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Found 10 results

  1. The book lists 8 different types of fats under the heading of "Cooking Fats". The Extra-Virign Olive oil stands out to me as I know what this is, and ive used it in the past. Would I be able to use this as cooking fat for all my Whole30 dishes where necessary? Thanks.
  2. Today I was at Trader Joe's and came upon a seasoned buffalo ghee. I purchased it and here are the ingredients: buffalo milk, spices, black mustard seed, turmeric, fennel seed, whole cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom . It also says "This product is made with buffalo milk." What's confusing to me is the "buffalo milk" part. I thought that since it was a ghee, the product would have gone through the clarifying process, making it compliant, but I'm hestitant because of the milk listed in the ingredients. Anyone know if this is okay or not? I haven't used it yet.
  3. TKHaller

    Need fat?

    If I eat a high fat meat like ground beef or bacon do I still need to have a serving of cooking or eating fat?
  4. Hi all, I'm 3 days into my first Whole30, Jan 2017. I think I've been doing pretty well with balanced meals so far, but would appreciate some clarification around fat portions at each meal. Looking at the meal template described in the Whole30 book, as well as the meal template PDF template available on the site (, it's slightly confusing or at least, doesn't answer this question: do we add a fat AS WELL AS our cooking fat/cooking oils or butters? And if so, do we select one of the recommended added fats such as avocado, etc? Or can we pick as many as we like and simply eat till we're full? Thanks in advance!
  5. onkar

    Cooking fat/Oil

    Hi All, I started Whole30 recently. Today is my 12th day and I am really enjoying my journey. Somehow I feel that I am eating too much fat (eg ghee, oil). Please let me know what is the recommended fat consumption. Usually have 2-3 tbsp cooking fat (ghee) per meal to cook etc. Is it too much? Thank you. -O
  6. EnnnDee

    Cooking Fats

    I have about 35 days before my Whole 30 begins ( since I have a wedding to travel to & vacation planned). I'm trying to understand what "cooking fats" I can use for Whole 30? I used to use cooking spray, evoo, vegetable oil, or butter.
  7. swag

    "cooking fat"

    In the Whole30 book, what is meant by cooking fat?
  8. Hello, I keep seeing in the recipes "cooking fat" as an ingredient. I've been using olive oil. Is this considered "cooking fat" or is ghee "cooking fat"? Also, if this is ghee that is being referenced, I picked some up at Trader Joe's (Clarified Butter - Ghee) and it clearly lists milk as an ingredient. Is that normal? I was under the impression that ghee didn't have milk so I haven't used it yet. Thanks as always for your help. Sincerely, Stephanie
  9. Schnauzy

    So much cooking fat

    It is my first day on the whole30 and I prepped my meal yesterday. I made a pound of roasted veggies and 10 oz of seared chicken - I put 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in EACH dish (total of 4 tb). I felt like this was a lot but please correct me if I'm wrong. What is the appropriate amount of cooking fat we should have in one meal? Thank you
  10. Emiley Carey

    Meat Fat vs. Cooking Fats

    I am beginning my first Whole30 journey on Monday! In preparation I have been making "practice meals" and trying out different foods so that I don't panic on Monday when I have to buckle down. I also see this as a way to prep my body for the change a little bit before nixing all the non compliant foods. So, as I have been perusing the website, forums, and resource blogs for about a week now, I have one recurring question. Do I need to add the same amount of fat regardless of what meats I am eating? It makes sense that I need to add fat when eating a lean chicken breast or tuna fish, but what about fattier meats? I made chicken thigh skewers on the grill last night and they were pretty fatty on their was a struggle to add MORE fat to that meal without feeling queasy. I can't imagine adding even more fat to some beef cuts either. Can you clear this up for me? Further, hoping to understand the meal planning guide--am I to choose one added fat source per meal, or cooking fats/butters in addition to Olives/nuts/avocado etc.? Thanks in advance! PS - are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable?