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Found 8 results

  1. I used a couple of tablespoons of basil out of a tube on turkey bolognese on Day 22 and 23 then read ingredient list and discovered dextrose and whey. Start over, quit or keep going?
  2. cc131

    Chosen Foods Mayo

    Hi there- I recently bought a container of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo. I read all the ingredients comparing them to the other options on the shelf, and I decided to buy it. Now I have recently downloaded the whole30 scanner app, and I was just hanging out in my fridge scanning things and scanned the mayo. IT came up as not approved because it contains honey, and I started to freak out. I reread the ingredients, and honey is not listed on my jar. I am freaking out now because everywhere online says this mayo contains honey BUT IT'S NOT LISTED ON MY JAR!!! I went to WholeFoods and looked at their jar's ingredients, and again no honey. Please advise, I want to trust the labels on my jar and not go spend another ten dollars! I am awaiting an immersion blender so then I can just make my own, but for now I just want to eat my Curry Tuna Salad!!! Thank you!
  3. Hey!! I am brand spankin new to this whole30 thing (I am on day 4, things are going well, but I miss some more creamier substances for say, lettuce wraps) and I was wondering if there is any stores in Canada that may sell some of the whole30 compliant sauces? I know i can make some, but it would be nice to have some on hand, so if I feel a craving (like i did last night when i made chicken sadly was missing the dairy - i usually put plain Greek yogurt, but i cant now haha) so i just wanted some creamy substance. I know i can order online, but thought i would check if stores in Canada have anything. PLEASE HELP
  4. I could really use some guidance. I am afraid of going off the rails with the apparent inability to reintroduce according to the Plan. I thought it would be easy to reintroduce, but I am not really ready or interested in legumes or rice. I would like to be able to eat bacon, ketchup with reduced sugar, and some dressings. I am a pet sitter/dog walker and am in my car most of the day. It is impossible to eat lettuce wraps in the car, and in the old days, Kind bars were a staple. During the whole30 I occassionally had a Larabar cashew cookie, but tried hard to break the habit of bars. But, let's face it, my schedule makes it impossible for me to have real meals, this is just my life. What about Paleo Valley supergreens, and the RX Bar? Thoughts?
  5. I’m struggling to figure out if the sulfites in my red wine vinegar are compliant... I was at the store and couldn’t find a brand (organic or otherwise) that didn’t say “Contains Sulfites” in the ingredient list. The one I ended up with only has two things listed under ingredients: Red wine vinegar, contains sulfites. Is there a brand that anyone has used before that is compliant? Are these naturally occurring sulfites? Are they ok? Is there another vinegar I could use instead of red wine vinegar since apparently I live in the Bermuda Triangle of Whole 30 compliant red wine vinegars?? THANKS!
  6. Hey guys, looking for help determining if the coconut milk at the store is compliant. The brand is Thai and the ingredients are: Organic coconut, water, and guar gum. The guar gum throws me a little. Any help is appreciated!!!
  7. Anne Therese

    Franks Red Hot

    Is Frank's Hot Sauce compliant and is there anywhere to purchase the mushroom powder?
  8. Before you post a question that starts with, "Can I have (insert food/drink/condiment here)," please follow these quick steps. 1. Read this article, where we summarize the most common "Can I have" questions and answers! If your food or beverage isn't listed there, then... 2. Search this forum! (Google is the easiest way, simply google 'whole30 + item') Chances are, someone has asked the question before. If not... 3. Post your question here, making sure the subject line includes the item in question. (Ex: subject, "Can I have kombucha?") (Include as much detail in your post including ingredients you would like to check as possible) Thanks for participating - and best of luck on your Whole30! Melissa, Dallas and the Whole9 team