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Found 9 results

  1. Help! I decided to my third Whole30 right after New Years. Recently being diagnosed with fibromyalgia after having Gastroparesis for years I was certain that another round would help my extreme fatigue and horrible bloating that comes with both. While the joint swelling that I have experienced for awhile has definitely gotten better, this Whole30 just feels different for me. My second one was not nearly as difficult to get through as this one. I am currently on Day 15 and feel exactly the same as I did on Day 1. Even after sleeping 8 hours I wake up exhausted, I am still bloated and my head aches are almost worse than before. Has anyone else experienced something similar on their Whoel30?
  2. Hi! I was eating what I considered a fairly healthy diet before whole 30. Bread + Pasta were defineitly my weakness though and a bit of a sweet tooth. I am 27y / 103lb / active (workout atleast 2x a week) and walk about 15k steps per day. On the whole 30 program i find my self feeling extremely fatigued (though I feel I’m eating more than before) with muscle pain and a total lack of interest in working out, i just want to go home and lay down after work. A typical food day: breakfast: 1/2 sweet potato, two eggs cooked in coconut oil or ghee, spinach sautéed, 1 avocado. Black coffee (my breakfasts all contain a mix of these ingredients served different ways) with the occasional addition of a banana who almond butter or cooked apples) Lunch: soup (2cups) containing (carrot, sweet potato, russet potato, celery, sausage, collard greens + spinach) plus one piece of fruit (peach, banana, cherries with almond butter) seltzer / regular water dinner: collard wraps (2) with spicy ground turkey, peppers, carrots, cucumber, purple+green cabbage. Seltzer / regular water Or zoodles with ground turkey + compliant marinara and a vegetable (cauliflower) But generally some form of veggie+ meat mix. Im just unsure why I’m feeling so sluggish and unmotivated! uploaded a bunch of my meals for size reference
  3. GUYYYZZZZZZ! I started my Round 4 on January 15 and am FINALLY on Day 15!!!!!! First restart came on what would have been day 10: January 24. I'd been hit hard by the stomach flu and stayed W30 for the first 2 days. On the third day I just wanted the comfort of oatmeal and blueberries, so I did. It was magical and healing. No regrets. Second restart came on January 29 after I bought and ate a peanut butter RX bar and it completely didn't cross my mind that PB is a W30 no-go. DOH! All the regrets! So, new Round 4 day 1 began on January 30. I'm still here doing W30 and my husband, who has not had to restart, is on day 29 today. I'm just trying to swim in my own lane emotionally and support husband through his W30 process. I hope you all are having a good week. Happy Tuesday!
  4. R2D15 and R2 is hard for all the reasons people say it's hard.. less exciting and less quick results. On the plus side: I think I'm fighting off a the flu - i feel crappy but not as crappy as I would usually feel when sick. But feel run down and frustrated and bloated today - I've eaten a ton of compliant carbs. Plaintain with lunch, potato with dinner and a banana at the end of dinner. I knew I was basically making myself a dessert I didn't need with the banana - especially given that I had two other carbs today, but I was upset and wanted something. And of course, now I'm grumpy that I reacted that way with food. This R2 doesn't fully feel worth it (but I know it is), and I'm craving ice cream like crazy. I could use a small pep talk.
  5. Hi Everyone, This is my first whole 30 and I'm on Day 15 and ready to quit. For context, I have been a vegetarian for 9 years (no pork for 14 years). However, I started eating fish a few times a month for the last year and I have always eaten eggs for breakfast. Six months ago, I started having some stomach issues and so I decided to try Whole 30 this summer to rule out any foods that were exacerbating the issue. My first week flew by without a hitch. I am already pretty comfortable cooking/eating tons of vegetables so I felt great. Eating so much protein was a bit of a change, but since I'm just doing eggs and fish, which as I said, I've been eating for the past year, I felt fine. This past week has been awful though. I've had stomach pains, significant irregularity and exhaustion. I constantly feel bloated and look worse than I did before. My last stool even appeared reddish (I'm hoping it was the beets I ate a few days ago and not blood) and I am at a loss as to what to do. This is supposed to help me feel healthier, not sicker! I'm ready to go back to my quinoa bowls with roasted veggies with the occasional glass of wine! Has anyone experienced decline like this? Any suggestions on what to do for increased regularity and decreased bloating? Help!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm on Day 15 of Whole30, and while I am lucky enough to have the support of my roommate who is doing this challenge with me, I'm having trouble staying motivated. To be fair, both of us were living on incredibly unhealthy diets before we began; take-out just about every day. I know that digging your way out of that deep of a nutritional hole does not happen overnight, so I've tried to be patient with my low energy levels and irritability (which hasn't let up yet...I'm hoping that happens soon?). That being said...I've had depression for 20 years, and am usually pretty good about being able to tell when a bad time is coming (feels like walking around the edges of a sinkhole, but if you're careful you won't fall in). A few days ago I just got *whammed* with the worst depression symptoms I've had in over two years, and it came out of nowhere. I recognize that mental states are complex, and it might not be related to the diet at all, but I honestly have been doing all of my other self-care routines normally (time in the sun, time with friends, meditating, getting enough sleep, etc). I suppose I'm just wondering if anyone else with depression (or any mood disorder) experiences worse/different symptoms while on Whole30? It's been difficult to stay away from my comfort foods, but I'm really trying to make it through the rest of this challenge!
  7. Hey guys! This is my first Whole30 and I'm having some real problems. I'm currently on Day 15 and I haven't experienced the "magic" of the program. I have lost little (if any) weight, am still tired all the time, still have headaches each day, and my stomach hurts quite often. For example, this morning I had a handful of salted cashews, one egg, and 2 pieces of natural bacon for breakfast and I've had the runs. This is a normal experience for me during the Whole30. Yesterday, I had around the same thing and had the runs again. I also hardly ever feel full. It's weird, I can eat and eat and eat and never feel that satisfied feeling of being full without bloated. It's tough because I don't feel any different from when I was eating non-Paleo. Each morning, I take one D3 Vitamin, 2 B-Complex Vitamins, and a ProBiotic My thoughts on why it's this way: my system is still repairing itself or my polycystic ovaries. I would LOVE some help as to what's going on. Thanks!
  8. First time Whole30 ... starting soon.

    Digestive Issues (Day 15)

    Ok. So i have always had digestive issues (diarrhea) for as long as I can remember. I am on day 15 of this program (woot woot ... halfway!) so I know that a lot of people say that they don't get full effects until closer to the end. BUT, this is bad. I'll get REALLY bad gas pain (like crippling) and usually instant "digestive issues" after that. A couple days ago I realized I was eating mostly protein and very little carbs. So I've made sure to include carbs now. But, I still have the same issues as before. For instance, this morning I had a casserole that consisted of eggs, egg whites, sweet potato, spinach, ground beef (bought from US Wellness), onions and mushrooms and I ate less than half an apple, I also drank some Yerba mate tea (nothing added). I drank plenty of water and still as soon as I got to my desk at 8 I was up and in the bathroom! It'd be one thing if something totally different was happening while on the Whole30, but this is exactly how I felt when I was eating non-paleo. Any help, advice or explanation would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I haven't exercised since beginning this program but this morning I started T25. This may or may not be the cause of the issue today. But, it certainly was not prior to today.
  9. I'm on Day 15 of this journey and I think I need to cut out dried fruit. Actually, I know I need to, but maybe I just need a few people saying, "duh! no more dried fruit!". So I'm 5'4", 120ish pounds, two little kids, and I just want to be healthy, super fit, and not to stress and count calories to maintain a healthy weight. (Like most people, I would also love to lose a few pounds and have a 6 pack.) So far I really like the whole30. Our whole family eats better. My daughter asked for asparagus with a poached egg for breakfast! I think I may have a dried fruit problem. Pre-whole30 I definitely had the sugar dragon issue. Give me a little sugar and I craved more. Often after my amazing and balanced whole30 meal 2 and meal 3 I want a few dates or dried figs, but I usually end up having 4 or more...So....I pretty much should not have any dried fruit, right? On a side note, I haven't weighed myself but I know I am a few pounds heavier that when I started this. I work out nearly every morning between 9 and 11am- lifting weights, running, skiing, shoveling mounds of snow for snow caves for the kids, etc. Some days I just feel so carb hungry by mid-afternoon that I grab some dried fruit and nuts. Thanks for your input!