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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there! I just finished my first whole30, and am planning on sticking with this wholesome way of eating for a long time. I love it! However, I'm still trying to figure out how to fuel for long workouts. I'm very athletic, usually doing long cardio workouts 3-4 days a week, either cycling or running. My runs are usually somewhere between 4-10 miles, and my bike rides are typically between 30-50 miles. I'm training for a 13-mile Spartan Race in September. I also train a little bit with my college's cycling club, and compete in a few Women's C Collegiate Cycling competitions in the spring. So my question is, what does a day of food for paleo endurance athletes typically look like? Most of the discussions on this forum are about shorter, high-intensity workouts like crossfit or lifting. I do crossfit about 3 days per week, but I think I've figured out how to successfully fuel myself with protein and fat for that. But I've noticed that low-carb breakfasts make my morning rides and runs soooooo slow. So I'm really curious about ideal quantity of food, carb intake, and timing of meals for endurance training with a paleo diet. I read Paleo Diet for Athletes, which has some very good concepts, but Loren Cordain recommends using a lot of gels and sports drinks. I'm hoping to figure out how to have rides and runs as strong and fast as they used to be before going paleo, but without resorting to processed sports foods. Before going paleo, I'd normally eat toast and peanut butter before a long bike ride, and I'd eat gels and/or sports drinks (like Cytomax) during. Then typically a sandwich for lunch when I get back. But yesterday I went on a 33-mile (2.5 hour) ride in the morning, and here's what I ate throughout the day: 7am breakfast: 1 sweet potato, 2 poached eggs 8am bike ride. I filled my water bottles with 2/3 coconut water, 1/3 water, with a pinch of salt. At mile 20, I had a banana 11am post-workout snack: 1 sweet potato, ~4oz turkey 1pm lunch: ISWF curry (1/3cup coconut milk and curry paste) with ~8 oz roasted leg of lamb, 1/2 green pepper, and a sliced zucchini. 8 oz kombucha. 5pm snack: 2 large carrots, 1/2c macadamia nuts 7:30 dinner: ~8 oz chicken, 1cup green beans roasted in ghee, lettuce and tomato salad with ~2tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinagrette 9pm snack: 2cups berries This day was pretty successful for me; my energy levels were pretty solid throughout the entire ride. But man oh man, throughout this process of figuring out the whole paleo thing, I have had a lot of runs and rides that have left me insanely more fatigued than I ever felt before going paleo. So for all you other endurance athletes out there, what do you eat? How do you fuel yourselves before, during, and after workouts, and throughout your entire day? Is it possible to be purely paleo and have just as much energy as you would with gu, cytomax, powerbars, toast, pasta, etc?
  2. RanktheTank

    Greetings / Newbie

    Hello all, my name is Ryan and I'm a intern architect as well as a watercolor artist in Dallas, Texas. I heard about Whole30 from a friend at work. After researching and convincing myself along with my girlfriend to try this, our journey begins tomorrow! I just wanted to introduce myself and say hey. Would love to have some Whole30 support friends if there are any other newbies out there starting around the same time or something! Also, any thoughts for someone who does a lot of strength training and cycling / spin? Looking for something after workouts to help in place of protein drinks. I had a rough moto injury 2 years ago and broke my collar bone so looking to help with the continued inflammation of that, seasonal allergies, and my super sensitive skin. Best, Ryan
  3. I know a typical response would be it is my choice to start over but I'm curious what others think about this situation. I am a cyclist and my rides are ~35-40 miles on average. Today I rode 53 - but two weeks ago I rode 50. At mile 45, my leg started cramping to the point that I knew I would not make it home if I did not get electrolytes. It was a very bad "bonk" so I downed skratch and cliff shots to get enough energy to ride home. There was no way my "meat bar" would do it. At mile 32 I had a full banana and almond butter. I was eating plenty during the ride and before but I know my muscles and this was clearly an electrolyte imbalance. I'm on day 20. What are your thoughts.
  4. I'm on Day 7 and feel great, except for one thing. The last two days I've had leg and toe cramps that are pretty painful. I swim most days and two days ago had both thigh and toe cramps. I hopped on my bike yesterday and the same thing happened. Any suggestions? I don't eat beef or pork, but do eat fish, eggs and chicken and so far have followed the plan exactly. Thanks in advance.
  5. I know you're supposed to get some good protein prior to working out, but what about during a long run/ride? I'm training for a half marathon, cross training with cycling and some weight lifting, and I want to keep to the spirit of the Whole30 when I run my half (my whole30 ends tomorrow, run is end of November). I used to take gummy worms on long runs (10+ miles) and I'm wondering if dried fruit would be a good alternative to goo, pretzels, and/or other quick carby snacks. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm 46, male, 5'10, a cyclist, and weighed 160 lb at the start of my Whole30 (152 on day 40). I hit an energy wall on day 14, after low intensity playing outside with my son. I just wanted to go inside and rest. I assumed that was "normal" for that stage, so didn't make any changes. But this type of reaction has persisted, so I decided to extend my Whole40 to see if I would get through this. A few more recent examples: Day 35: Went bowling with 2 others and bowled 2 games. I was exhausted from bowling! Day 38: Did 1 set of 50 push-ups before meal 1 (probably took 75-90 seconds). After the meal, was starting my PT exercises and wanted to go back to bed! Am I doing something wrong, or do I just need to keep going a while longer until I get my energy back? On the cycling side, I have only been doing short rides (60-90 minutes) during my Whole30, partly because I didn't want to overdo it, but also because I'm recovering from an injury. I've noticed that on some of the rides, I feel like a slug for at least half the ride, but feel fine for the final part of the ride. Day 39 was one such ride, where there was a slight headwind on my way out, and I felt like I was going to die. My times were the worst ever. When I would push it hard for 15-20 strokes to make it through a stale green light, it felt like I could hardly keep going after that. After I turned around, though, at around the 35-38 minute mark, I started feeling better and had best or second-best times in many sections on the way back. I wouldn't say that I had gobs of energy, but I was able to ride at a higher sustained pace. I haven't tracked my food daily over these last 40 days, but I can give you what I've had for the last 2+ days, plus a sampling of foods I've had the rest of the time. Most of my food has come from the Well Fed and Well Fed 2 recipes. Day 38 Meal 3 Large helping Well Fed 2 Italian Pork Roast 1 C Cauliflower "Rice" Pilaf (no actual rice in there) sm serving fruit salad Day 39 Meal 1 (finished maybe 15 minutes pre-ride): 1/3 of a large sweet potato, julienned and cooked in gobs of ghee (2-3T?) 2 eggs, fried in ghee 1 med banana Meal 2 LARGE helping Italian Pork Roast (LOTS of fat in there) 3/4 C Roasted Carrots 3/4 C Cauliflower Rice Pilaf Snack 1/4 C Pork Roast 1 C mixed blackberries and blueberries 9-10 raw almonds Meal 3 Large helping Well Fed Chicken Nanking (chicken, green beans, sweet potato)Late Snack 1/2 C Pork Roast handful of almonds handful of pistachios handful of dried cranberries (GAH! These had added sugar! My first slip.) Day 40 Meal 1 2 C Pork roast 1 C Spaghetti Squash 3/4 of a banana 1 large strawberry Meal 2 3 1/2 C Chicken Nanking (chicken, green beans, sweet potato) 1 large banana Snack 7 StrawberriesMeal 3 Two 1" pork meatballs Well Fed Country captain chicken (3/4 of an extra large chicken breast; 3/4 C veggies and sauce (bell peppers, onion, green onion, chicken broth, sm amt of raisins, sugar free bacon, almonds, coconut oil) 1.5 C spinach salad with chicken, egg, cashews, avocado, onion, dressed with olive oil, lemon juice Over the rest of the 38 days, I've eaten a variety of pork, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, and veggies like roasted carrots and cauliflower, spaghetti squash, spinach salads, lettuce salads, lettuce wraps, onion, and lots of avocado. Cooking (and roasting) is mostly with coconut oil or ghee.
  7. asanisimasa

    Long-distance cycling

    I like to ride my bike for 4-6 hours at the weekend, sometimes longer. My glycogen levels are done for after 90 minutes or so, and I fuel myself using SIS Go Bars and energy drinks. These appear to be no-nos in the programme, so I'm looking for advice from others how I can fuel. The energy bars I use provide around 250 calories each, but bananas are only arond 50-100 calories. How many bananas would I need to take to keep fueled? Answer: lots, and they would be too bulky. I live i the UK so the rx bars in the book aren't available to me. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. AprilS


    I just finished week one, 100% compliant with the rules. I gotta say, I loved it! For context, you should know that I had kinda hit the bottom of the barrel on overeating and drinking after about a month of traveling this summer. My weight was up, my energy was down, I was having sinus issues, achey knees, bags under my eyes. I am a distance cyclist and was struggling to keep up my pace. So because I felt so terrible, I was ALL IN. Another thing that helped was that I love to cook. I bought both editions of Well Fed, and tried everything. YUM! So I made a point to stock up on organic fruits and vegetables, I bought about 80 pounds of grass fed meat from US Wellness, and got pantry items in stock so I was set up to succeed. My treats were Kombucha, decaf coffee after dinner with steamed full fat canned coconut milk, and coconut water instead of sports drinks on my bike rides. Here are the changes I am experiencing AFTER 7 DAYS: The aches are gone from my knees and I can breath more easily during heavy exertion on the bike Sinus issues are about 75% resolved Swollen belly is flat again Bags under my eyes are gone, redness is gone Mental exhaustion and brain fog gone I can stay awake after dinner! I am still having trouble sleeping. And I still lack my normal energy while cycling. I have faith that those will resolve soon. One of my favorite quotes so far was from one of the daily email: 99% commitment DOES NOT EQUAL 99% success. Special thanks to David Humphreys who helped straighten out the problem I had getting the emails. They are so helpful.
  9. I am currently on week 6 of a ride across the USA and day 7 of the whole30, and 2 weeks of gluten free. I feel awesome and have already lost 4 lbs from the new diet, but need advice on eating during the ride. Seems we have been having mainly nuts and fruit, some beef jerky, and sometimes we stop for a second breakfast along the way. We (my boyfriend has joined the ride and is doing the whole30 with me) are riding 50-100 miles 3-5 days of each week. Any advice for this pursuit is greatly appreciated! Elise
  10. Hello! My name is Elise and I have been on a bike tour since early January. So far I have ridden my bike from Austin,TX to Sanibel island,FL. During the first part of my trip I let myself eat whatever I wanted, because the idea of riding 1,400 miles was daunting enough...but that was when I thought my trip would only be 4 weeks long. After I began to realize I was able to do the miles, and I started to feel really crappy from all the carbs, I decided to start weening back off of the crappy food. Before long I had decided to extend my bike trip and knew I needed to recommit myself to eating right again. I had gained weight and could tell I was all puffy. I got rid of gluten and started to feel better. I stayed with a friend who had the "It starts With Food" book sitting on her coffee table and it was a welcome sight to see. I had started reading it before, and was hungry for more. So here I am, after research on Paleo diet and cycling, giving it a try and my boyfriend is along for the ride, in both ways! I am really curious if anyone has advice or has attempted endurance sports on this diet? We are taking it as easy as possible during the whole30 phase, but how do we snack appropriately during our long rides? We need to eat something every hour while we ride...
  11. juliejem

    Awesome sports drink

    I started my first whole30 two weeks ago, two days after my first half ironman triathlon. Since then, runs and rides have been horrid. Total dead legs. I started doing some research into better fueling ideas, and saw a blog mention sweet potato puree, coconut milk and apple juice. Being the numbers kind of person that I am, figured out a recipe and all its stats. I used it this morning on an 18-mile ride, and for the first time didn't feel awful. So I thought I'd share. I welcome any comments or feedback if this is a horrible idea, LOL! 1 carton frozen apple juice concentrate 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp "light" salt (has potassium) * Combine above with water to make 64 oz total. 8 oz apple juice from above 1 (3.5 oz) container baby food sweet potatoes 1/3 cup canned coconut milk water to top off sports bottle (I use a 20 oz bottle) * Shake it all up. Contains: 330 cal: 38 g carbs / 14 g fat / 2 g protein 158 mg sodium / 225 mg potassium That looks like a lot of fat for a sports drink, but we're trying to get fat-adapted here, right?! And it looks like a lot of carbs for whole30, but you need 30-70 g per hour for endurance activities (though I recognize that number might be different if you're fat adapted)
  12. Me: 48 year old male competitive cyclist 150 pounds, 5' 11" Have ridden fast recreational or raced since I was 20 This is the start of my 4th week on Whole30 No crazy cravings, no cheating whatsoever Although my road racing season is over, I've continued to cycle throughout the Whole30. Every single workout leaves me dizzy, thick feeling, mentally dull, even though I'm past 3 weeks in. Yesterday, I rode a 74-miler with our new team. It wasn't hot, nor particularly hilly. Breakfast was bizarre for this former toast with honey and tea guy: scrambled eggs, a sweet potato, some onions sauteed in ghee butter for flavor. I did use my long-time go-to bike nutrition for the ride, comprised of Hammer products, which I understand from many here is problematic: 24 oz bottle of water mixed with 3 scoops Hammer Sustained Energy, 1/2 scoop Hammer Heed, 1 Electrolyte Fizz tablet — the amounts are arrived at due to recommended weight and ride distance, and from having used their products a lot, pre-Whole30 with great success Approximately 40 ozs of plain water from a second replenished bottle After the ride, I experienced multiple episodes of out and out grayout, always after standing. One was so severe that it included darkened and blurred vision, the drama movie sound in my head, and nearly keeling over despite holding on to furniture. One other episode came close. The meal immediately post-ride was: 2 scoops Hammer Recoverite 2 scoops Hammer Whey protein Then I went home and immediately had: pulled pork (absoutely no sugars; made this in the crock-pot) lean chicken homemade salsa guac topped with three fried eggs a pluot Then, for dinner: a charcoal grilled NY stip steak roasted vegetables kale, broccoli, apple, almond salad The truth is, I've never experienced the "energy breakthrough" I've been told to expect by the 18th or so day. I've always been on the edge of what feels like a hypoglycemic buzz. But yesterdays post-ride was very bad, and an unwelcome surprise given the level of faithfulness. Today, at the office, I'm more mental fog than energy-less. Currently eating my lunch of: chili con carne with sliced avocado and tomato on top steamed brocolli more kale / apple / almond salad I'm supposed to start the intensity of weight training soon, and the bike rides on the indoor trainer which kick up to very intense levels of anaerobic stress, especially the anaerobic intervals. My first time trial test is supposed to be this week, and I'm fearing another post-ride bonk. Don't wanna go there. Appreciate the discussion. Sam
  13. First of all, I apologize for repeating a topic that's been covered before but I need a little input. On Sunday I'm planning on doing my first century ride (100 miles!). This is in preparation for RAIN (Ride Across Indiana) which is a one day, 160 miler across Indiana. My plan is to test a few more foods to see what I can handle during RAIN in mid July (think 95 degrees and humid), and, more specifically what I can eat a lunch, which I haven't done yet. Two weeks ago I did 70 miles in hilly terrain and did really well. I ate a Larabar after an hour, then 1/2 of another one about 30 minutes later. At the 35 mile mark I took a rest stop, drank some water and had nuts, dates and some squash and apple baby food. On the way back I felt really great and ate a lot less. I've realized through my Whole30s my blood sugar runs low so eating early is the key for me if I'm going to go long. That ride was also good as I was able to go almost a mile faster per hour than usual (16 mph). So here's my question. The ride I'm doing is being catered by the Tour of Italy, which, uh, isn't going to work for me for obvious reasons. I think I might ask the organizer if I can pack my own lunch and keep it in a SAG vehicle. I'm not doing a Whole30 now, but I do eat paleo with one non-compliant dinner and occasionally dairy. My question: what should I bring so that I'm full? I've been following some of the principles in the Paleo Diet for Endurance Athletes but I want to avoid gels and such, which the authors indicate are okay for rides over 4 hours. I was thinking some roasted squash bites, an avocado, but what else? I want a little variety! Also, how much starchy carbs should I eat after such a long event? Also, I'm divided as to whether or not I should take a rest day the day before. I was thinking about a CF workout just to get the blood flowing but I'm not sure. I think I'll do a short gentle recovery ride the day after. Thoughts for fellow cyclists on this? Sorry for being so long winded! Thanks for help in advance.
  14. I have recently started the program and was wondering if there are any recommendations for endurance drinks? I have seen only 1 thing posted: coconut water, any other ideas?? Thanks in advance!!
  15. I am currently training for RAIN, which is a 160 mile bike ride in mid July and need some help figuring out this whole nutrition thing. Background: I currently CrossFit 2-3 times a week and bike 3 times a week (I'm building my base mileage now). Once I switch into full on training mode I will increase my biking to 4 times per week--one long ride, 2 moderate distance rides and then one short recovery ride. I plan on CFing 2-3 week then, too (one day per week I'll do both a moderate distance ride and one CF WOD, every other day I'll CF or bike). In May and June I'll need to complete two century rides and one or two 120 mile rides. My goal is to complete RAIN and that is it--no racing here. I'm planning, with stops, for it to take me about 13 hours. I need to complete it in 14 hours (they end the race after 14 hours). I have no idea how much to eat, what to eat or when to eat for an event like this. I, of course, would like to stay as Paleo as I can (I do eat some dairy, but not a ton and not every day). Also, and I know this is slightly off topic, if anyone has some good cycling websites that can help me define my training plan a little more I would appreciate that as well! I've looked and not found too much.