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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there. I am on Day 1 with my boyfriend. And I was feeling really confident about all the prepping and meal planning I have done for our Whole30. But he just texted me on his break and said that the food I prepped isn't hardly enough to satisfy his hunger. And we spent quite a bit on groceries but I don't think it's even going to last us until the end of the week. To give an idea of what i prepped: Breakfast was a piece of an egg bake packed with veggies. And homemade turkey apple sausages. Lunch was two small baked potatoes with a "sloppy joe" ground beef mixture on top. Snacks were a jerky stick, chia seed pudding and a Lara bar. Does anyone have any pointers on how to make meals that are affordable yet satisfying for a 26 year old guy? I'm feeling overwhelmed at how to keep us both fed.
  2. Hawk Man

    Starting in Seattle

    Hi All, Today is my first day on the Whole30 program. I am equally terrified and excited for this journey, and am looking forward to the many Non Scale Victories I am expecting to experience. Thanks for your support!
  3. Today is Day 1 of a new Journey for the wife and me! We wanted to put this right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hoping to get some new habits that will help me with some health conditions. My wife is along for the ride and going to be my support. Thanks for all the information on here. It has made the decision and planning much more accessible. Today's food was delicious, and then we went on a hike. Here's hoping we can be honest with ourselves and keep this up the entire time. Today has been a great start. We are looking forward to the next 29. We started out camping! Great way to get going on this. Jason
  4. Wooh, can't wait for the challenge! It is the end of Day 1 in my Whole30 journey, and I am already feeling the sugar cravings set in. For the past couple years I have experimented with dietary alterations ( originally around my hashimotos Hypothroidism, which has caused acne, low energy levels and other health issues) from vegan to AIP Paleo, and at this point I have come to grasp the major sources and habits of my body's discontent. My food lifestyle is 90% paleo, with exceptions here and there (college is stressful) and a wavering nightly sweet tooth which has the power to absorb all of my attention and focus it onto dark chocolate and paleo "desserts". Many times when I do indulge, I tend to get into a fix that is seemingly impossible to come out of. After feeling my energy and stress levels on a rollercoaster this year, and eating half of a pan of paleo carob brownies last weekend, I decided it was finally time to start this journey. Day one was a bit difficult; I am swarmed with work and had counted on grocery shopping that has not yet happened, but I am not too worried. My tastebuds have a reasonable amount of experience in paleo-world and I have gained resilience in tough times. I still am unsure about eating eggs, still need to get used to no rice or honey or syrup this month, and want to work on planning and time management around homework and meal-preps. I am open to any and all tips from college students doing Whole 30!!
  5. 1Ria

    Day 1 - 10/15/17

    Today is Day 1 of my Whole30! Had a wonderful and then emotional weekend that has caused me to lose my appetite... I'm about to prepare a Whole30 meal and just eat a smaller portion so I can have some nutrition.
  6. Hi. I have a busy, working, single mom. Today is my first day. I have been planning this for about a month. I am following the 7 day recommended meal plan. Today I started the day feeling pretty good, but around 4 o'clock I was really craving some chocolate or ice cream or something like that. Instead, I laid on the couch and cried for a minute. I have also been feeling hungry for the last few hours even though I keep eating nuts and olives and even had another meal in the afternoon ( frittata and avocado with some blueberries ). I know my body is just going through these expected changes. And my emotions. But it's a little hard and I'm a little nervous. Thanks for listening
  7. Hi. My name is Sherry and my husband Mike and I are starting this journey together today.
  8. IGAmom


    Today is DAY 1 ! Doing good so far. Planning is my biggest down fall in the past. I've done Paleo in the past with success but then slipped off the wagon.
  9. Day One- Already feeling urge to quite. Don't worry I'm not going to, but wow does food have a hold on me. I come from a family of large overeaters. I think I've been overweight since birth, and am now at an all-time high of 338lbs at 32 years old. When I first went away to college I actually lost weight while everyone else gained the freshman 15 and was at my healthiest adult weight ever when I was 21. The secret back then was eating on my own schedule instead of that of my family, eating mostly salads because it was easy and I didn't want to take the time to cook. Mostly though, I think it was that about 4 nights a week we would slam back a bunch of shots and then go dance at the bar for about 4 hours straight. My body had never experienced that level of fitness! Of course then I got a boyfriend, became more serious about studying, gained it all back and haven't really stopped gaining since. I am a fairly logical person, so the idea of a diet never made sense to me because they usually don't actually sound very healthy (nothing but grapefruit for how many days?) or just plain stupid (I'm not going to eat something because cavemen didn't? Well maybe if they had fire they would have!), and what happens when you stop dieting anyways? So instead, I would read tons of nutritional information in books and online, and then make non-committal proclamations about how I would "try" to eat less of certain foods, or I would "reduce" the frequency of eating out, or "limit" by heavy carbs. Of course this never worked because if you don't set specific boundaries, it's really easy to break them. Before long I was once again putting whatever tastes good in my mouth without giving it too much thought, and eating until it hurt. Now I am at a point where I weight twice as much as a healthy person, I am tired all the time, have limited focus and motivation, plantar fasciitis, chronic ear aches and allergies, low-back pain, and lymphedema (severe swelling in the legs and feet due to circulation issues). My husband and I are talking about starting a family soon, so I know that now is the time to take action to improve my health and habits. I am 100% committed to this nutrition plan, unlike any other attempt at change I've ever made, and yet... like I said, it's 9:30pm on day 1 and I'm dreading having to go in the kitchen in a minute to prep food for tomorrow. All I want to do is eat ice cream in front of the TV and stop for a bagel on the way to work in the morning instead of prepping a stir fry and eggs tonight like I planned. It really shouldn't be hard, but I've had to admit to myself that I really am addicted to sugar, to pastries, to grains, and to coffee. So like any addiction, the only real way to beat it is to go cold turkey. (I wonder where that saying came from) Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a food addict. I'm hoping that if I keep reminding myself, that it will help keep me on course. Day 1 is almost over. I can do this.
  10. Hi everyone! Today is day one for me! I am excited and nervous. I just ate breakfast- 2 red apples with almond butter and coffee black with cinnamon. I noticed that many of the recipes are not exactly vegetarian friendly. I was wondering if my fellow veggies out there could give me some tips of what their favorite recipes were throughout the Whole30 or maybe some resources to find recipes? Also, I am so excited we are allowed to have potatoes and nut butter (besides peanut). What is a go to vegetarian breakfast for you guys? What about lunch and dinner? How much water are you drinking? Thanks so much and I am so excited to start this journey. I should also mention that I am an avid runner in my mid twenties so this will be interesting performance wise but I am willing to sacrifice my athletic performance for a brief period if it means being healthier in the long run. Thanks guys! Looking forward to some feedback!
  11. lemarygrace

    Day 1...eggs...

    I am on Day One of my first Whole30. I am probably the pickiest adult eater that I know. My diet before this point has been pretty terrible, with lots of sugar and processed foods. I made a frittata last night to eat for breakfast this morning (decided to just follow the sample Week 1 plan from the book), but could not get down more than a few bites without gagging. I am really not a fan of eggs (I know, that's a little problematic with this particular program), and I usually don't eat breakfast. I think the combination of those two things made me feel a little gross when I tried to eat the frittata. I'm not sure what to do! I had a banana this morning and am just going to hold out until lunch (protein salad), but I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for failure by having such an incomplete breakfast on day 1. Any advice?
  12. SewCapricious

    Starting today! (Sept. 5)

    Hello, I've been reading about and researching the Whole 30 for the past couple weeks. Yesterday I made a week of meals plans and went shopping. This morning I had my first compliant meal--scrambled eggs with onions, mushrooms, spinach, and 1/4 an avocado. It tasted pretty good, but it was too much fat and made me a little sick to my stomach (I used a TBL of coconut oil to cook the eggs). I guess I need to stick to the lower end of the fat recommendations. I'm excited to be starting this challenge and hopeful that it will make a big difference in the way I feel. But I'm also worried that I won't be able to stay away from sugar. I have spent some time thinking about what I will do when I really start craving sugar or some other off-plan food. Maybe that will make a difference. Right now I'm really wanting my morning cup of tea with sugar. Time to drink some water and distract myself. I hope I can get plenty of support here.
  13. jodenley

    Started today!

    I started my whole 30 today, so far so good! As long as I can keep up with the food prep so I don't slip, I think I can do this!
  14. I start my 2nd Whole30 tomorrow, and I am so excited! I would love some buddies this round! I think I'm better prepared this time, now knowing exactly how many veggies I will be plowing through, and my fridge is full to bursting. I even scored some local buffalo, grass fed beef, and ground lamb to play with. My 9 yo has decided to join me this time and will attempt her own Whole15 (stopping in time for Halloween). We've been having sugar issues with my girls, so I'm extra excited about having her buddy with me. I hope to get the whole family eating a lot more healthily with us. I mostly lived off Whole30 recipes I found online last time, and this time I plan to play around and make some of my own recipes. The first one was for learning, and now this one is for fun! I also didn't really exercise the first time around, excepting a few walks on pretty days. I was only allowed to walk due to blood pressure issues, but I've since been cleared for 'real' exercise, so I plan to do that this time around. Which means extra meals, I know, so I'll be playing with work-out foods. Would love any tips for that! For the record, my first Whole30 this summer saw: * 28 pounds lost (only 4 gained back after quitting - this broke a 3 yr plateau!) * Completely off blood pressure & thyroid meds * Was sleeping better & had more energy * Clearer skin/less acne * Stomach bloat &/or fat reduction was DRASTIC. My tummy is my problem area. I looked hot! Gotta celebrate that. * And, of course, a better understanding of nutrition and how my body responds to certain foods. Let me know if you want to buddy up! I'm going to try to post pics of my meals on facebook to keep me accountable, so PM me if you want to be friends (or look for me in the Whole30 Challenge & Whole30 Recipe Exchange groups). Thanks a bunch!
  15. I'm on day 1 and I'm pretty sure I am addicted to 5 hour energy. I had a rude awakening when I went to run some errands on my lunch break today and ended up falling asleep while listening to a podcast in a parking lot in between stops. After 3.5 years working at a Starbucks in my early college days, coffee doesn't do it for me anymore. I know the Whole30 is supposed to help me derive energy from better sources and a more optimally running body, but for now, I need to not fall asleep in the middle of my work day. I usually start off my day with a 5-hour and have another mid-afternoon. What can I do instead so that I'm not passing out on the job, or worse, while I'm on the road? For context: I have been drinking plenty of water (~60 oz before lunch) and I am well hydrated and I had an egg muffin (with bacon, cilantro, lime, salt, and pepper) with a banana for breakfast). I did go to bed fairly late last night, but that's not out of the ordinary for fact, in a surprise twist, this NON morning person popped up out of bed at 6:30 today (I usually get up at 7 am), ready to take on day 1 with gusto!
  16. So, I had tried to do this on my own about a month ago, writing pithy little blog comments on Facebook for my friends and family and then I got tired of exposing so much raw emotion and I quit, I went right back to the sugar, it wasn't like amazing, it was good, but it wasn't super fabulous, just okay. But then sugar lead to bread, and bread let to McDonalds and Jack in the Box and Taco Time and dun dun dah COKE, canned Coke, McDonalds Coke, Mexican Coke in those awesome class bottles and before I knew my ankles were the size of baby elephant ankles and the swirling mass of moodiness and despair that follows binge eating was back and I knew that was not good! So I have come back to this eating plan, I felt great for the first 10 days that I did it, I felt righteous and smart, and proud of eating a healthy veggie filled diet that surprisingly enough my "I am "Preservative MAN" husband also enjoyed. I think he was secretly a little sad to see the sugar back in the house. And I also decided to get some help, not just help from my friends and family (love them, but they have their own stuff) but from others who get it and who are in the fight, so I joined this forum and signed up for my daily emails. And so, day one begins in a house filled with the smell of broccoli, 4 20oz water classes lined up like little soldiers on my counter and the NomNom Paolo crockpot chicken recipe open on the iPad. Let's do this thing!
  17. BellySaysYes

    Day 1!

    I am on day 1 of my first ever Whole 30! Had a withdrawal headache this morning but this was helped with some panadol. Expecting a few more days of headaches to come. Super tired but that was to be expected! Today I've eaten: B: chorizo, mushroom and spring onion frittata, roasted sweet potato, spinach with balsamic, and guacomole. S: 6 strawberries L: Giant salad with roasted chicken, spinach, roasted pumpkin and sweet potato, radish and cucumber with balsamic. S: Nuts - 12 - and might have the rest of the strawberries I brought into work later. D:Duck breast, sauted red cabbage and spinach in coconut oil, roasted pumpkin. Was left feeling hungry still after lunch so ate some nuts. I think I need to add more fat to lunch?
  18. Jerseygrl4Paleo

    Day 1 hunger-HELP!

    Hi everyone! Today is Day 1 for me. It's nearly 3pm EST and I'm pretty damn hungry. I couldn't do a big food shop or cook-up yet, and am going tomorrow. So I have to make due with what I have and my surroundings at work. I DEF don't think I ate nearly enough today, AND I plan to go to crossfit at 5pm. Here's my day. Please hack it, and let me know how I can improve in the coming days: Breakfast (8:30 am): 2 eggs over easy, 2 pieces bacon, some cubed pineapple Snack (10:50 am): 13 almonds Lunch (12 pm): Big salad with mixed greens, baby spinach, 4 oz grilled chicken, beets, mushroom, cucumber, tomato, olives, EVOO/Balsamic vinegar Snack #2 (soon): I have some grapes, but thats it. UGH Dinner (around 6:30): I plan to have a turkey burger patty cooked in coconut oil or ghee with lots of broccoli or something I know I need a lot more protein and fat. I need to buy some avocados. Thanks for the help! Sara
  19. Hello, everyone! I am going to start my Whole 30 journey on Monday, July 15. I'm both excited and nervous. I know this will require a lot of planning and dedication, and I have a bit of fear around falling off track. However, I'm going to do my very best to stick to the program! Now, onto the personal bits and pieces! Please forgive the long post! (If you want to skip the background information, scroll to the Summary at the bottom of my post to see what I want out of the program.) I am currently 29 years old, an editor by profession, and have been trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight. Back in the day, I was really overweight (think size 26/28 and up in women's clothing). I never owned a scale back in high school/college, but I would estimate I weighed around 280 pounds, easily. Oh, did I mention I'm about 5'9 1/2"? I was a little more health-conscious in college, and got my weight down around 250 pounds. In Fall 2008, my job offered an at-work Weight Watchers program. I decided to try it. Toss in my first 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races; a wider array of healthy food choices; and some exercise classes, and that brings us to Fall 2011. I had lost 80 pounds and was at 170. In 2012, I started following my own ideas about healthy eating and increased my fitness. I tried new fruits and veggies, took baby steps toward gluten-free eating, and really monitored what nutrients went in my mouth. I hit 165 pounds in Summer 2012, which is the lowest weight I have ever been. Where am I now? Allow me to give you the good ... Weight: I hover between 170 and 175 pounds, never really going up too much. Appearance: I generally wear size 8 pants and M - L shirts (compared to 26/28 back in the day!). My muscles are nicely defined in a lot of areas, which makes me proud of my progress! Fitness: I exercise about 5 - 6 days a week for at least an hour per day (personal training, boot camp, kickboxing, running, etc.), run at least one or two half-marathons a year, and generally consider myself a fit person (resting heart rate of 41 for the win). Food: I eat mostly organic/locally grown foods when at home, and try to make the best choices when out at restaurants. I also try to keep processed foods out of my house (i.e., I never stray from the outer wall/organic section of the grocery store). ... the bad ... Weight: As I said, I hover between 170 and 175 pounds. While I never go up too much over that, I also can't seem to get my weight to go down any more. I know weight is not everything when you take muscle mass into account; but, I don't like it that I am at the top of, or slightly over, the highest weight on the "Normal" range on those random BMI charts. Ergh. Appearance: While I can fit into smaller clothes than I used to, I still have a pretty large stomach. This is where I seem to carry most of my weight (well, stomach + chest/upper back). Part of it is skin from losing around 90 - 100 pounds. A great deal of it feels like plain old fat, however, and it wears under my clothes as such. (You know the "back fat" rolls around where your bra sits? Going from a size 46 band to a 38 band seems to have changed nothing about those. Joy.) Fitness: Although I exercise a lot and consider myself fit, I fatigue easily. I have trouble with moves that take me from the floor to a standing position too quickly. I also have very weak upper-body strength when it comes to push-ups, pull-ups, planks, etc. I know I have gained muscle in my arms, but I still struggle after years of doing so. Food: I am a natural sugar fiend. I love honey, maple syrup, agave nectar (I know, I know), etc. So, yes, they are organic, but are still sugars nonetheless. I really want to cut back. ... and the random (and possibly ugly?) ... Sleep: I admittedly have the world's worst sleeping habits. Some nights, I'm lucky to get 3 hours of sleep; most nights, it is 5 - 6 hours with the rare "binge" on a weekend of 10+ hours in one night. Part of it is a long-distance relationship with a 4-hour time difference NOT in my favor; part of it is being a natural night-owl; and, part of it is very poor time management on my part. Meat: Although I like meat, I struggle with trying to eat enough of it. Fish is my protein of choice, with the occasional bit of chicken thrown in. Once in a blue moon, I'll pull some local/grassfed ground goat, bison, or turkey out of my freezer. After going through some of the Whole 30 materials, this has me a little worried. The "Icky": I feel bloaty or generally uncomfortable almost 24/7. My stomach never really feels "happy," and I am almost always tired. As of the past month, this "icky" feeling has escalated to a bit of a high, which was a big motivator for doing the Whole 30. Other Health Issues: I have chronic dry skin (diagnosed when I was a baby). My nails peel/break/bend very easily. I have Otitis in the inner/outer ears, most likely related to the dry skin. I show a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism, though I have not yet had any in-depth tests (on my to-do list!). Summary: I want to feel good, and not "okay" or even "bad" most of the time. I want more energy. I want to feel happy and less stressed. I want to cut back or eliminate my sugar cravings. I want to lose this confounded belly fat and be able to see the abs that I've worked hard on and know are there. I want to be able to do more than 5 push-ups without my wrists wanting to snap. I want to enjoy my food for what it really is. I am committing myself to this Whole 30 challenge starting on Monday, July 15. I see others are starting on that day, too. I would love to help motivate one another and keep each other accountable as we all start our journeys. I am still new to the forum, but feel free to contact me (whatever that means in terms of this forum/Web site) if you'd like an accountability partner. Thanks for reading!
  20. Hi, I'm Sheila and I'm starting today. I'm 51, married 22 years with 3 kids, 21, 19 and 17. I am very overweight. I need to lose at least 100 pounds. This will be my first Whole30. I tried to do this a few months ago but wasn't ready. Even though I planned and planned it just wasn't the right time. I have been more and more miserable lately. More heartburn, bathroom issues, horrible rashes on the backs of my hands when I eat certain things. I am convinced it all has to do with what I eat. I wasn't even thinking about this but met a nice woman at the farmer's market yesterday. We were just talking and she mentioned coconut oil. My ears perked up because most people don't know about that unless you know something about paleo stuff. Then she went on to say she had just started a Whole30! I was so excited! It was a sign. So we talked and she encouraged me to start today. She also recommended the Whole30 Daily emails. So I signed up yesterday. I love them already! I need lots of encouragement as my family thinks I'm nuts. They all think I"ll fail and I don't blame them. I haven't had the best track record. Lose weight, gain it back. But I think this is the right way to go. I am also doing this for health and not only weight loss. I will be doing this alone at home but I know it is the right decision. I'm so glad this forum is here. Hope we can all help each other get through these 30 days!
  21. Hi everyone! I'm super excited to embark on my first day of the whole30 challenge tomorrow! I've made it halfway through one once before about a month ago and then fell off the wagon but now that I have graduated from college I'm hoping that this time around it will be easier for me to stick with my commitment! Is anyone else starting tomorrow? Does anyone have any tips for a newbie like me?
  22. So i'm sitting here eating some reheated oatmeal debating over whether or not add more coconut sugar or some maple syrup - cause, you know, maple syrup is "healthier". Bottom line is, oatmeal sucks without sugar in it, so why even eat it? It has been my excuse for so long. "I can't give up my oatmeal!" Well, yes I can and I think it's time. I have tried this Whole 30 program before to disastrous ends. I am the worst self-sabotager on the planet, always finding reasons it wont work and then cheating here and there. But my body tells me it's time to try again. I have started going to Tilte Boxing classes and I do not have the consistent energy to make it through class by the end of the week - not acceptable. Also, I am back to grazing and snacking ALL day. Not good. Needing to shed a bit of fat, gain some strength, stop eating constantly, and increase my energy. I am over all that confusing vegan vs paleo mumbo-jumbo of the last few years, my sleep is excellent, and I am ready for a challenge. So . . . Begin! Well, begin tomorrow after I go grocery shopping anyway
  23. Becca Smith

    A Newbies Day 1

    I'm taking the plunge and comitting to the Whole 30 lifestyle today! It's my Day 1 and I feel completely unprepared. My fridge is completely empty, except for the eggs and veggies that survived the clean-out yesterday. I was sad to part with my greek yogurt, cheeses, chocolate and left-over belgium waffles that I had made! I probably should have spent yesterday planning my meals for the week and going to the grocery story so I could start today strong, but spending the afternoon at a vineyard with friends aided that procrastination! So, I am unprepared, not the best way to start a Day 1, but I won't let that be an excuse! Here's to hoping I don't cheat today and make it through all 30!!! I would love to hear suggestions for breakfast on-the-go, and lunches that pack well, since I'm a teacher and get a very short lunch break! -Becca
  24. Marissa Wilson Johnson

    Day 1 Sept. 10

    Drank my coffee black - think I can do this. I brewed a flavored coffee very weak and it was palatable. I have always needed at least 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar and a little creamer and was pleasantly surprised with my morning joe today. I had a successful Day 1, but now have an incredible headache. Hoping to slay this sugar dragon really soon
  25. Today I started changing my relationship with food. In prepping yesterday, I realized just how excited I was to finally get rid of this burden - this ridiculous relationship I have with food that has undeniably affected my health. Sadly, until today, I fed my dogs better than I fed myself. I'm not even kidding. I would make them a dog soup that consisted of chicken breast (almost always organic), celery, rosemary, garlic, zucchini, squash, a touch of carrots, and sweet potatoes. I'd eat something with ingredients I couldn't pronounce, and maybe a serving of veggies...doused in some sort of cheese-ish product. Surely not the real deal, though. But today, that has changed, and I'm excited to share this journey with everyone else who has committed to being better.