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Found 6 results

  1. I am only on day 5 feeding myself and 6 children (12, 11, 8, 6, 4, 2) and my husband. I'm struggling with being able to keep this up for 4 weeks. We live in Alaska and produce is very expensive (almost $5 for 5oz of baby spinach, 1 head of romaine over $2). We just went through 5 dozen eggs in 4 days... We are used to spending about $100/week on groceries and I've already spent $400 this week. We can't afford to eat this way, so I'm having an internal battle of whether to continue doing this with everyone (not sure how at this point) or just doing it for myself and only eliminate a few things from their foods, which would still be more expensive than we can afford. Please, any ideas are helpful. Need to figure this thing out.
  2. I'm on day 5 of my first whole30, have experienced lots of ups and downs and just started feeling like I'm getting the hang of things. Ate my breakfast and felt super positive about really getting myself to do 3 meals a day without snacking (really tough for me I'm a snacking addict) Anyways, I go to take my multivitamin and realized I hadn't thought to read the added ingredients (don't ask me why it's literally the one thing I space to look at when I started) and to my dismay there is organic brown rice in the coating I feel so discouraged and frustrated I have to start over. Just looking for positive reinforcement here, who else has done something like this on their first whole30? Also some amazing multivitamin suggestions that are compliant would be appreciated!
  3. wholehearted90

    Day 5: wins so far

    Hello I am on Day5 of the whole30 and was inspired to post today after a nudge in my whole30 daily email. So far, so good - no real cravings or issues like that, although I may have been aided by starting a 'no - sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, dairy' detox on 22 May. I read about whole30 and wanted to step it up to the next level. I've been staying in a hotel this week (without a fridge) and have been very creative about getting template meals - last night I 'tossed' my own salad by emptying a big bag of salad leaves into a big container with a lid, adding oil, lemon juice and maldon sea salt and giving it a good shake. Delicious with some cooked chicken that I managed to find that DIDN'T contain sugar (I was surprised to see how much cooked chicken has added sugar, I found one with cornflour and even one with milk protein!) Thanks to these forums I also discovered fodmaps on days 1 and 2, and I recognised instantly symptoms/issues that i have experienced with high fodmap foods, so I cut those out on day 3 and I stunned by the difference it has made to my digestion immediately. I don't feel at all deprived with a payoff like that. I don't eat nightshade veg or eggs either so that makes things pretty limiting.... That all said, the benefits so far, apart from digestion are, improvement in sleep, better mood, improvement in my skin. Very happy with results so far and looking forward to the rest of this journey.... B
  4. Has anyone else experienced this? I get up at least two-three times at night to pee. I always drank a lot of water, so I can't figure out why all of a sudden now I have to pee so much. Any ideas?
  5. Hey! this is my first post on the forum and it's my fifth day. Just wondering if a group of ladies wants to start a thread, or some kind of face book/email support thing. It really hasn't been too hard for me so far, I didn't eat that great before this but I didn't eat Mcdonald's every day either. Just want some people to bounce ideas off of and hear about their experiences!
  6. Raven


    I'm on Day 5 of my Whole30 and this evening I seemed to hit Day 6 on the Timeline. The past two nights I've also had dreams about being really mean to people, though that didn't seem to happen in real life. However, today the most striking thing has been that my OCD seems to have flared up. I only have very slight OCD... I tend to count things, do things a certain number of times, bite my lips, and repeat phrases or numbers several times. Today, this has just seemed really intense. Anyone else with subclinical OCD experience anything like this on their Whole30?