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Found 9 results

  1. logan-halle

    College student trying again!

    Hello all! This is maybe a bit long or a bit personal for an intro, but I didn’t really have a place to talk about my experience on this program before finding these forums (I only had the cookbook to start!) and since I’m doing this whole thing for myself to improve my health and to get in touch with my body, I feel okay treating this one post a bit more like therapy. When I first discovered Whole30 through the advice of my mother, I was ecstatic. We share the same auto-immune disease, and she had seen her symptoms improve with this program in ways I had given up dreaming were ever even possible. I’d struggled with depression, lack of focus and energy, and emotional eating that started up while I was in and out of school a few years years—Whole30 seemed like it was going to be a game changer for all of those things and I couldn’t wait to get started. But, like a dummy, I decided to start this program during a period of high stress: finals season. Without a proper support network, without proper time management, and without a whole lot of money or time, Whole30 was exhausting. Week after week, I messed up. I was so sick of having to start over from square one, of having to black out my progress on my calendar and number all the days again up to 30, so I stopped. Now, finals are over and I have more than a whole month of time to kill before I start my last semester of college, so I’m going to do this right. I’m going to give myself room to breathe, room to focus. I’m going to listen to the rules and, most importantly, to my body. I can’t promise myself that I won’t get discouraged or that this alone will fix everything (it won’t), but I’m ready to promise myself that I’ll push through no matter what, because I’m doing this for me.
  2. My name is Maggie and I have been really disappointed in my health since I began college. Before I started college, I rarely drank, slept regularly, exercised regularly, and ate relatively healthy (although my 17 year old metabolism is completely different than my 22 year old metabolism). I am now entering my 4th year of college and beginning an internship in Dallas. I have been thinking about doing Whole30 since I saw it pop up on my Facebook a few years ago, but never as seriously as I am now. I have not been happy with my weight and have tried to do different things to fix that, not realizing that my diet is the one thing I need to change, not only for my weight, but for my general health. After reading The Whole30, I realized a slew of health problems I have accumulated from my horrible eating habits, even while living off campus in my apartment. I never even thought about my diet affecting this, but I fully believe that my allergies, irritability, severe anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation have gotten much worse since I began college because of my diet of mostly pizza and wine. It's not even about the weight loss anymore. If I can feel happier and healthier with my current beer belly, why shouldn't I? I am fully committed to Whole30. I have thrown away everything off the list in my apartment, and my boyfriend is fully on board with my commitment to the plan but I feel like my friends and family are not as supportive. I really would appreciate this forum to sort of hover around me when I begin June 1st and help me through this journey because this is going to be hard, but not as hard as writing a 30 page term paper in 2 days.
  3. I'm planning on starting February 5th but I wanted to post in the forum first and see if anyone else was starting then too! This is my first time doing the whole30, and I want to see if anyone here is doing it/has done it while being a full-time college student (which I am). I'm trying to plan out meals specifically, but it's also hard being on campus 24/7. I've read through the whole website but I'd love any advice for first-timers, especially if you've done it through university life. And if you're starting next week as well, it would be great to talk to someone else doing it at the same time. Thanks everyone!
  4. Villanovagrad

    Masters student starting Jan. 8!!

    Hi all! I will be starting on January 8th after returning home from winter break. Currently I am in school getting my masters and am worried mostly about social situations with friends, specifically drinking. I truly don’t mind giving up alcohol but I know my friends will lay on the peer pressure!! (Classic college) Of course I have many more worries - mostly chocolate!!! I love my sweets, especially after dinner. I swear if I don’t have at least a Hershey kiss after dinner my brain goes crazy - the addiction is real. Overall I am looking to improve my health (and weight of course). I have always been at least 20 lbs overweight and would love to reset my body to get some good habits forming. I am truly committing myself to this - I can’t wait to start!!
  5. Wooh, can't wait for the challenge! It is the end of Day 1 in my Whole30 journey, and I am already feeling the sugar cravings set in. For the past couple years I have experimented with dietary alterations ( originally around my hashimotos Hypothroidism, which has caused acne, low energy levels and other health issues) from vegan to AIP Paleo, and at this point I have come to grasp the major sources and habits of my body's discontent. My food lifestyle is 90% paleo, with exceptions here and there (college is stressful) and a wavering nightly sweet tooth which has the power to absorb all of my attention and focus it onto dark chocolate and paleo "desserts". Many times when I do indulge, I tend to get into a fix that is seemingly impossible to come out of. After feeling my energy and stress levels on a rollercoaster this year, and eating half of a pan of paleo carob brownies last weekend, I decided it was finally time to start this journey. Day one was a bit difficult; I am swarmed with work and had counted on grocery shopping that has not yet happened, but I am not too worried. My tastebuds have a reasonable amount of experience in paleo-world and I have gained resilience in tough times. I still am unsure about eating eggs, still need to get used to no rice or honey or syrup this month, and want to work on planning and time management around homework and meal-preps. I am open to any and all tips from college students doing Whole 30!!
  6. HannahFH

    Starting Janurary 2ed!!!

    Hi all! I am pretty excited and nervous to start my second try at whole30! I tried back in may and fell off the band wagon at a wedding and never was able to find the perfect time to start again. Which I realize now that there never is a perfect time so gotta try again! I'm 25 and have some pretty bad eating habits that have left me unhealthy and overweight. I'm a full time college student and work two jobs so I'm pretty busy and on a tight budget. I'm hoping to get my mom and sister on board for some support!
  7. I'm looking to start the whole30 the first week of January. I've been trying to get my health back on track ever since I came back from a semester abroad in May. I had a great time enjoying the food in Spain, but created some poor habits that I have not been able to break 7 months later. I gained 10 lbs abroad and literally haven't lost one.. or i'd lose a few and gain twice as much by the end of the week due to my sugar cravings and alcohol. I'm ready to take on this challenge. I know it will be hard because I am about to start my last semester of college. I hang out with people who drink often and who will probably think I'm nuts to take 30 days off. But it won't be impossible and I know it will be so worth it in the end. I am a Pure Barre fanatic and also want to get 4 classes in a week while on the whole30. If anyone has tips for someone who is in college I'd love to hear them! Excited to begin this journey to improved health
  8. Hi everyone! I'm trying to start my very first Whole30, but I'm very anxious about how to do it. I am a freshman living in an on-campus dorm at a very small University, which means there are a lot of restrictions on what I can and cannot eat. I'm trying to figure out how I can possibly do it, and I hope you all can help! Here is a list of the specifics about what food is available to me: 1. I am required to be on a meal plan where I have 15 meals a week. One meal is equivalent to $4.08 and can be used on any restaurant on campus (which include: Sandella's, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Chickfila, a coffee shop, and Einsteins Bagels), and also in the cafeteria (more on that in a second). Anything over that amount I have to personally pay, and I do not have the budget to do that on a consistant basis. This also means that anything I purchase has to be $4.08 or less, meaning I can't stock up on fruits and veggies that are sold at these places. 2. The cafeteria has very limited options. There is always hamburgers and fries, pizza, and a do-it-yourself station for both sandwiches and salads. The salad options very and there is never any grilled chicken available to put on the salad. The only form of protein for the salad bar is a hard boiled egg, which is only available about once a week. There is a homestyle foods station, which can sometimes serve grilled chicken and potates, but more often than not serves fried chicken, chicken covered in sauce or meatloaf (which i think may be Whole30 approved?). Finally, there is an international station which serves things like burritos, french onion soup, and is completely random and changes daily (unpredictable). 3. I have little to no money to spend on food. I don't have a job, and I rely mostly on my meal plan to sustain my eating habits. Furthermore, I have no kitchen in my dorm, and crockpots/burners (etc) are not allowed due to safety reasons. This being said, I really do want to do the Whole30 and I am committed to doing it. I just honestly have no idea what to eat! My cafeteria rarely serves fruits and veggies (seriously, they almost never have fresh fruit or any sort of vegitable). Before now, the way I was getting my fruits and veggies in was by drinking Naked Juices, but i know smoothies are off-limits. I really don't know what to do, so if you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know!! Thank you, and sorry for the lengthy post!! Emily
  9. I'm currently in my sophomore year of college. When I went home last summer, I did a whole30 and loved it. I have a pretty healthy body type, so the most significant part of the transformation for me was mental. I've always struggled with disordered eating habits, which I felt like I finally conquered. Now that I'm back at school, I'm struggling to ride my own bike. I live in the dorms, and don't have access to a kitchen so I have to eat all my meals in the dining hall. I'm not gonna lie, the food here is pretty good. I can always make a "big ass salad" with plenty of veggies and some hardboiled eggs or some kind of meat, and I can always ask the servers to leave the bread or potatoes off of my plate. I did pretty well the first 2 or 3 weeks, steering clear of the house-made desserts, high quality ice cream, and artisan-style flatbread pizza. I felt confident that I'd be able to keep up all the progress that I had made over the summer. Then things started going downhill. I started having desserts a lot more often. Drinking on weekends (hey, I'm a college student!) always led to me binge eating when I got back to my room. Then on top of all that, I have been having serious challenges with my social life- tensions between my friends and I, and I also had a tough break-up. I was an emotional wreck for a few weeks, and my habits hit rock bottom. Eating has become a major coping mechanism for all the stress I am experiencing. On days when I feel lonely, I end up bingeing. Once, I found myself in the dining hall, and had 2 huge plates of pizza, then 2 huge bowls of icecream- because I felt alone and the food felt so comforting. Even if I am staying paleo, I often find myself eating multiple apples or multiple packs of jerky in one sitting, when I was hardly even hungry in the first place. I find myself in an endless cycle- I wake up in the morning, determined to "restart" a whole30. I do fine for a day, then the next day, come dinner time, I'm ready to binge on sweets and carbs again. I hate it, and I feel helpless. I just weighed myself today, and I've gained 7 pounds in the past month, which I imagine is largely due to these terrible eating patterns and habits I'm reverting to. I'm afraid that all the progress I made last summer is gone. It's so much harder at school than it is at home, because while healthy foods are always an option, unhealthy foods are always there too. I want to do another whole30, but "college edition-" not stressing about the fact that they use canola oil in almost everything, there might be traces of gluten in unsuspected places, or that the scrambled eggs come from a bag. There's only so much I can do, but I want to do my best. It's not as much about finding out if I have serious allergies to dairy or anything- because I've already done a whole30, and I don't. This is more about establishing better eating habits and not reverting back to my disordered eating habits. So how do I do this? How do I get back on my bike, in the face of so many unhealthy foods, so many failed attempts, and such challenging mental and emotional circumstances?