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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! I am on day 19 of my first ever Whole30. Been doing amazing and except for some digestive issues all is going well! BUT I ordered a takeout salad with shrimp, and somehow overlooked the walnuts are candied. There was some sugar on them :/ I ate 4. Sooo the dilemma - do I have to start all over again? I am already salivating at the thought of reintroduction, especially my rolled oats for breakfast. The thought of starting all.over.again. is killing me. But, I will if I have to. Sob.
  2. This may seem like a small victory, but for someone who has always hated black coffee, this is a huge game changer! I drank coffee for the caffeine and had to drown out the flavor with cream and sugar. I have been using coconut, almond, or cashew milk in my first cup and then switching to tea. It's Day 19 and I am finally able to enjoy black coffee! I am so excited to finish my Whole30 and nix the added sugar and cream!
  3. I am on Day 19. I have been using the Whole 30 Cookbook for many of my dinners, and I typically eat those as leftovers or salads, chicken, pepitas and dressing of some kind for lunch. For breakfast, I probably don't eat enough, but my hunger has subsided. I made some "pizza" egg muffins from an Instagram account through Whole 30, or frittatas (with added ground pork or chicken) from the cookbook. Sometimes I'll throw in fruit. At first I was eating way too many nuts. I have decreased the intake of nuts, with the exception of apples and nut butter from time to time. I work extremely long days at times (from 10-12 hours), and I haven't been able to bring enough food to have mini-meals. I will occasionally eat an apple, or cucumbers and mayo/sauce for snacks. One day this week, I had a larabar (it was parent teacher conferences), and a different day I ate 3 date "balls" rolled in almonds. I know they aren't supposed to be eaten much, but my will power is a struggle at times, so doing this program is a win. I work out multiple times a week (2-4) but not daily. I CANNOT eat before I work out, I literally get so sick and want to throw up; even if I eat two hours before, it bothers me. It's been this way since high school. I usually do cardio/weight training, and occasionally yoga. I try to eat as soon as I get home after my workout. Additionally, I am highly allergic to many raw vegetables: carrots, celery, bean sprouts. I can eat them cooked. If I eat too much broccoli or cauliflower it upsets my stomach. Here's the issue: I feel like I'm doing it wrong. I look on the forum way too much. I'm feeling insecure, like I am screwing up. It's this weird feeling I get sometimes when I do new things--being perfect. I'm far from it. I know I need to let this go, but I also know I need more food for breakfast and lunch, but I don't know what to do or how to change it. What should I be preparing for breakfast? Lunch? How can I let go of this feeling of "doing it wrong"? What vegetables and fats should I be including? How can I be better about the "meal template" thing? Thanks guys.
  4. Hey guys, I am feeling very frustrated. I am on day 19 and I honestly don't feel any better. Pants that I haven't worn in months because they were too big are now fitting while my regular pants feel tight. My skin feels the same and I'm not feeling like I have any additional energy than normal. In fact, I've been extremely tired the last week. I know the program is 30 days and I'm not going to see everything yet but, I thought I would have some positive side effects by now. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't even really feel like I am missing out on any food. I honestly don't have food cravings or feel like there is something that I can't eat that I wish I could. I have always had a ton of self control with food when I set my mind to it. I have read It Starts With Food and the Whole30 book and I know I am following all the rules so that is definitely not the problem. I mostly just want to hear from some people who have experienced similar frustrations and I wanted to see when things got better for them and when they started feeling the "magic" that Melissa and Dallas reference in the books.