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Found 9 results

  1. Hi- I am finishing up my Whole30 next week, I am so excited to start the reintroduction and find my food freedom. I am planning on doing a modified short/long approach. Basically there are a few food groups I want to split up to get more specifics on. I have already been diagnosed with gluten intolerance so I'm not reintroducing gluten. My plan is to do something sort of like this: Legumes (wait 2 days) Soy (wait 2 days) Non gluten grains excluding corn (wait 2 days) Corn (Wait 2 days) Dairy I'm splitting into 2 days because I Want to evaluate Goat's milk separately Couple questions: Does this look ok? Kind of in the middle, I have an event and I would really like to just have a meal with some wine - I would be having both dairy and non gluten grains during that meal- would it be ok to have the meal wait two days and then continue the reintro process? Thank you in advance!
  2. Over the weekend, I travelled from Seattle WA to Spokane WA to see my cousin in concert. Unfortunately I was on Days 5-7 of my 2nd Whole30 round, which as you all know, makes travel + dining out a little bit complicated. However I was able to plan ahead of time by researching restaurant menus, and e-mailing chefs to ask questions. I think this is DEFINITELY the way to go. If you have enough time to plan ahead for dining out, e-mail the restaurant with an outline of the Whole30 rules and ask specific questions about which entrees you'll be able to enjoy. Just make sure to apologize for seeming high-maintenance and say lots of THANK YOUS! Anyway - we wound up at Bruncheonette for brunch and at Clover for dinner. I received such sweet, accommodating e-mail responses from both chefs. At Bruncheonette I was able to have the Verde Hash, sans cheese, with added guacamole. Bruncheonette makes all of their meats, and sauces, in-house from scratch. They use canola oil for the potatoes and eggs, and there are no sugars / sweeteners in the carnitas or in the potato seasoning! My hash included the potato medley, carnitas, peppers & onions, basted eggs, and verde sauce. Totally filling and delish - plus I got veggies, protein, and plated fat with my guacamole. Chef Cody at Clover sent me the following e-mail response: "Hi Anna, Thank you for contacting me directly. We regularly make accommodations for our guests’ dietary needs, so this will be no problem. Having a heads up makes it even easier. Most of our dishes are cooked in an olive/canola blend or clarified butter. We would be happy to use straight olive oil, Lard, Duck Fat or none of the above. Our cured dry chorizo is an item we source, and does have sugar. Our house made chorizo is a great substitute for both the octopus and the Piri Chicken, as my linguica also has sugar. All of our veggies are roasted with salt, pepper and our oil blend. We can always roast fresh veggies for an order as well. Honestly, we can make most of our menu work for you, or I can create something just for you, if you like. We enjoy the challenge and love to test our creative side, with such limitations. It usually ends up the prettiest plate at the table, so I hope we don’t let you down. This weekend, we will be featuring Oregon Rockfish. Our scallops are always top notch. Let me know what direction you would like to go. Have a safe trip to Spokane and we’ll see you on Saturday night!" Again - SUCH customer service! I wound up having a simple dish of the Oregon Rockfish, with a medley of broccolini, mushrooms, and fingerling potatoes garnished with pine nuts. As for travel snacks - I brought with me a baggie of baby carrots w/ a guacamole cup, sliced Fuji apple with almond butter, and RX Bar & Epic Bar, almonds, and olives (no - I did NOT eat all of the above but it was nice to have options).
  3. I ate at work event where the main course was steak and veggies in a light port wine reduction. I removed the mushrooms cooked in Boursin and tried my best to move around the meat and veggies out of the reduction and didn't dip them in the sauce. Did I totally mess this up? I'm on day 4 and would really like to not start over. What would others do with no other meal options and a table full of important people not to mess up in front of? Mind you I skipped dessert and rolls so I'm feeling like this is a huge win no matter what! Thanks!
  4. Hello! I started my Whole30 on Monday and today was my first [evening] gym session since. I work until 5, so my plan has been to get home at 5:30 and before or after I change for the gym, I'd eat my protein and fat for pre workout per the template. Today (first time) was a hard boiled egg and half an avocado. Then I'd get home just after 7:30 and we'd eat dinner then. However, tonight I ate AFTER 8pm, which sounds/feels SO late. Can you even eat too late on this? I'm sure you can. The template says to stoayp eating a few hours before bed; I'd take that to mean at least 3. That should work, but only for today, as I don't hope to make going to bed after 11 a habit. Especially when i start my 10 hour days again next week and I work at 6:30a.m. And also, this means I didn't get a post workout meal. Given the timeline of my evening I don't know if I'll be able to fit that in. Not w/o eating a super early dinner...which even in that case would replace the pre workout snack. The pre wo snack is supposed to be small protein which dinner isn't. And the post workout is supposed to be a bonus meal...which it isn't in my current timeline So, really I'm looking for advice on how to handle and properly space out my pre evening workout snack, post workout snack, and dinner when I get home 5:30, leave for the gym before 6:15, and get home around 7:45. HELP! lol. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Tomorrow is day 9 for me and all is going really well. A few of our friends have group dinners every other week and we all rotate cooking. Next dinner is tomorrow and it’s not our turn this time around (luckily it will be in 2 weeks on day 23), so we aren’t in control of what is made for dinner. Knowing we are doing Whole30, the host this week said she would make tacos so that we can partake in dinner, though despite her efforts, I know it is hard to even find compliant taco seasoning and I doubt the meal will actually end up being compliant. So, do I: a) Go to dinner, turn a blind eye to seasoning ingredients, and eat what is provided as long as it isn’t obviously noncompliant, b ) Go to dinner and ask what the ingredients of everything is and risk telling her that after all her efforts to make something for us, “Sorry, I can’t have the dinner you made,” c) Secretly eat some dinner at home before going over and then only nibble on what is provided that is in the clear, or d) Bail and not go, making dinner for myself at home? If she wasn’t making an effort, I would simply bring my own dinner and have what I could when I got there, but now it feels rude to show up and not eat anything since she is catering to us. I know she means well, but I'd almost rather her do her own thing and we'll figure dinner out ourselves. If this was post-Whole 30, I would use this as a treat and not mind having noncompliant taco seasoning, but I’m in the middle of it right now. No cheats, no slips. Those are the rules. How do you handle situations like this without being rude?
  6. SimoneB

    Wedding to go to

    This week - when I will be on the 6th day of my whole30 I have a wedding to attend. Not only do I need to go there but I also need to photograph there. On the one hand that is a good thing as it will keep me busy but on the other hand; when I am tired I am afraid I might give in to temptations.. I'm not so much afraid for the weddingcake but the dinner is going to be a challenge... Any tips for dealing with weddings in particular? It's really not an option to bring food. The couple (also friends) will be insulted if we do! But I also don't want to jeopardize my whole30...
  7. ElleBean

    Whole30 Cupcakes!

    Now the title is probably going to freak a lot of you out. I did NOT make actual cupcakes or do any paleo baking. What I did make was compliant meatballs and mashed sweet potato...and I assembled this like a cupcake by popping the finished meatballs in mini cupcake wrappers and piping the sweet potato on top. Some of you may say it's psychologically cheating but I personally don't think so. Cooking my eggs in a metal cookie cutter on the pan doesn't trick my brain into thinking I'm cookie any more than this recipe makes me think I'm eating a cupcake. I'm 17 and I'm a baker so the whole30 has been life changing but not as fun as eating normally. I've pretty much slayed my sugar dragon on the 19 days I have been on this program and I feel better than I have in a long time! And after tonight's dinner I don't feel like I've cheated or need to have sugar at all. The nutrients of whole food is still there and I don't think it counts as paleo baking whatsoever. If you do, feel free to explain why. I wanted to share a little whole30 fun to those who have wanted to entertain guests and still eat what they are eating. Because how nice would it be to have a dinner party that is still fun without having to explain why you aren't eating certain things.
  8. Hey guys! I am currently on Day 15 of my W30, yippeee for me! It's been going good and I am still going strong, to the point where I am considering turning this W30 into a W100 but we shall see how that pans out. My question for you all is regarding dinner time. My weekday schedule is wonky. I don't usually leave the office which is about 35minutes away from home until about 5:30PM-6:00PM and I have to make two stops before I even get home. I usually make dinner to last us a few nights so I am typically cooking about 2 nights a week, not too bad. My main issue is that we end up eating dinner very very late. Anywhere between 8:00PM-8:30PM, sometimes it's already closer to 9:00PM. I try and get to bed between 10:00PM and 11:00PM. Do you guys think eating dinner this late in the day is affecting my progress? Are late dinners a complete no-no? Some say yes, soem say no but I am more curious to see what others on this forum have to say about this. Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Rachael2288

    AH-mazing Coconut Shrimp!

    Made THE best dinner tonight and I had to share. Seriously delectable. I also roasted some brussel sprouts and carrots from my farmer's market to eat on the side Chili Coconut Shrimp! Serving size can vary, I made 10 shrimpies - put three egg whites into a shallow bowl - in another bowl mix about a cup of shredded coconut with 1 tsp chili powder and half a tsp smoked paprika. You could use whatever other spices you like as well! - heat about a tbsp of coconut oil in a frying pan - coat uncooked shrimp with egg whites then dredge in the coconut (I pushed more on with my fingers so they were VERY coated) - place shrimp into hot oil - let shrimp cook for 3 or so minutes until the shrimp start to curl and turn pinkish - flip only once and let cook for another couple minutes These babies don't need anything else, no dunking or topping. So flavorful and rich Enjoy!