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Found 59 results

  1. I am starting my reintroduction this weekend. I was looking at the recommendations of reintroduction and there is a suggestion to have gluten-free bread. I haven't found one that is compliant. Are there any suggestions?
  2. Are this milk compliant?

    Hey lovely people, so I love lattes and I usually go to this coffee shop that I love and asked them what alternative choices for regular milk they have and they said "almond and coconut" so I asked them if they could show me the boxes they came in to check in for the ingredients ( they were super nice and agreed immediately) so this is what they serve: Are they compliant or nah? The ingredients are in spanish so I really don't know.. it looks compliant to me but I also I was thinking it was to good to be true that my favorite coffee shop had compliant coconut or almond milk.. so what do you guys think?
  3. I tried looking around on the forum but haven't found exactly this - so I thought I'd start a thread of my own. I am a visual learner, and find it helpful to see photographic examples to help me understand and learn better. So I wondered if other people who were thinking of trying out a Whole 30, or who were well into a Whole 30 but were a little bored with what they're eating, might benefit from a pictorial review of what's on my plate. I encourage others to join in and post photos of what you've cooked and are eating to give the rest of us some ideas as well! Through this pictorial review, I hope we can all be inspired to cook something new, try an ingredient we've never used before, and realize that eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating complicated. Without further ado, I present my most common breakfast-- not gorgeous, not complicated, but compliant, delicious and filling: eggs fried in coconut oil, sliced baked Yukon gold potatoes topped with generous blobs of homemade mayo, and a piece of fruit (in this case it was clementine):
  4. Hi all -- there does not seem to be a definitive place where full ingredients/allergens from the fast-casual Caribbean restaurant chain Pollo Tropical ( are readily available. I haven't had luck in finding out from my local branches (due to a language barrier on my part), and there is very little information about this online, including on their own website (where you can find out whether products contain dairy, eggs, or gluten, but not the rest of what we'd need to know on a W30). Here's what I've gathered so far, from reading others' blog posts: There are supposedly 4 different meals on the menu that Pollo Tropical claims are free of the 8 most common allergens -- though I have yet to see a list of what those meals are, as everyone's links to this list are unfortunately broken. I did see a post from someone who had ordered Pollo Tropical's roasted chicken, balsamic tomatoes, and sweet plantains while on a Whole30, but I don't feel that I can trust that post for accuracy since there weren't any ingredient investigations cited; for all I know, the blogger could have made wrong assumptions and accidentally eaten something non-compliant. Given those frustrations, I wanted to start a formal thread on the official Whole30 forums where we can hopefully collaborate to post the definitively compliant items from the Pollo Tropical menu as we discover them (myself included -- I'll keep trying!). Thanks all! Looking forward to your insight and/or recommendations.
  5. SWYPO question

    I was catching up with my Whole30 Daily the other day, as I fell behind, and had a question. One of the newsletter had recipes with cauliflower rice, and zoodles, which I've seen around before. This time, however, I wondered: Why is compliant pancakes (egg+banana) not allowed, but recreating other foods, such as rice or noodles is ok?
  6. I am on day 18 of my Whole30. I'm incredibly proud of myself for making it this far with no slip ups in non-compliant food! Despite this, I have had two binge sessions; on day 10 and day 14. I have since removed all "trigger foods" from my diet (plantain chips, fruit, larabars, nuts) for the remainder of my Whole30. I have went four days without these foods and so far so good! I haven't experienced any cravings. In addition, I'm creating an after dinner ritual of drinking tea, brushing my teeth, and closing down the kitchen. This is when my binges normally occur. Binge eating was a major reason why I decided to do the Whole30, so although I have been compliant and feel as if I am taking the right steps to make the rest of my Whole30 a success, I'm battling some serious guilt about cheating myself out of a proper 30 days. Has anyone else experienced this guilt or successfully overcame it through the Whole30? Are there any additional tips or tricks I could use to prevent this behavior in the future?
  7. Sams Club or Costco?!

    Hello! We had a membership to Costco this past year and loved being able to purchase bulk items of the Aidell's Chicken & Apple sausages, nuts, avocado oil, larabars, etc. I was wondering if anyone had a preference to Sams Club vs Costco since our renewal is coming up and I'm wondering if Sams Club would have better offerings of Whole30 compliant products? Thanks!
  8. Don't over think this.

    Welcome all newcomers, welcome back vets, and for those of you who never left...welcome to this post. I just wanted to pop in here and remind you all to take a deep breath before you dive into all the questions about what you can and can't have. The program guidelines are clear on what you can and can't have (grains, dairy, W30 muffins), but things get a little grey when people start talking about what you should and shouldn't have. Please don't over think think this. You don't have to address every food related issue you have, break every bad habit, and shun every food that gives you comfort to succeed with your Whole30. If you need to you can always extend or repeat the process, and things will get better each time you do. My advice to you is this: Stick to the rules like they are your port in a storm (really, they will become that). Take the Moderators responses seriously (we know what we're talking about). Take community members suggestions as advice from those who came before, but keep in mind they are not the rules and not the Mods. Everyone here is well-meaning, and everyone here wants to see you succeed, but everyone here is at a different place in this journey. And finally, take comfort in these words (from Melissa Hartwig, on another forum post): Here's the thing (and this is an interesting discussion)... there are Whole30 "rules," which are strict, clearly outlined, and very well defined. No grains - and here are all the things we consider grains. No dairy - and here are all the dairy items excluded. No Paleo-fied food choices, and here's what those look like. Then, there are Whole30 suggestions for success. They're not part of the official rules, but they're things that we've seen really help (or harm) people as they move through the program. Fruit smoothies for breakfast - not a good idea. Skipping breakfast - not a good idea. Eating every two hours, all day - not a good idea. These things won't necessarily affect your Whole30 results (although they might), but if we can give you additional suggestions that will make your transition and your program easier and more effective, we're going to give them to you. Keep Calm and Whole30 On.
  9. Coleman Chicken Sausages

  10. Hale and Hearty Soups?

    Hi, Does anyone know if any of the Hale and Hearty soups are W30 Compliant for last minute on the go meals? Thanks!
  11. Sweet Cloves?

    Are sweet cloves compliant? They are listed in my Harney & Sons tea, and I REALLY would like to continue drinking this if I can. Anyone know???
  12. HELP! We are two men, both 50, married, and living in a city where we have access to amazing produce and organic butcher meats. We followed Whole30 for the entire 30 days and were strict adherents to all of the rules and restrictions. We both love to cook, eat relatively healthy every day, and are both in good health. We are hoping to lose 10-15 pounds each to get back to a really great weight for each of us — somewhere around 150. That is ideal. THE GOOD NEWS. Some pain caused by slight arthritis in my hand disappeared around Day 3-4 and has not returned. Amazing news. I had been waking in pain every morning for 6 months and now I am convinced it is due to food. We are embarking on introducing food back into our diet tomorrow to see what might be causing the problem, but I can thank Whole30 for helping me figure this one out. In addition, everything else is better: sleep, rising in the morning, concentration, digestion, overall emotional state, no crashing mid-afternoon, delicious meals, and an overall feeling of wellness. THE BAD NEWS: Neither of us lost any weight at all. Granted, we are not exercising. We walk our dog, but winter and torrential rain for nearly every day in our normally sunny climate has created a problem for us. We intend to go back to exercising (hikes, bike rides, etc), but neither of us can believe that exercise - or LACK OF - is the culprit here, especially since we have lost weight in other ways in the past with diet alone. Weight Watchers was particularly good for me. Here is the real question for all of you — I cannot believe that cutting out alcohol, dairy, wheat, legumes, gluten, all sugar, and soy and everything else Whole 30 forbids did not result in weight loss. It makes no sense to us at all. Frankly, it made us depressed. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. (Also, I know our metabolism has slowed down, but still... reducing all of those things, many of which we regularly partake should result in SOME weight loss, no?) Thank you community!
  13. Just wanted to let others know that the Natural Value brand of canned coconut milk has a coupon on amazon right now. Brings it down to $2.28 a can which is a great price
  14. I am "attempting" my very first Whole30, being wholly compliant, at least I hope so :-/ Here's my delimma...I'm making my way through my Whole30 book and just read about Kombucha which floored me! I don't know why I thought any Kombucha was okay but...I did. I realized that on both day 1 and day 2, I drank a more "affordable" brand (a Central Market brand) that listed organic cane sugar on the label. I didn't think anything of it until I read my Whole30 book. Here's my question...does this mean I have to start over???? Please say no, Please say no, PALEEEASE say no!!! If you only knew how many attempts I've made to do a whole30 :-(
  15. Hi everybody! I'm doing my first round of Whole 30 (on day 5) and I'm not sure if it was either a combo of too much onion or too much pepper but now I'm having a small allergic reaction (lip swelling) should I cut these out as well and start over with the program? Or should I take a small break from them and continue on and just keep watching things? I'm used to my mouth swelling when I have gluten so it's weird it's done this now. I know I went kinda heavy on the pepper and onions today which is why i think it was one of those causing this. Also sorry of this was the wrong board to post in.
  16. I have purchased a Perderson's Natural Farms Smoked Sausage from my local grocery store. While it has no sugar in the ingredients, it does not show up on their website as "Whole30 Approved". The Smoked Sausage Kielbasa listed on their page does say it is Whole30 Approved, but I cannot find this Smoked Sausage (non-Kielbasa) product anywhere on their website. Does anyone have any experience with this sausage?
  17. Hello! I just started the January Whole30 yesterday. I found this sausage at my local grocery store. It doesn't LOOK like anything non-compliant up front, but the "fresh hams" makes me wonder.
  18. Sausage and Bacon

    Hi everyone! Since my husband does a lot of the shopping while I manage our coffee shop I don't know how easy it will be for me to get him to read labels. He not only shops for our home but also for our coffee shop. Does anyone know a few brands of sausage and or bacon that are compliant that I can have him get at either, walmart, publix, Sam's, or Winn Dixie?
  19. Has anyone ever tried to make the Whole Foods Sonoma Chicken salad Whole30 complaint. Or do you think that this recipe would be just as tasty without the honey? Going to watch an air and water show and I want to be sure that I have some protein packed foods that I can enjoy. Additionally, are any potato other than sweet allowed? Red, Yukon gold, russet? Thanks! Thanks!
  20. Compliant almond milk??

    Hi everyone!! I know I've read that compliant Almond milk is very difficult to find, but I stumbled on this last night at Whole Foods. It looks OK to me, but I'm only on Day 7 of my first Whole 30, so I really don't know. I just was wondering if this is compliant. I'm really trying not to slip up!!! Thanks in advance!! ~Kathy*
  21. Over Cooking :(

    I am on day 8 and so far my Whole30 is going really well with one exception. I am getting really tired of cooking! I started my Whole30 the same weekend I moved into a new home because I figured having an empty fridge and pantry so perfect time for a reset. Sounds like a really good plan BUT trying to get settled and unpacked has meant that I haven't been able to meal prep as much in advance as I would like and so I find myself cooking every day, sometimes multiple times. I am over it and I've got 22 days to go. Any suggestions besides a protein salad that is compliant and easy?
  22. Help! Is this sausage compliant?

    I came across 365 Sausage at Whole Foods. I picked up their pork and chicken sausages (they were mild italian...yum...if they aren't compliant, I'll just give them to my family). The ingredients are as follows: Pork sausage: "Ingredients: pork, water, sea salt, vinegar, spices (fennel, black pepper), dehydrated garlic, rosemary extract, lemon juice concentrate." Chicken sausage: "Ingredients: chicken, water, sea salt, vinegar, spices (fennel, black pepper), dehydrated garlic, rosemary extract, lemon juice concentrate." My hesitation is with the vinegar. Are these compliant?
  23. I'm starting Week 2 (!!!!!) from South Korea, and I have a hard time finding compliant foods, snacks, and supplies because all of the labels are in Korean! Luckily, I can get a lot of great things on iHerb. I've already ordered a ton of nuts and spices, coconut aminos, coconut flour, SeaSnax, ghee, almond butter, and a few other things. What are your favorite compliant items on iHerb? I am specifically looking for snacks and salad dressings.
  24. I found a Whole30 compliant almond milk at Whole Foods! WOOHOO. It is the unsweetened almond milk called MALK. Ingredients include raw organic almonds, himalayan salt, and filtered water. FIND IT HERE: I'm obviously very excited about this .
  25. Struggling

    I recently discovered that I have a slew of new food allergies (to go along with several old ones I've had all my life) and my ENT doctor recommended "It Starts With Food" as a jumping off point to alleviate food allergies. I began my attempt about 6 weeks ago and have yet to remain compliant for longer than 2 weeks (usually more like 2 days). With all my new known food allergens, I'm basically allergic to everything except what is Whole30 compliant as well as tree nuts and eggs. This is very limiting to my diet and makes it difficult to stick to for very long. My thoughts are "I'm going to have to live the Whole30 lifestyle the rest of my life, why stick to a full 30 days?" I did see an improvement in skin and GI issues for the two weeks I remained compliant as well as some weight loss which was great, but not enough of an incentive for me to give up bread and chocolate long term. I've reread the "This isn't hard..." mantra over and over in the hopes of encouraging myself to stick with at least 30 days, but ultimately I know I'm stuck in this diet for life and feel the need for treats to get myself through. I'd love to be able to remove myself from sugar and allergens completely but it's just not happening. I need some guidance on how to stick with this long term (even though this isn't meant to be a long term plan) because ultimately I'm allergic to everything else! All help greatly appreciated!