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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, any other Whole 30-ers in Washington DC? I'm on Day 6 and I cook a lot, but wanted to share how I've managed to go to restaurants so far. Hope others will contribute a few ideas, too! Casual dining: Sweetgreen, Cava, Beefsteak, Taylor Gourmet, Pleasant Pops (if you can resist the popsicles!)... DC is at no loss of good, fresh, fast-casual restaurants for the 9-to-5 lunch crowd. You just need to (nicely) request substitutions, oil and vinegar dressings, etc. etc. Restaurants: Agora, Zaytinya... Middle Eastern has been the way to go for me. Plenty of compliant dips, veggie tapas, and grilled meats to go around. Food shopping: It's August, so farmer's markets are your best bet! Honestly, going to Safeway is uncomfortable, Whole Foods has too many "healthy" temptations, but the Dupont Farmer's Market made me so happy. Just walk really quickly past Keswick cheeses.
  2. salsasis14

    Baseball season!

    This might already have been asked, but any tips for surviving a baseball game (specifically one at Yankee stadium)? I was thinking a bun-less burger, no condiments might be ok, and unsweetened iced tea if I can find it. Anything else in case that doesn't work?
  3. So I'm still fairly new to this whole 30 deal which is why I'm kind of starting to stress about a meal that is taking place tomorrow. I have babysat for a family all summer and tomorrow is my last day so they are treating me to lunch at benihanas which is a hibachi/sushi place. Has anybody found anything whole 30 compliant or am I completely doomed? I was thinking I could ask them to make special accommodations and order hibachi chicken with no butter and ask that it be cooked in only olive oil with a little bit of salt and pepper to season and then pair it with double veggies instead of rice and ask that they be cooked the same way. Do you think this would be a reasonable choice? I obviously wouldn't eat the soup and then the salad would come out plain and I would imagine they would have oil and vinegar on the side. Or, should I go with some sort of rice-less sushi. I'm at a complete loss when it comes to sushi so any help much appreciated! The thought of failing on Day 3 due to a meal that I have no choice but to attend would be upsetting.
  4. My family is going out to dinner at an Afghani restaurant tonight for my sister's birthday, and, being a good little Whole30er, I called the restaurant before they opened (when they wouldn't be busy) so I could ask all of my questions about compliant oils, marinades and seasonings, etc. Just based on ingredients, Afghani food seems like a good choice, because it's primarily grilled meat and vegetables -- and this restaurant even uses grass-fed beef and lamb! Anyway, the store manager told me that ALL of the meat is pre-marinated in corn oil, even the ground meats, but that customers with allergies in the past have ordered grilled chicken or beef with the marinade rinsed off before grilling, and that they haven't had any problems. I think I already know the answer, but... would this be acceptable? Otherwise I'll be going to this amazing restaurant and just eating a bowl of plain lettuce. Not the end of the world, but not exactly enjoying my life either. Can some moderators chime in on this? Thanks!
  5. Hi! New here and just trying to see if anyone else has eaten a compliant meal at Freebirds, and if so, what was it? Freebirds has locations mostly in Texas and California. It's basically like Chipotle but without all the "faux healthy" hyperbole Chipotle is so fond of. I searched the forums and a couple of people had posted about FB back in 2014, but nothing since then. It's one of the few options available to me in my small city where I feel like I could still stick to W30 rules and get a decent meal on the go, i.e. one that's not grilled chicken on salad with no dressing. Freebirds online allergen chart lists chicken, carnitas and steak all as maybe having soy, but not their ground beef. The old posts indicated chicken and carnitas were fine, but of course that could have changed drastically between now and then. Anyone else? Thanks!
  6. I am supposed to go to a birthday dinner for a friend and we are going to cheesecake factory. Is there anything there I can have? I know they have a huge menu but I was wondering if there is a short list of have's or have nots that other people have had there.
  7. Melinda M

    Jimmy Johns

    I contacted Jimmy Johns because we get it at work alot. There are two meats that meet the Whole 30 critera Salami and Capicola. For reference here is what they provided for me on all their meats: Thanks for eating at Jimmy John's, we love our customers! I am writing you back in response to your earlier e-mail. You ask if our meats are soy free: Bacon - It is not soy free. Beef - It is soy free. Ham - It is soy free. Capicola - It is soy free. Salami - It is soy free. Turkey - It is soy free. You ask if our meats are free items: Our bacon is dairy free. Our beef is dairy free. Our Capicola is dairy free. Our ham is dairy free. Our salami is dairy free. Our turkey is dairy free. You ask if our meats are corn free: Bacon – It is corn free. Beef – It is not corn free. Capicola – It is corn free. Salami – It is corn free. Ham – It is corn free. Turkey – It is corn free. You ask if our meats are sugar-free: Bacon - It is not sugar free. Beef - It is not sugar free. Ham - It is not sugar free. Capicola - It is sugar free. Salami - It is sugar free. Turkey - It is not sugar free. You ask if our meats are carrageenan free: Meats – They are carrageenan free. You ask if any of our meats are MSG free: Bacon - There is no MSG Beef - There is no MSG Ham - There is no MSG Capicola -There is no MSG Salami - There is no MSG Turkey - There is no MSG You ask if any of our meats are Sulfite free: Bacon – It is sulfite free. Beef – It is not sulfite free. Ham - It is sulfite free. Capicola - It is sulfite free. Salami - It is sulfite free. Turkey - It is sulfite free. I hope that this answer is helpful. We appreciate your business. Jimmy John's
  8. Hi folks! I'm on day 4 (start date was 9/10/17) and have had some cravings this week. I just read something that indicates not to head for fruit if having a craving. I have done that this week, as well as had a Lara Bar (Apple). I'll do better tomorrow! Haven't noticed much change other than I am feeling fuller than usual eating less food, and not feeling gorged when I have eaten the whole plate. This weekend is a test of commitment. Boyfriends birthday on Friday and I'm taking him to dinner. He is easy so Mexican it is--fajitas for me and that means I can splurge on the steak and shrimp! We also have a friends kid birthday then next day...which is what I'm more concerned about. I plan to bring my food to his place so I can finish preparing what I will eat. But one thing I need to plan on is snack foods. Any suggestions? Then we have dinner with his parents which is also a concern as they likely won't have items I can eat. So again, packing my dinner :-) looking forward to beating the sugar cravings soon.
  9. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    HELP! -- Chaperoning a Camping Trip

    Overnight Thurs to Fri. FML -- what am I gonna eat? i can pack cans of tuna. But where will i strain and drain? Gotta be a sink in the cafeteria. i guess?? Last time I was at this camp I was in 5th grade so I can't remember. Tips? Advice?
  10. I will be in St. Louis around Day 20 of my Whole30. Is anyone from the area that has good suggestions on compliant food options? I know Chipotle is a good choice but I would love to spice it up. I'm doing an AirBnB, so I could theoretically shop and cook my own meals, but I would love to go out to a restaurant that has compliant options. I tried to Yelp Whole 30 St. Louis but nothing turned up.
  11. Hi everyone, First of all, this is my first post on Whole30, so I'm excited to join you all! I'm on Day 4 currently. I need some advice or ideas -- about a month ago, before I decided to do Whole30, I purchased a ticket to attend an all-day (from 11:30am-9:45pm) Best Pictures nominees screening festival at a local movie theater. There's only a 20 minute break between the movies, so I'm at a loss of what I'll do for food that day, besides eating a huge breakfast and then possibly sneaking in a ton of snacks in my purse, though I do feel a little bad about it. The theater I'm going to is pretty new, so they have a restaurant and a bistro to order from (though I highly doubt anything will be compliant, and I haven't been able to find ingredients listed online). One possibility is that there's a movie showing around the dinner hour for a movie I've already seen, so I think there's maybe a chance I can slip out. Other than that, thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have some travel coming up, and I've managed to work out everything except one single lunch out at a restaurant. For complicated reasons, I am not going to be able to really depose the waiter on what is made with what. I can ask a few questions, but the situation is one where I need to minimize the degree to which it sticks out that I'm "on a diet" where I "can't eat certain things". Please trust me on this - "get over that and ask all the questions that you need to" is distinctly NOT an option. (Put it this way: were it an option, I likely wouldn't need Whole30 to undo a lifetime of maladaptive eating habits). So here's the menu: I'm thinking that options include: - steak tartare hold the croutons - Cauliflower and almonds, hold the cheddar (not sure if that would be possible if it's melted in or something) - roasted beets, hold the ricotta - slow-baked sea bass (can call and ask if they can make the turnips NOT glazed) - pan-roasted salmon, black trumpets and horseradish - roasted pork loin, plums, onions, and mustard Does anyone see anything among these choices that could have hidden non-compliant ingredients? All I need to do is get through lunch in a compliant manner without having to talk about what I'm eating to the people I'm with. I am going to great lengths to stay compliant for the rest of my trip (bringing all of my other meals, basically), so if it's not a perfect template meal...I'm willing to let that go for the day.
  13. Hey everyone! I have a 4-day weekend trip coming up in a few weeks in Big Bear, CA. It was a reward for doing well at my work, and I'll be sharing a house with other coworkers and our significant others. This will fall smack-dab in the middle of my whole30, and I'm trying to figure out how I can enjoy this trip while sticking to my guns. I think I can prepare some meals at the house, since it's a house that we're renting. But I'm not entirely sure how well stocked the kitchen is with cooking gear (or if it's stocked at all!). Also, I'm not sure if my coworkers would want to be included in the cooking or not, which if they were they'd have to buy their own ingredients. Plus I don't want to spend all of my free time prepping meals, so I'd need fast and easy recipes (besides chicken breasts!) I know that my fiance and coworkers will want to go out to eat, and that's going to be a bit scary for me, because I'm not sure how well I can trust the restaurants to have what I want, or cook my food in a particular way. I'm debating if I should call up a few places and inquire before I even go up there, so I'm not stuck with nothing to eat. Any other advice or ideas? I see a lot of posts for single outings, but didn't see much for extended trips.
  14. Hi all, Any fellow Torontonians in this forum who are (or have) taking on the Whole30 journey? I'd love some suggestions for dining out in Toronto (compliant restaurants, awesome meal hacks you've discovered, etc.) So far I've heard about Chipotle, and Bareburgers. Thank you!
  15. I'm starting my second Whole30 in August. Last Whole30 I did, which was last year, I successfully got through any social dining experience by modifying menu items. This year, however, I've got a tricky situation. My brother's girlfriend is having her birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant this coming Saturday and I don't think I'll be able to modify any of the menu items - most because I have no idea what's in them! Does anyone know of ANY Chinese dish that might be Whole30 compliant? Like, a chicken broth, or vegetable dish or something? Jesse
  16. I'm going to this awesome craft fair this weekend (Nutcracker Market for those in the greater Houston area.) It will likely be an all day event and I will be with non-Whole 30 friends. From what I remember last year, the only food they had was Chick-Fil-A so it's highly doubtful there will be anything there for me especially if it is all pre-made since it is off-site from the actual restaurant. Does anyone have any good ideas for lunch that I can haul in my purse? Anything that doesn't need to be iced to avoid the food spoiling? Thanks in advance for helping me avert this Day 20 crisis.
  17. amywhole30s

    Catered Event

    Hi everyone, I'm on my first go of the Whole30 - and day 2. I feel pretty brave for starting this yesterday when we have Halloween next week, and my birthday is also during the Whole 30. On day zero I was feeling quite ready to go and super excited to do this... then it dawned on me. Next Wednesday (which will be day 9) I am going to an event that is a catered event for an award ceremony. The tickets were $80 and I have no idea what to expect for food... or what to do. I am going with my entire family (my mom was nominated for an award) and... I asked my parents what I should do. My dad suggested I wait the week to start... but I said, if I wait another week, then there will be always something. I am thinking that I will likely eat before I go... but when you're spending $80 on a ticket for a big catered meal.. I feel kind of silly sitting there while my entire family has some lavish meal. What would you do? Before Whole 30 I was already gluten-free and mostly dairy-free, so I'm thinking about asking the caterer for a dietary restriction of dairy and gluten free and eating what I know will be safe on the plate. Thoughts? Advice? Pep talk?
  18. LTRocket


    So I'm at work and just found out that I will eating dinner out tonight. Totally unplanned but it's something I need to attend for work. I looked at the restaurant menu but even if I get steak and veggies I have no idea where the meat's coming from and they probably cook their veggies in crappy oil. I'm thinking I should just not eat and wait till I get home? That probably means I will be starving by the time I get home :-/ I'm only on day 2, I don't want to slip up! Any ideas?
  19. DanielleM

    Hi All, I just finished my 30 days yesterday. I have lunch plans on Friday. We're going to a thai place. I haven't began the reintroduction phase, and I'm concerned with my choices here. Can anyone give me some advice since I don't know how I will react? Or should I throw caution to the wind and simply order the best thing I can?!menu/c117t
  20. Ok, I'm finishing day 5 of my 2nd Whole30 today. On Saturday, I'm taking my kids to Carowinds amusement park for my son's birthday. I am looking for ideas for things to take in a cooler so we can leave the park, picnic and then return for more fun. The kids may get a treat while we're there , but I KNOW there is nothing there for me and I want to be sure to make my body happy! Thanks for any suggestions! Lynne
  21. elora.sharon

    indian food

    hi! this is my first whole 30, and i am on day four. so far it's going well, though i'm still learning how much food to pack with me for work and school to get me through the day. anyways, here's my question: next week i am doing a volunteer activity with some co-workers, and we always go to this indian restaurant afterwards. does anyone know which indian foods might be compliant? i love indian food, but i wouldn't have a clue as to some of the ingredients. the good thing is that i'm going with someone who also doesn't eat gluten or processed sugar, so she always makes a point to ask about ingredients. however, i'm not sure about dairy, legumes, etc. as far as most dishes go. any suggestions? has anyone eaten indian out on w30 before? thanks! elora
  22. Jenna Carpenter

    Do I have to start over?!

    First-time whole30-er here. I'm on day 9 and last night attended a belated holiday dinner with my coworkers. I was really nervous going into the dinner because I'm not a big sweet snacker. Deserts and sugar don't really do it for me. Give me salts and breads and cheeses and alcohol any day. That's my achilles. Especially living in NYC and working in advertising (such a cliche, I know). My social life revolves around happy hours and dining out, or working late and conveniently ordering take out from the place down the block via an app on my phone. Anyway, I've had a strong resolve over the past 9 days which is really weird for me. Usually I start a health kick and drop off after the first week. But I'm not as tired or foggy, my skin has cleared up and the aches and pains are diminished. I'm starting to feel real good. And I'm proud of myself. Haven't had a drink for 10 days and that's a big deal for me. I see myself sticking with this for the duration of the 30 and maybe even beyond. But let me get back to dinner. This is getting long-winded. I looked over the menu carefully and even told the server I had a dairy aversion. He had me identify 2-3 menu options and he'd inquire with the chef on how they were prepared. I settled on roasted chicken, subbed more veggies for the mashed potatoes. Server assured me everything was dairy-free aside from the mashed potatoes. The chicken and green beans were amazing (I'm pretty sure they were just steamed, nothing added that I could taste), but soon after eating my stomach started feeling weird and I got a dull headache. Other than the entree, I had a 3-4 raw oysters with tobasco sauce and a little cocktail sauce and a slice of prosciutto off of an appetizer. I passed my slice of bread off to a coworker and sipped San Pellegrino all night. Not sure if this is psychological, as this was the first meal out of my control for 8 days or I ate something hidden in the mix that I'm not supposed to? Do I have to start over? I feel pretty good today. Energy is still slowly coming back. I feel like starting over would absolutely crush my momentum! Help...
  23. Hi, I am needing to go out to a eat a couple of times in the next week and I feel like it seems impossible to do. I am fine knowing what to choose in terms of protein and salad or steamed veg and to ask for no sauce or dressings. I realised though that most restaurants would cook their meet with some sort of oil on the plate and I assume it would be some sort of vegetable or seed oil. How do you work around this? Do you not worry about it? Do you ask for your meat to be cooked with no oil? Am I worrying too much about something I don't need to worry about? I feel like all I can order is a salad, no dressing and that feels like a waste of time going out. I'd love some further information from you experienced folk out there. Cheers Meagan
  24. I am on day 3 and have to go out to dinner for a work meeting. The restaurant is very accomadating to V, DF and GF but I'm still a little nervous/worried about what to eat. Here's the menu: I'm thinking about ordering the "Roasted Chicken" which includes :boniato sweet potato puree, peppers, onions,green olives, roasted garlic sauce Advice? Thanks!
  25. I found out today that I am going to be attending my organizations regional conference and we leave on Thursday morning. I'm really worried about what options I will have for food. I already told the guy doing the travel logistics that I'm eating a Gluten-free diet, but I know that won't spare me from added sugars or hidden soy/corn products. But I won't give up! I'm on Day 8 of my W30, feel fantastic, and REFUSE to quit now! I will have access to a mini fridge, so I plan on bringing some boiled eggs, a smoothie, kale chips, fruit and almond butter. I'm also going to pack my own lunch for the car ride to the conference. Are there any suggestions for road food or snack options in case the hotel-provided meals won't do? Does anybody here know of any restaurants in Downtown Lakeland that serve a fairly quick, W30-friendly lunch? I'm finding very few places near my hotel that offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-sugar options, so if anyone can help me figure out a game plan, I'd be very grateful.