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Found 12 results

  1. Hello lovely humans! I’m on day 18, and I’ve hit a wall of being incredibly skeptical about this lifestyle. I feel like my skepticism is so extreme - it’s counteracting some potential benefits. This is my first Whole30. Prior to the Whole 30, I ate minimally processed and inflammatory foods. Probably the biggest dietary change for me since starting has been increasing meat. (I was a vegetarian for eight years, and afterwards ate meat about three times a week). I’m not feeling much better or worse since starting. There have been some slight fluctuations - but nothing incredible or consistent enough to be reinforcing. The biggest change that I’ve noticed since starting this is that I’m just more depressed. Spending tons of time, money, and emotional energy on this without measurable improvement really sucks. I understand delayed reinforcement can be the most rewarding - but... when can I expect that? For those of you eating pretty healthy before the Whole30, did you feel much of a difference (physically & emotionally) by adding some extreme restrictions? I honestly wonder if the stress of abiding by the restrictions counteracts the potential benefits. This is LONG. Thanks for reading!
  2. I'm on day 11. I know that's not even halfway through the program, but I am feeling so discouraged all of a sudden! I have been following the timeline closely every day and I haven't matched it at all. I know that it's not a one-size-fits-all timeline but I literally haven't had a single "symptom" or anything from it. I feel exactly the same as I did before I started. The rules of whole30 that have changed my diet the most are eliminating added sugar and eliminating grains. I didn't eat much dairy before, but I had rice at least 3-4 times per week, and bread on the days that I didn't have rice (or both on the same days!). My diet was super carb-heavy. The added sugar generally came from sriracha and other sauces/dressings that I used. I didn't eat typical "sugary" things much besides an occasional dessert so I recognize that I probably didn't have a ton of sugar to experience a "crash" from. Since I started, I've been having eggs/avocado for breakfast, leftovers from the night before for lunch, and something new for dinner. My dinners have been a variety of home-made curry, greens, soups, and salads. Heavy on the vegetables and light on the meat/fruit (I am not a huge meat eater. I'm not a vegetarian by any means but I don't eat meat every day.) I have tried to follow the meal template pretty closely - always adding olive or coconut oil/coconut milk or a tablespoon of almond butter to add enough fat to my diet. The fruit I eat has mainly been citrus and bananas, and I'll eat one grapefruit or one banana with at least 2 of my meals (I usually just skip the fruit at dinner). I WILL say that I have not felt the need to snack the way I did before. So I am aware that that is a good sign, and I'm thankful for that. The things I have been hoping this whole30 will fix are stomach aches, fatigue, and bad breakouts on my face, chest, and back (I'm 27 so I hate that I still break out so much!). I would also not complain if I managed to lose a little weight... I'm 10-15 pounds heavier than I've been through most of my adult life so far. I'm not overweight but I need to make sure that this weight gain does not continue. Overall, though, that's not a primary goal. (I haven't weighed myself during this so I do not know if I've lost weight or not, but my clothes don't feel any different) I know I need to stick with it. I'm not even close to quitting or giving up, so that's not the issue. I am just starting to get worried that it's not going do anything! I have at least 4 giant pimples right now (sorry if that's TMI), I am just as tired as usual, and my stomach still hurts occasionally. Any advice on what I could be doing wrong? Or even if I've been doing everything "right", anything I can do better? Thank you - I will GREATLY appreciate any and all responses! <3
  3. Hi, My periods were all over the place these past six months, I start a whole thirty and boom! Six days later I'm back on the rag. (I'm just turned 40; was starting to think the issue was early menopause.) So that's good news. Then, on days ten and eleven (still during the period), I could. Not. Stop. Eating. I did not break whole30 rules, but did include a fruit & nut snack in each day. I was like a bottomless pit. I think I ate like double the template at each meal, and still felt hungry a couple hours later. And I'm exhausted, even though I am getting eight or more hours of sleep a night. (MUCH more than pre-whole30.) And both days I woke up soaking wet. Sweaty to the max. And last night (day 11) until this morning (day 12) I have a massive, pounding headache. (And, to be frank, I'm a bit farty as well.) So, I'm blabbing all this here because I am looking for reassurance. Is this to be expected, given the hormonal fluctuations of a period? Or did I do something wrong? The way my body feels right now, on the dawn of day twelve, I feel a little defeated.
  4. I feel like I want to give up on my Whole30. I'm on Day 15 and I feel totally overwhelmed: I have a miserable cold, my divorce court day is coming up on Tuesday and I found out that I have to wait in a hallway until my name is called and my ex is going to be waiting in the same hallway. We have had absolutely no contact since May! I'm freaking out... I don't even know if I'm doing this right because I'm so darn hungry all day. I keep thinking about chocolate and all kinds of sugary carby things that I can devour. I've noticed that even when I eat 3 eggs with avocado and lots of veggies in the morning, I feel hungry about an hour later, and then I'm almost ravenous about 2 hours later. I've had to snack, especially at work when my day is hectic and I have a small window of time to eat before my next rush of clients (I work at a spa doing facials and I often have back to back clients with not enough of a break) Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by my current circumstance? I know it will get better, but it's so challenging right now. Any advice on how to stay fuller longer? Maybe I need to reread the Whole30 book to refresh what I've learned. I am so discouraged right now...I really want to feel good and be healthy and honestly, I don't want to give up.
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Madison and I am on Day 6 of my first Whole 30. I am 21 years old, 5'9" and a little overweight although I do not weigh myself. I also have had stomach problems for 2 years and depression/anxiety/panic disorder. I went gluten free April 2014. I like to think I have strong willpower when it comes to the Whole 30 but I must say I am not the best at following the meal plan, hydration and snacking rules. I am feeling rather discouraged although I do plan to keep doing the remaining days. My discouragement may have been spurred from today's stomach pains - I know it is early but I was hoping the Whole 30 would help with this. However I did have a compliant Applegate hot dog last night so maybe that is it? I also do not have a gallbladder so maybe I am eating too much fat? Anyway, I would love some words of wisdom from you all! My typical day: January 6th M1 - 9:30am Stir fried peppers, onions, garlic with 2 eggs M2 - 1:30pm small kale salad with avocado, pepper, onion, egg, strawberries M3 - 4:20pm tuna salad (1 can) with onion, pepper, capers, mustard, more pepper on the side (1/2) snack - 5pm apple with 2 tbsp almond butter snack - 10pm larabar I know I really shouldn't have eaten the Larabar because I wasn't that hungry. I know I have a cravings problem because I stare at all the bad foods at the store and think about what I'm going to eat when this is over. I also have a problem getting all of my meals down, which may be why I get hungry. Halfway through M1, I was almost gagging and had to force the rest down real quick. This has also happened at lunch and dinner so it is not just that it is the morning. In terms of compliance, I know that everything is compliant based on what I've read here (my LaCroix, the Applegate hot dogs, teas with natural flavors) but that still worries me. What if I screw myself over for eating these things? What if my eating habits are ruining it? What if I am wasting my time? I'm sorry, that is the anxiety talking. Thanks for reading everyone! Any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi Everyone. Today, I was 6 days into my first Whole 30. I am a very healthy eater, but lately became too reliant on 'healthy treats' (bliss balls, banana bread with honey/almond meal/egg/banana etc.) and decided to do a Whole 30. I included some low-sugar fruits (apples, berries) to satisfy any cravings, but mainly stuck to loads and loads of veg, chicken, turkey, oily fish, eggs, avocado (I don't eat red meat) Today, I just hit a wall. And I went crazy - and the weirdest part is -- On things I don't normally even eat?? Feta cheese?? Brown rice? Muesli?? Dried fruits?? Nuts (which I have always had trouble controlling, so I tend to avoid these on a daily basis) I don't eat these foods!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! I feel like such a failure. I am now on the floor of my living room, my stomach is so distended that my back is ACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even move Can someone offer advice? Help?
  7. I mean, in some ways it's easy. I'm a good cook and I can make decent meals. And we've been eating plenty of fats and not hungry. And I've been losing weight (I weighed myself). I already turned down an invitation to come to a friends house tonight cause she wanted to grill and have cocktails (no, sparkling water with a strawberry is not a cocktail, it's a SWYPO cocktail. actually it's not even that. It's just water) And we have two birthday parties and a housewarming party to go to this month and I won't be able to eat anything except maybe nibble off the veggie platter. And my husbands birthday we will probably just postpone. Plus, yes I feel a little better. Probably because I eat my weight in veggies each day. But I'm so freaking sleepy in the morning I don't want to get out of bed. 19 days to go. But then what? I really don't see this as a long term way of life. How do you do holidays and family gatherings and birthdays and events?
  8. Ok ok let me start by saying i KNOW this isn't about weight loss and that my body is changing for the better blah blah blah, but let's get real- I am cutting out all the crap in my diet and not losing weight? really?? what's going on? It's so discouraging to be so committed and not see anything happening on the clothes don't feel like they are fitting differently...yet...and my body doesn't look much different. Are my expectations too high to see results in only two weeks? Am I crazy to think I should lose some weight? **I should also add that 5 weeks before starting the whole30 I started a strict paleo diet and lost 13lbs in those 5 weeks (crossfit 3x a week). I think I'm discouraged because I felt like I was on a roll until I began the whole30...any and all advice welcome. By the way- I'm not giving up, just seeking answers. Thanks for any reply!
  9. countrygirl

    sad and frustrated

    I feel embarrassed posting another one like this, but its been months since my first attempt at whole 30, and I have yet to make it more than 21 days. I have an issue with binge eating, and every time I start feeling good, the urge to eat sugar creeps back in and I feel helpless against it. I'm not sure what to do. Today was day 8 for probably the 8th time and after work I had the worst cravings for sweets and I ended up eating two pints of ice cream. I feel horrible and I know I will wake up feeling even worse than I do now. I hate being trapped in this cycle and I desperatly want to break it. I know it would be helpful to see a therapist. But I don't have access to one right now. I know that the whole 30 is the healthiest way of eating for me, and I really want to do this. I'm not ready to give up. I desperatly need some advice for sticking to the plan. My wedding is 3 months away and while I know this isn't all about weight loss, it is a really important goal of mine to lose some weight so that I will feel confident and beautiful on my wedding day. I feel trapped in a body that doesn't represent who I am inside. If anyone has any relevant advice, please pass it my way. This community has been so supportive.
  10. willowgrove

    Day 12 and NOTHING!? *insert tears*

    I've been 100% compliant. I've been positive and upbeat...always thinking "tomorrow is THE day" when I'll notice a change. Still nothing. I'm starting to get discouraged. I'm almost to the 1/2 way mark and there have been no changes yet? I hope I'm not the only one? I refuse to quit. I won't do that. I'm just looking for some reassurance I guess. Thank you for any advice you may have...
  11. Discouraged. I do not feel good for the 2nd day in a row, worse than yesterday. My sinuses are stuffy again, ears hurt, joints hurt, exhausted even after a good nights sleep. I don't think I am coming down with something as this is how I have felt for a long time before the changes. I wish I knew why I seem to have gone backwards on the health front. The way I feel the past couple of days are exactly what motivated me in December to make serious changes, then in January to start Whole30. I am not throwing in the towel by any means, just frustrated. I am so tired of not feeling well. I felt so good the past couple of weeks, that I know my body will get past this. I have lost a size plus in jeans and have collar bones again! Up until now I have had great energy, no hunger and just feel better all around. I did have a few new foods on Monday and Tuesday that I have not had since the beginning. Monday I had a 1/4 of a tomato in my avocado. Tuesday I had about 10 raisins and and a few mushrooms in cauli-rice pilaf. Could these be the problem? Could I be that sensitive to these things? No new spices, veggies, no other fruit. This is roughly what I have been eating. Morning: 3 eggs w/coconut oil, small amt of onion, green peppers and spinach and most times 1/2 avocado & coffee with coconut milk. Lunch is usually a salad with protein, avocado, oil and vinegar, maybe olives. Dinner is protein, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, or 1/2 sweet potato. All spices are compliant. No snacking. No nuts. Any encouragement would be helpful!!!
  12. Sarah Gessinger

    Almost there and seeing/feeling no change

    I am very close to the end of my 30 days...on day 22 and I am not seeing or feeling any changes. When my husband and I first started I did go through some serious sugar withdrawals, but since then...nothing. I am still really tired and have lots of cravings for sugar. I know that some of this is still to be expected at the end, but I thought I would be feeling somewhat more energetic, at least. I have struggled with depression in the past, but have been able to manage it without medication for quite some time now. Since I started my Whole30 my mood seems to be all over the place and a lot of the time I am very down and have little to no motivation to do the things I need to. I am really sad and frustrated and feeling like this experience was a waste. I know that there are many people who need longer then 30 days and I am going to see my 30 days though and then am willing to give this more time to see results, but I feel like I am doing something wrong or that I am falling short in some way and that is not helping my downcast mood. Any advice would be welcomed!