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Found 23 results

  1. I could really use some guidance. I am afraid of going off the rails with the apparent inability to reintroduce according to the Plan. I thought it would be easy to reintroduce, but I am not really ready or interested in legumes or rice. I would like to be able to eat bacon, ketchup with reduced sugar, and some dressings. I am a pet sitter/dog walker and am in my car most of the day. It is impossible to eat lettuce wraps in the car, and in the old days, Kind bars were a staple. During the whole30 I occassionally had a Larabar cashew cookie, but tried hard to break the habit of bars. But, let's face it, my schedule makes it impossible for me to have real meals, this is just my life. What about Paleo Valley supergreens, and the RX Bar? Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, looking for help determining if the coconut milk at the store is compliant. The brand is Thai and the ingredients are: Organic coconut, water, and guar gum. The guar gum throws me a little. Any help is appreciated!!!
  3. I’m struggling to figure out if the sulfites in my red wine vinegar are compliant... I was at the store and couldn’t find a brand (organic or otherwise) that didn’t say “Contains Sulfites” in the ingredient list. The one I ended up with only has two things listed under ingredients: Red wine vinegar, contains sulfites. Is there a brand that anyone has used before that is compliant? Are these naturally occurring sulfites? Are they ok? Is there another vinegar I could use instead of red wine vinegar since apparently I live in the Bermuda Triangle of Whole 30 compliant red wine vinegars?? THANKS!
  4. Franks Red Hot

    Is Frank's Hot Sauce compliant and is there anywhere to purchase the mushroom powder?
  5. Extra condiments

    I made ketchup and salsa, but there's no way I will use it all by the time it goes bad. Can I freeze, can, or do something to extend the life?
  6. bbq sauce and ranch trouble

    I went to the store today to find ingredients to make bbq sauce and ranch (recipe in It starts with food) and I couldn't find a few compliant ingredients! So sad! I need a olive oil mayo for the ranch and a Dijon mustard for the bbq. The mustards all had sulphites and there was sugar in all the mayos. I'm new at this so I am not sure where to look.
  7. I've been happily making my own mayonnaise using Melissa Joulwan's recipe from Well Fed, and I love it. My husband, on the other hand, loves "the tangy zip of Miracle Whip" and finds mayo lacking. I hate Miracle Whip but would like to make him a condiment that he enjoys as much as I enjoy the mayo. He's made some W30 compliant ketchups that he loves, using date paste. Does anyone have any suggestions for creating a Whole30 compliant version of Miracle Whip for him? Other posts on the forum indicate that Apple Cider Vinegar will make the mayo more tangy, which is a good start, but what can be used to give the sweetness of MW? Would a small amount of date paste ruin the texture?
  8. Tessemaes Products

    What products from the tessemae brand are compliant? Does anyone know of stores that carry them so I don't have to order online? I live in the Cincinnati area of that makes a difference.
  9. Hello! This is my first post. I am starting my first Whole 30 on 9/11, and I am trying to get everything organized and planned as well as I can ahead of time. I plan to make a few condiments and dressings before I get started. I want to know - besides basic mayo, which I plan to make - What are you 2 MUST HAVE condiments/dips/dressings? The ones that helped you get through Whole 30. Thanks! Heather
  10. On day 5 of Whole30. I usually do a considerable amount of Chinese cooking and I'm managing to find Whole30 compliant substitutes for most condiments. But Pixian Chile Bean Paste, which contains broad beans, has me stumped. I could use just ground tian jin peppers, but hoped some of you might have a better suggestion.
  11. Hi all! So, I will be travelling to Arizona to visit my parents in February (a couple of weeks after I finish my first Whole30), and I am SUPER excited to bring back a few of the products I have been hearing so much about, to make my life a little easier as I continue my Whole30-inspired lifestyle. We don't have Trader Joe's or Whole Foods where I live and it seems like there are lots of compliant options there. What are some of your favourite things to get at Trader Joe's? Or Whole Foods? I am looking for (a) options to cook for/with my parents while I'm there, and ( a few of the best salad dressings, condiments, etc to come back in my suitcase with me. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Has anyone found a compliant lemon pepper? Every one that I pick up seems to have sugar in it. I've been doing without, but I really miss it. Or if you have a recipe for lemon pepper, that would work, too! Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi there I am just a bit confused -according to the Whole30 book, the mayo should last about 7 days after the best before date on the eggs, but the ranch dressing only lasts 2-3 days in the fridge. Is this because the ranch dressing has fresh parsley in it? I left out the parsley for this reason, but now I am thinking it is because of the coconut cream, in which case I have half a batch of ranch dressing heading for the bin Thanks!
  14. Gomasio?

    Is gomasio on the plan?
  15. Looking for a compliant Dijon Mustard and happened upon Koop's Organic Dijon Mustard at our local Sprouts (its like a nicer Trader Joe's). The ingredients list says: Ingredients: Water, organic mustard seeds, organic vinegar, salt, organic turmeric, organic spices. However I am quite dubious since I know that *most* dijon mustards are made with white wine, and this label keeps it really vague by just saying "organic vinegars". I looked at the label for Organicville's Dijon Mustard, which is said to be compliant, and it reads nearly identical: INGREDIENTS: WATER, ORGANIC MUSTARD SEEDS,ORGANIC VINEGAR, SALT, ORGANIC TUMERIC, ORGANIC SPICES. Does anyone know if the Koop's is compliant?
  16. I made homemade mayo and am wondering how long it lasts.
  17. Mayo recipe

    I want to make mayo. The recipe in the book says light olive oil, not extra virgin. So is this light virgin, regular virgin, or none of the above. I have several kinds of oil including avocado. What can I use instead.
  18. Tessemae's new Ketchup

    I'm guessing from the ingredients this would be okay? Looks like the same stuff as recipes I've found, but this is one I'd really rather buy than make. Ingredient list: tomato purée (tomatoes and salt), date purée (water, organic dates, lemon juice), filtered water, acv, sea salt, lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder
  19. Kimchi

    I just bought a jar of kimchi from Whole Foods the other day and the only way I've eaten it before is with rice at Korean restaurants. Obviously, doing the Whole 30 right now makes rice a no-go, so does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can pair kimchi with?
  20. Does anyone know if Montreal Steak Seasoning is Whole30 compliant? Here are the ingredients: COARSE SALT, SPICES (INCLUDING BLACK PEPPER, AND RED PEPPER), GARLIC, SUNFLOWER OIL, NATURAL FLAVOR, AND EXTRACTIVES OF PAPRIKA. The natural flavor and sunflower oil are what concerns me. Thank you :-)
  21. I worked in the food service industry for years, and my superiors always drilled that NO outside food was allowed to be eaten inside the premises. They told me that the restaurant could get sued if somebody brought in their own food/condiments and got sick. Is this normal, or do most places just look the other way?
  22. Safe condiments?

    Question from a very new newbie....what specific condiments are allowed in the Whole 30 program? Do you basically just have to read the label to make sure a certain condiment doesn't contain prohibited things such as sugar or oils? If anyone has any tips to get started, I would appreciate it!
  23. Before you post a question that starts with, "Can I have (insert food/drink/condiment here)," please follow these quick steps. 1. Read this article, where we summarize the most common "Can I have" questions and answers! If your food or beverage isn't listed there, then... 2. Search this forum! (Google is the easiest way, simply google 'whole30 + item') Chances are, someone has asked the question before. If not... 3. Post your question here, making sure the subject line includes the item in question. (Ex: subject, "Can I have kombucha?") (Include as much detail in your post including ingredients you would like to check as possible) Thanks for participating - and best of luck on your Whole30! Melissa, Dallas and the Whole9 team