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Found 55 results

  1. starting tomorrow - sept 22

    i turn 40 in late january. i just had lower spine surgery for nerve/spine issue in march. my body won't let me do the things it used to. i don't like the way i feel in my body now. i'm single. i hate cooking for one and not good with leftovers. i tried this once and didn't see much of a change like everybody also gushes about. but, i don't know what else to do, so going to try again.
  2. I'm on day 25 and I feel terrible. My headaches have returned with a vengeance, I'm tired all the time, my anxiety is through the roof, I've lost my appetite entirely, and I've lost all motivation to get things done (which is a huge problem because I'm self-employed). I can't believe that I'm feeling this awful when I'm so close to day 30. I was supposed to start feeling the "tiger blood" at least a week ago. I didn't have these issues before I started this round. I've tracked a couple days of my calorie intake just to be sure that my problems aren't being caused by insufficient calorie intake. Despite my lack of appetite, I've been able to force myself to eat about 2200 calories per day, which has been enough to maintain my weight. In a normal day, I usually have 4-6 servings of fruit and 6-10 servings of vegetables. My macronutrient breakdown is about 20% protein, 40% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. Other info that might be helpful: This is my second round of Whole 30. I did one 6 months ago and felt so amazing afterwards that I decided I want to do it twice per year to keep myself on track. I have a neurological condition that required surgery 5 years ago. I've had almost no symptoms since then. I kept up with clean eating after my first round of Whole 30, but I reintroduced sprouted wheat bread and became less strict with occasionally eating out (once per month maximum). I exercise 5 times per week: HIIT/strength training combo workouts M/W/F, light recovery cardio or yoga T/Th. This is more exercise than I did during my first round. I'm a 21 year old female, 5'3 and 115 lbs. I've stayed the same weight since I started, which is good because weight loss is not a goal of mine. I've practiced intermittent fasting for over a year now. I use the LeanGains 16/8 protocol. Before starting this round my diet was not great because I had been on the road for 9 days. Lots of sugar from sweetened dried fruit in trail mix, not enough fruits or veggies, and occasional fast food. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any idea about what might be causing it or how to make it better?
  3. Itching and Mood Crash

    My background: I began W30 to get to the bottom of several unexplained health issues I've had over the past 3 years. Mainly itching all over that seemed to come and go and usually preceded or coincided with a depressed/down mood. The two always seemed to go together to me but my health practitioners acted like I was crazy and pointed to anxiety and depression as the source of my itching. Among many other tests, I had allergy testing done 1 year ago and it came back above normal (not the highest but slightly elevated) for spinach, broccoli, and karaya gum. I eliminated those for the past year (with occasional accidental exposure). I could tell within 24 hours if I had spinach because I would itch all over like crazy. I also began to notice that within an hour of eating oats, I would itch all over. I've continued to struggle with depression and mood swings. My Whole30 so far: I made it through the first 2 weeks with the typical symptoms and results as outlined in "what to expect". Then I was sleeping great, had a ton of energy, and could tell a big difference in the fit of my clothes by Days 17-21. It was awesome! On Day 22 I got dizzy and felt nauseous all morning. I thought maybe I didn't eat enough and we had a very active morning so I tried to fuel up with more protein and fats that day. Days 23-26 I felt tired, lethargic, my mood completely dropped, and I had several severe itching episodes (to the point it was debilitating and I ended up taking Allegra and laying in bed until symptoms presided). I'm not sleeping well at all and I wake up feeling jittery and shaky. My questions: Has anyone else had a regression in week 4? I've not gone off plan at all. Could this be a new sensitivity to another food? Maybe nightshades? (I can post a list of what I typically eat if that helps). I'm on Day 30. Yay! Should I continue on the plan and delay reintroduction for now? (I'm thinking yes).
  4. Hello everyone, I'm on Day 15 of Whole30, and while I am lucky enough to have the support of my roommate who is doing this challenge with me, I'm having trouble staying motivated. To be fair, both of us were living on incredibly unhealthy diets before we began; take-out just about every day. I know that digging your way out of that deep of a nutritional hole does not happen overnight, so I've tried to be patient with my low energy levels and irritability (which hasn't let up yet...I'm hoping that happens soon?). That being said...I've had depression for 20 years, and am usually pretty good about being able to tell when a bad time is coming (feels like walking around the edges of a sinkhole, but if you're careful you won't fall in). A few days ago I just got *whammed* with the worst depression symptoms I've had in over two years, and it came out of nowhere. I recognize that mental states are complex, and it might not be related to the diet at all, but I honestly have been doing all of my other self-care routines normally (time in the sun, time with friends, meditating, getting enough sleep, etc). I suppose I'm just wondering if anyone else with depression (or any mood disorder) experiences worse/different symptoms while on Whole30? It's been difficult to stay away from my comfort foods, but I'm really trying to make it through the rest of this challenge!
  5. Depression and Sadness

    Hello everyone! Currently on day 15 of my first Whole30, and I have experienced something surprising. The first week instead of having the carb flu I had bouts of sadness. Like weeping, world will end, dark thoughts, etc. Through reading around, I have found that for some eating too few carbs can have a negative impact on seratonin (mood lifting hormone). This is something to watch out for if you are prone towards depression (which I do not have) to begin with. After eating a potato each morning it got better. Two days ago I didn't have a morning potato because I ran out of time to make it, and it took until the evening but the blues were back. Since my father passed away from depression, there is definitely a seratonin deficiency issue in my family background. I did not think that doing a Whole30 would give me insight into this area of need for self care and am surprised to learn I may need to watch it more than I thought. In general, I can be given to low moods and have had a span of dark days within the last two years, but nothing diagnosed, etc. I am writing this post to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Also, if you are having that experience, I'd say don't be afraid to have carbs or even a daily Larabar (oooh--vilify!!!) to keep your hormones in check. For me, this process has been chiefly about the elimination/ reintroduction experience to determine what works for my nutrition. As long as I can keep the carbs at a decent level, I am willing to continue past 30 days for additional healing and weight loss. As we know, dealing with this sort of disorder is not a 'mind over matter' issue--our mind is, in fact, made of matter and can be damaged! Moderators, can you pass along this issue to the Hartwigs in hopes of some more info? Perhaps in a new edition seratonin issues can be discussed in the 'special populations' portion of the book? Despite the bouts of sadness, clearer skin, less bloat and a flatter belly are some positives I have had so far, and I'm glad my poor moods at the beginning didn't derail me from the process.
  6. Hi everyone I am a newbie (notreally a newbie to clean eating but first timer to the whole30) and I am in to my day 12 (happy dance!). However while I am not facing any of those junk food craving related issues (i hv moved all non compliant ingrediants out of sight to help me) i feel like the following are areas of concern: 1) body odour (i was never smelly!!! And now i feel like my smell changed and sorry if this is TMI but i feel like my urine smells oddly different too!?!?) 2) my allergies are feeling kind of aggravated day 9 onwards - as a child i was allergic to jewelry made of impure metals and now once again after years i have an itchy rash after i wore an old oxidised silver bangle. A dermatisis patch i had ages ago at the nape of my neck has suddenly flared up again. I have always suffered with bouts of hay fever but again day 9 onwards i feel like im sneezing way more than juat in the mornings. 3) my insomnia is back and how. Everyone is talking about sleeping bwtter on the whole30 but that is not yet happening for me. Any tips? May I add here that I am doing the whole30 from India and my reasons for taking it up now are - a) i suffered a miscarriage in january and had to have a d&c, so as i wait 3 months to try to conceive again my husband and i felt this is the right time to go on a food reset. b ) our beloved dog who was no less than a son to us passed away after a freak accident very suddenly. I felt i needed the whole 30 to be disciplined at this time as i am emotionally vulnerable and i dont want my grieving to turn in to unaccounted binge eating sessions. C) i am not working a full time job at the moment which gives me more time to meal prep and plan and focus on how the kitchen runs. Looking forward to help and auggestions from co participants and moderators! Thank you! rohini
  7. It's day 26 for me and I feel I'm still struggling with low energy, depression and mood swings. I suffer from bipolar type 2 with mainly depression. This is my second round and I did it to feel better and have energy! Weight loss is an added plus! I've done a lot of reading and feel like I should continue doing whole 60 and see if mood levels out! I was just hoping to feel better by now! Anyone else experiencing this too??
  8. Hi, Lysandy (new Whole30er) here... but for what it's worth I successfully completed a similar (but different!) program about 5 years ago that was for 21 days... and felt awesome! {I include that simply to give some context to where I am in starting my W30.} Since then, I've mostly returned to a semi-SAD diet with probably above average amounts of whole foods peppered in. I have a HUGE sweet tooth (chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite slash weakness), and have probably indulged in at least one "dessert" a day every day for as long as I can remember... Life+some choices I've made have contributed to much higher than "normal" emotional stress levels over the last few years, and long story short, last November (2016) it was recommended (URGED) by my therapist that I start some sort of antidepressant medication. This was not the first time it had been recommended, but it was the first time that I actually surrendered. I started on generic Prozac (fluoxetine hydrochloride) 10mg a day and planned to go up to 20mg once my body had been "primed" after a week or two... which was sort of my idea based on some things I had heard about initiation of SSRIs considering my BMI of 20 (a.k.a. on the lower end). Once I felt "stable-ish" on 10mg, I tried to go up but, frankly, could not tolerate 20mg AT ALL as in: experienced severe side effects. Eventually, I resolved to remain on 10mg as I had begun to feel my depression symptoms lift even on a "half dose." Also, for what it's worth, I did switch generic brands after about a month upon sharing my concerns with my Nurse Practitioner... and experienced a HUGE reduction in even the minimal side effects as well as an increase in efficacy at the same dose, so I do feel like the brand I'm on now (Teva Pharmaceuticals out of Israel) works best for me. Fast forward to this past month... I've been able to take some giant leaps forward in putting some of the emotional pieces into perspective and embracing some more sustainable coping mechanisms... and I feel even more hopeful about what the Whole30 will bring about. I honestly feel pretty good now (only 3 months after starting antidepressants) and would LOVE to discontinue taking them. ESPECIALLY SINCE SOME (ALL?) OF THE INACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN THE BRAND I TAKE ARE NONCOMPLIANT. I just looked on the manufacturer's website and they are as follows... (boldness added by me for ingredients that stuck out right away as noncompliant) Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Pregelatinized Corn Starch, Simethicone, Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #2, Black Iron Oxide, Antifoam DC, Soya Lecithin, Shellac So my question is... WHAT TO DO?! should I take this as my cue to go off? Obviously, I know any advice I receive on this forum can't be taken as "medical advice" but I genuinely just want to hear some perspective from anyone who may have been in a similar situation. I truly believe my depression is in part related to my current diet, and I'm finally ready to find out for real. Last little bit of {perhaps} relevant information: I am a Registered Nurse who believes that food is medicine, even though I haven't practiced what I preach very well lately!
  9. Hi, After about 12 years on Paxil, I'm working with my doctor to slowly decrease my Paxil dosage so that I can get completely off the med. I know that Paxil can cause awful withdrawal symptoms for some folks, so I'm trying to prepare the best I can to head off any serious withdrawal problems. I've been on 30 mg - doc recommended 20 mg for 2 weeks, then 10 mg for 2 wks, then switch to Prozac for 4 weeks, then off Prozac. I quit drinking weeks ago (shouldn't have been drinking while taking the meds, but still did); now I'm doing a round of whole 30 b/c I think it will help also (did it about a year ago). I'd appreciate any other ideas or thoughts on whole 30 compliant types of foods that would be especially helpful for me during this time. thanks all!
  10. Hello! I'm in day three and definitely experiencing a "hang over". Headaches on and off through out the day and feeling absolutely exhausted. But one thing I hadn't anticipated was feeling so "down". Like utterly mopey and depressed. This sort of thing happens sometimes when I'm really exhausted or sleep deprived, so maybe it's the lack of energy that comes from withdrawing on sugar and carbs. In any case, is this normal? Is there anything I can do to combat this?
  11. Summary of preexisting conditions: clinically depressed, marriage on the verge of collapse (her idea), recovering videogame addict, anger-eater, happy-eater, sad-eater...almost like I eat in conjunction to enhance or cope with any emotion. Question: In light of suicidal and homicidal thoughts, wanting to break and trash things, inability to function or be productive, should I continue Whole30 or wait until I haven't just upped my Prozac dosage, nearly lost my wife of 11 years, gone cold turkey after a life-long destructive videogame addiction, and numerous other excuses and moan-worthy gripes? My story: Ok it's too long, so I'll try to be concise. I started Whole30 to prove to my wife I'm willing to change my ways. What better way to show her in the 30-day timeframe she gave me "OR ELSE DIVORCE" than with a 30-day extreme-makeover diet? It's Day 7 and it totally sucks. I knew I was an emotional eater and got a lot of my temporary highs from food, but holy hollyhocks Batman, this is horrible! "Kill ALL the things" is going to be a headline in the local paper about a man who went on a destructive rampage because he "stopped eating yummy foods." I don't want to be that guy! Below is my bullet-point list of excuses for why I should possibly give up on Whole30 for now and wait until I'm not on the brink of a breakdown. I recently upped my anti-depressants from 30mg to 40mg daily. Since starting Whole30, I'm more prone to rage, despair, anger and flippancy. I quit playing videogames this year and haven't filled the void with much else other than sleep. My wife told me a couple weeks ago she's done with me and wants out. I begged and she gave me a month to prove I'll be a better person and husband. Failed so far, badly. I have a vasectomy scheduled for Day 23 of my Whole30 and my wife plans to take the kids and leave me for 3 days while I recover. I watched my wife do Whole30 in April and have listened to her read excerpts about the program for most of 2016, so I don't need a first-hand experience. I've never read the rules of Whole30 and because I'm only trying to save my marriage and could care less about sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy etc, why bother to read them? Since I'm not playing videogames, eating yummy foods I like, and getting almost NOTHING out of married life that a man needs in bed, I'm getting almost NO satisfaction. My 3rd favorite ice cream is on sale for $2.50/1.75qts right now. I have a chunk of ATK-approved chocolate cake in the freezer. I want my friggin pasta salad. I'm being a bigger a-hole on Whole30 than I was when I was unmedicated and playing videogames 8-16 hours a day. Help me or I'm jumping off this crazy boat of craziness and self-deprivation. Y'all can have it! HHHHhhhhheeeeelllllllp mmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!
  12. Day 29 and Feelin' Fine

    I completed the self reflection exercise suggested in the whole 30 daily email today. I felt like sharing in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others, Here it is: This is what my life used to be like. I started the Whole30 as part of a longterm healing process from a traumatic birth and 3.5 month NICU stay for my first child and the end of my dysfunctional relationship with his father. Things I did to help myself leading up to the whole30 - yoga, meditation, herbs, acupuncture, psychotherapy, exercise, allergy shots, self-help books and CDs, Zoloft. Not to mention embarking on a new career path, which has involved college classes and volunteer hours. I also work from home. The problems I sought to tackle by changing my diet included: extremely low energy, depression, and horrific allergies. Juggling life as a working single mom and student felt impossible with my health. This is how I found the Whole30. Around the same time, my acupuncturist and therapist both suggested my diet might be contributing to my low energy, depression and allergies. I have always been a healthy eater, but my relationship with carbs and sugar was unhealthy. My acupuncturist explained that the gut creates some neurotransmitters and it finally clicked for me - that my depression and energy problems could be directly linked to my diet. This was totally new information to me. She also explained that in traditional Chinese medicine, they don’t consider depression an illness, but consider it a symptom of other problems. I had alarmingly low chi (life energy in traditional Chinese medicine). My therapist handed me the one page whole30 meal plan as a template for me to work with when I told her I felt confused about what was healthy to eat. I immediately said, “There are no grains on here.” She told me I could add them in limited quantities if I wanted. I went home and Googled whole30. That night I knew I had to try it. I had a family reunion and a wedding to get through before I could begin, so I calendared it and announced the start date to my immediate family. During my whole30 experience: I was so scared before I started. I feared intense cravings that almost hurt. I pictured HUNGER. I feared headaches and low moods and misery. My first week was actually a breeze. I immediately had more energy and my moods were more stable. The cravings were not very intense at all. I barely missed alcohol, even though I had a drink or two every night before whole30. I lost weight with out hunger. I ate big yummy meals and didn’t feel tired afterwards. On one or two days I suffered short-lived headaches. On day 11 I was hella tired. Other than that, I was living the dream. I had drank the Kool-Aid. I got my period 2 weeks early, which really surprised me since I am on birth control. I was so tired for 3-4 days. This was right around the time I was supposed to feel Tigers Blood. My tigers blood was stolen from me! That was a bummer. On the flip side, I have felt happy in a way that I have not felt in ages. I’m on Zoloft, which I know is helping, but I can’t wait to wean off of it when the doctor thinks its advisable. I have a lot of faith that I will be able to stabilize my moods much more with my new healthy diet and I don’t plan to be on Zoloft long term. Eight years ago I lived in Peru for a summer, working at an archaeological site museum. While there, I developed allergies that have stuck with me ever since. I sneezed loudly, had copious mucous, and felt so incredibly itchy. Allergies would come and go all year long. I’ve taken medications, gotten steroid allergy shots and regular old allergy shots. I do the neti pot, take herbs and make Chinese teas, have allergen free bedding, an air purifier, and started getting acupuncture specifically to target my allergies. The allergies have not bothered me one bit since I’ve been on the Whole30. I won’t know until I do reintroduction, but I am guessing I was more mucousy from dairy and the tissues all over my body were inflamed and my immunity was on overdrive from foods I was eating. I want to scream from the rooftops that everyone with seasonal allergies should try this! While calming the allergy beast was big, by far the hugest milestone for me has been my increased stamina and patience with my toddler. Before the whole30 I was running on empty. Now, I can play actively with my beautiful boy. He is a fireball, so that means a lot. It means more than I am able to express in words. I felt so much guilt for having so little energy for him despite knowing he is the most important thing in my life. I have been struggling since he was born to keep up with him! The past two days I’ve played in the waves of the ocean by our home, which he absolutely loves. I was literally unable to do this with him before because I would get exhausted immediately. Keeping him safe with his high energy runs and jumps into the crashing waves was simply too much for me to handle. The past two days I felt tired after our wave jumping, but in a good way. I was proud of myself. Now that I've finished my whole 30. I look forward to being a proud paleo! I’m excited for reintroductions because they will tell me what I need to know to make good food choices. If I find out I have no negative reaction to certain foods I love, I will happily eat those too. However, if it turns out I have bad reactions to all the things I eliminated in whole30, then I will be able to live with it. I know I can make delicious food. I’ve learned that grains aren't a NECESSITY, which I truly always thought they were. I believed I would feel hungry and unsatisfied if my plate didn’t include a grain. I will eat meat for breakfast or an egg with spinach. I never thought that would be a regular thing for me, but 30 days of steaming spinach and cooking an egg or some Applegate chicken and apple sausage, or paleo bacon, has shown me that this is a feasible thing for me. And I enjoy it!
  13. So, Day 13 -- still hardcore missing oatmeal and greek yogurt with honey over the top, but that's another thing. I am so tired. Exhausted. I slept for almost 10 hours last night, and woke up this morning in a sort of daze, even though I ate really well and completely yesterday. Had a decent breakfast (4 deli turkey slices with leftover roasted veggies drizzled in olive oil and an apple) and a good lunch (heaping handful of turkey meatballs with pesto over more roasted veggies -- sweet potato, asparagus, brusselsprouts, and onions). I was running some errands and I was still feeling pretty groggy, and on the way back, I dozed off behind the wheel -- closed my eyes for two seconds, but next thing I know I'm slamming on the brakes and hitting the bumper of the guy in front of me on the freeway. His car was fine, and I lost a few plates off the front of mine, but no one was injured thankfully. I just couldn't stop crying afterwards -- here I am, doing everything in this program as right as I can, and still feeling exhausted and run out and miserable. On top of that, this whole thing has seemed to make my depressive episodes and my anxiety worse; I get stuck in terrible negative thought spirals, and the obsession over what I can/can't eat seems to be taking me back to my disordered eating habits, which I've worked hard to get away from. I keep waiting for the magic to hit -- I want to stick with this program, I only have another 17 days, but I am tired and miserable and sad and I feel like I could fall asleep standing up at any moment throughout the day. I feel like I should be past all these things by now. I'm doing everything by the book (and I'm working REALLY HARD to cut back on my fruit snacking, though I'll still eat an apple to hold me over from lunch to dinner sometimes), and I don't understand why nothing seems to be working. I also still have the headaches that I got every few days before I started the program -- nothing head-splitting but enough to be a nuisance while I'm trying to work. Please advise.
  14. Hello Whole30ers! I'm on Day 19 of my first Whole30. Aside for a quick visit to KillAllTheThings land in week one, the program has been going well for me and I've noticed some very positive changes like improved focus, clearer skin, less gas, no PMS, being able to go hours between meals without feeling like I'm going to faint, and feeling like I'm finally conquering my sugar dragon. YAY! In the last 3 days, however, things have gone a little downhill. I've had bad gas, constipation/diarrhea, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes on my neck, and my mood has fell. I'm in bed today feeling pretty sick, bleh, and discouraged. I'm not sure if this shift has been caused by something in my diet, or if it's simply all part of my body adjusting and like any standard cold/flu rest will cure it. I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 a few years ago so I'm pretty hypersensitive to these kinds of changes in my body. As soon as I have a low day I'm like, "Oh crap no not again I've been doing so well!! " etc etc and stress out. Which obviously doesn't help haha. Can anyone with a mood disorder/depression/anxiety relate? Anyways I'm trying to think of anything in my diet/lifestyle I can control that could be an issue... - Too much omega 6 or nuts. I know the importance of keeping omega 6 to omega 3 ratio intake in check with a mood disorder, so maybe that's been out of whack and causing the change in mood? I've been having up to 1 avocado a day, which I know is high in omega 6. I have a little olive oil here and there in a dressing, and I cook with coconut oil. I don't eat many nuts BUT I've had more almond butter in the last few days. Do nuts also influence some kind of hormone? - Too much fructose. I'm not eating a lot of fruit on Whole30, and when I do it's almost always eaten with a meal. I eat 1-2 bananas a day, occasionally by themselves. I had dates with almond butter and coconut flakes as a snack 3 days in a row a couple days ago. Maybe that was too much sugar? Could that cause digestive upset or mood changes? - Increased exercise too quickly. I did two pretty intense workout classes last weekend. I walk a lot but haven't done proper makes you sweat exercise in over a year. I felt great during and after the workouts, but maybe that was too much stress on my body right now and made me sick? - lithium withdrawal. I had been taking lithium for nearly 3 years and have been VERY steadily decreasing it from 1200mg 18 months ago to 300mg a month ago. I dropped down to 300mg 6 months ago and stopped taking it altogether 1 month ago, a week before starting my Whole30. I'm not on any other medications or birth control. I take vitamin D, B vitamins, omega 3, magnesium, and a probiotic. I didn't feel any lithium withdrawal when I stopped a month ago, I was on such a lose dose, but maybe it's coming back to bite me now? I'm sure my liver/kidneys are under some stress right now clearing out that medication and adjusting to a new diet. I know I've probably put my body through too much at once, especially stopped a medication so close to a Whole30, so it's hard to tell what's causing what. My diet isn't drastically different than before, I'd already cut out gluten, alcohol and most dairy two years ago. The biggest change is no sugar and no grains. I'm not looking for some kind of bulletproof solution as all of these things are probably factors, just any insight or personal experience as I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I'd love to start a conversation about it we could all benefit from!
  15. Started April 18

    Hello everyone! I started my Whole30 last week, so today is day 7. My daughter is doing her second Whole30, and is very encouraging. I have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, hypertension, chronic migraines, Geri and depression and I'm very excited to see what health benefits I can reap from this gastric re-boot. I actually took about two weeks before I started to wean myself from sugars. I stopped grains and dairy cold turkey, but cut back on stevia and hidden sugars gradually. With my chronic Fibro pain, I wanted to minimize the Carb Flu if I could. After a week of tummy troubles, I have had more energy and less brain fog - a big improvement in quality of life! That has made it possible to exercise more, which is also a big help. Pain level has remained about the same so far. I'd love to hear from anyone who has similar health issues, or is a bit on the older side like me.
  16. Dear Community/Moderators/Success Stories, I'm on Day 30 and should be on top of the world but am in tears instead. I have been following the program religiously for 30 days, sticking to the meal template, increasing my physical activity, even having my birthday party at my house SO I COULD STAY ON THE PROGRAM ON MY BIRTHDAY! I just turned 46 so am in perimenopause, had two periods in a two week span while on Whole30, suffered vicious pms for both of those periods and STILL managed to stay strong and compliant. I knew it would take me longer to see the full benefits due to my hormonal and health issues, so I planned for a Whole45 and would even do a Whole60 except I have a two-week work trip in June that will make that impossible. I was starting to see progress, slowly but surely, had a few days here and there when I felt better, and then on Friday (my bday) I felt really great! I was so excited! I thought finally, on Day 25, I was starting to feel that great Tiger Blood everyone was talking about. Then woke up Saturday morning with a UTI, feeling just awful. Started a 7-day course of antibiotics that day and have felt pretty crappy ever since. Fatigued, hard to get out of bed, and really depressed. The change in mood was one of the first and best NSV's I experienced, as I have struggled with depression my whole life, and the mood swings during perimenopause have been awful. So to lose that progress and momentum in steadier and better mood just feels soul crushing (sorry to be overly dramatic, but there you go. Part and parcel of my challenge). Having read the forums a lot, I know there are some people who have faced similar challenges. In my head, I know that this is probably because of the antibiotics and I will probably feel better once I'm off them. In my heart, I am just crushed that on Day 30 I feel this bad. It feels like all of this hard work is for nothing. I KNOW this is not true, and keep reminding myself that when I went to the doc in a box on Saturday, my blood pressure was down 20 POINTS!!! (from 120/80 to 100/70) That is incredible, right?! But please, I think I just need some support, an e-hug, and some shared experiences from others who have seen great results that took longer to achieve. Thanks, Whole30 community! You are very appreciated!
  17. Hi, I'm Abbie! I'm looking for someone interested in having a buddy to check in and be a mutual support daily during the whole 30. I'm on day 3 (my start date was 3/4) but if you're a little ahead of me or about to start that works, too!!! I'd also love to connect with anyone going through any of the same issues I am going through as described below- regardless of where they are at in their journey! A little about me: - I'm a 27 years old female - I'm doing the whole 30 because I have some chronic health issues: depression/anxiety, recurring infections, and fatigue. - After years of conventional treatments, my doctor did some genetic testing and...SURPRISE! I have a genetic mutation associated with depression that causes your body to be unable to convert folic acid into folate and apparent you you really need folate for neurotransmitters to work properly- so the gene might be why I haven't found relief with conventional approaches. - After this diagnosis, I started working with an integrative medicine doctor who suggested I try cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy, and all forms of synthetic folic acid (which is, by the way, in everything!) I decided to give the whole 30 a try because I want to take control back over my health. For me this does include losing weight but my main goal is not how I look- it's my mental and physical health- both of which have been out of control and need to be addressed! Looking forward to connecting. Abbie
  18. Hi, al! I started (re)reading The Whole30 today, and I'm going to start my second attempt at a complete Whole30 on April 8th. It's on my calendar, and I've told myself that this means it is GOING to happen. This is my second attempt because in January, I hit Day 11 and threw in the towel owing to completely unexpected mood swings — is this something anyone else has encountered? I felt great physically, but my mental health deteriorated to the point that I couldn't remember ever feeling worse since before I started on Zoloft 2-1/2 years ago. I think it may have been from lack of carbs, so this time around, all potatoes, all the time, I guess. I would love to connect with others starting their Whole30 on or around this Friday, especially if you live on your own — adapting recipes and meal prep to fit just one person is super intimidating to me, and I'm hoping that working through this Whole30 will help me become more comfortable and adept with these skills for the future. Cheers from Northern California, AVH
  19. Help Please!

    Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin, and this is my first time posting on the forum, though I have been reading some of it throughout my Whole30. I started my first Whole30 on March 1st, and am now on day 27. I have been following the plan as closely as possible, and the only place where I may have slipped is with my spices (I don't use spice blends, but I also don't have any of the original bottles for my spices, and don't have the ability to replace them all). I started the program with high hopes to help my stress induced IBS, chronic adult acne, and overall energy levels. I am currently on 3 anti-depressant medications that I hope to one day stop taking, and I hoped Whole30 could help with that as well. Also, I'm Jewish so I don't eat any pork or shellfish, which further limits my food choices. During week 2 I saw a dramatic improvement in my IBS, but since then my stomach has returned to 'normal', meaning that (TMI alert!) I only have bowel movements every 3 days or so and they are often very painful. My skin has cleared up a lot, thankfully. But my energy levels...well let's just say that they went from bad to worse. I generally sleep about 9 hours a night, and for the past month I'm sleeping 12 hours whenever I'm able. This means weekends, and the past week that I've been off work. I'm so lethargic during the day that it makes me legitimately angry that I have to come home from work and cook. My boyfriend has commented that during this past month I have been much quicker to anger, cry, or be altogether unpleasant. I am also extremely bored with food choices, and trying to go out to eat has brought me to tears more than once. I'm really just waiting for this whole thing to be over at this point. Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn my experience around? I don't want to end the program with this bad taste in my mouth, but as of right now that's where I'm headed. Thanks for any help you're able to give!
  20. Hi guys I'd really appreciate some advice. I'm on day 29 of my Whole30 and I've seen so many improvements, like no big ME flares, no payback. I'm recovering so much quicker, I still get drained easily, but it takes minutes or hours not days now. My dust allergy seems to have gone. My sleep however is upside down and I can't shift it back around, I'm sleeping through all the daylight and I really hate being up all night trapped in the house having to be quiet. My mood is really low today, I'm on the edge of tears, for no reason, this is the first time during the diet. smile emoticonbut things still aren't right. I have been diagnosed with ME and IBS (possible celiac) and hip bursitis, oh and eczema. I've been gradually making dietary changes for years improving my health, so my diet was dairy and gluten free, light on the grains and legumes before starting, but big on sugar. I had mild symptoms initially, I hit tiger blood on day 8, but I did too much, flared my hips which, messed my sleep up etc. Since then I've been feeling good but worn easily, not sleeping well still. I've been feeling restless and frustrated. My stomach had not been healing right up until on day 24 when I realised that I felt like I'd eaten soy, swollen, bloated, difficultiy going feeling like I need to go all the time, knowing there is no soy in my diet I removed Cocoa the only legume left in my diet, it is starting to heal. I just don't know where to go from here really should I extend? should I do a slow roll? should I try AIP? Help ! I've also been struggling to eat the template amount at meals, but because I'm mostly extremely sedentary, with some gentle walking and occasional restorative yoga, I initially lost a little circumference but my jeans are remaining comfy and I'm happy with that, I started at a healthy weight, so I've been comforted that way that I'm not under eating. Just any help or support would be very gratefully received. I'm feeling lost and I know the diet is definitely helping, but I don't know where to go from here.
  21. Started Feb 1 considering Whole60?

    Hi everyone, Today is day 14 for me and so far things are going really well. I've been surprised that I'm not hungry all the time like I thought I would be. I'm generally satisfied most of the time. If I find I'm not making it to my next meal I adjust my previous meals. I have had a lot of emotional stress lately so that has been my 1st big test - not running to sweets for comfort. Thankfully my hubby is doing this with me so I have support to stick with this. My hubby has already noticed an amazing benefit. He has 2 bad knees in need of replacements. Went skiing 6 days in a row last week and normally that would cause excruciating pain for him that would last days after stopping. He was so surprised how relatively good they felt. Still had pain but he said nothing in comparison to how it used to be. I haven't really noticed any changes yet. My goals are more energy and to see if there are any foods making my anxiety disorder with panic attacks, bi-polar and major depression worse. Before starting whole30 those 3 all reared their ugly heads again, all together. I have also suffered from acne as long as I can remember even now into my 40's. So very interested if I'll see any skin changes. Some of these are complex issues and so I'm thinking of extending this out to a whole60 to give my body more time to adjust, detox and reset so to speak. I think things like mental illnesses are so complex it just may take more time. Plus I went on new meds right before starting this and want to know what improvement is that and what is food related. Anyone else out there start and do longer than 30 days? I don't think there's any harm in it - such a healthy way of eating. Thank you everyone
  22. Hi all, I am on Day 3 of my first Whole30. Things have been going surprisingly well in regards to compliance and physical symptoms, however, I am finding that my anxiety is driving me CRAZY! Background: I have always been an anxious person, and although it's never been so severe that I have needed medication, when things are bad it certainly interferes with my enjoyment of life and make me irritable with people I care about, etc. Generally, when I feel anxious about my new job, or have stress about my busy schedule, or am in any way feeling emotionally sub-optimal, I have a snack. Usually junk food. Now, on Whole30, that "escape route" is unavailable to me and I am REALLY feeling it. My chest is always fluttery, my hands occasionally get the tingles, and my irritability level is slowly climbing. (And I know that these are symptoms of my anxiety and not an underlying medical condition, in case anyone would wonder). I'm hoping I am not the only person who has experienced this. Thankfully, the actual cravings have been minimal, plus I am so horrified at how blatantly I have been treating my anxiety with snacks that my resolve to stick to the plan and BREAK this cycle is getting stronger by the day, so right now I'm not too worried about falling off the wagon. However, if anyone has a similar story and has found ways to redirect their anxiety or invented some healthier ways to cope, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  23. Depression

    Has anyone seen an impact on their mental health issues (depression, anxiety...)? My husband suffers from severe depression and I would love to hear if others have experienced some mental health benefits with the Whole30.
  24. Hi Whole 30ers, I completed a Whole 45 (wasn't ready at Day 30 to let it go) and I've been diligently reintroducing foods on schedule. Yesterday was dairy. And, yesterday, I didn't feel that much of a difference: slightly bloated, unfocused, gassy - but nothing crazy. But this morning, when I woke up, my watch didn't fit on its normal rung, my ring was tight on my finger, and I was slightly constipated (which hasn't happened in a long time). THEN...I went for a run with my husband and I couldn't quite keep pace with him, and I flipped out! I mean, my mood did a complete 180 -- it was like this ugly monster came out expressing my worst fears about inferiority etc...etc... and I started crying and couldn't stop for a while. The rest of the day, I was in a fog, felt like a Mack truck had hit me. Now, I have not suffered from depression, clinical anxiety or any other psychological disorder, but an occasional freak-out is not entirely out of character for me. But this did not feel like me - and it came out of nowhere - and I was so so sad and down. I have tried finding research about reactions of dairy with mood and I can't find anything that directly correlates, and how quickly mood can be affected. Questions for this forum: 1. Do you think this behavior could have been caused by simply eating some DAIRY products this day before? I've eaten dairy my whole life and seemingly never had any issues. 2. Has anyone else had this reaction? If so, did you eliminate dairy from your diet from then forward? How quickly (or far after) did you experience these side effects? I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks, EJ
  25. My partner and I started the whole30 together on August 18th, so we're on day 15 now. But while I'm doing fine, (no tiger blood yet, no extra energy, just pretty normal, honestly), he's been absolutely miserable. He's been experiencing depression, is faster to anger, and has had zero sex drive. I looked into this and considered upping his starch level, so I decided to introduce yucca into his diet in the form of hashbrowns (he hates potatoes, but it turns out he ADORES yucca), and while that helped some, he still feels like a shadow of his former self-- and reluctant to gorge himself on starches too much, since he is hoping for at least a modicum of weight loss from this. His diet is balanced, he doesn't usually have any psychological issues (aside from lifelong ADHD), and he is definitely getting enough calories on a daily basis-- that I try to make sure remain balanced, as I'm the one who does most of the cooking during all this. I've asked him to quit, but he really does want to see this through; he's just tired of feeling exhausted, depressed, emotional, and angry. As he describes it, he feels like he's been on a fifteen-day period during this whole thing, and this is the saddest, most upset he's ever felt in his life. Any advice? Are there people for whom the whole30 just doesn't work? Any help/tips from more seasoned whole30-ers would be appreciated!