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Found 30 results

  1. I am on Day 29 (!!!) of my first Whole30, and I have to say that I've never felt better in my life. I have so much energy, I sleep better, my muscles don't hurt, my mood is stable, all of that great stuff. The only complaint I have is this: I've had either diarrhea or generally messy stool for the last 15 days. More TMI to follow, sorry. It is mushy, doesn't come out clean, smells very bad and is off-color (yellowish, sometimes greenish). At the start of this issue 15 days ago I had pseudodiarrhea 5 or 6 times a day; this lasted about a week. Bowel movements have slowed down to 2-3 times, but has never fully gotten back to normal. Has this happened to anyone else?? Before my Whole30 I suffered from stomach & abdominal discomfort, gas & nausea almost constantly. All of that stopped once my body got on board with the diet change, but the diarrhea is still around. I don't know why or what I might be doing wrong. I thought at first I was eating too much fruit (summertime fruit is too hard to resist!), so I've cut back on that significantly. I probably have two servings a day at this point. For breakfast I usually have either a banana with almond butter, or more often 4 eggs hard boiled or scrambled. Lunch I'll have a salad with chicken or fish, or leftover dinner. I try to get as much variety in my dinner as possible and try new veggie combos every night. For protein I mainly use fish, chicken, beef or turkey. Snacks consist of cashews, pistachios and raisins. I cook mostly with coconut or olive oil, and dress salads with balsamic. Any thoughts on why this might be happening?
  2. Anyone out there with IBS on whole 30? I’m on day 12. I have had IBS for over 20 years so that’s part of why I’m doing Whole 30. First week I felt pretty good and some of my GI symptoms were better right away. This week, for the last 4-5 days, I’ve felt not so great. Bloating has returned and having some diarrhea but inconsistently. This of course saps my energy. Since I’ve had IBS so long I get very discouraged when I have symptoms out of no where. That’s what it feels like right now. I am struggling to have an appetite for compliant foods. Is this normal? I wasn’t a majorly bad eater before, I couldn’t be because of the IBS. I was already gluten and dairy free. Also hard because there’s no consensus on foods that aggregate IBS. I can eat a food 25 times and be fine and the 26th time it’s like I have a stomach virus. I’ve had GI tests to rule out other pathology. I don’t know if I can tolerate another 2 weeks of GI symptoms.
  3. Hello. I would like to share my experience with Whole30 and see if anyone is feeling the same as me. I have been compliant, however I have had a smoothie (with added fats) sometimes because I've been too sick to eat. I mostly had them in the first 2 weeks then stopped. Then I had one about 2 days ago as I was ill and could barely eat. I started whole30 as I have very severe fatigue and issues with dizziness and motion sickness. I had no digestive issues other than little episodes of gas like anyone, and I tended towards being a little constipated at times. Since day 4 of whole30, my digestion has been a mess and it gets worse and worse. The last few days have been 24 hour diarrhoea and stabbing abdominal pain like trapped gas. The diarrhea doesn't relieve it. Sometimes I go 5x a day. Also as far as my symptoms I started whole30 for, they are even worse. I am so exhausted I cry every single day and feel like my life will never regain any normality. I can barely go for a walk and work is torture. I was overweigjt but fairly fit before whole30 and could walk and jog. But I did have long term fatigue but I didn't feel like I was dying like this. I have been tested for lots of things and my iron dropped a bit and my thyroid stimulating hormone is a bit low indicating my thyroid is over functioning, but my thyroid hormone levels are fine and negative autoantibodies. I am seeing my GP, a naturopath, acupuncture, psychologist. Before this I had never even paid for a massage, but I feel I am having an extreme health crisis. I'm contemplating quitting my job and not getting out of bed anymore. I have no idea what is happening to me. The digestive issues have been the cherry on top and I fear they won't stop when I stop whole30. I've never had digestive problems like this. As I said, my meals have not been always perfect template (smoothies, sometimes skipping meals) as I'm so ill and doing what I can to survive at this point. I also do rotating roster shift work which makes my whole life hard and is part of my fatigue issues. But I try to follow recommendations otherwise and am eating plenty of veg, appropriate protein and plenty of fat from avocado, olive oil, home made mayo. I have stopped eating ghee, nut butter 2 days ago, as I never ate nuts before, very rarely. I've stopped having eggs apart from the bit of raw egg in my mayo. I was having a lot before, but I ate a lot of eggs in my regular duet too. I still eat 3 serves of fruit instead of the recommended 2, because my tummy wants fruit and plain foods, not fatty rich foods. Example of my common meals lately would be minced chicken breast and zucchini burger patty with roast potato/pumpkin, a salad and home made mayo. Or mackerel fish with pan fried potato hash brown patties (grated white or sweet potato) and a salad with mayo and a bit of hot sauce. Or beef chow mein style - cooked with cabbage, carrot, curry powder, garlic etc on top of sweet potato noodles. Always compliant ingredients and seasonings. I make all my own food. I never had an issue with hot sauces, curry powder or anything lije that before and mainly eat modified versions of what I ate before. Only other thing that's increased on the diet for me is root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, squash and extra use of garlic/onion powder for flavour. Whole30 has been such a bad experience, I feel like I'm having a physical breakdown. Has anyone else felt this and did you find the cause?
  4. Hello all! I did the whole30 all of the month of September, with a couple of days of adding natural sugars and a couple glasses of wine. I've pretty much stayed away from all gluten, dairy, and processed anything. I'm now having some health issues and wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or has some advice. About 2 weeks ago I was told, after doing blood work, that my pancreatic levels were elevated. My symptoms are pain during and after eating, bloated, fatigued, painful abdomen above belly button. I had an ultrasound yesterday that checked my gallbladder for stones, and that came back as normal. I'm finding that eating small portions throughout the day is so helpful and really chewing my food, literally 30 times. Anyway, I felt it was important to see if anyone else has had similar issues. Otherwise, I had severe weight loss, over 22 pounds, and I'm already tiny, so I can't lose anymore. I love the idea of eating clean, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!
  5. So day 28 is finishing up for me which means I have two days left. At the beginning of this whole30 (my first time), I did feel little stomach aches now and again... nothing that seemed too concerning. I figured it was all the vegetables I was now eating. (I was trying a lot of new ones too! -or at least ones I hardly ate before: cabbage, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, beets, kale, swiss chard, etc.. At the beginning of today, I started to feel my throat sore. I cheated and had one honey-lemon drop (didn't help much so I didn't have anymore). Feeling a little feverish, I took some medicine, slept, and pretty much feel the same (but with no fever). I feel terrible/sick! About once a year, I tend to get "sick symptoms" but never actually get sick (I really rarely NEVER get sick). -Usually this happens because I get stressed and my immune system weakens just a tiny bit. 95% of what I've been drinking has been water (a gulp of pineapple or apple juice if a recipe calls for it). My meals are usually some kind of meat/protein with vegetable (cooked in fat: oil or clarified butter). I think during week two, I skipped a few meals because I was just so full! For snacks, I have apples, oranges, or approved larabars. I'm quite concerned about this because my day 30 is so close! I'm determined to go to the end... but I wonder... what about my re-introduction phase? I can't really re-introduce things if I feel sick? I might confuse symptoms! (was it because I am sick, or because I ate the bread?) I almost feel like I spent a month for nothing! D: (I really wanted to do this 98% correct and told myself if I decide to do it next time, that I'll know what other food groups upsets me and take it a little easier for myself) Also, I know it's not day 30 but I weighed/measured myself. I haven't lost weight (or gained) any, but I did loose an inch around my stomach! yay! I'm quite happy about that! I'm honestly not concerned with weight numbers but am very happy about the measurement on my stomach. ^^ Another thing: pretty sure I didn't catch this from anyone as no one around me (that I know of) is sick... and I'm on my 4th day of vacation, so I've been kinda isolated... Sorry for the long post/Thank you for those who read the whole thing!
  6. Hi guys, I began the Whole30 15 days ago in hopes of restoring my digestive health. I suffer from daily chronic diarrhea and have for about 2 years now. I can’t pinpoint a direct cause (i.e antibiotics, food sensitivities etc) because it really just started out of nowhere. Occasionally I’ll have a perfect poop (last one was on 07/04/17) but other than that I wake up every day and immediately feel a relatively urgent need to poop. It’s always loosely formed with visible bits of undigested food. I’ve wondered if I have IBS but I don’t feel any stomach pain or cramping during the day. It seems like my problem might me psychosomatic as in my brain is triggering me to evacuate my bowels directly upon waking rather than my digestive tract signaling to my brain when it’s ready. I’ve noticed little to no improvement and I’m two weeks in. Do I just need to give it time? Has anyone been through a similar situation and did the Whole30 work for you? I guess I’m just feeling a little discouraged and I don’t want to be popping Imodium on a daily basis. Thank you in advance.
  7. Ok, forgive me for the graphic descriptions and I am sorry if this has been addressed already. I could not find anything that specifically focuses on post program bowel problems. Especially when there weren't any during the round. Throughout my 30 days I followed everything to the T. I remain 100% compliant to this day minus the 4 re-intro days and a 5th day where I ate half of a twix stick (out of 4 sticks) - this was the first time I had sugar in 49 days but it was after I was already having the problems so I don't think it is related. During whole30 my bathroom time was not the best but not the worst. I actually had relatively solid movements (sometimes not but not diarrhea) and pretty regular movements. This is different for me as I have suffered from constipation and IBS since I was a child. I expected this to happen with such a drastic diet change and it was welcomed. After whole30 I did reintroduction and everything effected me minimally (mostly bloating, gas, acheyness)... until dairy. Dairy hit me HARD. My belly threw a giant temper tantrum and I struggled for 5 days with persistent diarrhea daily. Multiple trips to the bathroom and no substance what so ever. I drink lots of water though I don't exactly count how much. My meals since whole30 have gotten smaller because it seems that if I eat too much or honestly eat at all it makes my stomach upset. I keep them mostly compliant to the template though. On the 5th day I decided to try a probiotic and a digestive enzyme. I researched and got the 50billion ultra jarrodophilus and the garden of life raw enzymes for women. The day after that I felt great, no multiple trips to the bathroom, but by the end of the day I did still have diarrhea. For the last few days after starting the supplements I continue to have diarrhea about once or twice a day. It has been 9 days since dairy re-intro. I typically have over easy eggs in the morning with some sort of veggie and avocado or ranch or pesto. If I am in a hurry and can't cook I will have applesauce or grapes and some cashews but this doesn't happen a lot maybe twice in the last 9 days. my lunch usually consists of dinner leftovers which have been: buffalo chicken salad (buffalo sauce from book, small amount of onion and mushroom, chicken, romaine and home made ranch) swai (fish) with garlic lemon ghee topping, chipotle seasoning, zoodles and cauliflower alfredo (cauliflower, garlic, onion, nutritional yeast, chicken broth, coconut cream) I do not snack. I do drink kombucha on occasion - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a bottle once or twice a week (typically GT's Trilogy), and I don't really eat fruit other than the occasional hurried breakfast. sometimes after I eat (since reintroduction) my stomach becomes rumbly and I feel a bit nauseous and gassy. I am thinking I need to eliminate nuts for awhile just to see, but I don't really know if this is the overall problem as I was eating these during the round as well. All of these major, questionable, annoying problems started after whole30 re-intro... Should I just keep waiting it out? Is this just a delayed detox? I am getting very frustrated and so sick of having to go to the bathroom all the time! Thanks for any help you can give!
  8. My husband and I are doing the Whole30 together. My husband is a coffee drinker, so I ordered him the nutpods. Unfortunately, it made him really sick with the runs. Are there any other substitutes besides nutpods he can use for creamer in his coffee? (We suspect the gums in the nutpods are causing the issue, as my husband regularly eats nuts and has no problems tolerating coconut milk. He has been using coconut milk in his coffee, but he would rather have another creamer substitute.
  9. Ok, it’s Day 19 and I am still having stomach issues with diarrhea and/or loose stool. I am exhausted and where is my tiger blood? Any thoughts on why this is happening or what to do??! help!
  10. Hi all! My husband and I have been doing Whole 30 for many months now. Curiously, when we eat clean and stick to the W30 plan, we BOTH have the worst diarrhea. When we go OFF plan for a special occasion and enjoy a big cheesy pizza or a yummy burger w/all the fixings, our GI tract is better - significantly! We have tried adding a probiotic, we've ruled out any chance of parasite, or other illness. But for MONTHS now, our #2's are just as fluid as our #1's and it makes us both want to stop W30 altogether. We like the healthy way we feel otherwise and logically, we like knowing we are giving our bodies good nutrients, but the GI stuff is SO tiring!! Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas or successes in fixing it AND staying on Whole30?? Help!!!! (thank you!!)
  11. yvonne123456


    Hi All. I'm on Day 11 and feeling discouraged. When I started, I immediately lost some puffiness in my face, waist, and hips, but I seemed to have leveled out and don't think I'm losing any more weight (though I'm not weighing myself). I'm tired, irritable (I was very short with my partner this morning ) and also still missing pasta, bread, and sweets. Up until yesterday morning I was having consistent diarrhea. I'm feeling some non-scale benefits of the program, even ones I haven't read about: bad breath seems to be gone; I stay fuller longer; I'm not as reliant on coffee in the morning; skin inflammation seems to have gone down-- these are all great things! But what I really want is to no longer have bread/pasta/sugar cravings and to experience this tiger blood energy I keep reading about. Is it simply too soon for that to happen, or am I doing something wrong? Here's my typical day (everything is homemade, so I know it's compliant because I check labels very carefully): Breakfast is usually eggs and sweet potato hash browns with black coffee and either a few strawberries or a couple of fresh pineapple slices. Lunch or dinner has been one of the following in the last four days: spinach salad with avocado and two hard-boiled eggs or steak; homemade meat marinara with zucchini or butternut squash noodles; grilled calamari with steamed broccoli; steak with green beans and 1/2 sweet potato. Anything I cook on the stove (except steak) has olive oil. Sometimes I add a couple strawberries or a slice of pineapple to lunch or dinner. If I can't make it to dinner because I'm hungry, shaky, or have a late meeting, I'll do a snack of an apple with almond butter. If I'm hungry at bedtime I'll have a banana with almond butter. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Hello all. I am in Day 21. For the past few days, I have had less energy than before I started. I have been so strictly sticking to the diet. I am never hungry, eating lots of fruits, veggies, meat, and some nuts.My dark circles were gone on day 8, and back by day 13. Worst of all, I've started to have diarrhea. It is so discouraging because I have been giving up everything I love. Any advice or anyone else go through this?
  13. Help. I'm on day 8 and constipated. I've had maybe two bowel movements of lesser size (I normally go daily)...advice?! What foods will trigger this? I've been told I have IBS-C...but I had worked hard to be pretty regulated before I started this. But maybe that's because I was eating a lot more crap?! I take probiotics every night. Help Please!!!
  14. Please help! I've read through the forums that spoke of diarrhea but none of them mentioned getting it so early on. Today is my day 1 on Whole30 and a couple hours after breakfast, my first Whole30 meal, I got diarrhea. The problem is that it wasn't just once. It won't stop. I had the flu two weeks ago with similar symptoms but I was completely better about a week ago. My breakfast was wilted spinach cooked in coconut oil, spaghetti squash, and two poached eggs. I also had two cups of black coffee over the course of about six hours. I ate my lunch, which was crack slaw (ground beef, ground turkey, shredded cabbage, shredded broccoli, carrots, and kale), balsamic sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts, and half an avocado. My stomach isn't painful but it feels like it's churning and I've had to go three or four times in the last two hours. What is going on with me? Is this normal? Thanks
  15. I have upped my sweet potato intake over the last few days and had watermelon last thinking I may be somewhat sensitive to mannitol....All of a sudden this afternoon...let us just say that I have what my dad calls the trots...BAD...and that is not something I have experienced the first 16 days. ~~~~~~~~~~ I went to trusty old Google and searched each item I ate over the past couple of days and landed on this little gem...and several other sites that back this up. "To avoid overwhelming your limited capacity to handle mannitol, avoid other mannitol-rich foods, such as watermelon, mushrooms, cauliflower, celery and snow peas, on the days you have sweet potatoes" Last night was the first time I had sweet potatoes and watermelon at the same time. I maybe ate sweet potatoes once or twice a week before the W30 and now I am eating at least 1/2 a day. Note to more mixing of the above...because the symptoms mentioned on that link are pretty much me this afternoon. While I might not be 100% sure of the accuracy of that is easy enough to not mix those food items, and I am bad enough right now that I would rather not risk it. Just out of curiosity any one else notice something like that when they eat any of those foods at the same time? Any suggestions for helping to tamp down on the runs?? Probiotic?? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I'm on day 3 and I'm doing well, but today I've had the runs all day. Is this normal? It's almost like the colonoscopy prep I did last week! I didn't think I was going to have to do that again for 10 more years!
  17. MrsStick

    Guar Gum

    Hi guys - I didn't see anything on the forums about guar gum so I wanted to post this here so anyone who has these same issues in the future can find it. Guar gum is the devil. Seriously. It started with my store no longer carrying the coconut drink hubby prefers in his smoothies (he doesn't like the full on coconut milk so we compromised with an unsweetened "coconut drink"). We grabbed another brand, figuring it would be worth a shot. BIG MISTAKE. I have Celiac's so I have a proclivity towards having a sensitive digestive system. But I've never had anything this bad happen before. About twelve hours after I tried it for the first time I started having stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom...for almost half an hour. Cramps, terrible flatulence that brought liquid out with it, with the occasional 'rabbit pellet'. Half an hour of that, and the toilet water looked very pale...I didn't think about the coconut milk since it had been pink/purple in the smoothie (banana, frozen berries, and the coconut milk). I woke up at 0430 the next morning with the same cramps and it was almost 45 minutes straight on the toilet with the same issues. It took 4 days without this coconut milk in my diet for everything to work itself out, during which time I finally figured out the cause. I'd suspected several other things (I'd made my hubby a gluten free cake for his birthday - maybe something in that? Maybe the brisket I'd eaten that was a week old?) in the interim but finally pinned down the smoothie and, thus, the new coconut milk. A quick google search showed many other people with similar reactions to guar gum. So I have now dumped out that thing of coconut milk and will use almond milk in smoothies if the store doesn't resume buying the old brand. I dumped the jar of guar gum my mother in law sent me as she was cleaning out the gluten free stuff in her pantry (she got all of it to make me Christmas cookies but it never panned out. And guar gum will never be in my diet again. Ever. If you have a sensitive digestive system, steer clear of that crap! So NOT worth it!
  18. Warning.....long post. This was my longest training run for my upcoming 100 miler at the end of March. Some background: I have completed 35 marathons, 3 ironmans, and 3 ultra marathons (including one 101.46 24 hour race).........with little or no GI issues whatsoever, and little or no bonking/energy loss. My pre-race and during race nutrition and hydration are down to a fairly well oiled machine........I know what my body needs, how much and when to keep going and avoid cramping. I have been trying to fuel my runs Whole 30 compliant. My longest run so far was 18 miles on trails, and I ate: strawberries, turkey, pickles, tangerine, sweet potatos, fruit puree. It was a very easy trail and I was finished in about 2:50, feeling great most of the run and no GI issues. I tried to use a similar fueling plan for yesterday's 50 miler, but on a more difficult trail, and only pass the car every 10 miles, so need to carry enough to fuel during the about 1:50 loops. I know that many of you have stated that once my body adjusts to Whole30 I will burn fat more efficiently and that I also won't need to fuel constantly during my long long runs. However, I feel that during strenuous exercise you must fuel consistently and little bits at a time, so that the already overworked circulatory system can get enough blood to the stomach to digest. I need about 220 calories per hour for my size and that is what has worked in previous long runs/races. Maybe after eating clean for longer this will change and I can run 24 hours with just 3 main meals and a few mini meals, but I just don't see that yet? In my 24 hour race last year, I passed my aid station every 15 minutes, so I would just grab a handful of something that was between 50-60 calories and munch on it during that lap. Every other lap this was liquid Perpetuum which is a drink I tolerate well and that fueled almost half of my entire caloric intake for the 24 hours. The other items I consumed included: strawberries, orange slices, bananas, hamburgers, pickles, chicken, chicken noodle soup, red bull, coke, gummi bears, cookies, protein bars, Goldfish crackers, cheetohs, pringles, grapes, m & Ms, turkey, pretzels. My plan worked famously, and I maintained consistent energy for 24 hours, no GI ussues-only 2 big bathroom trips, no cramping or gas. I also drank water, coconut water. I did not drink any gatorade, hate it! I also took elecrtrolyte capsules. I ate chicken, butternut squash and veggies for dinner Friday evening......not spicy, proven to be easy to digest before a big workout. For breakfast I ate: 1 RX bar, 1 banana, 1 cup coffee, 5 strawberries, handful of almonds. I would have liked to make bacon , veggies and eggs, but woke up late. During Lap 1 I ate 4 figs. I was HUNGRY. At the end of Lap 1 I ate: some leftover grilled chicken, strawberries, almonds. Lap 2: 1 buddy fruits (80 cals) 3 dates, 3 coconut yummy bites, drank coconut water 6 oz. Still feeling hungry but stomach ok. End of Lap 2 I ate: 2 hardboiled eggs, few sweet potato pieces, almonds. Lap 3: starting to feel full, but stomach ok, energy ok. 1 Buddy fruit, 4 figs. 1st bathroom trip and of Lap 3....approx. 31.5 miles in. Starting to feel crampy/gassy. Legs feel great....only issue is stomach. Small bowel movement, blood in urine. Chicken, strawberries, sweet potato pieces. Lap 4: Tired, losing energy and focus. Fell. Slowed down a lot. More cramps and gas. Mile 34, coconut water. Mile 35, lots of walking, totally bonked, had to sit down. Mile 36.....more walking, gas, cramps. DRANK Perpetuum (1 scoop about 130 cals) soon returning and able to run. Mile returning, running more, but having to stop and walk with gas/cramps. Legs feel good. Ate a Buddy fruit. Bathroom: diarrhea, lots of it. Miles ok, tons of GI distress. Mile 41: Barely made it to the bathroom.........tons of diarrhea, tons and tons. Last mile ran about .5, then had to walk it in..........just too much GI pain. Ended the run at 42 miles. Any thoughts on what went wrong? I had to have the Perpetuum or I would still be sitting out there on the trail. I am used to fueling these really long runs with mostly liquids or gels, so I am worried all the solid food was too much for my body to process. I have 3 more pretty long efforts before my 100 weekend I'll still be on my Whole30, but the other two I will be free to eat whatever. I plan to finish out this Whole 30, but I am not sure what to do for my 100 miler on 3/28. Are there any Whole30 compliant liquids or gels, as I think I need that option combined with quality whole30 foods to get through the 100 miles without such bad GI distress. Any advice or ideas are much appreciated. I'm sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be specific about what I ate. Even today, I still feel crampy, but bowel movements back to normal consistency. Sorry for the TMI. Thanks, Regina
  19. Hi everyone! My fiance was advised to try the Whole30 by his doctor due to years of intermittent GI signs (bloating, cramps, diarrhea). I didn't have digestive issues prior to the Whole30 but wanted to do the program with him for moral support and also to see if I would "feel better" eating more wholesome foods. I have been following the guidelines, cooking many recipes from the book, and also paleo recipes that I found online (making sure they used compliant ingredients). We try to adhere to the serving suggestions for protein, fat, fruit, we eat a variety of veggies (bell pepper, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, green beans, cauliflower, etc). Since we started the Whole30, both of us have had very soft stool or diarrhea EVERY DAY. My fiance's bowel movements are worse than they were before, ie. watery. Myself, before the Whole30, would RARELY ever have soft stool or diarrhea, and I have been having daily diarrhea for the first 20 or so days, then started having days where I would "skip" a bowel movement, so I was hoping that things would be firming up. However, no such luck, will skip days then have worse diarrhea next time I have to go, and sometimes have tummy cramps too. I think that my fiance is eating too much fruit sometimes for his serving sizes. We've been trying to eat more cooked veggies because I thought I read that too much raw stuff can be hard for your digestive tract. We are planning on extending the Whole30 for a couple more weeks, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips? Are other people experiencing problems like these? My fiance doesn't think that he will be able to tell if he 'reacts' to any of the reintroduced foods since his GI tract is not any better than it was before.
  20. Hey, Me and my girlfriend are doing whole30 together. It's her first whole30. We are writing this post together. She has diarrhea since day 3 of the whole30. She always has headaches. This has worsened since she is on the whole30. She feels a bit more tired during the whole30. She has chronic hepatitis B. We are trying to clean up her diet. We hope to prevent her to need to take medicin. Why she is doing the whole30: * feeling more healthy * exploring what kind of foods better suit her body * improving her hepatitis B blood markers (lowering liver enzymes) * feeling less tired * having less headaches * wanting to have more energy We are doing a normal whole30 but we are trying to eat more foods which are good for the liver including red beets, tumeric, artichokes, shiitakes, coffee, eggs and dandelion tea. Important chronological facts and dates: * We met on june 20th. She hasn't done paleo before. She eats paleo/primal meals when she eats at my place. During the whole30 I often cook dinner for her. * She took a morning after pill on june 23th. She is often tired and/or ill since she used the morning after pill. This continues until this day. * She started using anti conception pill on june 29th. * She did a blood test for hepatitis B markers on september 11th. * We spoke to her liver doctor september 30th. Her blood markers were worse then before. * She started the whole30 on october 2nd. * She started having diarrhea on october 4th. * She was having a UTI infection and has taken antibiotics from october 8th until october 13th. * We made a mistake on october 12th. We didn't check the ingredients of some licorice tea. It contained a little bit of germinated barley. * She stopped eating processed salt and switched to sea salt from october 13th. * We started whole30 day one again on october 13th. * She started using the following supplements on october 16th: ** Now foods - Liver detoxifier & regenerator (whole30 compliant) : ** Source Naturals - Mushroom immune defense (whole30 compliant) : * She has a blood test scheduled for next week (around october 30th) for blood markers related to hepatitis B. We hope to see some improvements. Typical breakfast options: * shake with vegetables(spinach/kale/beets)/1 raw egg/1-2 pieces of fruit/coconut milk or coconut water * 3 eggs baked in coconut oil with tomato and spinach * 3 eggs and a (pork) sausage baked in coconut oil with tomato and spinach Typical lunch options: * sweet potatoes baked in coconut oil. With ghee and sea salt. Sometimes she bakes 1-2 eggs in coconut oil to go with that. Sometimes no protein at all. * sometimes leftovers from dinner. * sometimes she combines breakfast and lunch into one meal Typical dinner: * sweet potatoes, vegetables, eggs/salmon/chicken/beef (liver/hear/meatloaf), herbs/spices, ghee/coconut oil/red palm oil. ** Sometimes mayonnaise made from organic refined olive oil/egg/lemon juice. ** Often a glass with some fruit and a bit of coconut water and/or kombucha as a dessert. Typical snacks include: * nuts * dates * prunes Other possible important facts: * She doubled her nut intake from about 250 grams to about 500 grams a week (compared to before the whole30). She eats different kind of nuts including cashew/brazil nuts/hazelnuts/walnuts/pecan nuts. * She eats more eggs and therefor more protein than before the whole30 * She eats less carbs than before the whole30 * She doesn't eat probiotics except for kombucha. She doesn't want to eat sauerkraut. We can't find whole30 compliant kimchi. * She hasn't eaten ghee, coconut oil, red palm oil before she met me (june 20th). * Coconut oil is not a likely suspect because she has eaten it at my place before the whole30. * She eats 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. * She stopped eating processed salt and switched to sea salt from october 13th. She doesn't eat seaweed often. I'm going to feed her kombu About her headaches: * She has a continuous headache through the day. It's a permanent thing. Sometimes it's less. * Headaches are worst when waking up and before going to sleep and when having sex. This week we are going to focus hard on sleep quality. Trying not to look into blue light before sleeping. She is going to switch to a hormonal based IUD to get less hormones into her body compared to the anti conception pill. My rough guesses of causes of her feeling so crappy are a combination of the following: * impact from hormones (morning after pill / anti conception pill) * impact from anti-biotics * hepatitis B * change of her food patterns but this should be a temporary thing * eating less carbs than usual (she was eating rice and bread before) * she has started drinking coffee often during the whole30. Before the whole30 she almost never drank coffee. Coffee drinking was recommended by her liver doctor. Any recommendations ? Should we put her on probiotics supplements? Any probiotic foods you can recommend ? Should we put her on predigestive enzymes ? Should we reduce nut intake ?
  21. First time Whole30 ... starting soon.

    Digestive Issues (Day 15)

    Ok. So i have always had digestive issues (diarrhea) for as long as I can remember. I am on day 15 of this program (woot woot ... halfway!) so I know that a lot of people say that they don't get full effects until closer to the end. BUT, this is bad. I'll get REALLY bad gas pain (like crippling) and usually instant "digestive issues" after that. A couple days ago I realized I was eating mostly protein and very little carbs. So I've made sure to include carbs now. But, I still have the same issues as before. For instance, this morning I had a casserole that consisted of eggs, egg whites, sweet potato, spinach, ground beef (bought from US Wellness), onions and mushrooms and I ate less than half an apple, I also drank some Yerba mate tea (nothing added). I drank plenty of water and still as soon as I got to my desk at 8 I was up and in the bathroom! It'd be one thing if something totally different was happening while on the Whole30, but this is exactly how I felt when I was eating non-paleo. Any help, advice or explanation would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I haven't exercised since beginning this program but this morning I started T25. This may or may not be the cause of the issue today. But, it certainly was not prior to today.
  22. Hey ya'all. I am on day 15 of the whole 30. A few days before starting, both my husband and I got this sort of like stomach virus or something where we had painful diarrhea. It lasted about a week (for him). I started Whole30 and thought the looseness and cramping were still residual from the stomach virus, but its been about 20 days. I wake up and have my coffee and within about 30 minutes, I have to go. It hasn't been solid since I started Whole30. Prior to, I was pretty regular and before the tummy virus, I was pretty solid. I don't have diarrhea, but its painful. Cramping etc. Appears some undigested food in stool and it smells wicked (sorry- just the facts man). It seems to happen in the morning and also right after meals, sometimes before I'm even done with the meal I start to cramp. I am also bloated. I am not weighing but my stomach seems distended and my pants are tighter. I am not sure if I am having more calories than usual since I am not counting per the instructions. My guess is I am not. I do notice when I am under extreme stress I get painful cramps and usually have to go. Before whole 30 I did a paleo diet and was pretty strict. So the main difference is now I have cut out the paleo treats like coconut flour bread, stevia sweetened drinks and excessive grazing between meals. My diet is pretty consistent: Breakfast is eggs, avocado and veggies (squash, onion and spinach) sautéed in ghee. Lunch is usually steak or porkchop with salad. Dinner is steak or burger or chicken, broccoli, sweet potato. I try not to snack, but when I do, I have a banana or some pecans or almonds. I drink some almond milk or almond water to calm cravings, which have all but gone away. I am on a very low dose of wellbutrin. I should also note a few other things. I am trying to recover from adrenal fatigue and my immune system is just shot. I take the pig adrenals but I suffer from frequent (as in once a month) illness (flu, colds, respiratory and sinus infections, sore throats, etc). Because of this, its been tough for me to get into a consistent exercise routine. While I don't know much about IBS, as I said before, typically I am solid and regular unless I am under stress. However, this 15 day stretch is extreme. I never have 15 days of straight toilet misery. I started drinking some psycillium husk thinking maybe that would firm things up. It has not. I used to track all my meals on my fitness pal but stopped since the book suggests not counting or tracking or weighing. So- any help or ideas is really appreciated. I am feeling discouraged. Thanks everyone.
  23. Hello. So this is my third round of whole 30. Been pretty much paleo since March of this year. I've only messesd up no more than 4 days since then. As of today, I'm on day 17 since I started over. I've been doing paleo along with the autoimmune protocol. As of yesterday, I've also started the low fodmap diet because I really believe certain foods such as apples and cabbage give me problems. Apples burn my stomach and cabbage gives me bloating and diarrhea. I've researched acne online and a gentleman named Chris Kresser stated that what he usually has his clients do to try and help their acne is not only paleo, but following a low fodmaps diet as well as eliminating eggs and nuts. He did a podcast about it and was pretty thorough in it. You can read it here: I'm wondering if any of you have tried this as a last resort and have had success with it? I'm determined to find the cure for my acne! If it takes eating paleo/aip AND low fodmaps to do it, then so be it!
  24. This post is on behalf of my husband. I'm doing Whole30 too, and loving it, everything going well for me. My husband is 35. He has suffered from food intolerances since middle school age or so, but has never done anything about it. He thought it was just "the way it is." He has some known triggers (onion - the worst, heavy cream - also the worst, some apples, sometimes garlic, and sometimes watermelon. Sometimes there are no apparent triggers. Desperate for some corrective action to take, I ask him what caused it, and he'll joke, "I think it was the food." His symptoms when exposed to these triggers are bloating episodes ranging from uncomfortable to extremely painful. He burps (huge, loud belches) and farts for an hour or three until he is able to have some diarrhea, at which point it usually clears. Sometimes it happens immediately after eating, but sometimes it waits for the middle of the night to strike. I had been encouraging him to do some kind of elimination diet for years, and he finally agreed to Whole30 with me (I am going for weight loss and energy), since he wouldn't be doing it alone. We began on July 9. The first couple days were the detox with headache, fatigue, and crankiness. But then he felt better. And he had a solid poop for the first time in his adult life. On Day 4, we had some watermelon. He had a horrible night, and so we made the determination that we should go low-FODMAP, since all of his triggers are FODMAPS. Though... not all FODMAPS are triggers - actually some of them (brussels sprouts, asparagus) are his favorites. By day 8 he had had apparent issues with sugar snap peas (FODMAP) and canteloupe (not a FODMAP). After these setbacks, I was convinced that he had leaky gut, so I started him on some supplements to promote healing: aloe vera juice, glutamine, marshmallow root, slippery elm, DGL, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. This was the evening of Day 8. On Day 9, he experienced what I believe to be a die-off - nauseous, sickly, very out of it. On Day 10, he reported low-grade heartburn all day. I had given him digestive enzymes with HCl, so I stopped those long enough to pick up some without HCl. The night of day 10 and day 11 were great! So I started him back on digestive enzymes (no HCl) on Day 11 evening - he had another horrible night. At that point, a fellow Whole9 poster suggested we try the SCD intro diet (chicken soup, carrot puree, grape juice gelatin), to keep things really gentle. I took him off ALL supplements. We started that diet on the evening on Day 12, and day 13 was a good one. He seemed to improve for the most part, but still with some fairly significant gas and bloating before bedtime and runny stools. Until Day 19 - I gave him a very small dose of digestive enzymes. I broke open the capsule and gave him about 1/3 of it. It wrecked him overnight. It was then that we realized the digestive enzymes were causing this distress, so we stopped them immediately. It's now day 24. He is still dealing with significant bloating and gas before bed, even though we stopped the enzymes. It didn't make a difference whether he was eating pureed food or whole food, so he went back on the Whole30. He took a probiotic last night, and that seemed to agree with him, so I think I'm going to have him continue that. So... I'm not sure what to do. 1 ) have you ever heard of someone to reacting to digestive enzymes like that? everything I've read says they are SO INCREDIBLE For people with leaky gut. It's very discouraging. 2 ) I'm thinking we might not go back to low-FODMAP... we just might avoid his known triggers. Restricting him seemed to make him worse, not better. 3 ) I've wondered if we should try the AIP, but he's never had issues with eggs or avocado. He does have issues sometimes with nuts. 4 ) If it really was the digestive enzymes (and the correlation in the beginning seemed pretty good), why is he still having issues when we stopped the enzymes 4+ days ago? And that was only a teeny tiny dose! So, long story short... help? suggestions?
  25. Wynne Jones

    Firming things up

    I am on Day 9 of being 100%, and overall things are going great! I have great energy, I'm enjoying cooking and eating, and my inflammation has already gone down a lot. Nice to be able to zip my pants up! A sensitive question: any advice on what I should eat/stop eating in order to - shall we say - firm things up down there? I've had The Big D for two days now. I have to work tomorrow (I'm a school teacher) so I would really like to get over this! I would generally eat dry toast or white rice to calm my system, but I obviously can't do that this time. Thanks! Wynne