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Found 28 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer & Im living in Lakewood, CO. I am new to actually using this forum but have done Whole 30 5 times since 2010. I did my first one as a group challenge in my first ever CF gym back home in Upstate NY and now use it when I feel like my emotional attachment gets into a serious relationship with food without me realizing it! I am a Crossfit coach as a side hustle (since 2011) and work in marketing for a lawyers office by day. I just started another round on the 18th in prep for a weightlifting meet I am going to be in April and am sick of going off the rails only to try to cut 2 weeks out from my meet. It sets me up for a poor performance (shocking) and a loss of confidence on the platform because I drop 5lbs the day before and letheragy is an enemy of cutting weight for meets. My emotions go hand in hand with my eating habits and I am horrible with anxiety and stress. I haven't been doing so well! Hence why I am here! I had set a date for the 18th long before I got to the point where I felt ready to do W30 again but of course the universe gave me the perfect timing. The Sunday before the 18th I was crying in my mirror staring at my reflection and the jeans that hurt my thighs from weight gain. Now, i am not overweight in gov terms. We all know how it feels to be very comfertable in your own body vs. feeling like you jumped into the movie "Men in Black" and put someone else's body on. That was me. Feeling like someone different was staring back at me and I didn't like it. I'm here to change. I am in this alone right now and would love to know if there is anyone in here that resides in Colorado that may want to be my accountability buddy. I can't wait to connect!
  2. I will be starting my first Whole30 tomorrow and I'm a bit lost on the whole pre/post workout meal suggestions. My current schedule is: 5:45am - Wake Up 6:30am - out the door (half hour drive to my box & job) 7am - WOD 8am - shower for work 8:30am - work until 5pm Before Whole30, I've tended to eat a banana or protein bar before my morning WOD, then nothing but coffee until lunch (sometimes a protein shake Post workout). So my question is, should I be eating my meal 1 pre-wo and then like hard boiled eggs/banana post wo? Or should I have hb eggs pre-wo and take my meal 1 with me to work to eat (which is 30-45+ min after I finish the WOD). Honestly, eating a pre-wo, post-wo, AND meal 1 within a 2 1/2 hour time span seems like A LOT of food compared to what I'm used to. And I only have half an hour to shower and get to work as it is... throwing a post workout snack in will mean eating in the 5 minute drive from box to office, then eating my meal soon after arriving at work. Advice please =)
  3. I know, I know - "water" is the best answer! And when I'm doing a whole 30, that's what I drink. But when I'm in Food Freedom mode, I'd like to have some other options. I'm trying to reduce my psychological dependence on drinking BCAAs with every workout - I've gotten to the point where I'm vaguely panicky at the thought of workout out without them! What do you drink during workouts? Specifically: - with/without stimulants - with/without calories aka insulin response On power-training days I'll have BCAAs, coconut water etc. But on low-intensity days BCAAs aren't necessary and I'd love to hear your ideas for alternatives. Thanks in advance!
  4. Bruno Brito

    Starting Saturday, 9/30!

    Hi, My name is Bruno. I'm going to start a Whole30 program Saturday, September 30th. A project where all my crossfit BOX (CFP9) is involved. I want to follow all the rules to achieve a better quality food and life! I count on your help! Today I will do the initial evaluation with the nutritionist!
  5. Hi. I'm having issues feeling nauseous after I eat dinner at night. It seems to be on nights where I've gone to Crossfit/worked out after work and I'm wondering if my body doesn't like the post-workout meal and full dinner all within one-two hours and then pretty much bed an hour later. I did a whole30 in January and my day looked like this and I was totally fine: 8am: breakfast 12pm: pre-workout meal (Applegate hot dog/epic jerky pre-wod) 1230/1pm: post-workout meal (chicken and sweet potato) 3/330pm: lunch 8pm: dinner HOWEVER, I finished graduate school in May and started a new job. I had to switch Crossfit boxes and my new one doesn't have a midday class so I have to go after work. My new day looks like: 8am: breakfast 1230/1pm: lunch 5pm: pre-workout meal (Applegate hot dog/epic jerky pre-wod) 7pm: post-workout meal (chicken and sweet potato) 8pm: dinner I started out eating the same quantity for post-workout meal - 1 med sweet potato and 8oz chicken breast, then I tried cutting the chicken in half. Still getting nauseous after dinner. Thoughts? Can I wait until 8pm to eat or do I really need something immediately after the WOD? I've heard of people eating just 1/2 larabar after the WOD to hold them over until they got their next meal, but they weren't on whole30 and I know we're just supposed to try to eat Whole Foods. I saw someone suggest maybe just protein after the wod, so maybe try 4oz chicken only? Notes: I'm 27, very active, and doing the Whole30 for digestive issues not weight loss. Also I don't tolerate eggs well, so occasionally will eat an Rxbar but no eggs otherwise. Thanks for any help!
  6. crossiter

    Post WOD Shake

    Hello everyone, I do Crossfit and workout 6 or 7 days a week. I also compete. I'm coming off a different nutrition challenge that didn't go quite as expected. However, I have gotten in the habit of no pre-WOD meal and only a post-WOD shake. I use egg white protein powder and fruit for my shake. The protein powder is egg whites and sunflower lecithin. Should I continue with this trend of no pre-WOD meal and only a post-WOD shake? Is the post-WOD shake whole30 compliant? If not, what alternatives should I be looking into? I plan on meal prepping prior to my comp in April. Any suggestions or recommendations, outside of bake a sweet potato and boil some eggs? Thank you!
  7. I have been eating strict Whole30 (~95% compliant) for nearly 8 months now. It changed my life. A new problem has arisen however. 2 months ago I started crossfit again after over a year off. I was also working a desk job during this time. I left the job shortly after starting crossfit, and recently I have begun to push harder on workouts the last 2-3 weeks. I am completely wiped out. Brain feels like mush, I am sleeping longer than normal, sometimes much longer (11 hrs last night), yet I still feel tired and groggy upon waking. I feel like my body should be adapted to this activity by now, it doesn't feel like the normal "starting-a-new-workout-program sleepiness". I've done crossfit on and off for 4 years and have never felt like this. Which leads me back to diet. Any ideas here? Am I not eating enough carbs? I am constantly, ravenously hungry yet I eat a ton of fat and am most certainly fat adapted to some degree. I literally cannot eat any cleaner and I know I'm getting adequate rest, which is why I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  8. Hey everyone, so I'm on day 8 and I've noticed clothes falling off, which is a good sign, but I'm not in this with a weightloss goal. I am a 5'11 female 165lbs and 18% body fat, very active...but I made a nono and got on the scale this morning and I've lost weight in the last week. I don't need to be saying goodbye to my muscles lol. My diet is Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 slices compliant bacon, butternut squash, peppers, mushrooms, onions and spinach. Lunch: Big taco salad with compliant salsa and 8oz 93/7 ground beef, with tomato avocado and cucumber. Dinner: Usually 8oz steak or chicken with brussle sprouts, root veggies veggies like turnips, beets and carrots fried in coconut oil. I don't eat sweet potatoes, fruits, nuts or nut butters a lot, because they have always lead to binging for me.
  9. Does anyone here do two-a-days? I typically going to crossfit in the am and then spin or yoga at night - 4 to 5 days a week. I make sure I have the proper pre/post workout snack, but does anyone know how that may apply on days when I do a double workout? I suppose you would have a 2nd pre/post workout meal, but that seems like a ton of food, especially in the evening. I typically get home from my 2nd workout by 7 and do not like to have a heavy meal in the evenings. Thanks for the help!
  10. If I'm supposed to eat three meals a day. I understand post workout is a bonus meal. But if I crossfit at 8am and I eat the meal prior to crossfit, is this technically my first meal? Then my bonus meal after, then two more meals to finish the day? It seems like the pre and post combine to make one meal, technically. Does this sound right? Thanks!
  11. DianeV14

    Advice for Crossfit beginner

    Any advice for someone who is very overweight who is just starting Crossfit? I am starting my second W30 and will also start Crossfit. I have been somewhat sedentary and pretty overweight. I'm determined to get healthy and change my diet and activity. Any advice for a newbie to Crossfit?
  12. hobbit0506

    headache from workout?

    So yesterday during crossfit class on my last set of push-ups I got a sharp pain headache. It did go away that morning. But then this morning during class, we did a few push-ups during warm up and as soon as I started my headache came back. I made it through class and took some anacin when I got home. I'm not holding my breathe during tge reps so not sure what's going on? Related to whole30 or just over exertion?
  13. I'm going to try to make this brief and to - the - point, for everyone's benefit :-) I'm 5'4, 149lb, about 21% body fat. Quick summary of my issues/goals pre-Whole30 (I'm only on day 5), eating issues: 1) constantly hungry 2) constantly hungry 3) insane sugar cravings, over-indulgance 4) NIGHT bingeing <-- huge issue! energy issues: 1) constant fatigue -- actually have a diagnosed "idiopathic hypersomnia" meaning im super tired and they don't know why) 2) major 3pm crashes 3)insane morning fatigue I've read It Starts with Food and am confident that the Whole30 can help me with the above mentioned issues. This, however, is not about that... This is about trying to balance how much i'm eating, with my energy crashes/hunger, with my muscle gain from working out. Here's more pre-question verbose explanations of myself...: () I've been doing CrossFit or ~2 years (love it), but have gained more muscle mass than I'd like. My goal has always been to tone, not grow. Yes i understand the way that muscle mass works, etc. I don't want to give up crossfit, but am less happy with my body than when I was eating low fat cottage cheese/turkey wraps, and hitting the normal-person gym. In response to this, I am doing two things. 1) Cutting weight, increasing reps. and oh well if that doesn't follow the WOD. 2) Looking at how I eat. I've been eating about 75% clean for 2 years.. I just eat a LOT, and feel hungry often... OH, and that other 25%? Ya. Candy bar every day-ish. sugar addicted. Of course my muscles were growing.. because I was feeding them! Here's my question.. really: While my body is adjusting to being fat-adapted (how long does this take?) Will i expect to see weight GAIN? I'm eating a lot more proteins and fats than I'm used to, in an effort to curb my hunger. But I'm afraid that this will lead to more muscle mass, even if I am not lifting as heavy as I used to. I'd like to be able to eat only 3 meals a day but, on day 5 of Whole30, here is what I'm experiencing: 7:00am meal1 - 4 eggs, 3/4 avocado, bell peppers 11:30am meal2 - 1.5 portions protein, 2 cups veggies, 2 portions fat (coconut flakes or cashews yum) 2:00pm HUNGER - small meal - small protein, small veggies, small fats 4:00pm HUNGER, hating being hungry, hating life 4:30pm meal3 - 1.5 portions protein, 2 cups veggies, 2 portions fat 7:30pm hunger, small protein, small fats And lots of cups of tea in between to try and curb hunger. Here's my question part 2... really: So I know the philosophy is if you're hungry, eat more. However how do I balance this with trying to get my body to NOT need food every 2 hours, and also with me fears of gaining more muscle mass in the gym. Thanks in advance
  14. I am just wondering what some of you whole 30'ers out there like to do for your exercise. I JUST ran my first marathon, glad that's over with so I don't have to do it again, hah no I actually enjoyed it but man seriously who has time or wants to go for a 3 hour run on a sunday...NOT ME!! I love the results from lifting, as I want to lose fat and get some definition, but I always get overwhelmed at the gym and which muscles to workout and how to separate my workout days etc. thought about yoga since im rather tightly wound ( whole 30 should help though because I also decrease my caffeine consumption) but I am just wondering what other people out there like doing or what exercise routine they are in.
  15. Roz Griffiths

    Why CrossFit? Why not?

    Ok, CrossFitters past & present... I'm seriously considering signing up. Cons are it's a bit pricey & about a half hour's drive from my home. So what are the positives? What's so great about it? Go!
  16. Robin D

    Sudden Migraines

    I'm on day 11 of my Whole 30 and have recently experienced some pretty heinous migraines for the past week. My first and worst migraine was about a week ago when I was doing a rough deadlift work out (30 DL @ 135 lbs, run 200 m, 25 DLs, run 200 get the picture) which I had to quit--the first time I've ever quit during a workout. I honestly had a moment where I thought I was having a stroke. Frightening. I've had one every day since then, mostly when I exercise but sometimes not. I'm an endurance "athlete" and have been crossfitting for almost three years. This is my 3rd Whole30 and honestly think I'm eating enough carbs (fruit and sweet potatoes or squash every day) and drinking enough water (60 oz), although maybe I'm missing something. I've never had any symptoms like this before although migraines and low blood sugar/diabetes does run in my family. Does anyone have any ideas? I can't give up working out, but I also can't workout with these headaches!
  17. Day Fourteen, the almost-halfway point of my Whole30! I'm strongly considering extending my Whole30 to a Whole45. Honestly, I feel phenomenal, my workout recovery is easier, my energy levels are tremendously more stable, my body doesn't feel inflamed, and my outlook on life has been far more optimistic and positive. Waking up in the early-morning hours was nearly impossible; now, I wake up with the first chime of my alarm clock. Rather than plummeting energy levels throughout the day, my energy levels seem very stable. I find myself disbelieving that after a CrossFit WOD that difficult, my recovery time is significantly less than it has ever been before. I'm not experiencing bloating or inflammation in my hands and feet anymore. My general perspective seems lighter and brighter. I am thoroughly enjoying cooking and experimenting with new recipes too. The food is delicious!! I also went for five hours without eating today, and wasn't lightheaded or ill. Before Whole30, that would have never been the case. What's not to love? The only real struggle that I'm currently facing is what I believe to be detox. I've struggled with mild-moderate acne for years and tried lots of prescription antibiotics and harsh chemicals, but nothing has resolved the issue. I had moderate breakouts before Whole30, but around day seven of Whole30, I noticed a lot of new breakouts, especially around my mouth and chin. I also noticed a lot of whiteheads and very dry skin. I've heard that it often gets worse before it gets better, and I'm hoping that is true. The breakouts are definitely still here, but I feel like they may be less inflamed now, on day fourteen. I'm hoping to complete this program with clearer skin- however long it may take. I want to take 'Day 15' pictures, but is that like a measurement? I have not stepped on a scale or taken new measurements since I started the program. I'd love to compare what I look like now to the 'Day 0' photos, but I don't want to cheat at all. Feedback, please!!
  18. Today, my twelfth day, brought a challenge that I haven't really encountered while on this journey. I was HUNGRY several different times between meals and before meals. I have been training vigorously at CrossFit (5-6 days/week) and running lightly (2 days/week), but I don't think that it's burning enough to ignite this appetite: Day 12: Pre-WO: One egg and one cup of coffee. Post-WO/Breakfast: Turkey and sweet potato. Lunch: Southwestern salad. Side of blueberries. Snack: Celery, turkey rolls, and a slice of avocado. Dinner: Steak (palm sized portion), cauliflower mash, broccoli, and mushroom stir fry. Frozen blueberries and almond milk after dinner. I ate a lot today, and I really don't want to affect my results. However, I recognize the need to fuel my workouts and runs. Is this too much to consume in one day?
  19. Hello! My name is Caroline, and I'm a new member of the Whole30 program. In fact, today is my first day of Whole30. I'm seeking the wisdom of those with experience in maintaining athletic performance while doing Whole30. Any information, advice, or suggestion would be most appreciated. I joined CrossFit last week, and I love it. Though I haven't done every workout RX, I have enjoyed the atmosphere, the competitive nature of the program, the supportive camaraderie, and the sweat. I have been doing CrossFit 5 days/week and completing the WODS. I'm also running 2 days/week. Though I'd like to work up to more run days, I'm also trying to help my body recover. This brings me to my question: what tips do you have for someone who is trying to maintain athletic performance while completing the Whole30? Thank you for your time! Best, Caroline
  20. paleolala


    Hey all, I'm at day 35 (aiming for w100) and I know you're not meant to calorie count during the whole 30, but I've just plugged in the last few days of eating to see where my macros are sitting after a particularly lacklustre crossfit session tonight. I wanted to check what kind of a mix I'm sitting at with my new eating habits and see if there is room for improvement anywhere. I wondered if anyone has recommendations for a suggested macro mix for someone who is pretty active (a bike commuter + 3-4 crossfit sessions, a run and a bikram class a week), but with quite a bit of body fat to lose? I've been lacking a bit of discipline and sneaking in a bit too much fruit and a few too many nuts lately and I want to get these under control and make sure I'm getting all the fuel I need. I'd like to be able to tweak my intake slightly to maximise my performance, but I'd also love to start slimming down. Would love any advice! Thanks!
  21. penotti

    Sudden strength gain?

    Hi, I was wondering if there are others who have experienced the same thing (because it could be in my head) Currently i'm on day 12, but 2 days ago at crossfit I added 17 lbs to my deadlift, while I struggled with that already for a while, yesterday I blasted through a wod and today i did a wod rxd, which was quite a tough one, but i felt incredibly strong! Basically, for the last 3 days I feel a lot stronger at crossfit. Have been paleo for over a year, and this is my first whole30. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Thanks!
  22. I was a vegetarian for over 11 years, but since the spring have been eating paleo. I have been having trouble with a vegetarian friend's behavior recently and could use some advice. This friend and I have known each other at least a year now, maybe even two. We met at our CrossFit gym and had an initial connection because we were both vegetarians at the time and love animals. We have been friends on Facebook for quite some time, until a few months ago. Before ever switching to paleo, I had been posting paleo articles on my personal Facebook page and on my Facebook health and wellness page. For over a year, before switching, I did research on the paleo diet. Our box did its first paleo challenge this time last year and before that, my family had been experimenting with paleo (with great results!) Some time in the fall, this friend replied to a paleo-related post on my personal Facebook page asking if I had started eating paleo too. I replied that after researching it for over a year, I had switched to paleo, but that I only eat animals who have been humanely raised. Shortly after this I noticed that we were no longer friends on Facebook. I sent her a friend request (as I know sometimes people accidentally unfriend others, I've done it myself!). For at least two months, she did not respond to my request. Finally, about a month ago, I resent the request and she accepted it. Yesterday, I noticed that she was no longer a fan of my health and wellness Facebook page, so I invited her to like it. She replied with: "Thanks for the invite Sara, but I must decline. It represents a dietary lifestyle that goes against my moral ethics and value for ALL life." My health and wellness page does not only cover paleo. I encourage postings of various healthy diets. (I respond to her as such.) I also often post about animal welfare and non-diet related topics. I rarely see this friend at the gym anymore so we've not had good lines for communication lately. I appreciate and value all life (the main reason I became a vegetarian). This is also one of my favorite aspects of paleo and Whole9. It teaches you to live your life and respect the lives of others. Before switching to paleo and discovering the Whole9, I struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, and eating and skin disorders. I was on antidepressants, steroid creams for my skin, and was simply not happy. Would it have been better for me to remain a vegetarian and encourage the use of products that surely were tested on animals and developed through their abuse? Or is it better that I now am healthy and happy because I consume healthy animals who lived happy, full (I don't eat baby animals) lives? I think my friend feels betrayed and I can understand, but I don't believe she treats others this way. What should I do (if anything at all)?
  23. Hello all...I have been following many components of the Palelo lifestyle for quite some time (~6 months). However, some of my Crossfit friends swear by this Whole30 plan and its results. I thought I could give it a shot since I am always up for a challenge. Since March, I have lost about 30 pounds while working out 4-5 times a week and abstaining from most non-Paleo foods, but have plateaued in recent weeks. I am 31, 5'7", and weigh about 150, but don't foresee myself getting too much lighter or thinner due to muscle mass, etc. I really just want to be super strict for a little while to see how my body responds. I have to admit that sometimes I have a glass of wine or vodka cocktail while I am out meeting new folks in Marfa (I just relocated here from Austin this summer). My choice to take on the Paleo lifestyle wasn't decided solely on my own..I have to credit my sister who introduced this way of life to me years ago (I finally started listening this year) after she discovered that she had Celiac Disease (which I probably do, too, or at least an intolerance to gluten). I also have to credit my dear friends and coaches at Crossfit Austin as a big component in getting me on the right track physically and emotionally prepared to make this lifestyle change. I had been overweight and yo-yo'd up and down for much of my teen-adult life. I ate out of emotion and seemed to never know when I was full or what my body needed to stay satisfied. I decided early on before learning about Paleo that I should avoid dairy because ice cream and cheese were big craving-triggers for me. I remember not too long ago while living in Austin I would order a large pizza and eat it ALL by myself, then run to the convenience store to buy a pint of ice cream....I ate that all, was a never ending cycle. However, since March I haven't had too many craving attacks...I will be honest and say I gave in a few times, even in recent weeks (oh, no, not to pizza or anything containing gluten, but maybe a little sundae at DQ), so I figured this would be the best time to get Whole30 started. If anyone has quick ideas for a teacher on the go, please feel free to post what you think might help. I will thoroughly read every email and tip sent by Melissa and Dallas, but if there are any extra measures I can take to be more successful, let me know! I WANT TO DECLARE THIS AS MY COMMITMENT! Cheers, and I greatly appreciate this opportunity.
  24. Megan Stevens Domenick

    What do you eat after a workout

    I am getting ready to start my frist Whole30 and I am looking for some post workout meal options. I eat my breakfast at the same time, about 7:30, everyday weather I am working out or not. On my 4 gym days, I usually walk into the gym around 9:15 or 9:30. I have pre-schoolers so this time really is not going to change at all for the next couple of years. What, if anything should I eat before hitting the gym floor? What are some of the things, that are portable, to eat after I workout? I come home straight from my workout occasionally. Usually I shower and run errands until I pick my kids up from school at noon. I have always taken something to eat and I have been eating paleo for the last couple of months but I am not eating the right things. Thank you for your help! I am sure I will have more questions.