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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, This is the first time I've posted. Didn't want to but I really want this to work and I'm befuddled as to what is happening. I'm hoping someone may be able to give me some guidance or suggestions. I'm on day 22 and my head is still foggy, I'm tired, my skin is feeling itchy and dry and having the closest to a breakout in months and the bags under my eyes and dropped to new depths. I'm still feeling weaker than I did before I started the program. Yesterday I was about to rip a new one for anyone who dared look at me the wrong way. I thought this phase would be well and truly over. My friend, who said she felt amazing after a couple of weeks, is a bit confused too. A sample of a typical day's menu: Breakfast- coffee with cashew milk, ghee and coconut oil frittata with veggies, avocado and smoked salmon if I have them to hand Lunch- Baked potato - either sweet or white - tuna mayonnaise, lettuce, beetroot Supper- Whatever the family wants but a bit changed so I can eat it e.g. bolognese with zucchini spaghetti and veg. Chicken and roast potatoes etc... Before bed I have what we lovingly describe in our house as my disgusting drink - maca, cacao and spirulina mixed with water. I just drink kombucha, water and coffee (one or two cups daily). I stopped drinking kombucha a couple of days ago as my friend thought it could be the sugar that is causing issues. I use a lot of ghee and I'm wondering if maybe I'm making it wrong but I sieve it well using 2 pieces of kitchen paper and the ghee is completely clear once drained. If anyone thinks they know what I'm doing wrong or have any suggestions or tips I really would love to hear from you. Thanks so much, Helen
  2. I'm on day 22. There is no tiger blood, sleep is not reliably great although I'm working on the best sleep hygene possible. I don't feel much different to before W30 apart from my very bleak mood. I'm about the same size but possibly lost an inch around the waist. Depression started in week 1 when I was really missing a social life - I can't go out with my heavy drinking friends and not drink - it's really boring to be around drunk people when you are sober. I don't get a great deal of time when I can leave the house because I'm a single parent and childcare is limited so I haven't been out for a night with adults for over 3 weeks. I attributed my very low mood to a resentment that I couldn't have what I wanted and a bitterness at feeling isolated so I rode it out. Isolation isn't making me happy but is that the only thing that is making everything seem so much like hard work? Is it possible that I'm missing out on something I was eating before that was making me happier? Before W30 I was primal, with alcohol. I had sugar of any sort very rarely, wheat once or twice a month, pulses once or twice a month. I had butter daily but cheese once or twice a week. I ate pretty clean, cooked most everything. I'm menopausal and I use half a cup of soya milk a day to add oestragen. I've experimented without it and it's not worth the hot flushes or mood swings. I take 5htp for sleep now, not sure if it makes any difference, hard to tell. Any ideas much appreciated. If I google Whole 30 and depression I get success stories. I don't feel like this is a success.
  3. ekprothro

    When to eat

    Hello! I am on Day 22! Feeling good, nothing dramatic, but also aren't seeing too many results. My clothes were fitting better after the first week but right now they are feeling tight again?? I have a very busy schedule. I am a fitness instructor and work full time. I am wanting to know when I should be eating at the proper times to fuel my body and prevent eating every couple of hours. I will usually be up at the fitness studio 2 times a day, either to teach class or take class. Here is a very typical day: 5:45AM- I either teach a class or take a class (the workout is either strength training or cardio, it varies) 7:00AM- home from workout (teaching or taking), have a cup of coffee with Vital Protein and an egg cup with veggies and sausage 10:30AM- around this time I will have another cup of coffee and an RX bar 2:00PM- have lunch which is usually a salad with chicken, tomato, avocado, carrots, hard boiled egg, and an apple and a la croix 5:30PM- take class (strength training or cardio) 6:30PM- teach class 7:45PM- get home around this time to have dinner (usually some form of chicken, roasted veggies, and avocado) with sparkling water 10:30- go to bed I try not to eat at least 2 hours before I go to bed. When I teach a class, it's not a work out but I am walking around for about an hour. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm on Day 22 and I've been dealing with bloat and stomach discomfort since about the 10 day mark. Last week I started supplementing with Digestive Enzymes (Trophic Supreme - vegetable based) (2 capsules per meal) and a Probiotic (Flora Udo's Choice Super Bifido Plus) one capsule per day. This helped a small amount, i.e. I could button my pants but they were still very tight. Also, my skin cleared up quite a bit. This morning I took the saliva test for yeast overgrowth and the result was positive. I also took the test for low stomach acid which had a positive result as well. I'm not surprised at all because, based upon the reading I've done, I am exhibiting most of the common symptoms. I need to know what to do next. On top of my list are the following: 1. Eliminate Fruit 2. Eliminate Coffee 2. Add a Betaine HCL supplement 3. Take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar with a squeeze of lemon juice in a glass of water prior to each meal 4. Drink Ginger Tea Daily 5. Continue with my supplements of Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes Are there any other suggestions out there? Has anyone else gone through this? Any happy endings out there? This is so frustrating.