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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all! I will have my very first dining out experience this Friday for my mother's birthday. I've been doing really great so far and I don't want to screw it up. We are going to CB and Potts.... wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for what to eat there? I think if I can find something compliant and yummy I won't have a problem, but I want to go in with a plan. Thanks for any advice you can give!
  2. Today is day 7 of my whole 30, and last night was my first time going out to eat. It was for my mom's birthday, so it was a whole family affair. I was excited for the challenge of finding something Whole30 compliant, and was pretty confident I could do so at this up scale steak and seafood restaurant. It was a chance to show my family that the Whole30 is actually practical and not as limiting as they think. Here's what I ate 1 Bacon wrapped scallop, no butter 1 Fillet over a bed of shrimp, no butter 1 plain baked potato I definitely didn't finish it all but I had a bit of everything, and was pretty stuffed by the end of it. I also, was not feeling very well by the end of it. So despite the caffein at 8pm, I ordered a coffee to help me digest. The rest of the night, I basically felt like crap. It wasn't terrible, but I did have stomach cramps and was a little buzzed from the coffee (this is like 12:30 am). The next day, I feel the familiar hangover feeling described at the beginning of a whole 30, but as far as I know I didn't go off plan! The things that could have gotten me were: the cooking oils, the sugar in the bacon, or someone actually put butter on something, I overate, I ate too fast. I'm feeling super frustrated and worried that I now have to start over in order to get the benefit from the whole 30, when I was explicitly told that eating out was a welcome part of the process. So do I start over? Every time I eat out? I mean, obviously I don't have any desire to eat out again, but what if I have to? This sucks.
  3. SimoneB

    Wedding to go to

    This week - when I will be on the 6th day of my whole30 I have a wedding to attend. Not only do I need to go there but I also need to photograph there. On the one hand that is a good thing as it will keep me busy but on the other hand; when I am tired I am afraid I might give in to temptations.. I'm not so much afraid for the weddingcake but the dinner is going to be a challenge... Any tips for dealing with weddings in particular? It's really not an option to bring food. The couple (also friends) will be insulted if we do! But I also don't want to jeopardize my whole30...
  4. hi everyone! i'm a sophomore in college and i'm going to start whole 30 tomorrow but i need some help! i'm limited to dining hall foods so i have a great salad bar and fruit options. however, as far as protein goes, the only foods that i can rely on is hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken breast. other meats or animal proteins make an occasional appearance but even so, they're often covered in yucky sauces or cooked in ways that would make them not whole 30 approved. so, in what ways can i spice up hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken breast? we have a variety of hot sauces, vinegars, and olive oils available, as well as some spices like curry powder. please help me out! thanks, alice