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Found 5 results

  1. I am in love with this program! I haven't completed a full round yet, although for the vast majority of the summer I ate compliant. My first attempt was 27 days. Three day short! What is wrong with me? I have felt amazing. But I really want to make a go of a full round of whole 30. I seriously cannot find a time, even one month, in my schedule until November that not one day or two days or a week I have things going on that would make it very difficult to be compliant. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to feel a little bit like a failure. It doesn't make me want to abandon the things that I have accomplished over the summer, however I'm starting to doubt my commitment to doing a full round. Has anyone else experienced this kind of frustration?
  2. Start Date: April 26th

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself on these forums before I start my 2nd Whole30. I completed my 1st Whole30 recently in January and make the mistake of not trying it for longer to help with bad habits and skipping the entire reintroduction protocol. So it ended like every other time I tried to make a permanent change. I'm here this time around because I'd really like to make a conscious effort to change my food habits along the way this time, like it's really meant to be done. I'm also here because I tried to restart after January and have been struggling to stick to it the 2nd time around. I was hoping to keep myself accountable here, really analyze what's going on with me and my thoughts throughout this one, and hopefully get some tips and encouragement along the way. I'm not entirely overweight for my height or anything, but I am really tired of being sick and tired from the food that I eat, and I do not want to be controlled by my appetite anymore. I overeat the wrong foods constantly; it's been hard for me to let go of fast food and sugar, especially sugar. After the 1st Whole30, I really learned that the all or nothing approach worked wonders for me, so I'd like to stick to it again. And I'm done ranting.
  3. Flabby and Fed Up

    I have had it with myself. I'm sitting here at my desk still bloated from last night's work happy hour and subsequent extravagant dinner, my hands are puffy and my skin itches. I have some fresh new pimples claiming their territory on my face, I looked at myself in the mirror this morning while getting dressed and it broke my heart to see an accomplished woman who is sad, and losing her battle with herself. Over the last few months I have let myself eat and drink to complacency. I have abused my body and have treated myself poorly, I have surrendered my personal sense of worth to moments of alcohol and food fueled anesthesia. It is time to deal with the problem, to cut out the distractions and really give myself time to heal my body and my spirit. So I am committing to 30 days of eating right, giving up booze and smokes and telling myself I am not good enough. I am giving myself this small gift. And it starts today. xoxo Rebekah
  4. Hi fellow cave-people! After seeing a few friends successfully complete the Whole30 program, I knew it was time to jump on the bandwagon! After a week's worth of research, shopping lists, testimonials, and recipes, my supportive partner in crime (the bf) and myself have decided that tomorrow is the day. It coincides with my first day back of my fall school semester. I must say I am a little anxious. Being a student who also works full time, is a photography assistant and intern, and still attempts to maintain some form of social life... well, I am concerned that, perhaps, time is of the essence in a food journey like this one; especially because this is my very first introduction with paleo-eating entirely. We are excited, but as we wrap up our final night - a little (a lot) overwhelmed with the meal-prepping, the shopping, and the overall full-time commitment it takes. Our hearts and our stomachs are in it for the long haul. But what are your recommendations for time management? What are easy meals? And also, after spending an hour in Whole Foods today with what could have been a full mental breakdown at the meat counter had it not been for my boyfriend explaining to me that it is JUST a grocery store, how does one keep from looking like a total newbie reading labels, and looking entirely lost with a mostly empty grocery cart in Whole Foods... or is that just part of it? Any and ALL advice is welcome. I am very much excited to be a part of healthy, organic living here at the Whole30 community!
  5. but that's only because I didn't sleep well last night. I seriously had a nightmare about blowing my first Whole30 day because someone had a chocolate orange, and I had one slice... so I woke up this morning nervous. This is my first Whole30 commitment. I did a trial run back in October but got super sick two days in. I think it was because I completely lacked the "need the fat" knowledge. So now that I finished reading ISWF, I feel well equipped to go! I'm not sure how the community works on here, so any tips would be great. I feel it's best to have people to support and people to support you in common goals! So let's do this together.