feeling under the weather the past two days with a sore throat, post-nasal drip, and fatigue. I tried sleeping it off, but is it alright to take Airborne? Are medications for colds allowed on the Whole30?
  14. Hi, Day 29 here. The last 5 days or so I've noticed a big increase in skin issues - I normally have fair, clear skin, with the occasional localized breakout. Recently however, I've been getting small, sub dermal zits all around my face. They're not angry or cystic but they are visible bumps, some of them red and some of them just raised skin color. They don't seem to want to vacate when pressured! I also have some larger, angrier breakouts on my back. This especially is unheard of for me. Also, on day 27 I woke up with severe chest cold symptoms--tight, congested chest, sneezing, runny/stuffed nose, headache, body weakness, etc. I've been medicating with sleep, bone broth, and antioxidant rich foods. It's starting to wean but it's so uncommon for me to get sick--I go years without experiencing cold season. I'm surprised, because in theory my immune system should be stronger than ever right now. I know you'll ask about food, so yes, I'm 100% sure I've not had anything noncompliant. I don't eat a lot of potatoes or eggs (maybe a dozen eggs in 10 days), my fat sources (of which I eat a lot) are organic coconut oil, high quality olive oil, homemade mayo, and organic ghee. I eat the rainbow in veggies, and very few nuts. I drink bulletproof coffee about 3x/week. Until this cold, I'd been running 3x/week and doing yoga regularly. I was not in close quarters with anyone who was sick, and nothing in my home environment has changed recently. I live in Arizona, so I'm not snowed in and hibernating; plenty of sunshine. Any ideas? Is it possible that this is some kind of late stage detox? It raises some doubt about starting reintros in two days...
  15. Hello! I'm on day 3 of my first Whole30 (yaaaaaay) and I'm scheduled to have my tonsils removed in one week (day 10). The nurse told me to eat only cold, soft foods for the first few days and suggested ice creams, puddings, and other sugary soft foods... I REALLY want to stick to this plan and not stray, but I'm having a hard time coming up with various healthy foods that I can eat post surgery. I am a huge fan of applesauce (unsweetened) and scrambled eggs, so those are two things I plan on eating a bunch of, but I anticipate that'll get boring pretty quickly. Anyone have any suggestions/tips on what to eat that's soft and cold? Thanks!
  16. Four months ago I've relocated to the Ecuador coast, and I'm perplexed that I've gotten my second cold in six weeks (at least I think it's cold, maybe allergies)! In the US I never got the flu and I hadn't had a cold in years. Last time I lived here (after recently completing my first whole30) I didn't get any respiratory illness. Any advice on how I can strengthen my defenses? Some of my foreigner friends here tell me my immune system is simply not accustomed to the different bacteria and It'll eventually adapt. Diet: struggled to eat whole30 style when I lived with friends for 3 months. Sleep: also a challenge when I lived with friends. Stress: almost nonexistent since I've arrived. Probiotics: really, really missing my daily GT ginger Kombucha; no probiotics for the past four months. Other health issues: the usual travelers' sickness when I apparently don't sanitize my produce well-enough. Thanks much, Rachael
  17. I was mostly paleo before I started the Whole30 and mostly cutting off dairy and sugar this time around. I didn't have the carb flu reactions like most people talk about. And I didn't have that much sugar before hand so not that bad of headaches and really easy out of the gate. I am SO FRUSTRATED though because I have been sick twice so far on my Whole30! It starts with a tickle at the back of the throat that turns into a weird sinus thing with my ears draining or something. Then it's like the stuff at the back of my throat decides to start floating out and I get a case of the sniffles and my nose is draining NON STOP. I keep sneezing a lot too. My nose is raw from all the tissues right now. TWICE this happened to me. The first time was at the beginning of my Whole30 and also was coordinated with my monthly cycle and now it's towards the end and same thing.. monthly cycle comes in like a punch to the stomach and then SICK instantly as well. Does anyone know what is going on? I NEVER got sick before this. I usually eat really healthy with salads and mostly gluten free (ever since I cut out grains I can't really handle eating them anymore). I am a little worried as this is my second time and wondering if I'm doing something to cause this lowering of the immune system. It just sucks so much to be sick when you are eating so healthy and then to have such a horrible cycle with massive pains. Anyone else have something like this happen to them?
  18. HeidiPH

    Oncoming cold.....

    I have an oncoming chest cold. I typically will take zinc lozenges. EVERY ONE I looked at (even sugar-free) has non-compliant "inactive ingredients" Any suggestions. It is staring to creep into my chest. I am scared to take anything! Whole 30 Day 12. Emergen - C also has non-compliant ingredients.
  19. Hi all! I have googled and searched these forums for a lot of help throughout my first Whole 30 but haven't quite found the answer to this one. Starting Day 7 up until today, Day 14, I have had a horrible cough which has turned into what feels like a sinus infection. Since it just started with sore throat, I did search for that and found that a few people have had some silent reflux issues. So, I started taking some Prilosec. It seemed to work a bit but obviously wasn't the source of the problem since it's been about a week that's probably not it. I also searched and found quite a lot of people saying that the sore throat and stuffy nose aren't part of the carb flu. So that was out. So, to continue with the rambling, yesterday I went for a run. I run with a ton of people who have done Whole 30s. One of them is an ENT and suggested, after I told her I itched like crazy up until day 5, that this ickiness I am having could just be a heightened histamine reaction. I do love bananas and eggs and have had at least one of each since day 1. What do you think? Could this be a rough histamine reaction to my diet change or am I just sick (The weather was cold and rainy after lots of heat where I live this past week as well). Thanks for any help!
  20. This is my second W30, I am currently on day 17. Things were going great, I am trying really hard to do everything right this time around. I even do crossfit now and was so excited to have my energy burst and strength benefit from all this great food, but my husband passed on a vicious cold to me. I haven't been to the gym in a week and I CANNOT shake it no matter what I do. I never get sick! I am drinking bone broth every day, even before I got sick. Now I am drinking lemon water (lots of it), trying to rest and this thing is relentless. I had to work today and was so desperate I packed a couple cough candies just in case I couldn't take it anymore (which would have ruined my w30)...I didn't have to use them, but I need help with some advice! What are some w30 cold remedies I am not doing? I want to be healthy so I can have all of the w30 benefits! I'm sad It's been almost 1 week of this...I am so desperate to work out I thought about going anyway today even though my head feels like it's doubled in size...cuz I'm crazy...
  21. DurhamDoesPaleo

    Zucchini Soup - Hot or Cold

    I've made this Grant Achatz zucchini soup three times, and had to visit it one more time to verify it's Whole30/Paleo appropriate... and it is! Just replace the butter with clarified butter or ghee. I'm so excited to use the last of my farmers' market zucchini on this recipe one last time. I love it hot, even in the summer, but every once in a while, cold hits the spot. I keep the batch in the fridge and portion it out so I can decide whether I want it hot or cold. I hope you enjoy it!
  22. I have just finished day 26 of Whole 30. Unfortunately, I have a cold. I typically turn to Nyquill to help with the symptoms and to get good sleep. However, it is loaded with sugar and alcohol which are not W30 compliant. I typically use throat drops to help with the scratchy throat and coughing. They also have a lot of sugar. Anyone have suggestions to on what to use instead? I don't want to go off W30 this close to the end. Thanks.
  23. Today is day 13 of my first Whole30. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting this far! The only issue I've had is that I've suddenly gotten uncomfortably sick in the past few days. I was thinking it was a summer cold/seasonal allergies, but I just finished reading the grains/legumes section in the book and am now wondering if it could be due to a dinner I recently ate. Flash back to tuesday night - I went to an awesome restaurant that was totally friendly to dietary restrictions and ordered blackened salmon atop kale with some asparagus. I made sure to tell the waitress that I could not have dairy, and the menu said that item was "gluten free." So, I felt that I was in the clear. However, now that I'm thinking back to it, the salmon had a bit of a "crust" which I didn't think anything of at the time due to the gluten-free notation. After reading that section, however, I'm thinking that maybe the crust was corn meal. At the end of the dinner I found that my nose suddenly became extremely stuffy and I felt my head getting that "foggy" feeling that comes with allergies. The symptoms have yet to disappear. Could it be that I'm experiencing symptoms of gluten sensitivity? Or is it too early to tell? And how do I make it stop! (I'm trying to avoid medications as well during these 30 days.)
  24. Today I am at the end of day 22, and feel like I am losing the battle with my 2nd cold this Whole30. Before January of this year, I had not gotten sick at all for the two years I have been gluten/free. Anytime I started getting sick I would take Wellness Formula for a few days and the cold would go away. Last week I got a terrible sore throat, and then a cold. By the weekend I was better, but on Tuesday I got another cold. Well then I noticed that Wellness Formula contains SOY! It isn't in the ingredients, but is listed as "Contains soy." Big bummer. I didn't take anything because all the zinc lozenges I have have sugar in it. I am squeezing lemon a few glasses of water each day to get some vitamin C. Also, I am eating at least one mandarin a day. Anyway, 4 days later this cold is moving to my lungs. I have found myself taking Mucinex daily otherwise I wouldn't be able to work. I have bronchitis now, and am constantly blowing my poor nose. I am going to the acupuncturist tomorrow, although all her herbs have sugar in them, the acupuncture itself should support my immune system. As far as the food and sleep is concerned, I am following Whole30 very well. I intend to do this as long as I can. Has anyone else had recurring colds during their Whole30? Until today, I still had the energy to do homework, cook, clean, and run errands when I got home from work. I do work 45-50 hours a week. Tonight, after cooking dinner I barely had the energy to brush my teeth and crawl into bed. How do you handle colds on your Whole30?
  25. Well, it's day 15 over and I've spent the last 7 days fighting a monstrous cold (bordering on flu like symptoms: aches, pains, congestion, fever) but am on the mend now. Really, really, really struggling with cravings for sugar, which is strange because up until about day 12 I was absolutely fine. My resolve is starting to wane (it hasn't caved yet) but I keep thinking "ah well, 15 days isn't bad, I'll just knock it n the head now and restart when I feel better", but then I come to my senses! Anyone been having these problems at the half way mark? Karen x