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Found 76 results

  1. Is there a way to make clarified butter without cheesecloth? I would prefer not to have to throw it out every two me I make it.
  2. Instant Pot on Amazon Prime Day

    The Instant Pot is on a great special on Amazon Prime Day today. Get 'em while they're still in stock! Thanks to NomNomPaleo for posting about this on Instagram -- that's where I saw it. This is the one we have, and we LOVE it. I was afraid of them once upon a time, but I'm so glad i got over that.
  3. What to do with half a pig's head?

    Hi all, So I have half a pig's head in my freezer that I really want to cook (and free up valuable freezer real estate!), but I'm stumped as to what Whole30-compliant thing to do with it. I typically roast it, chop it up, and use it in tacos and burritos, but that's obviously right out...anyone have any ideas? I don't just want to eat slice of meat + serving of veg for 16 meals straight...that's the quickest way to send me round the bend! Thanks for any suggestions, and I hope this question is appropriate for this section of the forum...if not, just let me know and I'll repost it elsewhere.
  4. In my Life After Whole 30, I am mainly eating Whole30-ish, making conscious decisions on deviations. I have been wondering about cooking with wine.... Some recipes just don't taste the same with the wine substitutes I have experimented with using. My understanding is the alcohol burns off so it is not like drinking alcohol.... is that right? My guess is maybe my recipe would have some added sugar due to the wine in the recipe? Does anyone know more about the science of cooking with wine (what is left after the alcohol burns off if indeed it does)? Anyone who has added back cooking with wine experience any issues/problems regarding how they feel?
  5. Silver beet/Swiss Chard

    Hi all! Can anyone tell me, do you eat the stalks of swiss chard/silver beet? I'm seeking to boast my calcium intake and there was no Kale in the shop. Thank you!
  6. Cholesterol Got Worse

    I am a 26-year-old 5'5" female. After completing the Whole30 and continuing for 6 months, I lost 20 pounds and I'm now 130lbs. BUT my cholesterol got worse. My main fat for breakfast is macadamia nuts, lunch it is cold EVOO, and dinner it is coconut oil/ghee. Should I consider swapping coconut oil for avocado oil for cooking? In September 2016, my Total Cholesterol was 244, LDL was 150, HDL 85, Triglycerides 46.Here are my updated numbers 4/11/17:Total Cholesterol: 253LDL-C: 164HDL-C: 68Triglycerides: 57Non-HDL-C: 185Apo B: 133LDL-P: 1671Small LDL-P: 538HDL-P: 36.8Lp(a)P: 207
  7. Knife Skills?

    Hi All, This is my second round of Whole30 and I'm really excited and trying to expand my horizons, but I have a confession to make. I have terrible knife skills. I'm not a danger to myself or others, but trying to dice something evenly or julienne/matchstick carrots, etc never works out. For example, I made a salad tonight that called for match stick/julienne carrots and they were all too large and uneven. It tasted fine, but wasn't as good as it could have been. I refuse to pay extra for pre-prepped foods at the grocery store, so I'm hoping folks here can lend me some advice, share their favorite tutorial videos, or commiserate over all of the vegetable chopping!
  8. Hey guys!! I've done 2 rounds of Whole30 before and I LOVE how I feel after. This time I'm getting in shape for an upcoming trip, and this week I'm preparing for my March 1st start date by researching (reading the 30 day guide as fast as possible), printing my favourite recipes for easy access, and talking to my friends about my journey! If you would like to chat about Whole30 and nutrition, (and maybe you even have some travel suggestions for Australia) please join me!! We can keep each other excited, motivated and accountable ☺
  9. My issue is that I basically haven't cooked for the past 20 years since I got divorced . Pretty much if you couldnt boil it or microwave it I didn't make it . Consequently I have to buy all the pans and knives and such . Also I know nothing about the skill of cooking . I don't prepare food. I just press buttons. It's feeling a bit overwhelming. Not only will I have the stress of changing what I'm eating , but I will have the stress of having to learn a new complex skill . Any advice? I'm thinking of starting very slow for example just starting with breakfast and learning how to cook breakfast. Once I get that down then I can move on to how to make lunch perhaps. And then lastly dinner . And then when I have that all in place I could start the whole 30 I think
  10. Typically my partner and I split the cooking responsibilities. Usually he does 2 nights a week, I do 2, leftovers for 1 or 2 and out for the other. I cooked everything basically for the first 8 days and then had a meltdown. We sat down together and planned a list of things he could cook for me that would help lighten the load but still be whole30 compliant. Great, I felt so much better. But NOW, we're having a problem every time I'm cooking. His problem is that he perceives a lot of the things I'm making to be "heavy," and my problem is I have no idea what to make that he also wants to eat and he's not being very helpful in suggestions. We're both bad at decision making and I get that if he's not cooking he doesn't want to decide what I should make. I think we both feel like the other is being difficult right now. I sorta cannot believe the unanticipated issues me doing this without him has brought up. My body doesn't feel like meat is too heavy right now because of the fat adjusting, but he's still subsiding on carbs and sugar and feel like additional calories are too heavy. I think it's putting us both on edge. We can definitely just eat different things some nights, but the whole point of the way we split up cooking is so the other person doesn't have to been stressed about cooking almost every night during the week. I'd be happy to make fish often, but I think he's not psyched about salmon 3 nights a week either! What are some "lighter meals" you've made with W30?
  11. Sweet tooth- Need Help!

    Hey there! I'm on day 4 of Whole30, and I'm starting to think more about what will happen at the end of whole30. Last year I was in a culinary program, and absolutely love to bake/cook. However, I am practically addicted to sugar and prior to whole30, I fueled my body with absolute garbage. So, here's my question: Anyone have any recommendations for people like me? I'm afraid I'll go back to binge eating sweets after I make them, or gobbling down anything in sight. I love, love, love to cook- but my munching/sweet tooth habit needs to be broken (hence my decision to start Whole30). I still want to be able to eat sweets after the program, but I'm just afraid of my ability (or lackthereof) to eat in moderation. I want to learn to savor my food and love the flavors and use it to fuel my body correctly. Any suggestions? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. HELLO! I am looking for fellow Whole 30(ers) in the Chicago area. I know the city is fairly large and expands pretty far in all directions. I am located in the South Loop area (near UIC) however I would love to meet up with others (in this area or near by) to discuss recipes, progress maybe even have a dinner meet up? I was able to recently meet Melissa Hartwig at a private event here in Chicago and there was a good size crowd of fellow Whole 30 people, however I wasn't able to chat with everyone. I have had such a positive experience completing my Whole 30 I would love to share and listen to others that have had a similar experience. Salena
  13. Okay I'm super proud of myself for this so I had to share with like minded people who would appreciate the beauty This is the first whole 30 meal I made that's "complex" compared to just protein, veggies, etc. It's buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato (added a bit of prosciutto because I was making some for breakfast) with homemade ranch. And basic veggies on the side. I made the buffalo sauce from just ghee and Frank's red. The ranch was made from homemade mayo I made from another recipe. I got it from Pinterest and I'm just so stoked. It was delicious!!!! Buffalo chicken recipe: I actually baked the chicken and the threw it in the sauce pan to coat it with the sauce, took 45 min or so instead of waiting hours for the slow cooker. Ranch recipe: the he only issue I have with my ranch is it turned out pretty runny, still delicious though. I think my homemade mayo is to blame because it wasn't very thick to begin with.
  14. Mayo help!

    Preparing for day 1 which is tomorrow. My perfect mayo came out like soup. Followed directions. Used a food processor. Used sunflower oil bc I couldn't find light olive oil. So my mayo is now watery and yellow. Not at all like the picture in the book. Discouraging to mess up the very first thing I make.
  15. Baby Spinach vs Mature Spinach

    I've come across something very odd - I seem to be sensitive to normal spinach, but not baby spinach. Is there a big difference between the two? Historically, I've avoided spinach and had violent bowel movements (sorry if TMI!) when I couldn't avoid it. For the spinach/tomatoes/eggs breakfast I ate every day on my Whole30 (and still eat every day), I always bought baby spinach, expecting during the first week to have a reaction at some point, but never did. Until the store was out of baby spinach, so I swapped regular spinach without a second thought, assuming that eating better overall had resolved my issues with spinach. Wrong. This sounds totally outlandish to me... has anyone else had something similar occur?
  16. I am confused about what properly prepared legumes means. Does this refer to the type of pre-soaking?
  17. Over Cooking :(

    I am on day 8 and so far my Whole30 is going really well with one exception. I am getting really tired of cooking! I started my Whole30 the same weekend I moved into a new home because I figured having an empty fridge and pantry so perfect time for a reset. Sounds like a really good plan BUT trying to get settled and unpacked has meant that I haven't been able to meal prep as much in advance as I would like and so I find myself cooking every day, sometimes multiple times. I am over it and I've got 22 days to go. Any suggestions besides a protein salad that is compliant and easy?
  18. How to handle tasting while cooking?

    I haven't seen this asked anywhere, and nothing came of a search, but it's a real issue that I've been wondering about. I love to cook. I always have. And unless I'm baking, I rarely use a recipe. So, in order to tell how things are going while I'm preparing a dish, I will frequently taste it to know what it needs added, or to tell when it's done. This often happens at different stages in the meal, and with all of the different elements of the meal. Now, in preparation for w30 I've been cooking A LOT. That also means that I've been tasting a lot. Does this create a problem? I'm not hungry when I'm doing it. It seems like it's just a taste here and there, but I know it all adds up, and I'd hate to think that I'm doing myself a disservice, but I just can't see preparing a meal without knowing that it tastes good. But I also know that the goal is to have 4-6 hours between meals, and tasting what I'm cooking is interrupting that pattern. If this were any other eating plan, it'd be discouraged. But it's not a diet where we're limiting calories/carbs/etc. But I'm still stumped. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Sticky Coconut Oil

    Every time I go to make eggs and use coconut oil to grease the pan, my eggs stick to the bottom like GLUE. This happens whether its baking them in a frittata in the oven or scrambling them on the stove top. I'm not sure if I'd have the same result if cooking another food, like vegetables, as I usually use olive oil or ghee for those. I know this is a quick fix and I can just switch to ghee to avoid the problem, but I really like the way coconut oil tastes with eggs and was wondering if anyone else has this problem?! Is it just me?
  20. Like many on here I love my copies of Well Fed and Well Fed 2 ... and I want to make sure I have tried every delicious recipe in them. I've cooked many recipes already over the last 18m or so (my first round was May 2014), some of which have become regular favourites. Some I have made once and not been bothered to make again, some I have made once or twice and really should make again, and some I've looked at many times but never made. I'm a dedicated meal planner, and I'm challenging myself to include at least one new recipe from these fab books each week - in the hopes of discovering some new favourites! I'll also try to re-visit ones I've made before but am not so familiar with. Anyone else fancy it?? I'm starting on the protein dishes but you could try veggies, sauces or spice blends too. So - I meal planned last night and shopped this morning and tonight we had Moo Shu pork (WF2). It's a bit of a prep-heavy dish, I made the Hoisin sauce (also new!) and marinated the pork yesterday. Lots of veggies to chop too, but then it all comes together quickly. I separated out the cabbage as it disagrees with my husband and ate mine on a bed of cabbage. Husband and the kids had theirs in butter lettuce wraps as recommended. We didn't add sides - it was a great template meal! Everyone loved it. Well, except the 2 year old (who only ate beansprouts), but she doesn't like much ... I think it's a bit faffy for a midweek meal for me but a great weekend one. Would be easy to upscale for guests too. I've got BBQ beef (WF2, minus the illegal waffle) to go in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, I've made the BBQ sauce before but I don't think I've ever made the whole recipe.
  21. Homemade Mayo Question

    Hello. Does anyone know how long homemade mayo will stay good in the fridge? I made my first batch yesterday and put it in a mason jar. Thanks!
  22. Cast Iron Skillet

    Hi! I just bought a cast iron skillet. I have never had anything cast iron, is there anything different about using or cleaning one that I need to know?
  23. Recipes for a picky eater/new cook

    So this is not only my first Whole30 experience, but this is also kind of my first adventure in cooking. Like, real cooking. I'll admit, before Whole30 I was kind of a "pull a frozen chicken patty from the freezer, nuke it, slap it on a bun and throw some chips on the plate" kind of girl. To boot, I'm also a kind of picky eater (not a fan of onions or peppers in particular), though I am trying to be braver and experiment a bit now. Any recipe suggestions for someone who is relatively new to cooking with a picky palate?
  24. My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    Since start the Whole30 I have discovered a bunch of kitchen gadgets that I love but had been previously neglecting! Spiralizer (I have the super simple pencil sharpener type one) OXO julienne cutter (amazing for salads!) simple mandoline (also for salads, veggies) Soda Stream - bubbly water is so much more refreshing and I add a tiny splash of juice to make it more exciting flexible plastic cutting boards - I have been going through so many cutting boards, these are easy to wash, easy to transfer ingredients to pot, and i have a ton because they take up no space! Avent baby food storage containers - this is random but I have a ton of these from my kids and they're great for storing sauces, mayo etc - because they are small and have a screw top lid Does anyone else have any favorite gadgets?!
  25. Hello, Whole 30 friends! So, quick question -- I don't understand how to use coconut milk on a regular basis. I'm talking about the full fat kind that comes in a can and is more of a solid state than liquid, until you stir it around a bit. I used a can of it in a curry that I made last week, which was a great. But I also see that people incorporate it into their Whole 30 diet pretty frequently.. and I'm just at a loss of how to do that. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone?? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!!