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Found 8 results

  1. I’m on day 21 on my whole 30 and with 1 week left, I’m starting to think I failed/going to fail it (in a sense). I will succeed in the way that I wanted to succeed the most, I wanted to figure out the stem of my stomachaches and headaches and I haven’t gotten either since I started. However, I was also hoping to gain control of my food and sugar cravings but they haven’t lessedned at all and I think it’s my own fault. I snacked on fruit the entire program because my meals weren’t filling enough due to not liking eggs and having limited time to make meals (I work 55 hours a week). If i never lost any sugar cravings at all during my program, did I fail? Is there any way to still succeed and lose the cravings?
  2. Hi there, I'm on day 25 of my first-ever Whole30. Hooray! I feel great. I don't crave my (sweet) treats like I thought I would, don't crave the gluten-free hot cereal, except for the fact it's easy, and am proud of myself for upping the vegetable consumption. The *only* thing that concerns me is that I have thought about my celebratory glass of red wine all month. Every day. I want that glass. I'm an athlete and am a very light drinker. Over the past few years, one drink a week, maybe. Sometimes every few weeks. Sometimes if there's more social events happening, more than one in a week. I can limit myself to one, but it takes mental effort. Because........... I come from a family of alcoholics. Both sides of my family, including my father. And, in my 20s, I flirted with it. I started drinking heavily to self-medicate. Fortunately, I got my s**t together. I'm 47 now. That's why, I think, I have to really use my willpower to stop at one. What concerns me now is that I'm thinking about this darned glass of wine so much. I worry this is the genetic predisposition rearing its head, and wondering if it's a sign I should just give up alcohol completely. Another thing. In the months before I started W30, I was drinking a little more than usual. Like one a few times a week instead of one whenever. Almost always due to work stress, not because of a wedding or birthday party. I love W30 for helping to bring this and other food issues to light. And for many other reasons that I won't babble on about right now. If anyone has experienced something similar with alcohol, I would love some perspective. Thank you,
  3. Hi! I think Whole30/ Melissa needs to outlaw larabars and anything that comes in a small wrapper. I never would have even known what they were or tried them if they weren’t mentioned in the book so much. After looking at this forum I realized a lot of people are having issues with "treating" themselves with a half Larabar. I’m on week two and was doing so well, but then saw Larabars at Trader Joe’s and got one and before you know it, I was back in the store buying five. The Whole30 book talks about the "spirit" of whole30, yet Lara Bars and Epic bars literally the only brand and thing allowed that can be eaten from a wrapper. My guess is Whole30 gets paid to promote these products. But if Whole30 outlawed chips, then why would they allow sweets in a wrapper labeled "cookie." The "Cashew Cookie" larabar messes with my head. I just ate cookies on Whole30. I think that anything sweet and processed should either be homemade or outlawed. Larabars are like candy and I just don't think it's right to put them in the book so many times. I never ever would have even looked in the "bar" section of my grocery store. I get they're for emergencies, but the WHOLE point of WHOLE30 is to do things whole heartily. Wrappers are cheating and i kinda feel like i failed and need to start over again because i ate so many lara bars in two days.
  4. catmomFEMAmom

    Hello! Day 4 & craving carbs.

    Hi! I'm Martha. I'm 42 and this is my first Whole30. I am on Day 4. My first few days were easy, and I assumed it was because I already had a fairly healthy diet. However, Day 4 has hit me pretty hard and I am craving carbs so bad!! Is this typical for Day 4? Or did I cause it by overexercising last night? (Workout 6 of my 10k training was a 4 miles...a 56 minute run/walk combo). Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated!
  5. Hi. I have a busy, working, single mom. Today is my first day. I have been planning this for about a month. I am following the 7 day recommended meal plan. Today I started the day feeling pretty good, but around 4 o'clock I was really craving some chocolate or ice cream or something like that. Instead, I laid on the couch and cried for a minute. I have also been feeling hungry for the last few hours even though I keep eating nuts and olives and even had another meal in the afternoon ( frittata and avocado with some blueberries ). I know my body is just going through these expected changes. And my emotions. But it's a little hard and I'm a little nervous. Thanks for listening
  6. yvonne123456


    Hi All. I'm on Day 11 and feeling discouraged. When I started, I immediately lost some puffiness in my face, waist, and hips, but I seemed to have leveled out and don't think I'm losing any more weight (though I'm not weighing myself). I'm tired, irritable (I was very short with my partner this morning ) and also still missing pasta, bread, and sweets. Up until yesterday morning I was having consistent diarrhea. I'm feeling some non-scale benefits of the program, even ones I haven't read about: bad breath seems to be gone; I stay fuller longer; I'm not as reliant on coffee in the morning; skin inflammation seems to have gone down-- these are all great things! But what I really want is to no longer have bread/pasta/sugar cravings and to experience this tiger blood energy I keep reading about. Is it simply too soon for that to happen, or am I doing something wrong? Here's my typical day (everything is homemade, so I know it's compliant because I check labels very carefully): Breakfast is usually eggs and sweet potato hash browns with black coffee and either a few strawberries or a couple of fresh pineapple slices. Lunch or dinner has been one of the following in the last four days: spinach salad with avocado and two hard-boiled eggs or steak; homemade meat marinara with zucchini or butternut squash noodles; grilled calamari with steamed broccoli; steak with green beans and 1/2 sweet potato. Anything I cook on the stove (except steak) has olive oil. Sometimes I add a couple strawberries or a slice of pineapple to lunch or dinner. If I can't make it to dinner because I'm hungry, shaky, or have a late meeting, I'll do a snack of an apple with almond butter. If I'm hungry at bedtime I'll have a banana with almond butter. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Hi, I cooked my first sweet potato last night. I baked it in the oven with some olive oil and sea salt. It was so good. (I had a salad with my dinner as well) Today, all I want to eat is sweet potato! Is this normal? I wan't to go out and buy more so I can make them again tonight, but is that giving in to my cravings? It doesn't seem like a healthy food relationship? But is it ok since it is a compliant food? Thanks!
  8. So I see lots of stories (including my own) about people who waken the sugar dragon by having just one taste of a sugary substance, even all the way down to fruit and sweet nuts. I have read and experienced the carnage that ensues. My question is whether there is ANYONE out there who is able to have just one truffle, just one cookie, just one slice of apple pie, etc. WITHOUT awakening an urge to have more. I am a recovered alcoholic. No such thing, right? Well I'm here to tell you that alcohol has no power over me, I can take it or leave it, usually leave it, and I'm able to have a glass or two socially without wanting more. I can even drink alone. I will open a bottle of wine and still have it going two months later (close to vinegar). I can go days, weeks, months, and even years without a drink and without wishing I had a drink, even when others are drinking around me. So as far as I'm concerned, that's pretty recovered. That's the place I want to get to with sugar. I want to be able to have a sweet without breaking the dam, without craving every sweet in my house for the next week, without having to endure carb flu for the 50th time as I withdraw from the overdose. Is it possible? Any living examples here?