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Found 11 results

  1. Whole 30 - Completed

    I DID IT! Today was my 30th day!!! (yay) I feel so powerful.. I was kinda scared at the beginning of this road, I didn't think I would see any outstanding results but here I am 32 days later (I did 2 more days cause I kinda accidentally screwed up on the second day) very happy and definitely planning on sticking to this lifestyle. First of all I lost 10lbs... yup... that's the most weight I've ever lost in little as 30 Days, I started at 167.55 and now I am at 156.53 lbs My skin is definitely clearer, it isn't totally acne free but I do see improvement , its also glowy and I love it. My sleep is amazing I feel full of energy I'm a little bit scared by the reintroduction so I would love any advice on this. I don't miss legumes at all I think ...but I sometimes crave corn and a froyo wouldn't be such a bad Idea also a cup of wine sounds good. I've seen the reintroduction plan and it starts with legumes can I skip those? Can I jump right into gluten-free grain? I wanna keep on whole30-ing actually but I'm kinda relieved that If one day I really crave popcorn I can have some or that nothing will happen if I have a sip of beer or a cup of merlot. Im pretty sure I wanna keep eating like I learned in this 30 days but I also feel free and insecure about how to apply and use that freedom, do I explain myself? I also don't wanna gain the weight back, recently a friend asked me how much weight can someone loose on Whole30 , when do you plateau? I'm full of doubt and at the same time excitement, I feel like a baby who gave its first steps and now i'm ready to run! Overall this is and amazing amazing experiment and a lifestyle worth to keep, I think my mom is tired of listening how marvelous I think Whole30 is and how much it has changed my life, I can't wait for her to try I mean she's been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I've heard Whole30 can be really helpful I really don't like the idea of her being conditioned on taking pills her whole life as her doctor prescribed so... Thank you for this, Thanks for the experience, Thanks for all the community that helped me through this journey I'll be here , I just love being part of this and I still have tons to learn.
  2. So yesterday was day 30, and today I weighed - I lost 9 pounds. Not the stellar weight loss I was looking for, considering I have another 40 lbs to go. I did follow the plan, never crossing the "donts", but maybe not maximizing the do's. Now that I read the forum, I see the importance of pushing the veggies and limiting the fruit, and I didn't know that cooking fats don't count as meal fats. Hmmm, thought I read the book pretty well, but clearly not. I wasn't able to exercise like I like to, since I had a knee injury and this eliminated all weight-bearing cardio. I do have a more clear mind, I sleep better, and more energy. I do know that I should focus on the non-scale victories, but let's be honest, I wouldn't have been looking to change my diet if those were my only concerns. So, here are my challenges: 1. I travel every week for my work - flying out on Monday -Thursday, staying in a hotel room this entire time does not have a kitchen (or even a microwave). 2. My spouse is "semi" supportive - meaning he wants me to lose weight, and will eat what I cook, but doesn't follow the plan. 3. My exercise will continue to be limited for some time - even weight lifting or pilates/yoga are difficult due to the knee injury. 4. I'm 52 - so my metabolism is not what it once was. Here are my major questions: 1. Any suggestions for food when I travel (home is easy) 2. How do you get veggies in with breakfast? Please don't tell me to cook kale or wilt spinach with my eggs - can't do it. 3. Should I expect any more weight loss or will this just be a long slow stuggle? (I know that initial weight loss is always the greatest).
  3. I’m a foodie, an overweight foodie. And being overweight has never been a big enough motivation for me to permanently change my eating habits because, as a foodie, I didn’t want to give up mind blowing delicious food. Then in my late 30s I developed a host of medical problems. Overweight, uterine fibroids, anxiety, mental health issues, severely aching joints, all year long ‘seasonal allergies’, mysterious mouth rashes, bloating, IBS symptoms, chronic illness, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, tired all the time, lower back pain and finally in January at age 40 I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and was told I had severe arthritis. This was apparently why I couldn’t kneel down or take the stairs. I also kept experiencing rare issues that ‘less than 2% of the population gets (according to my doctors) such as a tooth that disintegrated for no reason, infections and a whole host of conditions that were labeled as ‘auto immune responses’. There is more, but the bottom line is that my body was failing me and I knew it but felt powerless to fix it. So here I am 40 years old, having a hard time getting out of bed and walking in the morning due to muscle aches and joint stiffness. I’m on more meds that I can count and I need a pill organizer. And honestly I just get scared that if I’m this bad at 40 I’m going to be in wheel chair by 50 and I don’t even want to think about 60! I’ve tried diets before, some even successfully, but again as a foodie, weight was never a big enough reason for me to change. But facing the fact that at 40 I felt doomed to thrive or have a healthy life, and I just didn’t want to be in pain anymore, I started actively searching for an answer to my ailments. Several health care practitioners suggested I go Paleo but after a short bout of trying it I gave up. Then Whole 30 was introduced to me by a friend. I bought both books, read them cover to cover and prepped for my W30 for 6 weeks! I re-did my pantry, planned my first weeks’ meal plan and emotionally came to terms with my fears and resistance about giving up so many things for 30 days. In the end I said, ‘it’s just 30 days and I’m not making any promises past that!’ Those 30 days went by like a flash! Sure the first few days were difficult but after that my health improved so much that I felt like I was thriving and healthy for the first time in years. And I never gave up my foodie ways – I just shopped weekly off my menu plan and tried all kinds of new and amazing recipes that my family gobbled up! It felt like I had found my calling. I’m happy to say that I completed my Whole 30 and after re-introduction will be doing another round with several family members. And I fully intend to adopt a Paleo lifestyle. All the ailments I listed above are GONE! Poof vanished just like that! And I mean ALL of them. And the best news is that my cravings and emotional attachments are mostly gone as well. I feel like a whole new woman and I can move around, bend, jump up and down, run up and down the stairs and feel great! I joined the gym and took up swimming again – nothing crazy just making sure I move several times a week in a way that is fun for me. I now enjoy being outside, gardening, hiking and I look forward to exercising with my friends and family. I don’t worry about being the person that can’t keep up with others. Whole 30 is nothing short of a miracle but the bigger miracle is I did this work and healed myself. Without this program I feel like I would have no hope for a healthy or happy future. And one embarrassing/amazing confession: I used to go to the grocery store and really judge people’s shopping carts while waiting in line. Especially the people with all the fresh produce and lack of packaged foods and sugary treats. I’d look at those carts and think “wow how boring, I’d rather be overweight and be able to eat tasty stuff than have to be like that!” Well guess what? Today at Whole Foods while checking out I realized that the cart I used to be jealous of was now my cart! And it’s so NOT BORING! I now have the relationship with food that I never thought possible and the health that comes along with it. And in case you are wondering, I dropped 13 pounds along the way. Although the other health benefits far outweigh the weight loss. I know that weight will continue to come off as I pursue this new lifestyle and that works perfectly for me. Thank you WHOLE 30 and thank you Melissa and Dallas Hartwig for inspiring me with a program that can provide all the health and wellbeing that was missing in my life.
  4. I completed my W30 on Sept 5, 2 days before my birthday just because I really wanted to treat myself to ice cream. Here are the 10 biggest things I learned: 1. I completed the W30 program without a hint of a slip up AND I made each and every one of the meals that I ate in that 30 days. I saved quite a bit of money in the restaurant area since I did not eat out at all in 30 days 2. It is very important to utilize the forum and reach out to this great network when you have questions, concerns or just need someone to give you some tough love and support. Without this group of people, this W30 would have been much more difficult. 3. I learned how to cook a lot more foods in a variety of different ways - including fish, which I was terrified to try and cook before - and - I am a pretty good cook. The homemade stuff is much better than the packaged junk too! 4. I love grilled asparagus, zucchini (extra YUM), parsnips & beets. I have become more sensitive to the different tastes each vegetable, meat and fruit has. 5. I can get up a little bit earlier and make myself a good breakfast and I will not be more fatigued throughout the day just because I missed the extra 20 minutes of sleep. 6. I have a much better relationship with food now than I ever did before. I understand that it is to fuel my body (and what quantities and types fuel is best) and not something to dull pain or enhance celebration. I CAN go 4 - 6 hours without eating and not starve! 7. I have eaten out several times now that my W30 is complete (although still trying to be as W30 compliant as possible) and know when I am ordering what to order in terms of protein, fat and veggies AND - I like what I make from scratch much better! 8. I ate vegan ice cream (made with coconut and agave) on my birthday (and had a taste of my hubby's real ice cream), and I don't have a taste for it anymore. Ice cream was the food I missed the most the last 30 days, and now it just didn't taste that great to me. 9. Salad CAN be consumed without dowsing it in conventional salad dressing 10. Homemade W30 compliant mayo is the BEST! I will never buy Miracle Whip again - yes...the Mayo deserved it's own number it is THAT good. My skin is clearer and softer. I do have more sustainable and level energy throughout the day. I enjoy eating a lot more b/c I stay satisfied between meals and I am not fighting with my cravings to stay away or cave into something. My hair is shinier. I don't know if I have lost any weight as I haven't weighed myself, I feel like my composition has probably changed is some of my clothes do feel loser; however, that was not my main goal for this program. My main goal was to help alleviate muscle trigger points and pain as well as clear brain fog and help anxiety. Since I feel like I have more improvement that can be done, I will be continuing on with the W30 program for another 30 days. I would like to see what more improvement I can have with nutritional eating seeing as how I have several decades of semi good and horrible eating to reverse.
  5. Almost there! One more day! I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself but I got excited last night and couldn't help it... I cheated. Day 28 and down 21lbs (from my heaviest, forgot to weight myself week before starting this) AND so much smaller. I was able to down-size my bridesmaid dress for a wedding this summer and am excited where before I was so worried about how I would look. Now, I wish I could say this success was from me staying 100% on but I had some trouble the last week with temptation. Not like I had full meals or rolled clean off the wagon, just nibbles here and there. Still, cheating. Recognizing this and how little water I have been drinking recently made me not only want to start another 30 and really go all in, no cheating last week, but also start a blog and increase my accountability. I'm not using the blog here. Instead I'm using BlogSpot ( I am super excited. This is the first time I have found something I want to keep doing. I have tried so many diets, meal plans, premade food, and calorie counting fads before and they just don't work. I was also getting worried about how always telling my 3-yr old I was on a "diet" could affect his relationship with food. Now we talk about "healthy choices" instead of relating what we eat to the D-word. This is amazing. I love how amazing I feel. I love how amazing I look! I'm becoming the better me I was hoping for when I started.
  6. Whole30 Complete: Day 30!!!

    YAYYYY!!! I've finally made it to day 30 guys! It was such a great experience. I've learned so much during the process, and this forum definitely helped me a lot. I used to eat Chipotle and Qdoba all the time, and oatmeal + cereal w/ whole milk were my go-to foods every day. While oatmeal and cereal aren't necessarily unhealthy, they definitely didn't give me the nutrients and vitamins I needed. I also ate them all throughout the day (sometimes at 9 PM, midnight, and 2 AM). I've learned that a healthy and balanced meal should have protein + veggies + fat + (sometimes) fruit, and I will definitely adhere to this template as I progress to a 80/20 paleo diet! Here are my results: Waist circumference (measured 1 inch below navel): 32" ---> 30" Weight (will update later, threw out my scale 30 days ago): 120 lbs ---> ? Body fat % (didn't calculate the before percentage): now it's 15.2% Took some pics after dinner today - attached below. I'm so excited and proud of this accomplishment! If you're just starting Whole30 or want some motivation, feel free to visit my blog at for support I updated it daily with my food logs and thoughts & feelings during the 30 days.
  7. *I love how I'm so judgey and annoyed at how long people's success posts are...and I go and do the exact same thing, I've bolded parts that are more interesting to read for people who don't want to skim through this mess* Hi Folks! The story: Did my first Whole30 in November to lose weight (lost 10 lbs, etc etc, can see previous success story here), loved learning discipline for the first time in my life. Started this second Whole30 January 2nd. The goals: 1) Lose weight 2) Exercise throughout (which I didn't really do during my first) 3) Focus on the other essential pieces of a Whole9 life OTHER than eating so sleep, exercise, stress management, temperance (mainly watching tv and relaxing before bed time) and fun. 4) Take some supplements..mainly Vitamin D because it's winter and I need some help The Good: 1) Lost 9 lbs (so from my total "starting" weight before my first Whole30 that's 12lbs in 3 months!) 2) Prioritized sleep 3) Took Zinc, Curcumin, Vitamin D and Magnesium at night 4) Started Crossfit - 3 days a week, love it! 5) Rocking the discipline vibe - I feel so empowered, I KNOW I can do anything I set my mind to, even if it's hard or if it takes longer than it should it doesn't matter. This is how big controlling my eating is for me. Love love LOVE it. 6) Surprising one: I actually talk about my Whole30 with real live people! In person! My friends, coworker and fellow crossfitters. How LIBERATING although at times annoying to always have to explain things. 7) Gaining self-respect! Anyone notice how when you start treating your insides well you put more thought into your outsides? Like "maybe I SHOULD get my nails done! maybe I SHOULD buy better-fitting clothes! Maybe I SHOULD do my hair in the morning!" This is a fabulous phenomenon I found myself gravitating toward during my first Whole30, but I really kicked ass this one in terms of loving myself inside and outside - got some new clothes, am doing my hair, got a mani and doing some make up. The Bad: 1) My temperance is inconsistent, partially because I don't live at home and succumb to the group mentality of crashing in front of the tv for hours after a hard day. 2) I was sleeping TOO much which actually left me feeling groggy! The reason I know this is because for the past week and a half I've been going to be later and waking up naturally earlier, and easier. I was clocking well over 9hrs a night initially, I now know 8-9 is just right. Which is good to know. 3) I wanted this Whole30 to be absolutely perfect so I did not eat out ONCE (except salad bars+compliant grocery items...and my mom made some compliant chili but I'm not convinced all the spices were compliant). I also did not follow my first Whole30's footsteps and go out whilst drinking club sodas with lime. This lead to a fairly anti-social month, however I'm glad to have found a few people in my network who I trust enough to divulge my paleo ways (and those who I don't trust enough!). 4) I didn't learn any new recipes! My first time around I was SO proud of myself for all of the new cooking - this time I was just consistently desperate to feed myself well. I got creative with the tools I already have but I really want to explore even more! Next time: *I'm thinking of doing another Whole30 in May - before bathing suit and outside drinking season* 1) Don't sleep too much, sleep enough to feel awesome! 2) Learn some new and tasty recipes, bring them to the office, share with friends 3) Take some more body measurements (though I've literally never done that in my's not enough to look at before and after pics because there are too many variations and posture changes, etc) 4)Take calcium, don't care if it's mixed with magnesium I'll stop it at night so I don't overdose. I knowwww that there are ways we're getting calcium naturally but I really don't think I do, and I don't want my bones to deteriorate before my time. Also, I'm not fully convinced that I shouldn't take additional iron supplements...especially during "that time of the month" 5) SOCIAL WHOLE30!!! I plan on eating out for this. And I will not freak out. I just completed my to-the-9's hyper compliant Whole30 so I know I can do this, now I want to KNOW that I can do this as a sane and sociable human being. Congrats to anyone who finished their January Whole30, anyone who's in the middle of theirs and anyone who's thinking about starting - good decisions abound!
  8. Whole 30 complete!

    30 days in the books and today is 31. Ok, I said that was not going to be fixated on the scale. But I still am. I'm a little disappointed in my results after hearing so many stories of alot of pounds being shed. I only lost 6 lbs. I wish that I would have measured and done body fat when I started because I do think I have lost inches. I put on a pair of pants that I have never been comfortable in and they were more comfortable. I did take "before" pictures and will take "after" pictures tonight. Ok, numbers aside, I did gain a lot of positives. 1. Lost some inches & can see more defined abs 2. Sleeping better 3. No more afternoon slump 4. Overall more energy 5. Better moods 6. Bowel movements are greatly improved and I'm not gassy (TMI) 7. I am more aware of when and why I eat 8. No cravings So was it a success? I would have to say yes. I still want to work on some more weight/fat loss and workout fueling so I am going to continue as closely to Whole 30 as possible. Oh and I also need to break up with that pesky scale!!
  9. Done-zo!

    If you're here because you're coming up on the end of your Whole30, want to see if you've had a similar experience as me, or are just peaking to see what you can look forward to in your upcoming Whole30 - please comment and share stories below! Results: I wanted to wait to write this until I check my weight tomorrow morning (Day 31) but then realized that I actually don't care! It's obvious that I look better and that I'm taking care of myself. Most importantly - I have put only good things into my body for 30 days! *If I can eat like this for 30 days, I know I can lose the weight I want - this month has shown me something I've never experienced with eating EVER - self control and a conscious appreciation for, and protection of, my body* The Good: - I didn't purposely eat non-compliant foods. I think I ate out 4-5 times and really tried to stick with compliant decisions, though obviously you can't guarantee outside food are prepared compliantly - I learned a lot of new recipes and feel really great about cooking SO much of my own food! - My clothes fit better (just a touch!), my face looks amazing, my hair is super shiny and while I don't feel the "magic" all the time I find myself getting happier easier, if that makes sense The Bad: - Hidden ingredients!! You Devils, you! Soy lecithin in my tea! "Contains less than 2%...." in pretty much all meat! Random stuff in my spices! I'm sure I ate some non-compliant smoked salmon. Dang. - Did NOT stick to the 3 meals a day for sure - and not because of PWO meals - Larabars; I kept them in my purse and depended on them quite a bit. I don't really have a sugar dragon but you wouldn't think that by how much I wanted these around! Next Time: *I plan on doing my second Whole30 in January, cliche, ya!* - Stick to 3 meals a day unless my workouts get more intense to warrant a mini post-meal - No sneaky ingredients!! - No Larabars, enough. I need to create snack packs that are not date-related candy bars - Not really something to watch out for but...this Whole30 I held off on the exercise part until the end (i love working out and am usually consistent <- oxymoron?) so next time around my moving-grooving will be full swing so I'm excited to see THOSE results! Cheers!
  10. Hello lovely people of the Whole9 Forum! I am in such a wonderful mood, nothing can bring me down!!! I finished my first Whole30 yesterday and my goodness it has been a wonderful journey. I am so thankful for Melissa and Dallas for creating this program and I am so fortunate that I stumbled upon the website and clicked the link to purchase It Starts with Food on Amazon! Best decision I have made in years (maybe ever?) I just blogged about my journey on Tumblr, so please check it out! Also follow me if you are on tumblr I posted my Before & After photos on there and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate on this forum so I decided not to, at least for now... but I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF and I can't wait to help as many other people as I can who want to make the journey and take control of their relationship with food and move towards better health! Thanks for everyone on here for being so supportive. Not only of me but of every other person on here. It makes such a difference when you have support, regardless of whether you personally know your supporters or not! Keep up the good work friends Rachael
  11. Hi everyone! I completed my whole30 yesterday, on my 27th birthday! Here are the results I experienced while on my Whole30: I have more energy I sleep like a baby (but I NEED my 8 hours) My skin has cleared up My clothes fit way better - I'm actually down a size! I have a better relationship with food - I don't feel the need to overindulge. I'm fuller faster and don't feel the need to have seconds. I don't have to count points, measure servings, or count calories. It's LIBERATING. Just fill my plate with real food. It's SO SIMPLE. AND NO GUILT. If I am still hungry - I eat! My food taste better - I don't know how to describe it, but fruit taste sweeter now and vegetables taste so good and my food just taste so awesome lately. And it's not just that I'm a great cook. I have some recipes that are 100% compliant from prior to this change - and they just taste better now. I think since I'm no longer eating artificially enhanced foods, I can now appreciate true flavor. I've experienced new foods - I LOVE cauliflower and Brussels sprouts now -- who knew? I feel empowered/committed/proud of myself/just generally awesome I don't feel deprived of anything - I actually finally feel in control for the first time ever! I have more confidence I lost weight! From July 31 through August 31st - I have lost 6.6 pounds! For my full story and some before and after pictures, feel free to check out my blog! SO HAPPY! ~Sara-Marie