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Found 5 results

  1. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Hello! I am starting tomorrow, Monday, Feb 27, and would love to have people to chat with along the way. If you are starting at the same time, please join this thread so we can stay in touch and support each other!! Thanks and good luck to everyone. I'm actually oddly excited for this. Though I will surely miss cheese...
  2. I'm committing to my first whole30 today! I'm very excited, but a little nervous because I don't normally cook very much, so simple recipes would be much appreciated. I'd love to join others on the journey and exchange motivational posts. I'm particularly focused on taming my sugar dragon; I definitely overeat fruit! I'm also trying to work on eating mindfully and enjoying my food rather than checking my phone or reading.
  3. Whole30 Meetup Resources?

    Hi! Not sure if this topic is appropriate for this forum, so please redirect me if needed. I am looking to connect with real people in, like, real life during my January Whole30. The forum and web resources are great, but in the spirit of the "social connection" direction of Whole9 lately, I would like to branch out and find other humans near me that are doing a Whole30. Does anyone know of or have any experience hosting a Whole30 meetup or other group? Anyone know of one in the San Francisco Bay Area? I haven't had much luck finding one on Facebook or I would love to host my own but would like a few resources or direction on how to conduct a meetup. I'm just picturing all of these people showing up, maybe a few newbies, and being all like, we're here, what now? Thank you in advance, and is anyone starting something similar in their area where we might sync up on ideas?
  4. 8 July Whole30 for two

    So excited to jump into this. I'm 30, married with two kids, SAHM, love community and people and living life together. I'm meal planning, shopping, and prep cooking this weekend to launch into my first Whole30 on Monday, 8 July. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of some concentrated effort after about a year and a half of Paleo(ish) nutrition goals. My husband will be joining me in this challenge, which is awesome. There is nothing like having support from the person closest to you. Our 2-yr-old will eat what we eat at meals, but will probably still do a lot of her snacking, although I might use this opportunity to try to decrease her applesauce intake. I'll post as close to daily as I can on my blog: But it's been a while since I've kept up with that. Biggest Anticipated Challenges: -- We switched to decaf Americanos (from full breve sugar, froofy coffee drinks) a long time ago. It will be very hard though to give up that splash of cream. -- I snack .excessively. and .incessantly. before bed. It's so nice to munch after both kids are in bed, with some peace and quiet. It's just going to have to stop - no two ways about it! -- We currently have a banana/almond milk/almond butter/whey protein powder smoothie for breakfast every single morning. I'm searching for a suitable replacement - both in terms of taste, quick community together before my husband leaves for work, and convenience. On the weekends I like to do a big eggs and lots of veggies breakfast platter, but weekday mornings are going to be rough. Expected Success -- I want to give myself a break from foods that wear me down because I know that once I am built up again, I will thrive. I cut out 99% of dairy a couple of years ago and have felt so much better. Never regretted that decision. -- I'm parenting two very small children. I need one thing in life more than any other: more energy. I also think that this might provide some mood stability, which to me means patience, and I pray for patience daily - so that would be a welcome blessing! -- I would love to lose a few pounds, and not for the reason you might think. I'm excited to train myself into successfully completing a pullup at my box. I think dropping some of the lbs will help make that easier. Stronger is good. Stronger + lighter = awesome. Good luck to everyone! I'll post back as we go through this. So very excited to see what comes of it and ready to put the work in.
  5. Spreading the Whole30

    I just finished up my Whole30 experience and I had a blast. I feel great, my fiance can't keep her hands off me and I love talking about the experience. It's been easy to share my successes because it's easy to talk about. If you stick to the 30 days, you will come out feeling like a new person. Through conversations with others, I have gotten about nine people to take on the challenge. I don't have to push them, I just share what I went through and the rest is cake. Everyone wants a quick fix for their diet. That seems to be half the reason they listen to my stories. When you really get into it and they see this isn't some crazy fad or one of those starve yourself detoxes, they are sold. I had to share. It feels great to positively impact others with little to no effort. I plan to follow up with my friends who have started and keep them motivated through out the 30 days. I send them everything I can from this site so they truly know what they are getting themselves into. Keep talking about it, everyone. Spread the Whole30 and change lives. I attached the email I have been sending people, combing resources from the site and some of my favorite Whole30 recipes. Use it if you can. Whole30 Email.doc