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Found 6 results

  1. My husband's birthday party is at a Chinese restaurant. What can I eat?
  2. Help please! My partner and I started our whole30 and completely forgot about a murder mystery night that we have booked! They won’t let us rebook it and it was a gift so I do not want to cancel it! Please see the attached menu, does anyone have any tips on what we could try that won’t trash our progress so far? We have both stuck to it solidly but also want to enjoy our meal out! Any help would be much appreciated Natalie
  3. Hi all, any other Whole 30-ers in Washington DC? I'm on Day 6 and I cook a lot, but wanted to share how I've managed to go to restaurants so far. Hope others will contribute a few ideas, too! Casual dining: Sweetgreen, Cava, Beefsteak, Taylor Gourmet, Pleasant Pops (if you can resist the popsicles!)... DC is at no loss of good, fresh, fast-casual restaurants for the 9-to-5 lunch crowd. You just need to (nicely) request substitutions, oil and vinegar dressings, etc. etc. Restaurants: Agora, Zaytinya... Middle Eastern has been the way to go for me. Plenty of compliant dips, veggie tapas, and grilled meats to go around. Food shopping: It's August, so farmer's markets are your best bet! Honestly, going to Safeway is uncomfortable, Whole Foods has too many "healthy" temptations, but the Dupont Farmer's Market made me so happy. Just walk really quickly past Keswick cheeses.
  4. salsasis14

    Baseball season!

    This might already have been asked, but any tips for surviving a baseball game (specifically one at Yankee stadium)? I was thinking a bun-less burger, no condiments might be ok, and unsweetened iced tea if I can find it. Anything else in case that doesn't work?
  5. So I'm still fairly new to this whole 30 deal which is why I'm kind of starting to stress about a meal that is taking place tomorrow. I have babysat for a family all summer and tomorrow is my last day so they are treating me to lunch at benihanas which is a hibachi/sushi place. Has anybody found anything whole 30 compliant or am I completely doomed? I was thinking I could ask them to make special accommodations and order hibachi chicken with no butter and ask that it be cooked in only olive oil with a little bit of salt and pepper to season and then pair it with double veggies instead of rice and ask that they be cooked the same way. Do you think this would be a reasonable choice? I obviously wouldn't eat the soup and then the salad would come out plain and I would imagine they would have oil and vinegar on the side. Or, should I go with some sort of rice-less sushi. I'm at a complete loss when it comes to sushi so any help much appreciated! The thought of failing on Day 3 due to a meal that I have no choice but to attend would be upsetting.
  6. I will be in St. Louis around Day 20 of my Whole30. Is anyone from the area that has good suggestions on compliant food options? I know Chipotle is a good choice but I would love to spice it up. I'm doing an AirBnB, so I could theoretically shop and cook my own meals, but I would love to go out to a restaurant that has compliant options. I tried to Yelp Whole 30 St. Louis but nothing turned up.