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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. Weird situation: ate non compliant food, had to fast 30-ish hours before the liver / stomach felt better. I then went for an easy to digest first meal : cherries. Usually a favorite of mine, I started feeling a burning sensation in my palate after 5-6 of them. Swishing (rinsing) my mouth with water was of no help. I suspect I might have been intolerant to cherries all along, but that this time my body was able to send me a 100% noise-free signal. Grateful. Take out the obstructions, and your body teaches you really well - and quickly - to distinguish between wants and needs. Thanks Whole30
  2. Hello! I'm Katelynne and I'm 24. I first did Whole30 back in December with my mom and sisters. While they experienced other symptoms (headaches, tiredness, joint pain) I didn't really have any negative side effects. The main reason for me doing Whole30 was to try and lose as much weight before my scheduled tummy tuck procedure in January. With Whole30, I lost 10lbs in a month and totally became hooked! My family and I planned to do Whole30 once every few months to cleanse ourselves and get our systems back on track. I had my tummy tuck in January, where another 9lbs of skin was removed. I had some bumps in the road, mainly fluid that hasn't fully gone away, and a terrible yeast infection. Because I was on antibiotics, an anti-yeast infection medication and was just mainly eating cereal and crackers during my recovery, I was totally on board with doing Whole30 again with my family and we started two weeks ago. I wanted to clear out my body of any toxins and start spring off with my health on track. My surgeon was actually the one that pointed out I had a rash, which appeared about 3-4 days into Whole30. I didn't think much of it at the time, but over the days it got worse. My surgeon and I believed at first the rash was due to the silicone cream I started using on my scars, and I thought it was mainly because it had a metal ball roller on it. But I haven't used the scar cream in a week and the rash has gotten worse. What started out as a small rash around my scars (lower abdomen) has moved up on my abdomen and is also now on mu back and upper thighs. I took Benadryl and Cortizone several times and the rash has not gone away. The rash is a series of smallish light red dots (some bigger then others) and does NOT really itch unless I touch it. I only just heard of detox rashes--could this be it? I like being on Whole30 but I just don't know if I should stop and wait a few more months until my body has fully healed from my surgery, and when I know for sure all my medications are completely out of my system. This scar is going on for 2 weeks and is only getting worse with all my efforts, except going off Whole30. Also does anyone have any tips to help get rid of the rash? Thanks for all of your time and help! I appreciate it greatly!
  3. Hi all with MTHFR! Help! I am day 18 and actually feeling worse than before I started. Since my body is having a hard time detoxing, I am feeling awful! At what point did your body finally get past this point? What are some things you did to help? I was a healthy eater prior to Whole30 I just wanted to do this to help get me more paleo oriented and off sugar. I was already off gluten (I have celiac disease) and also dairy (lactose intolerance) and even caffeine. It’s not like I am having to detox and rid my body of those things as well. I just want to get to the 30 days since my niece is doing it as well with me. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm on day 30 of my second whole 30 in 2 years and on day 21 I broke out in dermatitisonly on both arms. It is wretched itchy and a little sore. It coincides with a lot of heat in my body (eastern medicine), tummy aches, and irritability. The outbreak followed a particularly intense workout. I was cruising along on my whole 30 and plan to keep on til this goes away. I've been strict paleo for 2 years but my "paleo" snacking and dark chocolate usage were getting out of hand. I want to know what is causing this rash! I've eaten eggs for years now with ease and have cut out almonds this week with no change. Am I simply kicking out heavy metals from Candida dieoff? I'm stumped. Feedback welcome.
  5. Hey there! I have dabbled with Paleo in the past and have found it really effective. I'm a dancer and when I was in full time training, I adopted a paleo based diet and found it very beneficial. I am getting ready to go on tour in December and really need to get my strength, fitness and body back in order. As well as regular training, I need to get serious about my food again and this seems like the best way to go about it all! I'm excited and looking forward to feeling healthy and happy about my body. i will be starting on the 3rd of August as I can't go without coffee this week, extremely late working hours at the minute, 4 am hello! Any other athletes or dancers starting around this time, so we can help and encourage eachother?? Cheers!! Dee
  6. lashansen

    Acne getting worse -- HELP!

    I am on day 12 on my Whole30 and one thing I was looking forward to during this process was hopefully having my acne clear up. I usually have cystic acne. Last week I noticed I didn't get any new pimples...just clearing up what I already had. Unfortunately, this week I have been breaking out a TON. However, I have noticed it's different than the type I normally have and is surfaced small pimples. I have seen that the increase in nuts or fruit could be due to this, but I have only been having some fruit in the mornings (1/2 cup of blueberries or unsweetened organic applesauce) and maybe a compliant Lara Bar on rare occasions. Any ideas or help? Could this be from detoxing?
  7. Denny.Orr

    Yeah, this kinda sucks

    All, I committed to this a couple of days ago (I'm wrapping up day two) and while I was eating *kinda* clean before, I am absolutely surgical now. I'm eating, and I'm not equivocating, rationalizing, or faking - perhaps for the first time in my life. And it sucks. I've not done drugs. I had a short stint with cigarettes, but it didn't take (no addiction). I drink occasionally, but my young children have curtailed that (lack of time!). Suffice it to say, I have no addictions. WRONG. Holy crap this is hard. Briefly setting the stage, I'm deployed in support of the US Army. The dining facility has some great choices available - and I applaud them for it. But they have just as much crap, and are more than willing to push it upon you. I can feel the pull of sugar on a cellular level. And please, please don't get me started on the bread. I'm a bread guy. I come from a long line of bread people (it explains soooo much). And I am in the land of reallllllly good bread. I have long yearned for this type of access to this smorgasboard of carbohydrates. And now that I have forsworn them as my enemy, they are everywhere I turn. But on a slightly more serious point, my body doesn't like this. I know that an engine works better with better fuel, but the period where the new fuel is burning out the old, crappy fuel - well, it sucks. I am devoid of all energy. I've been working out five days out of seven (good workouts, not just lip service) for the past 6 weeks. I've lost twenty pounds. I have started to crave a good sweat. Today: no energy. I could barely keep myself awake. I was really thankful for my dark glasses today, because I nodded off when someone was talking to me in the car. Tell me it gets better. Tell me that I'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be great. I know it won't, but lie to me regardless. I'm committed to this, but this detox phase, well, it just kinda sucks. Thanks for sticking with me through my rant. I'm not always this needy. Denny
  8. lee's whole 30 journey

    Detox! day 5 and want to climb out of my skin

    Wow I am on day 5 and between yesterday and today I feel crazy, stressed, like there is a force inside my body that needs to get out. Anxiety level high, blood pressure high. Is there something I can do except for eating a piece of cake or drinking a glass of wine. Lol.
  9. I was wondering if anyone had experience with a histamine reaction early on. I've developed a wheezy productive cough since day 2 that feels a bit like asthma, and some intermittent sneezing and post-nasal drip that seems to be worse after eating then resolves (congested bronchi feeling stays though). I've had very mild seasonal allergies in the distant past, and have a slight mold allergy. I've never had any kind of noticeable reaction to anything I've eaten before, and at first I thought it was possibly a "healing crisis" carb flu type reaction to not eating dairy or grains. (I've done low carb before but always with full fat dairy and a little whole grain (like Kavli crackers). The is the first time I've ever been dairy and grain free.) Has anyone ever heard of a histamine reaction to foods like almonds or coconut? I'll list my four days below in case anyone has any ideas. Other than some nausea, which resolved, I've been feeling pretty great except for the allergy symptoms. I'm coming off of a really terrible carb, sugar and PUFA laden diet. This seems to be getting worse, so I'm not sure if I should let it run it's course (if it's more of a detox symptom) or medicate (benadryl) or try to lay off the nuts and coconut (which would really be depressing). I guess I'm leaning towards wait and see, watch and wait, but after my last meal, I'm getting some swelling in the roof of my mouth, so I don't want to aggravate any possible developing allergy by keeping on with the food. Anyone have any thoughts about differentiating allergies from detox symptoms? Thanks for the expert advice folks! I love this forum.... Day One 1. coffee with coconut oil 2. Baby greens and tuna 3. Baked salmon with turmeric, ghee and steamed asparagus, coconut oil baked sweet potato cubes, mango with lime, fresh mint and blueberries 4. Handful of macadamia nuts Day Two 1. black coffee 2. scrambled eggs with ghee and dry salami, salad with avocado, tomato and chopped snap peas with an avocado cilantro shallot dressing, melon slice SNACK - young coconut water 3. 2 tablespoons of pecan cashew butter and some strawberries Day Three 1. black coffee 2. baked snapper with cardamom and limes crusted with sliced almonds and coconut meal, asian pear slaw with cilantro, grated carrot, snap peas and scallion dressed with coconut oil and lime juice. Sliced peach. 3. sliced pot roast with avocado chimichurri, baked sweet potato cubes, and garlic kale, strawberries Day Four 1. black coffee, strawberries and 1 tablespoon of pecan cashew butter 2. Baked chicken tenders with baby greens, leftover asian pear slaw, melon and creamy cashew vinagrette 4:30 SNACK - strawberries and a small handful of cashews 3. Almond meal baked chicken tenders with coconut cream mustard dipping sauce, brussels sprouts, melon slice with blueberry compote.
  10. Anxiety. I am feeling so anxious ...sort of a nervous type feeling. I don't have anything to be anxious about; I'm at major issues going on...pretty happy in my life...exercising regularly. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I am missing in my diet that could be causing this? Anything I am missing here?