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Found 5 results

  1. Day 28. Any change I saw or felt in my body happened the first week. Maybe I just lost a little water weight, but I felt a tad smaller in the tummy. Since then, I've had no change. I thought I might at least get down a size. Nope. I don't feel any different. I don't look any different. I discovered soy in a supplement I was taking twice a day on Day 9 and pledged to restart the days, so I'll take it right through Lent. But so far I have to say Whole 30 is a bust for me. I know some other people were starting on March 1 and also going through Lent, but I can't find the original posts. I'd love to hear from those people! And please. I don't want to argue about whether this is a weight-loss program. Save it. Seriously.
  2. Changes in digestion and BMs have been one of the BEST NSVs I've had doing Whole 30. I have an autoimmune disease and have dealt with chronic constipation my whole life. But since doing W30, I've been going every day and many days twice a day! This has NEVER happened in my entire existence. But then, I started to feel a little backed up in the evening on day 26. I shrugged, figured it would sort itself out in the morning on day 27 like usual. Except, no dice. No BM all day. And SAME YESTERDAY (This was typical of me, before - 2-3 days between BM). Yesterday (day 28) I drank some compliant kombucha and took a probiotic. I walked 4.5 miles. I drank a lot of fluids. But no BM. It's early in my day, so it might work itself out today, but I haven't had that feeling of needing to go just yet. Wtf? Thinking over my meals, I have been lighter than usual yesterday on veggies (still appropriate levels of protein/fat), but day 27 was packed full of veg. I'll post out my meals if you guys want, but anyone else suffered a change in digestive status late in the game?
  3. One of the main reasons I started the Whole30 was to figure out what was causing the eczema on my torso and back, but for the most part, the rashes are still there. I've seen a lot of people report healthy, glowing skin halfway through their Whole30, but—while my skin was never really in bad shape to begin with (except for the eczema)—I don't think it's really improved at all. In addition, I'm still having trouble dragging myself out of bed in the mornings, and I haven't been able to shake the 3:00pm fog at work. For reference, a typical day looks something like this: Breakfast: Two egg frittata muffin thingies with salt, pepper, paprika, onion, spinach, mushrooms and roasted red peppers; one banana; a mug of green tea. Lunch: Chicken tikka masala (made with crushed tomatoes, coconut milk, spices and veggies); cauliflower rice. Dinner: Spaghetti squash and meat (ground beef) sauce with carrots, peppers and spinach. I should note that—as far as I know—I haven't had a single slip. However, I have had to eat out a couple of times this month, and I'm paranoid that although I made sure to ask all the right questions, I may have been given the wrong information and there may have been something in my food that shouldn't have been there. I don't know this for sure, though. Additionally, a couple of weeks ago I started taking digestive enzymes with every meal, and I've started trying to incorporate a teaspoon or two of Bubbie's sauerkraut every day. I should probably also be drinking more water than I am. Does anyone else with skin issues/grogginess issues—or anyone at all—have any input as to what could be the culprit?
  4. Hey all, I don't know if anyone has any insight for me other than "just hang in there" but I needed a place to express what I'm feeling! So feel free to ignore this post. Okay, so I am doing the whole30 on my husband is good to eat the meals I make for dinner without requiring any off-plan foods, but he is eating what he wants during the day at work and on weekends. So I have done this completely on my own. I actually felt best in the very beginning, strangely enough, especially since I was coming off of an overload of junk during the holidays. But this last week has been awful!! My cravings for chocolate is unbelievable! It is all I want, but I refuse to break my whole30 when I'm so close to the end. So instead, I've been snacking on dried fruit and nut butter...compliant but not recommended. I try to distract myself but I swear it is practically all I think about...counting down the days until I can have some damn chocolate lol and it is making me extremely cranky. I loved the whole30 in the beginning but now I'm hating it haha. I'm definitely eating enough too...usually 2 eggs, protein and a sweet potato for breakfast, a large salad with protein and an apple for lunch, and protein, veg and carb for dinner. I'm not hungry between meals, I just want CHOCOLATE!!!! And I'd love even more to NOT have this craving....but it won't go away.
  5. So I am in a panic, 2 days from the end! (Day 28) I've lost my mojo! I haven't cheated, prob too many nuts in general, but that's the case all the time. I have come down with a wretched head cold and since Friday I've taken cold meds. Nighttime stuff and some sudafed for sinus pressure. I haven't visited the ladies room....if you know what I mean....since Saturday! I feel like I'm going to explode! My food is fine! I'm following the rules and want to finish strong. Only other element is I'm coming up on that lovely lady time.....arghh! I will be so depressed if on the 30th this is not seriously different. I feel gigantic, bloated and wouldn't even want to put a tape measure around my waist! Do you think cold meds could cause this much trouble? Or is it that plus PMS causing the perfect storm? So frustrated! And a little sad that it might end badly.