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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all! I'm on Day 18 of my Whole 30. Overall, everything has been pretty tame. I have been going through the motions of the timeline pretty regularly and my withdrawal wasn't so bad. I was 75% paleo before the program (with the exception of my Easter binge before ) Everything was pretty basic UNTIL NOW. I am experiencing EXTREME dizziness, nausea, unquenchable thirst, claminess and light-headedness to the point of almost fainting. Due to my anxiety-that I had previously my whole life- this is triggering my anxiety that I haven't had since I started and I've had to take a Xanax for the first time since my Whole 30. Didn't want to, but this sick thing had me up for hours in fear and paranoia. To top it all off, I'm on my period, day 3 which is typically the worst for me. Cramping and all. I'm 24, not sure if that info helps in regards to hormones. Before this, I was drinking approx 60 oz of water a day. The past 2 days I've drank close to 90-100 oz of water and some tea. My meals for the past few days have been: Day 16 Meal 1: Pistachio crusted Salmon (10oz) 1 1/2 cup of Broccoli Meal 2: 5 ounces Chicken with Almond flour crust (as well as spices) 2-3 baked Sweet potatoes with cinnamon 1 cup of strawberries Meal 3: Baked Salmon (8 oz) 1 1/2 cup Spinach Sunflower Seeds 1/4 Bell pepper 1 Carrot 1 banana Day17 Meal 1: 3 Eggs Scrambled Coconut Milk 1 cup Broccoli Handful of Cashews Meal 2: 1 can of Tuna 1 whole avocado 2 Tbs of jalapeno sauce (whole30 compliant) 3-4 baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon Snack: coconut water (normally never have, but panicked about electrolytes when I got dizzy) Meal 3: 1 can Tuna 1 whole avocado 2 Tbs jalapeno sauce 1/2 cup kimchi 3/4 cup broccoli 1/2 bell pepper 2 carrots Today: Meal 1: 4 eggs scrambled Coconut Milk 1 cup Broccoli 1 Tbs of Jalapeno sauce 1 handful of cashews I know it's not much variety, but the dizziness has me so scared to drive, I go home and avoid the store and end up eating what I have. But I do usually mix it up between fish, poultry, red meat, and eggs. I feel like I'm eating enough of the 3 categories, I usually fill my plate. Perhaps I'm not eating enough salt? I think the sweet potatoes and broccoli show that I don't have carb flu or anything like that so who knows? Please help in any way! I can be quite the hypochondriac and I'm freaking out a little bit! Starting to get the shakes Thank you!!
  2. Eva626

    Day 18...

    So I am on day 18 of my first whole30 and so far I have enjoyed it. Although I have noticed that at times I am lacking energy. The problem is this, I am a student and have a few huge final papers due in the next few weeks and some all nighters will most likely need to be pulled. I do not drink coffee, and usually drink soda instead to help with staying awake and snack on some sugary treats. Clearly this is not whole30 acceptable. I am thinking about giving up on the whole 30 (still following everything with the exception of allowing my soda/candy in minimal amounts for studying) because I don't want to interrupt my study grove. Although I don't want to give up on the whole 30 either. Help!