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Found 4 results

  1. I'll need to take some homemade energy fuel on some upcoming long runs--I'm thinking sweet potato puree kind of things. Does anyone have any suggestions for small reusable pouches or other containers that I could take with me?
  2. whistlingstephanie

    Long Runs on Whole30

    I am on Day15 and have already had a lot of success with several issues that I was dealing with prior to the Whole30 - fatigue, groggy sleep, digestive issues - the list goes on. The one thing that I cannot get over though is how much my running has suffered while being on the Whole30. I've read some of the other forums that state that it's not a good idea to do the Whole30 while training for any sort of distance run, but I'm halfway through and I'd really rather not start over at this point. Can anyone offer any advice on how they fueled their long runs, or what I should be eating before/during/after my workouts? I'm following the template but the thing that is the hardest is fueling mid-run - normally I would have a gel shot or Nuun tablets in my water but those things aren't Whole30 approved. Any insight would be so helpful!
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm sure similar topics have been posted a lot, but I wanted to put out my personal issue to try and get some advice/input. I'm running a full marathon on Feb. 14 and am doing my second round of Whole30 starting Jan 4. During the Whole30 time frame, my training plan has me running 176 miles, so I am pretty nervous about not getting enough hearty carbs to give me energy to get through the day and through my runs. I did my first Whole30 in September, and didn't necessarily feel tired on my runs, but as soon as I was having rice and quinoa again, my pace improved by about a mile a minute. I'm very confident that I can follow the rules -- my first time, I was very strict and to my knowledge, never broke a Whole30 guideline. This time, I'm thinking about allowing myself brown rice and quinoa to eat, mainly on nights before long runs. (I have several 10 miles or over, one 20 mile run and one 23 mile run). I guess that would mean this whole30 would be less about a big "cleanse" and more about my relationship with food (which I'm fine with), although I'm sure the benefits would still be pretty great. Does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks! Jacob
  4. Bethany Lannon

    Pre-WO meal ideas?

    Hi, I'm starting W30 this Tuesday and while I haven't officially started yet, I am shifting most if my eating habits that way to prepare myself (husband's birthday is Monday, so I want to halfway enjoy it). Anyway, I'm looking for good pre-WO meal options to fuel my workouts, especially when my training runs go beyond an hour. My workouts are usually fairly intense, consisting of long runs, HIIT runs and/or hill repeats, TRX workouts, and weightlifting (with or without added high intensity cardio intervals). I know, per the template, that pre-WO should consist of small protein & fats, no carbs. Would HB eggs and cashews be a good choice & would it fuel me when I do longer runs? I've also read about chia gel (, not sure if that would constitute a protein or fat, which I'd mix with either coconut water or coconut milk. Thoughts out there from distance runners and/or other high-intensity athletes?