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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! I am on Day 15 and all of the cooking (+ chopping + food shopping) is wearing me down. I'm looking for more pre-packaged compliant food options at Costco, TJ's and Sprouts. I've dug up many Whole30 shopping lists, but some are several years old. I go hunting for the items, only to find that they are no longer stocked at Costco/TJ's. Anyone have any go-to suggestions for these stores? Please? Thanks in advance. Costco - Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage -Aidell's Organic Chicken Basil & Roasted Garlic Meatballs Trader Joe's -Chipotle Lime Chicken Burgers -Turkey Burgers -Simply Mango Slices Sprouts -Yai's Thai Curry -Rao's Pasta Sauce -Paleo Bacon
  2. Beef polish sausage

    I found Teton Waters Ranch 100% grassfed beef polish sausage at Costco... I can't see any reason why it's not whole30...
  3. HELP - Is this compliant?

    Hi All, I found some coconut milk at Costco but didn't buy it because I wasn't 100% certain it is compliant. Here is the label for the unsweetened version - can someone advise?
  4. My wife and I are starting Whole30 tomorrow and we stopped at Costco to get a few compliant items. We bought a 40 pack of Kirkland Signature Purified Bottled Water and noticed on the ingredients (after we bought it of course) that it contains the following: Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Oxide. On the front of the bottle it says Purified Water with Minerals added for taste. We just want to be sure all of those minerals are compliant or if we need to pick up natural spring water such as Ice Mountain. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Kirkland Signature Bacon

    Sugar: 0g Ingredients: pork, water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate. smoked with hard natural woods. • sodium nitrate is acceptable for the program, according to the additives pdf on Whole30 download section. However these, i'm not sure. • sodium phosphate sodium phosphates are often used as emulsifiers,[2] thickening agents, and leavening agents for baked goods, according to Wikipedia. •sodium erythorbate is used to keep a wide variety of foods fresh, according to But according to Wikipedia, Sodium erythorbate is produced from sugars derived from different sources, such as beets, sugar cane, and corn, so this makes sodium erythorbate not compliant with Whole30? The Whole30 book itself says... Most processed foods contain additives to maintain color, preserve shelf life, stabilize, or emulsify. It’s not always easy to determine which are healthy and which aren’t, but we’ve simplified it for you during your Whole30 by excluding only MSG, sulfites, and carrageenan during the program. (See these individual entries to learn why we singled them out.) All other additives, including citric acid, ferrous gluconate, and guar gum, are acceptable—although we encourage you to try to find products with no additives whatsoever. So is that a pass for those 2 additives? Plz help! My mom is going to Costco tomorrow and i need to give her the approval to buy (or ditch) the bacon. Tehe
  6. Tommy's All Natural Superfood

    I was shopping at Costco yesterday and saw a brand called Tommy's All Natural Superfood. They had organic sweet potatoes. I looked at the ingredients which were simple and all looked compliant. Has anyone tried this brand of food? Are they indeed compliant? Are they good? Any input would be great! Here is the link: Thank you, Andrea
  7. Victoria brand Marinara Sauce

    We just found a two-pack of Victoria brand marinara sauce at Costco for $7 or $8 that is 100% compliant. Reviews on Amazon seem to be very positive, as well as on America's Test Kitchen.
  8. Costco run and bacon

    I am on day 3 and focusing on reading ingredient labels. I got excited when I heard about the Kirkland Low Sodium bacon being compliant so I decided to go check it out. Sadly, it has maltodextrose in it. I did get the Aidell's chicken apple sausages, and they also have a compliant deli slice option! And the frozen tilapia loins - ingredients: fish. Unless you go to a farm, or to a natural foods store (not Whole Foods) it is not often you will find compliant bacon. I had to spend $8 for half a pound at a meat shop. Other finds at Costco: bagged greens, Pellegrino water and Good Earth tea 4-pack. On to the next 27 days.
  9. Costco Meats

    How are the Costco frozen meats (mainly beef and chicken)? Grass fed is so expensive and I already have the Costco meats in my freezer. How much difference does it make whether the meat is grass fed? I am willing to do it if it will make a difference!
  10. First things first - I'm only on day 4 of my first Whole30, so this is all pretty new to me! I'm not currently a Costco member (I live alone and have visions of paper towels taking up my entire guest room), but have been wondering if it would be worth it. The Costcos in my area are doing a "shop for free" weekend for my employer, so I'm planning to go by one tomorrow and check it out. I went through some older posts and compiled this list of what to look for for Whole30 foods. Any of your favorites that I'm missing (or any general suggestions)? grass-fed ground beef almond butter (is this cheaper than making your own? I've made cashew butter and adore it) light olive oil Wholly Guacamole Kerrygold butter macadamia nuts canned tuna (I know coconut oil would be on a lot of lists - I'm not convinced I love the taste enough yet to buy a Costco-sized tub! Still working my way through a jar from Trader Joe's.) I get some produce, eggs and meats from my CSA, shop at Trader Joe's and Publix pretty regularly, and occasionally Whole Foods when I need something very specific or can't find meat I want elsewhere. Thanks in advance for your help! Two adventures in one week!
  11. Morning everyone! Headed to Costco tonight to grab some supplies for the house and while I'm there I was hoping to save some money by stocking on some compliant pantry and fridge items. This will be my first trip over there since, well, before I switched over to mainly eating paleo and definitely since I started my wh30. So, I was hoping that by starting this topic all of you could help me save some time wondering around Costco's massive warehouse reading the labels on everything -not that I have a problem doing that it's just been a long week and I want to get home sooner rather than later. Please throw out suggestions for your favorite brands/items that you stock up on when you go! And apologies if this is in the wrong thread I was debating posting here or in the recipe sharing thread.