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Found 3 results

  1. Jeanne M

    Whole30 At Home

    Anyone doing this? Single, no kids, so it’s just me. Day 3 (1/10th complete lol) and so far so good. This is my third round, and I’m hoping to overcome emotional eating while staying home.
  2. Runningmom

    day 3

    I’m on Day 3. Kale salad and hard boiled eggs as well as coffee and nut pods for meal 1.
  3. Laura Addah

    Day 3 in pain

    So I've done a couple of these in the past, and they helped me figure out that artificial preservatives and soy both seem to trigger additional inflammation for me. It also improved my relationship with food and encouraged me to eat more veggies. (I'm happiest with the simple whole 30 plate, and love lots of raw veggies) I have chronic autoimmune health issues. I'm a few years older now, and keep gaining weight. I've been going along with stuff like 'let's go to the Chinese buffet' because it made my spouse happy, but hating myself for feeling miserable and bloated afterwards. So I decided it was time to do another whole 30. I'm on day 3 and in pain. Yesterday I was getting the to be expected headache, tired, malaise, brain fog. Then I tried to get some sleep before having to get up early and drive my teen son to an event. No matter which way I lay in bed, it hurt the part that was against the mattress. I ache and hurt all over. I feel stupid complaining about it, because it isn't BIG pain - but it's pain over a lot of me and all the time. I have fibromyalgia and undifferentiated connective tissue disease, so chronic pain is part of my life. But I'm on some medications - Cymbalta and cyclobenzaprine - and a LOT of supplements that have in general done a pretty good job of mitigating it and helping me get by without too much pain. Right now, I feel like someone took away my meds and my muscles are tensed up and hurt all over, like I haven't taken cyclobenzaprine all week, but I am up to date on my meds. It's the kind of thing that makes me question am I really doing something that's good for me, or am I just making myself more of a hassle and burden to my family?