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Found 3 results

  1. My eating habits were atrocious. Before the Holidays, I'd decided that I'd start the New Year off by at least cooking a slow-cooker meal a few times a week. Went to Target, saw the Whole 30 Slow Cooker Cookbook. When I got home-excited about my cookbook- I saw the Whole 30 Book on my shelf. Apparently, I'd plan to make changes around this time LAST YEAR! Decided to do Mantra for 2019 is FULLY COMMITTED! Started New Year's Eve (Monday). By day 3, I didn't have to take my nightly Pepcid/Tums! By day 5, I woke up HUNGRY (hadn't done that in decades). By day 6-7, sleeping so good! Not to mention, feeling my body change. More energy. No midday slump. More focused. Clear thinking. Truly, the list goes on and on!! Can't say it's all been easy, but I'm enjoying NUTPODS in my coffee. Love new recipes. Sometimes overwhelmed by the cooking and dishes. But, it's 30 days...or 60. To change habits for LIFE. It gets easier. I'm learning that the occasional "craving" if more of a pity-party. I just do something I love. Read. Write. Cook. Go to be early. My body is Healing. This is a Life-Changer...that is no exaggeration. And not just for me, but my family (and friends are INSPIRED!) Love the food. My husband (a "never eats veggies" guy) told my daughter (16) that I'm "ruining them", cuz they can't go out to eat! Food HERE is too good!! (He modifies it, but still..healthier than before!!) Last year at my last check up, my NP ran the "inflammatory" tests...all of mine were HIGH! My next appointment is March 1. I will complete Day 30 (Round 2) on Feb. 28!! I'm actually excited to see the look on her face when she seems my results. I love the empowerment--knowing that I am dong something about my risks for so many disease processes. OH, and by the way...stupid "little" change for me...I have not bitten my nails in 37 days!! I'm 49 and have bitten my nails ALL MY LIFE! I'm getting manicures!! (nice non-food treat!). I'm down about 10 pounds, finally at 199.4..under 200. Haven't been there in years. But, like so many, the weight loss is not the goal--the feeling of health is! I'm telling everyone about this program and will continue to do this--to inspire others to take control of their health. This. is. not. hard.! LovingMyWhole30Life!
  2. I finished my first Whole 30 yesterday! Today is weigh in day and I'm down 11.5 pounds. Yeah me! I feel terrific and want to shout from the roof tops how good I feel!! I want to tell everyone to try The Whole 30 before they go to the doctor and bring home a handful of prescriptions. (I've had to reign it in as not to be the obnoxious friend, sister, wife, etc). I love the idea of doing an "After Action Report". Here's my version for your use and enjoyment! What I did really well Resisted bread when my husband and I went out to dinner (that was so hard!!) Planned ahead when I went to my sister's birthday party. I brought ants on a log (celery with almond butter and raisins) to help me resist the pigs in a blanket and mini cupcakes. Did 1000-calorie workouts the first 15 days to kick things off, then scaled back to my regular 500-calorie workouts for the remainder. Broke my Starbucks habit!! I discovered that I can make a delicious iced coffee with coconut milk at home for a LOT less than my daily double tall soy latte. What I'll do better next time Do a better job of reading labels for sneaky sugar and unpronounceable ingredients Be more diligent when eating out. Ask what food is prepared in, if vegetables come with butter, etc Don't get weight, measured, or measure my fat percentage for the full 30 days. I failed miserably at this!! Get more creative with meals--do more planning and preparing; fix more meals at home. Stick to three meals; cut out the snacking unless I'm really, really hungry. Try Bone Broth. I keep hearing good things about it. Make it less boring. Experiment more. Best discoveries that I'll keep with me for a lifetime La Croix or other sparkling mineral water. I squeeze in some fresh lemon or lime juice and pour it over ice. It's as much fun as soda without the ugly consequences. Organizing my refrigerator according to food groups--I put good fats on the top right; fruits-second shelf on the left; veggies, second shelf on the right; and protein on the bottom shelf. It's a simple visual that helps me build a clean meal just by opening the fridge. It's also easy to see when things are running low and I need to go shopping. Nom Nom Paleo! I love these recipes!! They're simple, but really tasty. One of my favorites is Slow Cooker Kalua Pig (nom, nom!) I've seem so many positive changes over the last 30 days, but the single biggest revelation for me is that I actually did it! I ate healthy whole foods and resisted the urge to eat the foods I had committed not to eat for the entire 30 days. I can't tell you how strong, confident, and empowered that makes me feel. I think that feeling eclipses everything else!
  3. HealthNut15


    Hi there, So today is my last day of my Whole 30! I felt like I did a really good job of staying compliant and checking every little ingredient in my cooking. I feel great and notice better energy levels, sleeping better and improved work-outs. I've also had some of my work colleagues mention that it looked like I lost some weight, which is always nice to hear This morning I was chatting with my really good work friend who is going to start her's tomorrow. We were talking about sprays to use on the grill and I mentioned that I had gotten an Organic Whole Foods Olive Oil Cooking Spray - it was actually the Whole Foods 365 brand and would use that like a cooking spray if I ever needed to use it. My friend countered that she had gone shopping last night at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and didn't see any compliant olive oil cooking sprays. So now this is making me second guess the spray I used probably about 5 times on my Whole 30 and if there were any sneaking additives that I forgot to check for. It just hit me that I don't think I ever checked the ingredients on the can since I just assumed it was 100% olive oil in a spray can. After work, I'm going to double check the ingredients as soon as I get home, but meantime, since I am so worried, I did call the brand and ask for ingredients and they said there was nothing but organic olive oil in the 365 brand. I'm still having a very paranoid feeling though until I'm able to get home and actually check the can. It just kills me to think that it is my last day and I thought I had a great, compliant 30 days and then on the last day to discover I might have unknowingly messed up a couple times. It is the most defeating feeling ever!! I had some of my friends and family giving me support and happy for me that it was my last day but now I just feel like everything I did the past 30 days was a waste Has anyone else been through this and/or have any motivational thoughts? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!!