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Found 26 results

  1. My husband and I have decided we need to get healthy. We have several friends at church who have gone through whole30 with great success. We are a busy professional couple with a pack of kids and lots of activities. It’s so easy to make poor food choices with a busy schudule and readily accessible fast food. We don’t want a diet, we want a life whole30 is part of the changes we are making. Wish us luck. We would love any tips/encouragement or whole30 buddies.
  2. emilybrown31

    Day 2 New Member!

    I just started Day 1 yesterday and I'm feeling better already. After reading the timeline this morning, a little worried that the 'hangover' is about to creep in. Would love to share stories and feedback with Whole30 beginners- I feel like support is going to be a big part of this process! Back to my bacon | tomato quiche. . .
  3. acatherine30

    May 29 = Day 1

    My mom and I started together yesterday. I messed up and had milk in my coffee first thing!! But I've been good since. I've already realized that eating out is hard -- I had to google what is okay to eat at Chipotle (where I often get a quick, relatively healthy lunch and it lasts me 2-3 lunches) and found that I can basically only have lettuce and carnitas! (All the other meats are cooked in soybean oil.) I'm noticing the Day 2 "hangover" feeling noted in the "Whole30 Timeline." I'm sluggish/tired and hungry even though I'm eating regular quantities. I already eat pretty healthily (no fast food unless you count Chipotle, no sugary beverage habit, lots of veggie/protein-based meals, but I also regularly eat cheese and crackers, quinoa, rice, legumes, and other things that are restricted... I also have about 1 drink/day, usually wine, and sometimes more on the weekends. I'm honestly surprised how much a day and a half of these changes is affecting me. (Though we did go to a wedding the day before Day 1...maybe that has something to do with it!) My mom is not feeling the hangover effect on Day 2 -- she had already been following a no-added-sugar/limited processed carbs diet for about 5 months (intended to rebalance hormones and contribute to overall health). For her, the Whole30 additionally cuts out quinoa, brown rice, legumes, limits nuts, etc. (She already doesn't drink and never has.) It's stressing her out a bit how limited her options are now, especially because she is also trying to identify the source of a rash that has been traveling across her arms and back, and she is currently testing out nixing eggs... Anyways, I'm glad I have a partner in this. I'm dreading the "I want to kill everything" and "I want a nap" phases because, if they comes when the timeline says, they'll be right smack in the middle of my busiest time at work this weekend. But, there's never a "perfect" time to make a change, so I'm going for it now while I have a partner in it.
  4. Yogajen2010

    Day 1 starts now! May 20

    Good bye scale, hello black coffee! Excited and nervous... Anyone else starting around now?
  5. Cassandra.dee

    15hr headache 1st day.

    Hi all, I have just started my whole30 and since 12pm yesterday (it's now 4:30am) I have had a headache stemming from the back of my head through to my forehead. Does anyone have a remedy for this that isn't pain killers? I went to bed at 6:45pm last night, was a bit restless around 1am and then I think I slept through till my alarm at 4:30, so I'm fairly sure it's not exhaustion. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. CB125

    Started Today!

    Hey everyone! My name is Caitlin and I started today! So far, so good. I weaned out sugar five days ago to help my transition. My main goal in doing Whole30 is to learn what my body does and does like! I've struggled with stomach issues my whole life and I'm hoping this can help me figure out the best foods for me. Happy Thursday!
  7. SustainableJen

    March 1; Day 1

    Hi All, Starting my Whole30 on March 1. March 31 I head to Chicago for a weekend with my daughter and hope to be feeling and looking great! Sugar breaks always make me feel great, and I really need to kick the sugar habit after over-indulging during the Holidays this winter. This is my first Whole30 and I look forward to feeling good, cooking more, and resetting my habits. I'm happy this forum exists as I'll want some good recipes and tips for success. I wish everyone luck and good health! -J
  8. Melissa Shelly

    Hello- Day 1 for me

    Hello everyone, I am not sure how to introduce myself other than starting a new topic. If that’s a no-no, I apologize. Just wanted to let you know that today is my first day! The last two weeks I was doing a cleanse, of sorts and was very very similar to the Whole30 except I was allowed to have paleo shakes and beans (which I didn’t eat), stevia (which I loved in my tea and in my morning Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon drink; and I was not allowed caffeine. Other than that, the same. So in a sense, this is Day 15 but not really since I had the stevia so now I am beginning. My question is, I sometimes am running to a circuit training class early in the morning and I don’t feel like eating anything beforehand….then I’ll have two hard boiled eggs and play tennis. Then I stopped at grocery store—starving. I had a 3rd egg and TWO compliant LARA bars because I was starving. Now I just had two compliant sausages and it’s almost 4 pm. I have some work to do and then I will make dinner. I guess what I”m asking is how I could do this better, rather than grazing all day. Hope to make some connections. Thanks for the support, Melissa
  9. xojwatsonxo

    Day 1 11/08/2016

    Today is my Day 1! I would love to connect with some people who are also on Day 1 or close to it for support and accountability. I definitely need recipe help too because I'm fearful I'll get tired of the same basic foods.
  10. NatalieCatalie_


    Hello Whole30 Folks! I am Natalie. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Fresno CA. Today is my first day ever on Whole30. I'm excited but also a little nervous. In April of 2013 ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and started taking medication (an SSRI) to treat it. Fast forward to now, after being on and off several SSRIs, my weight and health have declined. I went from weighing a healthy 140 lbs to 209 lbs. I have developed prediabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and just feel generally "blah." Some of the weight gain is due to a change in lifestyle - going from walking 4 miles a day in college to sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week - but I think most of the weight gain has been because of the medications. I am still taking an antidepressant because the anxiety and depression are still there, and it only gets worse as I feel physically worse and worse. I have tried so many ways to lose weight in the past with little to no results. In each case, I have gained back what I lost and put on even more. I am at my heaviest weight ever. It's disheartening, to say the least. As hard as it is for me to admit, I know that I have an unhealthy emotional relationship with food. My goal is to heal that relationship and find other ways to soothe myself when I'm sad or lonely or bored. I am hoping and praying that Whole30 is the answer to my problems. I have faith that if I stick with it and focus on the long-term benefits, then I will be successful. I'm looking forward to meeting others on this journey with me! xoxo
  11. BarbaraM

    Let's Do This Thing!

    Well, I'm IN. I'm officially on the Whole30 as of this morning. I've heard a little bit about it off an on over the past couple of years, and bought the Whole30 book about a month ago. I didn't start until today because I just celebrated my 50th birthday with a party with a bunch of friends and I wanted to be able to eat my birthday dinner and cake, then go ALL in. ;-) I'm excited and a little nervous about going through the bleah part, what with working part time and having a busy schedule like most of us do. But I'm super excited about resetting my body and seeing the results. I've planned some meals (the recipes in the Whole30 book look amazing), and I'm also following the FB Whole30 and Whole30 recipes. I've signed up to get the newsletter, and feel pretty set. So, I'm here, and I'm IN!!! Let's GO!! Barb
  12. BarbaraM

    Let's Do This Thing!

    Well, I'm IN. I'm officially on the Whole30 as of this morning. I've heard a little bit about it off an on over the past couple of years, and bought the Whole30 book about a month ago. I didn't start until today because I just celebrated my 50th birthday with a party with a bunch of friends and I wanted to be able to eat my birthday dinner and cake, then go ALL in. ;-) I'm excited and a little nervous about going through the bleah part, what with working part time and having a busy schedule like most of us do. But I'm super excited about resetting my body and seeing the results. I've planned some meals (the recipes in the Whole30 book look amazing), and I'm also following the FB Whole30 and Whole30 recipes. I've signed up to get the newsletter, and feel pretty set. So, I'm here, and I'm IN!!! Let's GO!! Barb
  13. Hi! I'm doing my second Whole 30 starting today, and decided this time to join the forum. Looking forward to sharing ideas, support, complaints, tips and emojis. My boss and a close friend were also supposed to start today, but they both decided not to last minute. I respect their decisions and am going to continue my Whole30 solo. Of course today is someone's birthday at work so we're going to have sweets this afternoon. Since it's only Day 1 I feel confident I can avoid them, but any tips for long-term 'saying no thanks' to sweets in the workplace? Thanks
  14. Jackie_whole30

    Whole 30 DAY 1 - November 9

    It isn't the 1st of the month, or after the new year. It is just a random day in the Month of November. Yes, I know it will interfere with Thanksgiving, but I am OK with that. (You can eat pie any day of the year) I bought my WHOLE30 book along with "It Starts With Food" over 2 months ago, and have tried and failed about 5x since trying to start the Whole30. I did get married in September and honeymooned shortly after in Italy. I now have no more excuses! So this time I am putting my all into completing the next 30 days. That means being involved with online community, listening to healthful minded podcasts daily, and prepping food throughout the week. Any suggestions, feedback, or working with anyone else starting today will be helpful. Thanks! Jackie
  15. Hello Whole30 community! I am very pumped and nervous for what is ahead, but so far I have made it through day 1 and day 2 with very few problems, adn by problems I mean huge cravings for gluten free lemon bars at our local gluten free good But I did not give into temptation and therefore am still continuing on with Whole30. I have been having a slight headache, but I have also had four tests this week and not enough sleep so that could be part of it. But other than that I feel really good. I can't wait for the results and hard work to really kick in. I usually am running and also working out but I hurt my back two weeks ago and have not been able to do really any exercise, but it has gotten a lot better so tomorrow I am hoping to run to miles and I hope that it makes me feel even better, especially since I haven't been feeling very happy and confident since I haven't been able to run. Running makes me happy. But anyway, I bought some groceries, and tried some really good recipes so far for dinner. Blueberry chicken meatballs and this really good chicken leg recipe so far for dinner. I made a lot so I have leftovers to hold me over for a couple of days. This Saturday I plan on making this sweet potato chili (no beans!!!!) for dinner, and it says it makes 10 servings so I hoping that it lasts me throughout most of the week next week. Plus chili is always better as leftovers. I'm excited for what day 3 has in store for me, especially since I am going out to eat with my grandma and then going to see a movie afterwards, but I can do this! Good luck to everyone else out there! I know you can do it!
  16. Any tips for what to make for my almost 16 yr-old-son…who doesn't really like vegetables? So far we had a green smoothie, western omelate, chicken yakatori, hamburger, roasted sweet potatoes and veggie chips from Trader Joes.
  17. Hello Everyone! Second time Whole30-goer, first time Forum visitor! I began my first Whole30 at the end of January, but broke my ankle on Day 17. Day 18 I began being constantly sick because of the pain management, so I caved and had a diet consisting of pasta and crackers for a few weeks, which spiraled and turned into milkshakes and pizza... But today is a new day, Day 1 of my second try. I know I can do this! Just need to not break anything this time... -K
  18. meredithm1

    First Day of My First Whole30

    I actually started yesterday, but what's an extra day of health? :-) My sister did this back in October, and is planning to do it again. She's the one who convinced me to try it, but she's dragging her feet now, lol! I'm here mostly for health and energy benefits, though I'll take any weight loss that comes with it. I just turned 50 and I have a 9 year old son, so I've got to get as healthy as pssible for the long run. I'd love to find some like-minded friends here; I think we'll be that much more successful if we support each other. Breakfast was a small sweet potato and 2 poached eggs. I may have a half grapefruit shortly. Coffe with no sugar - I thought it would be disgusting, but I threw it over ice, and it was surprisingly easy. Acid reflux is kicking in, but I hope that'll go away with a little time. How about you?
  19. Hello everyone, I plan on starting my first whole 30 days tomorrow. I am excited to start this so I can change my eating habits and become more healthy in the process, because I love snacking, I love candy/chocolate and I also tend to stress especially in school with exams/homework and being up late studying :/ but hopefully I will be able to eliminate my bad eating habits and replace them with more healthier choices. I'm happy I found out about this form and I look forward to getting more healthy! I wish everyone all the best P.S who else is planning on starting tomorrow (October 13)? All the best, Irene


    Hi all! I'm a business owner, marathoner, fitness freak, major foodie, world traveler, dog lover, & continually amazed by this crazy thing we call life. Today, November 3rd, is my day 1 of the Whole30. Who's with me??? Well, as embarrasing as it is to admit, I've been here before. Making notes stating that this is "Day 1 of Whole30". And then quit by day 3, 4 or maybe 5. Because it's someone's birthday so I must have a glass of wine. Or there's a baby shower so of course I have to have the cute pink cupcake. Old friends are in town and we're getting take-out. The cycle continues. I eat clean about 80% of the time and then let the weekend completely ruin me. It's a nasty, nasty cycle. The good news? I CAN CHANGE IT. I can break the cycle. I'm in total control. That's right. If I choose to succeed or fail - it's on me. I feel like today is different. Today is new and I have a new attitude. Not only do I have a new attitude but I've prepared myself and have laid the groundwork for success. Yesterday, I planned each and every meal for the next week. I went grocery shopping and got every single item that I need to make each and every meal. There is no tempting junk food in this house. I did my food prep so meals are quick and easy. I cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry. I am prepared. I am following my meal plan. I am going to succeed. In addition to preparing, I also posted the "I am doing the Whole30" icon on my Instagram, promising my followers updates and quick recipes. Now I'm accountable to others as much as I am myself. Completing the Whole30 would be an enormous victory for me personally. Yes, I could tell others I did it. But mainly, I want to do it for ME. Because I've never be able to before. Because my relationship with food is probably the toughest relationship in my entire life - and I feel as if it's a really important one. For the most part, I am a very motivated and determined person. I feel like I have every other area in my life under control and happy with the way it is. I don't blink an eye at having to work hard for something. I don't think twice about training for multiple marathons (through the winters, might I add!) or even sigh at the idea of working 50+ a week and completing my Masters degree. Quitting a high paying job to start my own business was pretty challenging at times but I did it. Preparing to speak in front of 500+ people? Not a huge deal. So why in the hell has sticking to a "diet" always been so damn defeating for me? I don't get it. So I'm going to change it. Starting today. Right now. I am going to change my life, the way I eat, and my relationship with food in the next 30 days. 100% awesomeness coming soon, very soon....
  21. gabepace

    day 1 - no gum!

    i can give up sugar. i can give up coffee even. but up until today i have never been able to give up gum for an entire day. i basically replaced cigarettes and eating between meals with gum. so i NEEDED it. but you guys i didn't have any gum today. i did it! let's see what tomorrow's like. i have also never given up all sweeteners before. let's see what tomorrow's like. xo gabrielle pace, x-sugar junkie
  22. magso

    Day 1- June 23rd

    Hi everyone!! Today is my FIRST day. I'm so excited! I've been paleo for a while, and I've been strict about it for the past 4-5 months, but this past weekend I had a party so I am super excited to start this. It'll be tough, challenging, but most of all rewarding, and I can't wait to see the end results!! Meal 1: -1 slice of turkey bacon -2 eggs (sunny side up) -a few thin slices of avocado -coffee with coconut milk
  23. CpBatchelor

    Today is the Day... Day 1

    I can't believe the day is here... I had picked this date earlier in the month and was determined to stick to it since it was after my annual trip to San Francisco and Napa with friends and family. I think since I knew that I was doing whole 30 upon return that I went more overboard on food than normal. So I suspect that I will feel the effects in the next few days. However, I know that it will all be worth it... Excited to see the changes that happen in the next 30 days... Now it is time to get moving in the kitchen... Jet lag took over last night which turned into sleeping in longer this morning than expected... I think I am coming down with a cold so I have no doubt my body needed the extra rest. Meal Plan For the Day: Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with ground beef and sweet potato and a banana. Lunch: Shredded Baked Chicken over a salad with kale (lots of it, yum) carrots, tomatoes, celery. Dinner: Shredded Paleo CrockPot beef with some green peppers and zucchini noodles. Oh.. And lots and lots and lots of water... Def need water...
  24. Hey guys, Today is my first day. I tried to start a little over a week ago and lasted about 4 days before I got side tracked and messed up. I'm starting all over again today. Hoping this time will go much smoother than last. I am a runner and currently have a stress fracture and can barely exercise so I figured this is a perfect time to get my eating habits on track. I usually am successful during the week but since I'm in college, as soon as the weekend comes, everything goes downhill. I'm hoping with the daily email, support of one close friend and the support of these forums I can stay on task and see results. I really want to live a healthier, happier life. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes come my way from this! Hoping I can stay dedicated, strong and eventually become more confident in myself. Look forward to hearing from you guys! Have a good day today Chelsea
  25. fitgirlH

    Just started this week!

    so for starters, my name is Heather, I am crrazzzzzy about all things exercise, nurtrition related. so I am all-new to this (paleo lifestyle), and i just started the whole30 Wednesday, I can't tell you how thankful i am to have found this forum!!! A little about me, the girl who i'm sure you will see posting stupid questions allover the pages.... I finished my Nutrition education at a Holistic School for Nurtirtion way back in 2003, since then I have had 3 children and put myself and my health on the sidelines. Last year I started running and cleaning up my diet but was not satisfied with my results, I began following the program for working out and LOVE it, which gave me amazing results; after 3 kids I have a visible 6pk and beautiful muscles. While i can see the muscles forming and are clearly there, i feel like there is just this one layer of fat that won't go away and this bloat that drives me mental, i couldn't understand it; i ate clean (what i thought was clean, keeping in mind my brain hasn't been turned on (so to speak), with my nutirtion knowledge or anything, kids ruin your brain cells). in a very long time.... I came across fructose malabsorption through afriend of mine and noticed that fructose seems to play a negative role in my digestion. from there i discovered fodmaps, and when i took out dairy it was like a huge relief and my stomach stopped giving me grief, from there i came across paleo countless times and since it kept creeping into my life (thank christ), i decided to look it up and go from there...well here i am, i'm reading Paleo Solution and am in heaven, I feel like my whole world is coming together! I have about 5 books ordered through indigo, just waiting for them to arrive here early next week so i can just pile the info in. Paleo just makes sense! i can't believe it took me this long to discover it, i feel like a huge light bulb went off when i thought about it, my entire universe is just coming together! I have also ordered the ISWF and can't wait to receive, I am an info____(insert any word you want here i.e. nut, whore, whatever), anyways, so happy and thankful to have found this forum and you guys all sound amazing!