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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone doing this? Single, no kids, so it’s just me. Day 3 (1/10th complete lol) and so far so good. This is my third round, and I’m hoping to overcome emotional eating while staying home.
  2. I’m on Day 3. Kale salad and hard boiled eggs as well as coffee and nut pods for meal 1.
  3. So I've done a couple of these in the past, and they helped me figure out that artificial preservatives and soy both seem to trigger additional inflammation for me. It also improved my relationship with food and encouraged me to eat more veggies. (I'm happiest with the simple whole 30 plate, and love lots of raw veggies) I have chronic autoimmune health issues. I'm a few years older now, and keep gaining weight. I've been going along with stuff like 'let's go to the Chinese buffet' because it made my spouse happy, but hating myself for feeling miserable and bloated afterwards. So I decide