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Found 10 results

  1. suhavisalmon

    Energy Balls

    Hi! I recently saw a recipe for energy balls with ingredients that are all Whole30 compliant, but I'm not sure if this is a dessert replacement. These are the ingredients: 2 cups medjool dates (pits removed); ½ cup roasted almonds; ½ cup almond butter; ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut, divided; pinch of salt. I thought I would ask since I'm on day 14 and definitely NOT interested in breaking my Whole30 for this. Thanks!
  2. Terrible news - last night after eating a delicious meal of teriyaki meatballs and broccoli on day 8, my husband broke into hives. It seems likely that the medjool dates used as a sweetener in the recipe are the culprit. I’m heartbroken as I was already dreaming of a world after whole 30 where we stayed off sugar indefinitely. Has anyone found alternatives that wound change a recipes taste too much?
  3. Hi, I'm brand new to Whole30. I'm wondering if using dates and apple cider in cooking is acceptable in small quantities. I wouldn't be using them to satisfy sugar cravings rather as a way to balance flavors. My idea is to use the cider for BBQ sauce and I'd like to experiment with dates as a substitute for Palm sugar (reduced amounts) for Thai recipes.
  4. Hi All! My other post about this seems to have an error.... but, I'm starting the whole 30 today (yayyy!) and I'm wondering about almond milk. I already make my own - 4 cups of water, 1 cup of almonds, 2 dates and 1 tablespoon of honey. I know the honey can't go in during the whole 30, but what about the dates? I'm not using them to replace sugar, because I've never added sugar before.... just want to make sure I'm following the rules on dates correctly!
  5. Today the Sugar Dragon reared its head. While I stayed compliant, I fed it with dates/coconut/almonds. NOT the best choice since the dates prob shot up my sugar (and calorie load) and dropped it again. I really want to avoid this tomorrow!! Eek! I have fruit 1-2 times a day, but today I found myself picking at the date rolls all afternoon. They might not get purchased the remainder of this 30 day challenge!! Today's only day 4. AKK! Aviva
  6. mzp131

    Paleo Creamer...

    Preface: Last Whole30 August 2014. Stunning results, but totally fell off the wagon! Current Whole30 started Monday (10/26). I was bragging to my coworker about making the Paleo creamer and she said, "It's right in the rules, you can't make that because it's a swap". I used 10 dates, hot water, and 1 can compliant coconut milk. It's not really sweet at all, just not coconutty tasting (yes that's a word because I just typed it! ) Please advise.
  7. I'm having trouble with sugar! I'm on day 7 and I have found myself turning to dates and nut butters when a sugar craving hits. I know this is a big no no, but I can't seem to break the habit or divert my attention! I feel like instead of having ice cream I'm just now turning to dates, nut butters, etc... Suggestions?? My sugar dragon is my main problem and I need to kick it FOR good! Help!!
  8. I almost have my best friend convinced to try a Whole30 with me in August (as much Whole30 as we can do living at home with parents who foot the food bill and think we're crazy), but she absolutely hates her coffee black. She sent me a recipe she found for a homemade hazelnut creamer made with soaked hazelnuts, water, coconut oil, and sweetened with pureed dates and asked me if she could have it on the Whole30. My assessment was that while the ingredients are legit, this creamer would not be Whole30 because it isn't in keeping with the spirit of the program. It is clearly SWYPO for a person who loves their flavored coffees, and its purpose would be propping up the craving for sweetness, having the same effect and satisfying the same brain tantrum as just adding sugar would. To me, it would be tantamount to eating Larabars for dessert (which was my SWYPO during my first W30). In my understanding, sugar is sugar, dessert is dessert, and sweetened creamer is sweetened creamer, but I wanted to present this to the experts as a case study. Am I correct in judging this creamer non-compliant? Thanks!
  9. Can I ask one question about coffee. I use to drinking coffee black with no sugar but usually I have it with something sweet. Before starting Whole30 I would have 2tbs of almond butter(no sugar, just dry roasted almonds) with my coffee. I was wondering what would be a better choice in terms of nutrition vs sugar: banana, 2 dates or 2 tbs of almond butter or put coconut milk in coffee? And one more question if you don't mind. In terms of protein is 3 eggs for breakfast is too much protein? I have standard-small palm but I'm afraid I will get hungry with just 2 eggs. Thank you all very much for help.
  10. I'm on Day 15 of this journey and I think I need to cut out dried fruit. Actually, I know I need to, but maybe I just need a few people saying, "duh! no more dried fruit!". So I'm 5'4", 120ish pounds, two little kids, and I just want to be healthy, super fit, and not to stress and count calories to maintain a healthy weight. (Like most people, I would also love to lose a few pounds and have a 6 pack.) So far I really like the whole30. Our whole family eats better. My daughter asked for asparagus with a poached egg for breakfast! I think I may have a dried fruit problem. Pre-whole30 I definitely had the sugar dragon issue. Give me a little sugar and I craved more. Often after my amazing and balanced whole30 meal 2 and meal 3 I want a few dates or dried figs, but I usually end up having 4 or more...So....I pretty much should not have any dried fruit, right? On a side note, I haven't weighed myself but I know I am a few pounds heavier that when I started this. I work out nearly every morning between 9 and 11am- lifting weights, running, skiing, shoveling mounds of snow for snow caves for the kids, etc. Some days I just feel so carb hungry by mid-afternoon that I grab some dried fruit and nuts. Thanks for your input!